Baccarat Rouge 540 Revisted…Again

I love Vogue. I follow Vogue’s advice even at times and have for years. Anna Wintour fascinates me. But golly…have they got it wrong when it comes to Baccarat Rouge and me. Why me? Because they seem to think it’s everyone’s perfume and that it will drive your love interests wild and garner tons of compliments… And I’m included in everyone, of course.

But no… People couldn’t care less when I wear the juice from the epic MFK powerhouse. My ex-husband finds it “meh” on me every time I wear it and always has. I don’t think any man I’ve ever been even mildly attracted to ever who has smelled it on me has ever thought it was anything but ok at most… I’m either a glaring exception or it’s…amazing but maybe a tiny bit overhyped?

No, the eight fragrances (yes there are specifically eight) most loved on my skin are: 1. Rochas Femme, 2. Houbigant Orangers En Fleurs, 3. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia, 4. Chanel Coromandel, 5. J. F. Schwarzlose Rausch, 6. Casmir by Chopard, 7. Caron Fleurs de Rocaille, and 8. Parfums de Marly Athalia. Athalia, Fleurs de Rocaille, Casmir, Rausch and Femme have always been the favorites of men who find me attractive. Orangers En Fleurs, Coromandel and English Pear and Freesia are all around favorites, with Orangers En Fleurs being the most popular and Jo Malone’s classic the most versatile…

While I’ll likely buy a bottle of the cult classic MFK just to have one…I don’t actually wear it all that well. *sigh* Sorry, Vogue… Maybe it’s just a chemistry thing? Ha!

Until later!

Reasoning With Fools

I get really angry when people attack me in backward, childish ways for vain, pathetic reasons. But you can’t reason with stubborn fools. Or as some people more colloquially put it: You can’t fix stupid.

But, as I learned by being bullied as a child in school by insecure, at times much less intelligent and often unhappy peers, ignoring pushy bullies is often the best policy. Their hatred is frequently derived most from not boredom but desperation. Or, there’s something about one that triggers them… I’ve written about this before. Literally recently. But…I’ll say it again since some people apparently are forgetful or mildly illiterate: you can’t reason with fools and/or you can’t fix stupid. Sorry. *shrug* And no, I’m not most apologetically and unfortunately talking about myself being the forgetful fool.

Today I wore Estée Lauder Beautiful. (I was surprised by how much I like the newer formulation) It brought back memories of long ago… One Christmas wedding in particular.

I was eleven years old and I had this outfit I had just “discovered” in my closet. It was comprised of a plaid skirt, a cranberry wool cardigan and white cotton turtleneck worn with black flats. It was perfect for a Christmas wedding… And what a grand wedding it was too. A young, lovely couple from our church were getting married and hundreds of people must have attended. The reception was catered nicely at an elegant hotel and…everything about that evening and night were so of their time in the best way possible. It was the Christmas of 1994…

It was an eerie celebration too though… I felt as though something was amiss and as time has progressed I’m slowly figuring out what it was that was nagging me so much that night. It was a night that really carved a place in my memory fir certain (speaking of memories)… For one thing, that was around the time that I’d argue American culture started to take a turn for the worse… And it’s not that everything has gone rotten since then…or can’t be fixed…it’s more that some things began to be taken away around that time and have yet to return if they ever can or will again. (And no, I don’t necessarily blame any one group or family or person for what happened then)

Fittingly that was the last big, gorgeous, thoughtful and truly traditional wedding I’ve ever been to. And sure, such weddings can be costly but it’s not just about that. Tradition in and of itself still is down for the count in general, although it’s breathing… And it’s more that that stands out to me. It’s our continued (and perhaps growing) lack of reverence for tradition… (I’m guilty too)

…That couple is still married and I think they have five kids now. Four kids? When my parents separated the couple seemingly sided with my father so I haven’t seen them for many years…

Anyway, I could cry when I think of how quickly time goes by and how little time feels like it’s passed since that wedding. But…I think that outfit is an excellent place to dig back to. It was very Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers for an eleven year old girl, but even so…

Do you have a favorite outfit ever? One outfit that really was you? It can be from any age, of course.