A Pleasant Distraction of Iris (Repost from my blog in 2020)

I really think La Pausa should have been my signature all along. Years ago when I bought 28 La Pausa I had a few thoughts here and there about it actually, especially when we lived in Seattle. But the way I smelled No. 22 with the white, spring-like, creamy aldehydes felt like me. Maybe they are even “me” the way I used to experience them, but now that I’ve recognized the way most people experience the tuberose in No. 22… Well… Oops? *laugh* My mistake, I guess.

The thing is, even if I really am the fragrance I smelled (as much as one can be)…I think for something like scent it’s particularly important to be mindful of how others are perceiving one. Not to be controlled by it, but simply to be aware of the messages one is communicating. For that reason I would never wear something offensive on purpose but…even something “off” might not be ideal of course.

I used to always think, “If I smell it this way at least some reasonable number of others must too. I can’t be that different in my perception?!” Well, intended humility aside, if enough people keep telling you about the very prominent note of tuberose it’s time to readjust. That’s the note you’re wearing loudest whether you mean to or not. I’ve realized this now. *rolling eyes*


La Pausa always did feel more comfortable. I never could figure out why. And I’m sure now I was sensing the very subtle reactions it received as much as anything… However, reactions more subtle than Orangers En Fleurs, which people seem to love on me. People never knew quite what to make of No. 22 and while I shrugged it off before, I’ve finally figured out why.

Anyway, I also have been enjoying vintage Joy, and vintage Fleurs De Rocaille a lot more with my new nose. *smile* Especially Fleurs De Rocaille. My husband seems to enjoy that one on me a lot as well.

In other news, my bag arrived from England! And I love it. It’s definitely my “forever bag”.

Hand-stitched leather in dark beige; it’s my Traviata from England.

My initials are engraved inside and it came with all the usual accoutrements including a matching mirror. I love it!