Orangers En Fleurs Extrait (repost from my blog in 2020)

I already know what I’m receiving from my husband for Christmas: Orangers En Fleurs Extrait.

It arrived from Saks too. The extrait is regularly $600.00 but on Cyber Monday it was $510.00. That’s a deal. *smile*

(Please note my sense of humor with this post.)

Actually, I’m being serious though. Orangers En Fleurs Extrait never “goes on sale” and a $90.00 savings is nice.

As you may or may not know, Orangers En Fleurs is one of my signatures. I like to say that it’s the persona I use in the world. Although, it is me. I am my persona to a point.

We all do that though, you know. We all have the internal us and the external us, to some degree. It’s part of functioning in society productively. You know? Anyway, this is the part of me that most people see.

Very vintage No. 22 is my heart. Fleurs de Feu and Red Roses mixed comprises my entire actual being.

But…I love Orangers En Fleurs and as I’ve said a million times practically, most people seem to love it on me. It must work well with my chemistry. I must project a pleasant fragrance trail and I love that. Matter-of-fact I decided to invest in the extrait because of that.

So the thing is, Orangers En Fleurs Extrait is really mostly just a more intense version of the eau de parfum. You know how some fragrances change a lot in the various “concentrations” well this one doesn’t really. It’s just Orangers En Fleurs done much more intensely. And the extrait is a bit more refined and there’s a certain beauty and elegance that comes with all of that clarity and quality, of course. But really it is very similar.

At first I was slightly disappointed by that similarity actually, but then I noticed the differences and the way it wore on my skin over time and I realized what I had. Wonderful! *smile*

My next fragrance purchases will be vintage Liu, more very vintage Chanel No. 22 or a bigger bottles of Fleurs de Feu and Red Roses. I’m starting to drastically slow down my buying pace. I’ll likely do a few reviews here and there of bottles I actually haven’t reviewed yet, but for the most part the fragrant portion of this blog will be reposts.

Until later.