The Santal Blanc Edp. (Perfume)

The “White House” *snicker* isn’t a castle. And…I think it should be. Not to inform the American people that they’re being ruled by a king…but to inform the President living there just how small he is. Compared to the past. Compared to the future. Compared to his country.

He’s…nothing! And he needs to learn to empathize with himself as a mere human in that regard.

“I agree.” says Hoe Jr. sincerely.

And that’s the problem. Isn’t it?!

If Lacey’s father was born in 1894…he was a very big deal. And…he was quiet. And even reclusive, comparatively. If her ears really are his ears…his brown eyes her brown eyes? And if Margy had been born much earlier…maybe in an alternate universe…would Lacey have been married to Hoe Jr.?

God knows who everyone really belongs to as a family. He’s not blind. He’s not ignorant. He’s not heartless. He’s God.

And then what? She…would have tried to leave things alone. Waited. And at times offered Hoe advice when he was President. …Possibly brilliant advice says her father. Truly.

But…unlike Lem who might have solved the Cuban Missile Crisis while being remolested…partially by his own mentally-ill choice…she would have offered the advice bitterly. Scornfully. Disdainfully. In rage.

Of course nobody would have known of her rage, except for maybe Joe (Hoe) in his more honest moments. And she had hoped Lem would know…

At any rate, she’s very nice when she wants to be.

Did the Banks family immigrate to the US and live in Massachusetts before the American Revolution? Did they have secret loyalties to the British Crown? Yes? They were very, very quiet about it though, if so. Are possibly historically recorded as being heroes of the Revolutionary War. And they were possibly rich enough to get people to ignore their secret irritation. But they aren’t weren’t sold on the crass, despicable evil of a very flawed British Colony. Not every day. Sorry… And you couldn’t bully them?

…So Lacey would have offered Hoey advice. Why not? *shrug*

And Hoe Jr. finds that hilarious. It makes him hate Jackie…his phoney little pipsqueak brother. “Ahh! Poor wittle Jack.” But he doesn’t want to hate him. …Not really. (He’s being serious.)

“It’s just…such an awkward house.” says Lacey about the White House.

*Jackie Bouvier is hurt and cries*

“My-I was somehow expecting credit. I think I was delusional and thought I’d eventually get some real credit. That people would look back on 20th Century history and finally figure it out. Research things enough, uncover facts and somehow find out every smart thing I did for those people.” says Lem. “Every crisis I secretly solved for my-for-for my-“

*Mary rubs his back to comfort him in a non-sexual way*

“For my boyfriend.” He almost vomits. “For my husband.” and at that he collapses into tears finally.

“It was as if he’d been struck by lighting!” says Saoirse melodramatically. She throws the back of her hand against her forehead and pretends to faint. Her maternal grandfather finds it hilarious and can’t help but chuckle.

“Somehow I don’t think we’ve read Lem’s mind very well at any one particular moment in history.” says a former black slave.

“Shake it!” says a former plantation owner from the Deep South. He’s mocking himself and other people’s evil as well.

“The Seay’s owned slaves.” says Lacey.

*One of JFK’s former flames – not Lem -erupts in laughter *

“I’m sorry.” says a former slave.

“You didn’t know. It’s ok.” she responds and he nods an okay.

“I hope God has a lot of really good explanations.” says Lacey. “Hopefully that’s not too much to ask of Him.”


“For anyone who ever reads this! No! Lem Billings, otherwise known as Kirk LeMoyne Billings, isn’t God.” Evann smiles brightly. “We were worried someone might think we’re implying that. We are not. Okay?!” Evann was Lacey’s great aunt.