I hope there are extinct animals in Heaven. Purgatory? …When I die I’d like to see a living Elephant Bird in person. A tame, happy, Heavenly one.

…Tonight I’m feeling quiet.

And I’m feeling certain of one thing in particular: God’s brilliance. Almost everything else is foggy.

I doubt that it makes sense…but then He’ll reveal more down the road and it all starts to fall into focus. And I see the potential answers. It’s the horrific moments when none of it feels safe or reasonable that are torture. …But the longer I live the more I see how delightfully rational God is.


I’ve worried in the past that my love for logic irritates God…but I highly doubt that now. It’s a sad, mournful aspect of humanity given the Fall of Man…but it’s not unGodly necessarily. It’s…just sad. Because given the nature of our fallen state there’s always gloom even in the joy of genuine order…

Yet with God even sadness can be beautiful. It can be breathtaking actually. The absence of true light is still infinitely subject to the entirely irretrievable truth.