English Lavender

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Likely made for hot days, English Lavender by Potter & Moore (Potter and Moore 1930’s) is a very citrus scent, with special emphasis on the note of lime.  It’s crisp but also a bit sensual and intoxicating.  Like a gin drink made for warm summer days of the past, English Lavender is bitter yet refreshing.

I’m fascinated by the English company, Potter and Moore.  They make so many poignant scents…



Mitcham Lavender

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Launched by the English company Potter and Moore in 1749, Mitcham Lavender is a very aged, wonderfully soapy, gorgeous lavender scent.  To my nose I also smell wood notes, bergamot and perhaps leather.

Strangely, it’s almost “Chanelesque” in my estimation and reminds me slightly of Chanel no. 22 actually, but of course, it’s a very different sort of fragrance given its age and origin….

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My bottle was made as a commemorative souvenir for the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935.  It’s surprisingly well preserved.  I was more than pleasantly surpirsed by this sharp, poignant fragrance.

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Of course, King George V is the grandfather of the current Queen Elizabeth II (her father was King George VI).  And, again, of course, in 1924, the current year of Downton Abbey, George V was King. His reign lasted from 1910 until his death in 1936.

I wonder if any of the characters on Downton Abbey would have used Mitcham Lavender? It’s a unisex fragrance so there would be lots of characters to choose from…  Hmmm.  Too bad we can’t smell what we’re watching? 🙂