Schöne Linden 05. I’m delighted by this fragrance. I’m not sure it’s signature fragrance material but it’s definitely one I’d like a full bottle of. Featuring gardenia, jasmine, mimosa and vanilla it’s sublime. And it’s so German in the most delightful way.

The florals are buttered by the and made mossy. It’s fresh but dark. Sweet and vanillic but sober and serious. Beautiful and hinting at sensuality yet demure.

I really, really like this one…

Pleasure Gardenia 79 is another full bottle purchase for the future. It’s not my signature, although facets of it feel quite close. It’s too dense with its transcendent opulent sweetness to be my signature. I’m more lemon bars than sugary berry crumble when it baked goods and this more the latter than the former, but golly… What a treasure. It’s swirls and delights.

I’d like to have a large bottle of the former and a small bottle of Pleasure Gardenia. Krigler is a wonderful house…

I really, really like Schöne Linden.