Just A Lil Bit

Lacey glares at Prince Philip.

He concedes that she’s right.

Lem Billings looks like he’s being held captive.

Suddenly in a bathtub (fully clothed) where he defied known physics and slept with his wife who’s alive while he’s dead…he’s transported to Africa. Specifically Biafra. In the 1960’s.

Do I really need to say any more? For the rest of my life?

A Karen in a lower level of Purgatory suggests, on behalf of her (captive) husband, the man named J. P. Kennedy…not the whole Kennedy Family turned the United States into a pyramid scheme.

Black Illuminati looks at her with suspicion. As Seays at UND majoring in Spanish and playing mad perfect basketball they…laugh. The Asmats congratulate them on catching on quickly. “What Up Gangster” plays.

Suddenly they all have loots of land, swords and Christ.

“What Up Gangster” they say to Lacey teasingly. She grows quiet. But they don’t hate her for reasons of social class and ethics, she hopes.

She falls back as Lem makes his way through Biafra in the 1960’s. He’s both scared and fascinated. He still looks great.

“He’s not a heartless bastard!” Philip says in defense of Lem. Elizabeth and Philip are making their way with him…in a way.

“What’s The Difference” starts.

Then it’s overcome by Hypnotize by The Notorious B. I. G.. And suddenly Jack Kennedy is threatened by The Man.

“Oh come on pedophilia must be a thing still. Right?” asks the pathetic in the Illuminati losing power as Jack starts to look like himself.

“No.” says Lacey.




Biggie is as confused as Lacey by people’s massive historical stupidity. In the US.

“I repeat: Lacey and Biggie are confused by people’s massive stupidity in the US.” says Biggie chill.

They They try to intimidate, confuse and terrify Lacey and Biggie. But Lacey and Biggie are not to be taken. They get…angry.

“Alright!” says a voice in the CIA trying to suggest that they have to truly find a way to assassinate Lacey and her family.

You see Biafra is trying to explain The Kennedy Sex Ring to Lem. How they involved the Pope. How they involved him.

Jacks supposed hot-Jewish-boyfriend looks at him and giggles. “Does he love Jack?” Jack wonders. Biafra looks at Seay wannabes circling Jack like pathetic losers and gets…quiet.

“Oh well. It’s just a joke!! Right?!” says Lacey. Is she being serious? Is she being sarcastic. “Save your idiocy for Satan when you die.”

The Devil looks at the pedophiles.

The Devil looks at the pedophiles.

The…Devil…looks at the pedophiles.

The Devil looks…at the pedophiles in Hell.

He starts to sing Just A Lil Bit. The…Devil starts to sing.

“Do I want you pedophile badasses to screw me?” Satan giggles in Hell.

They hope so.

Do I really need to explain more? Did you read that all correctly or will you eventually be lobotomized like Joe Kennedy Sr. in Purgatory?


Mambo by Tropkillaz plays and Lacey and Elizabeth sit waiting. In Biafra. In the 1960’s and always…time wise. Drinking tea and coffee.

Suddenly the They being alive in the Illuminati tries to regroup. They assume they’ll live forever or that Christianity was a hermeneutical force to he reckoned with until it met them? J. Epstein humorously shakes his behind trying to explain what fools they look like defying God.

BaDing by TWRK plays and J. Epstein wonders if Joe Sr. likes a so-called luscious booty like the one the cover of the c.d.. J. P. and J. look at a herd of black women who claim passionately that their…large bottoms are eugenically superior.

“You know…not all natives to Africa have large bottoms.” says Lacey. She thinks back to the film Hotel Rwanda.

Jack’s supposed hot-Jewish-boyfriend and Lacey imagine a stupid African genocide run by the Illuminati. The two of them giggle. They imagine an ethnic cleansing between the Hutus and the Tutsis…replaced by a tribe with a tendency towards larger bottoms than the other tribe.

“How would they fight that Illuminati organized war?” Lacey asks him. They imagine the world discussing how the tribes must stare at each other’s bottoms to identify each other.

A woman with a large bottom races off down a street in the footage. The BBC is the only source still explaining the situation seriously. We see film from the war of her in white skinny jeans running on a war-torn street.

The Black-They claim without irony that BaDinga! is a thoughtful song. They claim at the Grammys that all proceeds from the album will go to those suffering in the region. Visual cues will inform the public still watching the Grammys that they should see the Daginga Genocide as similar to the AIDS epidemic.

“That woman on the cover of the BaDinga album is wearing a lacey black thong.” says Lacey to Michael, confused. “And she’s standing in a sexual pose.” She thinks. “How is this cover not soft-core porn?” She thinks. “How is this cover not just advertising or taking advantage of the women of Africa?!”

He thinks. He lowers himself in his seat. He thinks.

Lacey thinks. She looks around the room at everything being so…weird.

“That line where he says ‘I can slow it down so you can bump it.’” She thinks. “Isn’t that weird?”

Michael thinks. “I don’t know.” He looks worried.

“How is that about the war?” she asks. “The rest of it sounds believably about our sexualized perception of African people and their descendants. But that line…what part of the war is it a reference to?!”

A They hears her talking to Michael and considers starting things towards murdering Lacey but then questions the path when she sees Michael sitting next to her. She can’t harass him in quiet the same way she can Lacey.

“It’s about the subjugation of African women!” she says pleadingly like an embattled, emboldened and righteously bitter feminist. She looks into Lacey’s eyes sadly and then looks away. She nods her head and makes a look of surprise, horror and wonder. Then she looks back up at her.

“Lacey, those women were used.” She thinks. “Why don’t you look into the matter?! Huh?!”

Lacey hears BaDinga by TWRK playing in the overhead speakers. It’s great sound quality she notes.

“But it’s that line…’I can slow it down so you can bump it!’ followed by the drop off.” says Lacey.

The woman looks at her and laughs. “You don’t know men too well.” she giggles. “It’s okay. When I was your age I thought the same thing.” She looks into Lacey’s eyes seductively with a perverse, delusional authority. This women is a known, practicing lesbian. Lacey is not attracted to anyone but men.

“Oh no. I know. It’s a war thing. Right? And women don’t ever fight in wars.” says Lacey sarcastically, standing up to leave her seat in a seething rage.

Michael stays in his seat until she exits safely. Then he authoritatively leaves in a huff as well.

“Come on that was a reference to The Stepford Wives!” says the They actress. “What are those two planning?!” she contorts into a demon possessed looking woman. “I’m sorry, but I hate those sort of people.”

Harvey listens.

The woman looks over at Harvey aghast. She looks appalled. She looks provoked. …She looks at him pleadingly. She looks at him in a heat.

Harvey keeps his cool.

“It’s a shakedown!!!” Joe Kennedy Sr. as a ghost screams loudly in horror into (living) Harvey’s ear.

“It can’t be a shakedown! Joe can get Lacey! Right?!” says (ghost) Lem bitterly to Joe in a seething, sexually charged rage.

“Words are not enough to express how angry people are.” Joe Sr. (ghost) says calmly.

“Joe…she’s so, so, so over you.” Lem explains to Joe. “But you still think you can have her.” He thinks. “Unless you truly are siding with God Himself…she’s lost to you forever. You’ll never have her again. Ever!!!”

“He’s explaining Joe Jr..” Biggie (ghost) says to Joe.

As the They in the Illuminati rise up Joe Jr. refuses to believe Lacey. He refuses to believe she exists even though he knows she does. Because if she exists then his dad is actually just kind of a genuine idiot at times. And that concept is baffling and shattering to his psychology. It’s shattering to him but God sees him. And since God sees Joe…Joe runs as wild as he can. Because God exists.

“Joe…just because she still could sleep with you and try to make love to you, doesn’t mean she’s in love with you.” Biggie says to Joe Jr..

“Is Mr. Blue just a cover for someone?” Lacey asks. “Like an Arab Prince who has a stake in the game? Or…is he really as intellectually ignorant as this?!?”