Houbigant Orangers En Fleurs parfum (repost from 2020)

I bought this Houbigant Orangers En Fleurs (pure) parfum from Saks last Christmas.

If I had a second signature this would be the one. Both in parfum and the eau de parfum. I love this dominant orange blossom (with my skin chemistry). Orange blossom and I go well together.

A dear friend who has since left us suggested I should wear Orangers En Fleurs… She was an amazing person. She lived well into her 90’s. And she was also a woman of great taste. Sometimes I even wonder if I should wear this one much more often or as my signature as people always seem to like when I wear it… She was just the only person brave and kind enough to tell me in such a genuine and helpful way, it seems.

I’ll review the edp tomorrow, but of course I’ll keep this and the edp. I wouldn’t be without it actually.

Of course I’m taking a quick break from Chanel. I think I’ll review all of my Houbigants now. There aren’t that many so I’ll finish that house.