Lacey might have mild dysphagia. It’s seemingly getting worse over time. And it’s related almost certainly to her fall down the stairs.

Did either of her parents who raised her help after that? No. No, her mother called once heard that Lacey was doing mildly better and then never called again. That’s all. Because ever since the Illuminati attacked Lacey through the Bat Crew…her mother who raised her has shown an increased lack of concern for her. She had always been weird but when the demons of the Illuminati attacked the mother who raised her got progressively more distant and seemingly repulsed by Lacey’s existence…

…Who threw her down the stairs?

“It happened after Lacey…who may be talking to real ghosts…left Joe Jr..” says me, I’m Lacey.

The music is a spiritual guide. A Nocturne by Chopin plays. …It’s played like a song from Heaven by Arthur Rubinstein. The Heaven of the Bible.

“Joe slept with Vanessa Trump.” says Lem. “And Vanessa did that because it was her ex who helped protect Lacey after Lacey was attacked.”

“Not thee Vanessa Trump of thee Trump family?!??” asks Louis.

“Oh no!!!” says Lacey. “Of course!!”

“No Vanny has a tendency towards real violence towards Lacey. But it could have also been Rose, Joe Sr. or Don Sr. conjuring a demon…or Joe Jr…Lacey doesn’t know.” says Lem. “YET!!!”

“It’s interesting who fell down the stairs afterward.” says Lacey. “And died right away.” She seethes. “But me…far younger…fighting for my life…that’s what they try to arrange with Satan. A slow progression towards feeding tubes?!??” She laughs. “You’re all going to wish you’d never been born.” She looks at Joe Jr.. “If your family did this to me…you are the worst thing to happen to America. Your family are the scum of our county that rose to the top and fooled us. You’re our parasite. You are the virus that destroys us. You are HIDEOUS!!!!”

“If Joe threw Lacey down the stairs the Kennedy’s will never live this down. Your name will become synonymous with every damn thing wrong with the US to ever exist.” says Michael Rockefeller to their entire family.

“Ivana died!” says Louis like it’s a shock.

“Who?!?” asks Lacey.

“Ivana Trump!” he says.

“Which Ivana? Because Joe Jr. slept with Vanessa Trump to get back at Lacey. Do you mean Ivana Trump or Ivana Trump?!” asks Lacey.

Ivana…Trump.” says Louis.

“Oh!! Her.” says Lacey.

“Rose molested us.” says Kick.

“Which Rose?” asks Lacey.

“It’s unclear, Lacey.” says Louis.

“It wasn’t me or anyone in my family.” says Lacey to Kick. “Do you mean Lem?”

“No it wasn’t you. I just hate you.” Kick says to Lacey.

Lacey expects God to sort that all out.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with you or your family!” Lacey says to all of them. “If any of you threw me down the stairs.”

“Yeah, she cares. Truly. But if one of you threw her brutally down the stairs to try to kill her out of nothing but being petty jackasses who psychopathically can’t lose…stop expecting her prayers to save you.” says Michael.

“THIS IS WAR!!!! YOU SAD FOOLS!!!” says Lacey. She shifts it.

Now it’s the end…of the lot of em’. Not the innocent the fools.

“I’ll split you in half to make you giggle before you die. As a warning.” says Lacey.

“So…if Vanny conjured a demon to throw you down the stairs because she’s upset…why? It’s irrelevant. It’s insane. On her part.” says a Liberal.

“Because she’s heroin addict who also may coercively molest her kids.” says Lacey. “She’s a gross, selfish monster…by choice.”

Shoop plays.

“Who’s Vanny?” asks Louis.

“An overweight, conceited cow of a woman.” says Lacey. “Who wears pants that make her butt look like she’s an aging man with an incontinence issue. Or an aging woman.”

“No, that’s the polyester style! It’s sexy to look like Gumby.” says Lem. “In normal pants.”

“And be a giant?” asks Lacey.

“It’s sexy!!!!” says Louis.

“She told Joe Jr. to kill me.” says Lacey. “Because she thinks the universe is just her vagina. If it was her…”

Vanny jumps up and down trying seduce Michael. He watches her.

Go To Town by Doja Cat plays.

“You’re…a woman!” Michael says politely to Vanny. “What in Hell makes you think you hold a candle to Lacey or anyone even related to her vaguely?” says Michael. “No, no you vile bitch! …Can I kill you?!”

“Isn’t her ass kinda nice? Or the thighs? Or maybe the shape?!?” asks Joe Jr. of Michael.

“Joe, she’s like a man. A girly, whorish gay man with tits and no dick.” says Michael Rockefeller. “The gross desperation and the sexually pushy long hair is obnoxious!!”

“Fuck you!!” yell a group of Millennial women who have long hair and think Lacey is the one writing all this.

“Not necessarily.” says Lacey. “Actually, I highly doubt it.”

“No, Vanny…I don’t think you understand…do I have to rip your head off someday and tear your brain apart to make you comprehend my insult?” asks Michael.

“No. You find her sexually repulsive.” says her ex.

“You know, I do. I’m sorry.” Michael says to her ex.

Butterfly by Crazy Town plays.

“That woman on the cover looks like a clown.” says Michael.

“Or a woman transitioning from manhood.” says Lem.

“That’s Joe K.’s type?” asks Lacey.

“They viciously attacked Lacey. Should they be responsible…” says Clarke Gable.

“Oh!! Look! Baby I look like the gross bitch on the cover! That’s proof I’m sexy!!! Marry me!” Lacey says in imitation of Vanny when she was working the streets like the legal prostitute she was. The gold-digging, stupid, demonic whore who uses her malignancy and human decency to get shit she barely cognitively understands.

Lacey listens to the demons and then throws their lies into Hell.

“So am I going to Hell?! Because I have a billion witches who guarantee I’m going to a happy place when I die where I’ll eat candy and poop butterflies.” Lacey mocks Vanny by imitating her.

“Then how did Lacey and Ivana Trump fall down the stairs?!?” asks God. “Where do demons come from if there’s not Hell?”

“There is no pain!! Or evil! It’s all hearts, butterflies and gummy worms!” says Lacey sarcastically.

She thinks. She considers the pedophilic monsters she’d like to kill if she’s dying. Stab to death with knives through their almost useless skulls. …If she’s dying what’s the bloody difference? But…murder is still murder. So perhaps she shouldn’t risk it.

“Joe why did you sleep with Vanessa Trump?” asks a sane person who agrees with Lacey…who reads this blog.

“Because she’s a BITCH!!!” Joe yells. Lacey can literally hear his voice in her head.

“Who Joe? Who’s the bitch?” asks Bette Davis.

String Quartet No. 3 by Philip Glass plays.

Lacey thinks of how Bette Davis and Michael brought up her brain the other night. Bette gives Lacey permission to cry. That was before Lacey knew what could be happening. The fact that Bette’s ghost and Michael’s ghost discussed it…so adamantly and so pointedly…before Lacey had a clue how serious it is from a standpoint of her brain…is bizarre if they’re not something supernatural.

Lacey, Michael and Lem sit back in Michael’s 1990’s BMW while Young by Vacations plays. Because they all hate pedophilia. And the battle is continuing into the night.

“I had a similar head and neck injury.” says a man from the 1000’s to Lacey. He was a warrior. “I lived another ten years. And I couldn’t eat. Easily. But I forced myself to slowly. And it wasn’t from old age.”

“How long do you think I could I live?” asks Lacey.

He thinks. Nods his head to think more. “Elliott Roosevelt thinks you could die in your 80’s. …If you don’t get better? 20 years?”

MATA LIFE by M.I.A. plays.

Lem looks at her. “I’ll kill you before they hook you up to feeding tubes or an IV.” he says to Lacey.

“No, they’re desperate to kill you.” says Louis. “Because they’re committing organized suicide.”

“Jim Jones!! Controls Mr. Blue and his wife!!!” yells a demon.

“You got a dead cult leader to channel through Mr. Blue?!?” asks Summertime Sadness laughing.

“He’s a homicidal maniac.” says Jim Jones about Mr. Blue.

“So…what happens when Lacey dies early if she does?” asks a Gen X woman.

“Our family is permanently destroyed. I meant Lacey. I was a horrible narcissist.” says Joe Jr.. “She’s literally destroyed the whole family in the eyes of history you just can’t see it yet. If I threw her down the stairs.”

Zelda and Lacey find that too funny. Not to laugh.

“All those years…turned into nothing but a joke. At your expense. If you threw her down the stairs.” says Tom Banks to the Kennedy’s.

“That’s not enough!” says Lacey to everyone listening. “You are being told. Not warned. Told.”

“Yeah…so pray she’s fine!” pleads Elliott to them on their own behalf.

“If Wobbly killed Lem and tried to kill you he’s a sociopath.” says a Gen X actress.

“Like if he conjured his connections?” asks Lacey.

“His consciousness!” corrects a female nihilistic atheist who hates herself.

“But she didn’t know me!!” Louis Hill Jr. yells.

“Why are you so vivid?!?” the woman asks Louis.

“The Kennedy’s attack Lacey when they feel annoyed by how crappy they feel by comparison to her objectively. They’re weak, petty little hoes.” says a dead female Rockefeller. “Depending…right?”

“I’m buried here.” says Louis. “He shrugs.”

“Okay! But how does that work?!” she asks.

He thinks. “It’s territorial?”

A bit later.

“I’m not hateful, but I’m a Christian.” says Louis Hill Jr..

“I think all Christians need to be more careful not to rip each other apart.” warns Lacey.

“Louis died of similar complications.” a hater says to Lacey.

“I need blood!” yelled Jack if he ordered Lacey’s murder out of jealousy for her sleeping with Lem…and seemingly making Lem realize Lem might never have loved him. Maybe was never gay.

“Jack…that’s delusional. Why would you still think Lem was gay?” asks a reader.

“I did.” he says. “I see Lem!”

“That’s a demon.” says Lacey to Jack.

“He knows. He’s in Hell or stuck.” says Kick. “He doesn’t want to accept reality.”

“The Illuminati killed me if I die early.” says Lacey. “They conjured either demons or ghosts to kill me. But hilariously it’ll only totally destroy them. Should they exist. And it might be the end of the world. We’ll see. …Truly.”

“Funny how Queen Elizabeth II fell and started using a cane after you fell.” says an Englishman who just died to Lacey.

“You don’t think when you die you’ll be incompetent or too happy to bring justice?” asks a hater.

“No!! She’s extraordinarily dangerous to kill. I’m warning you.” says Lem Billings seriously.

“You don’t understand.” says Lacey. “It’s old. Christian. And beautiful! The concept I’m operating on.”

“You’d do what?” asks a hater.

“I’d rewire the Earth.” says Lacey. “From the other side. And make everyone’s heart stop. It might trigger a rapture? Or…we’ll see.”

“Like messing with the electrical wiring of the universe?” asks Michael.

“If the aliens are on board.” says Lacey. “Should there be aliens.”

“To bring us all before God painlessly in the blink of an eye?” asks a man who calls himself white trash.

“Yes! Exactly!!!” says Lacey.

“It might take time. But if I meet God too soon I’ll be begging for the end of the world.” says Lacey. “It’s become too difficult for a Christian to live.” Lacey thinks. “I will be in His face constantly! Should He not destroy me.”

Lacey hears kids upset.

“I won’t advocate for anything harmful. I’m just tired of seeing you suffer.” says Lacey.

“What if you die five minutes too soon?” asks Joe Sr. of Lacey.

“Same difference.” says Lacey. “Actually…I’ll be advocating for the end of the world regardless. And it’ll just get more difficult to ignore me, or something.”

“No. Maybe it’s the same alive it just will make it worse if you die.” says Bette. “He hears you now too.”

Love Lockdown by Kayne plays.

“Sounds like Joe’s mind. In verse.” says Lacey jokingly. “He had to get away from me by sleeping with Vanny.”

“Yeah. You’re…Lem’s flesh. Or a Rockefeller. So he had kill you to rid himself of you. So his family could be free.” says Pat Wilson. “Free to be nihilistic. And mentally-ill.” She laughs. “And marginally important into the future.” She dances. “I love him! …But…I knew him. I just…never loved someone like I loved him. He was so handsome. …And I fell hard. It was like we could open up with each other and truly trust for the first time. Ever.”

“I know. That’s the love I thought I’d have.” says Lacey. “He told me that. Frequently.”

Get Into It by Doja Cat plays.

Joe gets enraged at Lacey for sharing that about him.

“Joe, it’s ridiculous! The world for ages has exposed itself to the fervent belief that beauty matters. …I don’t hate Vanny. But objectively she is unfortunately inferior. …And it was…logically offensive for you to sleep with her when and how you did.” says Lacey.

Louis understands.

“Partially because I’m so-called dead?” he asks Lacey.

“Yes! Very much!” says Lacey.

“You…slept…with…Lem!” he says.

“That was after you betrayed me. Wasn’t it?” asks Lacey. “It’s not as if you ever were in some intimate, safe, trusting relationship with me and I cheated first.”

“No. I never gave you the impression I’d be faithful for certain.” he admits. “I hinted at it. But never did fully commit to it.”

“It was bizarrely always in my mind that someone like you might love me. But only as a dream.” says Lacey. “More literally than figuratively a dream.”

“And I had it as an actuality. And yet I can’t and couldn’t stand you when I died and discovered you existed.” admits Pat Wilson to Lacey.

“Why?” asks Lacey.

“Because you narcissistically wounded me.” says Pat Wilson.

“Pat, you’re dead!!! Is there God or not?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!!!” she says seething.

“Then why do you care?!” asks Lacey.

Pat thinks. “You’re right.” she says almost smiling. She almost cries too. “I just wanted to be his top choice.”

“Based on what he told me…and how much he lied to me…and if he threw me down the stairs…I kind of think you were?” wonders Lacey.

She looks grim. Lacey might be right.

“Well maybe.” says Pat.

“Why did you let him sleep with Vanny?!?” wonders Lacey, aghast.

Pat laughs, sadly. “He barely did, if he did.”

“Barely?!” asks Lacey.

She thinks. “You know how it is. When men you love sleep around.”

“Yes.” says Lacey.

“But…he didn’t.” she says.

“What’s the difference?” asks Lacey.

“It’s the level of passion.” she says.

“It sounded passionate from what I heard.” says Lacey.

Pat crosses her hands behind herself, leans against the wall and then nods her head thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I guess they were temporarily in love.” she says.

Lacey thinks. “What’s the difference do you suppose?”

“It was based on Joe’s vain sense that all is well. Even when it’s clearly not.” she says. She laughs. “He…let’s himself get all mushy over women whenever, wherever, whatever. Or did. …And he’s of the impression that his feelings always work. That he shouldn’t question them but just dive in and indulge. …Not that one should question one’s feelings in an unhealthy manner but rather he takes them too far. …So, Vanny made sense for three hours one Saturday morning in early spring of 2021 about…and he just didn’t question it.” she says. “He went crazy.” She laughs. Then looks sad.

“Hmm. No, it’s not about holding back too much for the better, either. It’s about not seeing the big picture for the worse?” asks Lacey.

She laughs and nods.

“He misses the mark. It’s like he gets distracted.” she says.

“And how is it meaningfully different with you?” Lacey asks.

“I love him. …And he…loves me.” she says. She smiles. “I cheat too, on occasion. It’s like what you’d call an open relationship.” She laughs and smiles. “But…it’s not. We sold out to each other, I guess. …Even if we stray. We just…mean so much to each other…more than I think he realized?” she says to Lacey slowly.

“You need to be faithful to each other and honest.” says Lacey.

“You’re right.” she says.

“I got horribly hurt by his idiocy.” says Lacey. “He either meant to hurt me or it was a foolish accident.”

“Mmmm. He should have known it was me all along that he loved. And waited! Not pursued you with no regard for the future.” she says. “It was almost as if he thought I would never die?”

“Yes!” says Lacey. “Why?!”

“I knew…I thought Lacey was prettier.” Joe Jr. admits.

“Huh. So you thought Lacey was better?” asks Scott. “It wasn’t love?”

“Yes. I thought Lacey was far more beautiful and intelligent and interesting and elegant.” he says. “I loved her. But…I never let my guard down completely. And…in my case that’s a very bad sign.” He thinks. “I wanted happiness.”

“But you did love me? Just not as much as Pat?” Lacey asks very sincerely.

“Yes.” he says.

Lem almost faints.

“Wow! Your love for Pat must be astounding!” says Lacey.

He looks profoundly upset.

“I’m sorry. I cheated with Katharine first, if I cheated.” says Joe.

“Well…why throw me down the stairs then?” she asks him.

“WHY?!?” demands Louis.

“I knew you’d fall. I just didn’t care.” he says. “I didn’t prevent it.”

“So you saw it coming and let it happen?” asks Lem.

“Yeah!” Jr says to Lem coldly but with fake confidence and ease.

Lem closes his eyes. Laughs. Nods.

“Alright!” Lem says.

“I’m not sorry, Lem!!” says Joe.

Lem smiles, nods.

“I’m not!” Joe says.

“No, you didn’t love her at all. Her whole life has been a lie.” Lem says.

“You’re a real ass!” Joe says to Lem.

“She’s-You gave her the impression that her beauty could affect men. And that’s true! …But she has no idea how beautiful she is. And she’s clinging to her life, as we speak.” Lem says. “It’s not that desperate, but she’s not well. Don’t you find that repulsive?!?”

“What are you suggesting?!?” asks Joe.

“You couldn’t have told her what she looked like?!” asks Lem.

“That’s not true Lem, she knows she’s beautiful.” says Joe.

“I’m exhausted. Lem, do you care?!?” Lacey asks.

“Yes!!!” he yells. “I do. I just can’t believe-“. He looks her in the eye and says, “I can’t believe he really didn’t love you. That’s possibly not what I expected. I’ve been a complete asshole to you in many ways from start to present. I’m sorry!” He shakes his head. “I-unless God says otherwise let’s go home and go to sleep.”

“Mmm. Why?” asks Lacey.

“I love you. And I’ve been a fool.” he says. “Let’s get outta here. Huh?”

“We’ll I’m with whoever God suggests. But if it’s you then sound fine, I guess?” says Lacey.

“It’s us.” he says.

She looks hurt.

“You’re too good for them. I shouldn’t have let them take my home away from me while I volunteered to sleep in the dog house for eternity.” says Lem. “Let’s go home.”

More tomorrow.