A Peasant Uprising

Hey Kids by Molina plays.

“Hey kids!” says Michael to those in their 40’s in the Illuminati.

Lacey found out last night that she’s very possibly truly the daughter of Thomas Banks. Like…his actual daughter. So…God has had to work within the spiritual confines of the Illuminati terrorizing her to help her. Of course…the non-ironic irony is that she may have actually had Illuminati connections had she been raised by her father anyway.

How is that true? Well…she may have married Michael Rockefeller. Like…for real married Michael Rockefeller. …Or she might have married Lem Billings, which is a less sure connection to the Illuminati. Or she might have married Louis Hill Jr.. Or Harold Loeb… Like…as historical fact.

Joe Jr. plays How Soon Is Now. Meaning he karaoke sings it.

Lacey might have met Lem Billings through Lem Billings. Or she might have met Lem Billings through Joe Kennedy Jr..

The problem is that there’s been a lot of lies told. And told with such passion and intensity and heartless intention that…we’re all confused. Only God’s salvation through Jesus Christ is a certainty and unequivocal absolute truth for each of us if we receive His salvation. If we bow down in our hearts to Jesus Christ.

Gilded Lily (Sped Up) plays.

Lacey dances like an Egyptian to Gilded Lily as she’s hopefully lead by the Holy Spirit. And she does so as a hopeful form of spiritual warfare like a fervent Christian Charismatic who worships Christ not rapes him.

“FIGHT!!!!” she commands those who pray to the God of the Bible. “YOU WANT WAR!?? YOU’LL GET WAR!!!” she rips into the Illuminati for a joke. They told her attacking her was a joke. She’s just showing she has a good sense of humor too? Right? Right? Right? *eye-roll*

Jack Kennedy sings Crazy by Gnarls Barkley with his date to the Illuminati. They are in a 1,000 person committed polygamous relationship? Monogamous. All adults, of course. They don’t cheat on each other. And no, Lacey and Lem and Michael aren’t a part of it. Neither are Harold or Louis. Nor is Elliott Roosevelt apparently. Faye Emerson isn’t either…but she looks possibly hurt she was rejected.

Lacey had a confrontational discussion with God yesterday and if she understood Him correctly He suggested that Heaven is Purgatory for those still finding their way into full repentance. He doesn’t necessarily force dead people to violate their free-will? So…the Catholics and Episcopalians likely have that right?

So hence Jack’s 1,000 person committed, truly monogamous relationship. He’s processing a lot, perhaps. But so far he’s likely been faithful to these people.

Einaudi: Life by Ludovico Einaudi plays.

“She’s baffled.” says Michael Rockefeller about Lacey. “She can’t tell what’s going on. Because she’s in love with all the men she genuinely could have married. …Not been attacked by.” he says. “And she can’t fathom…why we love her.”

“There’s been a peasant uprising against Lacey her whole life. People have been stealing things from her her whole life.” says J. D. Rockefeller.

(Adult content below)

“I love her most. I wasn’t at all homosexual while I was alive or otherwise. Lacey and I had sex last night. Because we do most nights. …I’m sorry I acted gay.” says Lem Billings to the adults reading.

Lacey will end this post here…for now.