Playing Games

(Adult content below)

Ltm picked up Lacey and carried her away.

How Did I Get Here by ODESZA plays.

Lacey isn’t Jack.

Lacey…isn’t Jack.


His mother weeps. Why? Because he’s fouling-up with God.

He hovers over Lacey expecting Jack’s insouciance and narcissistic disregard. She kissed Michael. Right in front of him! But…instead she coughs. She’s never completely gotten over Covid. It’s a tiny cough. It’s a careful, worried cough of someone who needs to cough but doesn’t want to bother people with the noise. And at first Lem believes it’s a lie…and then he realizes how off the mark his impression of reality is. Because all he sees beneath him is soft, sad, tender love and confusion.

But he can’t get over it. Michael just kissed her.

“Making people jealous might not have been in their wheelhouse, Jack. What you did…should you have secretly wanted him to give you blow jobs and such…was…umm…weird. And creepy. And wrong. And…umm…evil.” says Bobby to Jack. “Jack. Why don’t you already know this is what baffles her. …Care to explain? Oh!!! Oh!! You can’t?!? Gee. Thanks! On behalf of God, gosh golly thanks!” Bobby says.

“Bobby, did you spend a lot of time cleaning-up Jack’s messes??” asks a Gen X woman.

“My brother?!?” Bobby responds with fake cheer.

Radio by Lana Del Rey plays.

A women in her car feels sad because she thinks of the woman who should have been there. But wasn’t. The Bobby Kennedy US Presidency that should have been. The way she’d have advocated for him to run first and take the helm instead of Jack. 

“But then I would have gotten so old!” says Joe Sr. sitting in a sailboat to Lacey.

Lem realizes Lacey has disappeared. He shakes his head and finds her in a sailboat getting into an argument over Bobby’s delayed US Presidency with J. P.. It amuses and surprises him.

“Who cares!? It’s a successful presidency you want. Right? Not a sloppy victory that will make you look cheap and backward in the future?” asks Lacey.

“Why did I let any of my kids love you?!?” he rages. “That’s the dumbest thing I did!”

“Clarify, please.” says Lacey.

“I love you!” he says with a smile.

“And then she’ll try on this concept like a shoe. Like a shoe.” Bobby says to Lem. “It’s all theoretical to her.”

“He might be right though.” says Lacey about J. P..

“I didn’t think Bobby was ready yet to run.” says Joe Sr..

“He wasn’t. You’re right. But…he-Jack couldn’t handle it.” says Lacey.

“You’re right.” says Joe, sadly.

“You should have.” says Lacey.

And at that Joe Sr. cries.

They all sit in silence. On the boat.

Concerto Grosso For Strings In 3 Groups by Ralph Vaughan Williams plays.

“I should have never let you think it was anyone but me.” says Joe Sr..

“In your family?” asks Lacey.

“Lem wasn’t really my son. Yes. …Joe never responds to your pain the way I do. He hates it. But he doesn’t feel responsible for it the way I do. I do care, not like a father who can fix it but like a man who would have loved you. Fouled-up maybe. Ruined it. But…you were born in 1983. And I never got the chance to make the mistake of letting Joe love you in so-called life.” says Joe Sr.. “You need someone far more awful.” he says with a wink. “Than our dear Joey.”

And at that Joe Sr. walks off. He’d been reliving his wheelchair experience. But enough of that for now. …So he walks off.

How Did I Get Here plays again.

Lem watches as Lacey coolly and calmly analyzes it all. In the sunlight. On the sailboat.

Jack arrives. Ready to party. With Lem. Dressed by his mother, Rose, for the occasion based on his previous preferences. Rose (very intelligently) used a proprietary algorithm similar to Pandora and Instagram.

All morning Lacey has been smelling Caron Narcisse Noir. As if she was wearing it. But she isn’t.

“Ready to go, Lemmers?” asks Jack.

“Do you smell like Narcisse Noir?” asks Lem.

“No.” says Jack.

And at that Lem punches him in the face.

“No!! Don’t!” says Lacey.

Jack cries, Lacey runs and gives him a quick cuddle. He cries more.

“I’m sorry, mommy!” he says about Lem to Lacey.

“I might not be your mommy. But that’s a lovely thought.” says Lacey giving him a quick squeeze. “I’m sorry you’re so confused.”

“That’s okay. You didn’t do it.” Jack says.

“Well, and I’m not your mommy. Remember that. But, golly. You’d have been a great son. I’d have been worried about you though.” says Lacey.

“I’d not be so concerning if I was your son.” says Jack.

“So then what will you do?” asks Lacey.

Jack cries.

“I don’t know.” he says between sobs to Lacey.

“God must have another mommy. Should you need one. He just must!” says Lacey.

Jack nods.

Lacey gives him another hug. He tries not to cry.

“So, Jack would have considered your second wife…his mommy?” asks a lesbian of Joe Sr..

A&W plays. Darkly. Sadly.

“Yes! Very much so! What’s it to you, young lady?” asks J. P.. “She might not be my second-wife, but I’m starting to get a clue about certain things. Huh?”

“So Jack has started to see Lacey as a mommy?” asks a gay man.

“The sort of mommy he wanted!!!!” yells Joe Sr..

“Why didn’t you provide that for him then?!” asks Wobbly of J. P..

Joe Sr. cries.

“He’s hopefully dealing with it with God.” says Lacey.

A Saoirse laughs. A Joe Sr. smiles. Sighs. Cries.

Lem stands in cold shock. He’s been outed. Not as a gay man. Or a homosexual. No. As a fool.

A&W plays the sad refrain. Michael smiles at him as does Louis.

“Hi!” says Louis to Lem. Michael laughs.

They pick Lem up and run off with his suddenly frozen stiff body. Lem can’t move.

“Can’t you move, precious?!” asks Louis of Lem.

“No!” yells Lem.

“Why not?!” asks Louis.

A&W starts over.

Michael tickles Lem’s face. “Laugh! Now!” he says sadistically. “I won’t let you breath until you laugh!!!” says Michael dancing around him.

Louis throws Lem’s frozen body off a cliff. He can’t scream. He can’t move.

Pete watches.

Lem falls. And falls. And falls. For decades?

“That’s…love?” asks Lacey seductively.

“It wasn’t decades. It was two fucking seconds!” yells J. P. at Lem. “And that was the tip of the iceberg of her rage!!” He spits Lem out of his mouth and Lem flails into the ocean.

“It isn’t rage. Is it? It’s love. And it’s so awful she can’t put it into words.” says Joe Sr. as Lem lands in a small boat on a placid, lonely, sunny sea.

A&W plays again.

“You’re sexy!” says Lacey to Lem.

“God warns against sodomy, Lem.” says Jack to Lem as a voice.

“But it’s so you? So…necessary.” says Lacey mockingly as a voice. “You…must.” she says in a creepy voice. “Must! Now!!!!!” she yells. His ears bleed.

“Jack’s your best friend! He’ll save you!” says Michael floating in front of Lem in the water.

“Yummy! Like Jesus!” says Lacey.

Michael winks and then disappears.

Lem gets scared. Because…it might be real.

“Why are you scared?” asks Lacey. “I thought you had God on your side and my pain was meaningless?!” she says sitting next to him.

A&W starts over.

“You know…I let myself be with other men…because I didn’t want to torture you. It’s beneath me. And what? You weren’t worth it? …Not because you might be inferior. No. You’re not. But because I thought your love was worth filthy shit…in Heaven. I HATED your cruel joke you called love. You Satan!” she spits at him as a compliment. “I told you not to try me, out of respect for you.”

“It’s funny. It’s all a big…dark…evil joke. And that’s the legacy I want to leave behind! To my kids!” says Michael. He laughs.

“Where’s Joey?! Huh?!” asks Lacey in Lem’s ear in a sexy voice.

“Is he having sex with Lacey as this happens? Or am I?!” asks Michael. “She loves me. And yet you expect her to still love Joey?! …That’s…vile.” He laughs. “That’s not the way I do things. She’s mine, pumpkin. And I’m not your big sister. Or your big story. If you actually have a heart, please try to get a clue. You’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy. Or is it Max? Or what? Who are you? Who are you? …Why not ask who she is?! Or who I am? In a way that’s far more…Heavenly?”

“Would you like some tea?” asks a beautiful, Asian woman. She floats on the water. Smiling.

Lem sees her beauty but isn’t…affected. He smiles at her. He accepts the tea. Nods.

“Thank you.” Lem says holding a Royal Crown Derby teacup and saucer with perfect Earl Grey and milk in first.

The woman nods. Disappears.

Michael is gone. And Lem’s left floating placidly in the Caribbean. No death. No sunburn. Just endless perfect Earl Grey, the ocean and his thoughts.

“That was a real 19th Century Geisha, Lem!!!” gushes a gay man in an over-the-top gay voice.

Lem cries. Throws the cup and saucer in the ocean but it just reappears instantly in his hands. In perfect condition. Tea still warm.

He drinks it. And suddenly understands Michael’s glory from Lacey’s actual perspective. …And he really enjoys the tea. …He loves this tea.

He examines the cup. Is enthralled by it.

He sighs contented. It’s not Lem or Michael but darn. …Or God. Or her kids, obviously. But it’s good tea.

“Here. Sterling silver.” says Michael. “It’s Lacey’s favorite teapot. Should you want more. And from now it’s me. Or Louis. That’s who you worry about. For your own good, I want that to be clear.”

Lem nods. Smiles.

Then in terror Michael disappears again.

Burn The Witch by Radiohead plays. Because God created beauty and music and it’s beautiful music and Lacey has claimed it for Him. It echoes gorgeously over the ocean he created, as explained in His Bible. The Holy Bible, of course.

Michael had acne. Seemingly. Made awkward expressions on camera.

“But in their private moments they look like themselves. I insist on it.” says Lem.

Sky Took Hold plays.

“They look entirely different. It’s almost creepy.” he says. “No, they cared. And care.” He sits and analyzes it.

“Well, I care.” says Lacey. “I know that.”

“I can’t get over it.”says Lem.

“Get over what?” asks Michael.

“The transformation. It’s almost as baffling as my orientation.” says Lem. “Why do you two do that with your faces? Most people try to be appealing.”

“Ask God, Lem.” says Michael.

“It’s like, I don’t believe you planned it. But you’re both doing it.” says Lem.

“And nobody saw through it. Or understood our intent, I suppose. …But you’ll just find this boring?” says Lacey drearily. “It’s just the way we are, maybe?”

“Watching you two make love is gorgeous.” says Lem. “Truly. On an artistic level. You’re both far more beautiful than either of you realize. David, the statue, has nothing on either of you. And your passion! …It’s…terrifyingly beautiful.” says Lem. “You wouldn’t guess that. You’re both so…nice. Awww!”

“Don’t you enjoy watching your significant other have sex? Isn’t that your specialty, Sir?” asks an Indian man to Lem.

“No! No, not really.” says Lem. “Had you fooled, huh?”

“You sure did, Lem!” says a Gen X woman, laughing facetiously.

“Why am I in a bathtub in 1960’s Biafra?” Lem asks God as he watches Lacey and Michael dancing in the 1950’s at a party. The bathtub is blown-up.

Lem lands in Michael’s dorm room. Michael is tutoring Lacey and why they’re allowing them to be alone together with the door shut is intriguing…since it’s the 1950’s. …But Lacey needs help with math. And Michael explains it to her well.

Michael suddenly loses himself.

They’re married three months later.


“I have an answer for you.” says a woman who died of cancer to Lem. “Since you lack the sense to figure it out yourself.” She shows him Lacey and Michael married in their 30’s. And then she shows Lem him and Jack in the White House. She shows him Lacey and Michael in their teens on a picnic. Then she shows him him and Jack in their teens. “You loved Jack your whole life! Awww! …You were never lonely. Never…lonely.” She smiles. “Honestly, I get your confusion. Choosing between that-“ She points to Lem and Jack. “And that!” She points to Michael and Lacey. “Is sooo mysterious. You need all of the gay men in the world to help you decide? Or who? All humans to ever live? All Americans? All Democrats? All Republicans? All of Fox News? All of NBC? All Rockefellers? All of your family? Who? You never said. And Lacey isn’t Jack. What choice did you really leave her to make, Lem?” She cheers up. Grins. “No more. Which do you choose?”

Losing All Sense plays.

“I was more straight than Michael and I was very arrogant about it, secretly.“ says Lem. “I called myself gay. But…super secretly I believed I was superior.” He thinks. “I was actually very masculine by nature.”

Cut-Out plays as Lem chooses Lacey and Michael. “I’ll watch this. I’m not Michael but I’m also not a homosexual by any measure.” He fumes.

“Hey thanks for buying my sons heroin after I was shot!” says Bobby sarcastically. “Best surrogate daddy ever!!!”

“Hey, Bobby do you think it should all just be legal? It’s soooo cooool!” says Lacey.

“Well…I got shot there. And two of my descendants have overdosed and died. So…yeah! Sure!! Sounds great!” he says smiling.

You got shot? No fair!! If I didn’t have kids I wish I was shot!” says Lacey.

“But I did have kids.” he says.

“Yeah, I suppose that ruined it.” says Lacey.

“Yeah, I don’t know. I liked being alive.” he says.

“I would too! If I had been loved. But…I have kids so.” says Lacey.

“Yeah. So 50 more years?” he asks.

“Yes! 40?” she says.

“I’m glad you have kids though.” he says.

“Oh goodness! Me too. Funny how assholes want to make that shit nowadays.” says Lacey.

“They shouldn’t have kids if they are so useless.” says Bobby.

“I don’t want them to go to Hell.” says Lacey.

“Mr neither.” he agrees.

“We should pray for them.” she says.

“Daily.” he says.

“Well, good talking with you, buddy!” she says self-deprecatingly.

“You too.” he says.

Michael and Lacey listen to Glass Hillside and choose to interpret it as a song about them. Nothing perverse. Nothing to do with pedophilia. Just them…and their fears about turning into their actual parents. Their fears about being watched. Never being able to get away…alone together.

“This beat reminds me more of Lem. To be honest.” she says.

“But I could have seduced you. Easily. In our 30’s.” says Michael. “And made the beat work for us.”

“Would it have been as passionate?” asks Lacey.

“I know.” he smiles.

“Say, do you have someone the beat works better for?” she asks him.

“Possibly. But I like what we have.” he says.

“Well, please don’t worry. I’d be happy for you if you have a better woman for the beat than me.” says Lacey.

“We’ll see.” he says.

And at that they lay heads together, feet on opposite ends staring up at the sky. Thinking.

And mere feet away parked in a Jeep sits Lem. Alone. In the driver’s seat. He sits and watches, growing perplexed when they listen and choose to lay there. He isn’t unhappy but perplexed.

He shifts in his seat. Stares.

“Are you okay?” he yells out the window after rolling it down.

Michael raises his head. “Yes, Lem.”

“Should we all go get something to eat?” asks Lem.

“My wife and I would like to get divorced.” jokes Michael.

“Over me?!” jokes Lem.

“Hey, Lem, you wanna room?” says Michael.

“No. No, I want a wife.” he says.

“I don’t have a wife though. I was just joking. Get it? It’s complicated.” says Michael. “You know…we can’t both have her.”

Time goes on.

“I ruined it.” says Lem.

“And yet she’s supposed to be accountable for your actions?” asks Michael. “And Jack’s too!”

“You’re still protecting Jack. I think that’s why I slept with everyone I ever slept with who wasn’t you. You’re still one with him whether you want to be or not and when you save yourself in the past you save him too. And I could tolerate it for a while but now it’s unbearable. It’s been unbearable for a while probably. …When Michael reaches for me it’s like…it’s…relief. Funny? Isn’t it? Relief?” She thinks. “Actually I’d call it sanity. And hope. And some sense that you and Jack didn’t just conspire to send me to genuine eternal Hell. I’m a woman, Lem. I have needs, as they say. And you are too upset to meet my needs. Isn’t that sad? Because I’m the woman. And I don’t want to tell you that you failed to exist. I love you.” She thinks. “Where’s Jack’s dick. And his big grin? It’s time for your supper? Right? Teddy Bear?!”

“You were straight? Right? Ou non? …You’re sure you were straight?” asks Michael. “Because I thought you gave everything to Jack? Everything!”

“What?! Little ol’ me?! Lil’ ol’ fuck face, useless me?! I’m a worthless piece of shit!!! Kill me!! Oh master!!!! KILL ME!!!!” Lacey shouts at Lem in imitation of him.

“No!!! It’s fine to fake being gay.” says Michael sarcastically. “It’s not a HUGE insult to your female SOULMATE!”

“I can’t handle EVERYTHING shoved biokrntin my face by you. Sorry!!!” says Lacey to Lem. “Your dick? No. Why not just strangle me to death if you hate me and find me to be so ugly and deplorable to you?”

And at that Jack does the twist with Lem. In the 1960’s. In his mind. Later demanding a blow job.

“It’s your job, bitch! Right!? And I’m a worm!!!! “ yells Lacey.

Lem smiles.

“Your penis and mouth were busy, dude. She had to sup’ elsewhere. Sorry!” says Elliott to Lem. “She tried to reach you. But…Jack said you belonged profoundly and entirely to just him.” He thinks. “His grin. His confidence. His everything was evidence of your lack of any mild concern for her. And she really likes men. A lot. …It was just a simple misunderstanding. And her fault. Poor wittle you and poor wittle Ken.” He pouts. “But without her energy…flowing through you against her will from the future what was remotely tolerable about your chosen life?” He scoffs. “You’re both vile!!! Such cheats!” He spits in Lem’s face. “Living high off the hog on her dime. And what does she get? This. Yup! You’re just a fair, gentle, loving man. Why would you want to share her ass? There’s barely any left after the feast you and your fuck buddy had!” He laughs. “Does Satan such your dick or Christ, you useless-“ and at that he nears Lem to a bloody pulp.

“And yet she still loves you.” says Joe Sr..

“Hey!!! Maybe he was gay!!! And this is all a joke. Or bisexual. Everyone knows better than me!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!” says Lacey. “ I told you not to try me.”

“Did all that violence bring you closer or farther from her?” asks J. P.. “Farther, sonny.”

“Hi!” says Michael. “Wanna try to suck my dick on the weekends? No? …We’re thinking you were high on heroin when Elliott beat you? Sounds fair.” He smiles. “Can you feel the pain? No? Yes? Need more?” Michael thinks. “You know…funny thing…if we had been the lovers and you were straight…none of this would be happening. Ever wonder why?” He closes his eyes. “Lem…they HATE her. I love her. That’s the problem. They HATE her for no good reason. …Not all of them. But Lem…should we be who we say we are…and should I love her…don’t underestimate their profound hatred of her.”

“Why?!” asks Lacey.

“Rose hates you for obvious reasons. The othered feel…loyalty to Rose. And you’re so English.” says Rocky.

“Well Lem, have fun fucking the cool kid Orish for eternity?” asks Lacey.

“Alright!” says a demon who enables living Kennedy’s to kill themselves. He’s trying to impersonate Lem. He’s persistent and idiotic.

Lacey is then psychologically tortured by the Illuminati.

“Why are you torturing her?!” asks a priest of the Kennedy’s.

“Because the demons are nicer to us when we do!” says one of them.

“Won’t that make it worse for you later?” asks Lem.

“No!!!” says Joe Sr. lying. “I can’t handle it!!!”

“Stop making that up!!! You’re mean!” says a Boomer to Lacey seriously.

“Joe, if you’re not in Hell you need to embrace the cross!” says a Catholic priest.

“I doubt he’s in Hell.” says Lacey.

“Bullshit! God can’t save Him.” says a demon.

“No. It’s nice to know she cares.” he cries. “I’m not in Hell.”

“Lord, please give them grace, if I can or should pray that. In Jesus’ name.” says Lacey to God. She feels exasperated theologically.

“I need you.” says Lem to Lacey.

“You couldn’t live without Jack though. It was as if you’d been struck by lightning. You see the saddest widow to ever exist.” says Lacey.

Michael laughs. An over-the-top laugh.

“Mic drop!” he says to Lacey. “Ouch!” He gets into Lacey’s face. “If Lem doesn’t understand by now…I don’t think it’s worth it.” He embraces her. “You can’t save him the way Jesus does.”

“Lem, I love you.” says Lacey to Lem. “I’ll never give-up on you. Just get rejected by you.” She sighs. Turns away.


“I don’t understand why you seem bothered all of a sudden?” asks Lem feeling sorry for himself by imitating Michael.

Lacey ignores him. It’s only torture for her.

“He’s jealous, Lacey.” says Michael.

Plastic Jungle plays.

Michael laughs.

In Search Of plays next.

Lacey laughs.

“It’s not that it isn’t cool. It’s just that God is great.” explains Lacey.

Faker plays.

Lem weeps.

“It’s not that he’s frigid or something-“ Lacey says to Michael.

“It’s that he’s been angry at you for months now.” says Michael’s brother.

“Yes. And he’s not himself.” says Lacey.

“He’s emotionally withholding.” says Michael’s brother.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“He’s cursed? Like his father?” wonders Michael’s brother.

“He put all his eggs in the wrong basket.” says Michael. “And bankrupted himself.”


“His father made terrible decisions…for understandable reasons. And lost a lot of money. And then eventually left him and his mother destitute when he died.” says Michael.

“He’s making and made similar mistakes.” says Michael’s brother.

“Emotional bankruptcy is serious.” says Scott Fitzgerald.

“And then he’s mad when you second guess him.” says Zelda. “And leaves you to starve. And then gets mad when you find food elsewhere. It’s sick.”

“Why did he put everything with Jack?!?” asks Bernie Madoff.

Lacey laughs. “Why did he?” she asks Bernie.

Michael smiles to see Lacey cheer-up a bit.

“I hate that song.” Michael says about Glass Hillside. Lacey smiles.

They’re alone.

Then he looks her in the eyes. And Lacey closes her eyes and resists.

Neighbors plays.

“But it’s too late!! The minute he looked her in the eyes…it killed me.” says Lem.

“I’ll tell you why!” says Bernie Madoff.

“Why?” asks Lacey.

He cries. “He didn’t see any way forward. All he saw was a big nothing.” He sighs. “It seemed like his only real hope in life.”

“No way?” asks Lacey.

He laughs. “Well, no. He could have tried actual prostitution. But he had few prospects and he was soft. He was a rich kid.”

“Soft?” asks Lem.

“You were! Yes!” says Bernie.

“I had low-class jobs I worked hard at.” he says.

“Not like I did.” says Bernie. “I was a prostitute of my soul. …She’s right. You didn’t try every escape route.”

“And I suppose if I’m going to expect so damn much of her I have to be careful my ducks are in order too.” he says. “But that’s only fair. I’ve offered very little real love. Just rage.”

Apologize by OneRepublic plays

“It’s too late! It’s too late to apologize!” Michael sings to Lem. “It’s a man. Can you understand now?”

“I think we’ve decided you’re abusive.” Elliott says to Lem.

“Why is it too late?” asks Lem.

“Why am I here?” asks Michael.

“It was too late the second Michael laid eyes on her, if you know what I mean.” says Bernie Madoff to Lem. “Why didn’t you recognize what was happening? Or is happening?”

“If she let herself go she’d fall madly in love with Michael.” says Louis. “But…then you have to ask yourself: What’s best?”

Lem collects himself.

“Are you best? Are you? Am I? …Who?!” says Louis.

“Yeah!” says Bernie.

“What’s BEST?! God. And who does He say it is?” asks Desmond.

“Michael?” asks a Prince.

OneRepublic speaks truth.

“How many marriages did Jack torture? Hey! Mrs. Blue, ever wonder?” asks a conservative.

Gnossiennes (6), For Piano by Satie plays.

“I am. Louis is. Michael is. …But you truly can’t decide.” says Lem.

“Oh really?!” asks Michael.

Louis laughs. Lacey laughs… Louis’ ex wife laughs. Jerome Hill laughs. Their grandfather laughs.

“Why?” asks the Native American woman.

“Where we are.” says Louis. “And the literal smell of wood. And all the problems we’ve had with wood for hundred of years…”

Louis laughs. He falls on the floor laughing.

“Did you fall down wooden stairs?” asks Jerome.

An Asmat laughs and lights a dead tree on fire.

“Possibly.” says Louis.

“Trees give us life though.” says Lacey.

“I’m lying. I’m not lying but I’m lying.” says Lem.

“About what?” asks Louis.

“I’m not pretty. I had flaws. Not…horrible flaws. But…I wasn’t as good-looking as Michael.” says Lem.

“That’s not what I see.” says Lacey.

National Anthem plays.

Michael laughs.

“Okay! But I’m not Michael. I’m tall but…without glasses he was hot.” says Lem. “He looks like a blond Germanic royal.”

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper plays.

An English witch cries. She hears Lacey’s heart.

Michael smiles.

“No!!!” he yells. “Enough!!! Enough, Lem!!”

Suspirium by Thom Yorke plays.

Louis stands on the great Lake Superior. Looks around.

“You’re just as good as me. She adores you. No more excuses.” says Michael.

Myth by Beach House plays.

“Cyndi Lauper made her upset because she knows it could have been me. And her. In the 1980’s. Or if she’d been born in 1983 still…I could have sworn I’d never loved anyone like her. All the times I heard it.” says Michael. “What about you? Could you have promised that? Yes? Then stop getting in my way or let me leave you alone. I’m in love, Lem. What you’re watching is is in love. In love.”

“Was I the investors?” asks Lem, sarcastically. He laughs. “Yes?”

“So now what?!” Louis asks as if they’re having a sleepover.

Lem laughs.

“Wanna rob a convenience store?” asks Louis.

Bad Girls plays.

“My father could buy the store and pay for the damages after.” says Jerome.

“Mine could too!” says Michael.

“Oh!! We should soo do it!” says Louis.

“I’ll call my dad and ask if it’s okay first.” says Michael.

Later? Later will be written later.

“Nooo!” yells Lem. “Wait!” He smiles. “Think of the repercussions.”

“True!” says Louis.

“So now what? No lies!!!” yells Michael.

More later.

“I couldn’t do this anymore.” says Lacey about the place they’re staying and how gorgeous it is. “I mean run a bed and breakfast.”

“That’s fine!” says Michael.

“You’re not useless.” says Louis.

“My goodness.” says Lacey.

His wife laughs.

“No, you’re not.” says Louis seriously.

“I was straight.” says Lem. “Lacey, you’re the first woman I’ve ever slept with.”

“It’s that different than what you experienced?” asks Lacey.

He looks her in the eyes. “Yes.”

“What does that mean to you?” asks Lacey.

“Exactly what it means to you.” he says.

“Do you think we belong together? Truly!” says Lacey.

He grows sad.

“No! We may have made a horrific mistake. One I don’t fully comprehend. …But you think it was not? And you’re genuinely certain about that?” asks Lacey.

“Yes.” he says. “Michael isn’t your soulmate the way I am.”

“Well…I’m devastated. By you. It’s been so unclear how you feel. I’d love to go back and fix it for you but I can’t. It’ll only make it worse. …I don’t-“ says Lacey.

“I can explain. But it’ll baffle you.” laughs Lem.

He explains.

“As long as God’s sure. Michael is-Well…I just worry. But he’s not you.“ says Lacey. “And neither is Louis.”

“You shouldn’t have had to worry.” he says.

“You just couldn’t tell me?” she asks.

“I was tongue-tied. I still am.” he says.

“That tongue-tied?” she asks.

“Yes.” he laughs.

“It just really makes it seem like you might be losing interest.” says Lacey.

“I’ll warn you if I ever do. I promise.” he says.

“Is that possible?” asks Lacey.

“No.” he says. “No!”

“It’s not like you’ll miss me. In the best way. Regardless.” says Michael. “That’s either a warning to Lem or a promise I’ll be happy.”

“She might miss me more.” says Lem.