Guerlain Vintage Shalimar Parfum

I found this sealed at an estate sale. It’s likely from the 1970’s?

…Why did I open it? I was in a bad mood in 2020 and curious. …But I shouldn’t have. Really. I have other bottles of open vintage Shalimar and it was dumb.

…Of course it smells fantastic. Of course it’s the parfum so it’s strong and deep and etc. and etc..

Oh well. Now I need to find another sealed vintage of this exact bottle to feel that I’ve completed my collection.


Guerlain Vintage Parfum De Toilette Shalimar

Produced most widely in the 1980’s, if I recall correctly, Parfum De Toilette is not like Eau De Toilette. It’s far stronger.

This vintage Shalimar from the 1980’s or early 1990’s is a stunning, ribald, very vintage, saucy gem. It’s really most suited for evening and night use. …The emphasis on powdery softness in some Shalimar varieties is not to be found in this fragrance. The powder is present but it shimmers and glows.

Unfortunately I don’t have any black tie events to attend… Wearing just two sprays of this beauty makes me dearly wish that I did.