Chanel Jersey Parfum (repost from my blog in 2020)

As I wrote yesterday, I’ve decided to go through my perfume collection and review them all again one by one. I’ll start with my Chanels. Chanel is my favorite fragrance house (I love their cosmetics as well) and I’m shocked to discover I’m starting to find their clothes and accessories more agreeable with my personal style now. I bought a Lagerfeld era 90’s tweed Chanel jacket this winter and it’s changed my perception of their haute couture. I think growing-up I associated their garments with the sort of women who…were terrified of spiders and found fishing “icky”. Very “Sex and the City” to reference popular 2000’s/90’s culture. I’m straight and female but I like fishing. I can even fillet my own fish… But…beauty is beauty and Chanel haute couture is beautiful and often my style too. It begs to be included if it can be. I shouldn’t fight it.

Anyway, Chanel jersey is iconic of course. Mlle. Coco Chanel used jersey in ways that were magic. Innovative. Genius. And Chanel Jersey parfum with its soft, sweet and yet refined lavender note does evoke a certain relaxed elegance found in Chanel jersey.


I bought this bottle of parfum from Chanel a year or so ago and I’ve used it a few times. But regardless, it’s one I’ll keep. I have a lot of memories and feelings attached to Chanel Jersey (the fragrance) and it’s worth having. It’s a quiet fragrance that barely projects but…it’s still worth it. It’s a joy.

This is one will stay.