Après l’Ondée 1950’s parfum (new fragrance post)

Will I buy a bottle of Elegant Schwan 06? Mm… It’s unclear. Will I buy a bottle of vintage Après l’Ondée? Yes! Licorice? How in the world did Guerlain make licorice smell so elegant?! It’s uncanny. I mean, licorice is yummy and all but it’s licorice. Anyway, vintage Après l’Ondée is Guerlain at its best.Continue reading “Après l’Ondée 1950’s parfum (new fragrance post)”

Mystère De Rochas (Another New Review)

Vintage Chanel No. 19, vintage Fidji and vintage Jean Couturier Coriandre are in the same 1960’s/1970’s green, opulent land of evocatively bitter oakmoss, provocative florals and sharp bergamot. To wear a well preserved vintage bottle of one of these is nearly life-changing. *sigh* And that my friends is why vintage Mystère de Rochas (Rochas 1978)Continue reading “Mystère De Rochas (Another New Review)”