The Super Cool Bourgeoisie

I read a sad article in Business Insider this morning, which isn’t surprising. I’ve been surprised by the level of idiocy of the articles in that online news site lately. But today it was about Madonna’s daughter. Apparently Madonna doesn’t believe in giving her “handouts”… *eye-roll*

I’m so sick of reading about all of these super wealthy Boomer parents and their followers deciding to not give their kids “handouts”. It’s an old custom to some degree and it’s based on late 1800’s pull yourself up by your bootstraps, Survival of the Fittest logic. As in, your children should have to “prove themselves” and “fend for themselves” just like you did… But the nauseatingly idiotic thing about it is likely either a. you’ve already given so much to your children that they’re “loaded” in one way or another so not giving them a technical Dollar amount is almost meaningless and seems like silly pretension at best. and/or b. you’ve taken yourself far too seriously as a “wealthy person” and yet not seriously enough as a person and have no idea how much luck was or wasn’t involved in making you super wealthy and how vulnerable your offspring are or are not to violent attacks on them and their offspring without your money and protection. People are often greedy. Right?! Sending your children into the woods to be clawed at by the wolves without anything but their bare hands and some creative ideas is cruel… It’s the height of lazy, childish vanity for anyone who’s first generation wealthy in particular.

“I had to prove myself and I did! Look at my two hundred million! I made it! And yet, because I’ve always identified with my old self more than my current self I still think I’m just another middle class person. And all of those people who made me so almost perversely powerful considering it was mostly based on selling stuff…I’m sure they genuinely love me and they’ll love my kids too. I’m sure…if I send my off-spring into the world without a parachute they’ll land safely. They don’t need me protecting them. They can totally figure it out for themselves… It won’t kill them or my grandkids before they turn 30! I’m cool! My kids are cool! It’s cool!”

Or maybe letting your kids die and/or grandkids die early is what they thought they were avoiding? With all their my kids can pull up their own bootstraps stuff? Because I have to hope they care…

It’s another American problem. Make a huge amount of money from the free market, spend it, look bad and tough but…unless you’re really tough watch your grandkids be worse off for it because they’re not you, times change and falling from an apple tree is much more painful than being a part of one while it’s growing up into the Heavens. In older cultures off-spring created an open, clear caste system for a reason. Did it work perfectly? No. Of course not. But…it was that way for a reason. People were more trusting and yet much less trusting back then for real reasons too… They often gained their power with long battles involving swords instead of just by making donuts, Barbies, and Ford cars and then expecting magical big bombs dropped strategically to silence “detractors”.

I believe in familial handouts. I don’t think we realize how fortunate we are…as a country. I think that’s our bigger problem… I think we’ve been delusional in thinking we were so damn special in the US that we could just get wicked rich forever off selling crap from the bounty of our soil rich country…magically floating into a permanent happy middle-class paradise where people drive flying cars and everyone in the entire world has a white picket fence and French fries if they want those things. And who doesn’t want those things right?! In the entire world! *eye-roll*

No…kids need to be protected. Loved and protected from evil.

If you’re black you know you need to protect your kids. Right? If you’re poor you know your kids need to be protected? It’s obvious you can’t blindly trust everyone’s intentions at the very least. And, if you’re a parent of a teen who’s going to parties you don’t send them off letting drink from any cup that’s poured for them and without some at least working sense of what sex is… Because withholding your wealth of knowledge as an adult, should you have any, is…foolish. They might get taken advantage of if you don’t share your wealth… Why would being a billionaire or super rich millionaire kid not require some special sort of effort from parents financially in the same way?

On a conspiratorial note: You want to lie about giving your kids money to protect them because you truthfully plan on giving them billions? Fine. Ha! …But if that convoluted idea even works then it rests on people’s stupidity. And are they sure “the people” are that stupid? I’m not… If I can my kids will certainly get “handouts” from me just as much as my second child wore hand-me-downs and I proudly cut everyone’s hair including my own. Because it makes genuine sense… And I don’t want to have to resort to defending myself with an actual sword from some super cool, lucky-as-Hell, self-made moron. Right?! *wink* …Can’t we all keep ourselves in order? Find a way to be compassionate and brave without being fools? Swords are fun sometimes…but…let’s be careful. Actually careful…


Men should have a strong chin line. Women an at least somewhat softer one. Those are prominent cultural ideals in regard to beauty. Is there a point at which a man’s chin line can be too strong or a woman’s too soft? Yes…of course.

Actually though, one ideal that’s been forgotten in the last 20 to 30 years is the beauty of feminine roundness. Not curves, although curves can be related but I mean more just…roundness. Think Helena Bonham Carter, especially in her youth. There’s a reason she was iconically in so many Merchant Ivory films. But, at any rate, a more traditionally masculine, cut and clean, angular featured look has been popularized for women and not just men for decades now… Perhaps it started during WWII with women working more outside of the home and finding strength in seeing themselves depicted in the media as more angular, strong and yet still glamorous looking in their actual physical appearance and not just in angular clothing styles (like some Edwardian or 1920’s styles I can think of off the top of my head). While the men were away they worked and from that trend grew a desire for many women to work outside the home more permanently. In tandem with that trend to work outside of the home the “feminine strength” look progressed beyond strong angles being glorified by Victory Rolls and red lipstick to a more prominent and permanent part of the public feminine ideal. But while that look carved out its own spot in the media the older ideal of roundness was often forgotten…even though some still prefer roundness in women and the older ideal existed for a reason too…

My heyday would have been in the late 1800’s through the 1930’s. Actually in many ways I’m, truthfully and stated bluntly, what was considered perfect in the 1920’s. That being said, as much as there are vintage clothes and vintage inspired looks…nothing is as good now as it was then when it comes to fashion. (Sorry. It just isn’t.) And being an old ideal is fun and I love being myself…but it’s not necessarily easier than being other things. But, regardless, I’m not alone in my frustrations with current fashion…

Old isn’t just…old. And sometimes it really is better. And I’m not the only Millennial who feels that way… I’ve had more than one friend around my age who identifies or identified more with the style of bygone eras express anger almost verging on some sort of grief. “I was the ideal in the 1950’s.” said one friend of mine sadly as she analyzed her curvy frame and longed to wear bright red lipstick, cat-eye glasses, pretty day dresses and heels. And she was right… It’s not just escapism, it’s…reality. A depressing reality… The vintage trend among Millennials started due to pragmatic objectivity not just so-called “weak” nostalgia…

Style today is conformist despite all the supposed “edginess”. It’s also often quite ugly… And is that even the point at times? Ugliness? To be irritating to look at? To create a visual sensorial attack on onlookers?

*sad face*

We are not happy people.

Yet there’s tweed… In walks tweed. Gosh, I love tweed. It’s tweed… Unchanging tweed. And Hermès has a new addition to their cosmetics section. Someday I’d like to add a vintage Hermès Kelly to my modest handbag collection but it’s low on my list of priorities despite how much I actually love Hermès. …But is there any scarf quite like an Hermès silk scarf? No. They’re…well…maybe…they’re the ideal silk scarf. Absolute perfection…in terms of a scarf.

…More later.