You’re The One

…Why do people think love isn’t real nowadays? I can’t tell you how many times in the last few days, at least, I’ve seen people saying that only a narcissist would claim to have a lover as their “one and only.” How awful. Do people really think monogamous true love is a lie concocted by con artists?! …I find that absurd, idiotic, ignorant and in some cases ironically narcissistic.

Do I expect to find such a love in this life? No. Not unless you count possible encounters with the supernatural in dreams or my subconscious. Ha! If twin flames or soulmates exist I highly suspect my other half is dead. I’d be shocked if that man is someone I meet in the flesh while I’m alive. But…if that’s true I’m ok with that. I’m more than ok with that in a way because I’m not God and just the hope that something that beautiful could exist in Heaven is awe-inspiring.

There’s nothing sinful or narcissistic about being wildly, passionately in love with another adult who feels the exact same way about you. And finding that “other half” when you’re already “fulfilled” is an ideal. Not a pipe dream. An ideal. A likely ideal? No. But…some people might get closer than others or actually find it. And for the rest of us there’s equally healthy romantic relationships that while not as amazing or satisfying are certainly still worth pursuing.

The problem arises when people try to pretend to others to have found the ideal or try to convince their partner of that when it just isn’t true. The problem is lying about what we have not the possibility or reality of something astounding existing that we just don’t have. Right? Right…

…Just my thoughts on the matter. As always.