Orange Blossom

Orange blossom smells good on my skin.

(Adult content below)

And Joan Crawford’s supposed last words felt familiar. As in, I related to her like it was a similar mindset to my own.

Well…compared to everyone alive.


Dreams by Fleetwood Mac plays.

It’s weird. What does it mean that genetics evolved from one generation to another could mean so much? Right?

“Are we really that confusing to you?” asks Summertime Sadness.

“Extremely!” says Lacey.

“What’s it like?” he asks.

“It’s very weird.” Lacey starts by saying. “It’s like how you never really get your kid’s mindset from their perspective. And yet it’s not weird because they’re your kids. That generational divide is supposed to be there and it’s fairly accounted for. But…then you are their age. And they aren’t your kids or actually…your kids just don’t exist. And the friends they would have had don’t respect you, regardless. And you start to recognize that parts of yourself actually do relate. Like…to their music and their clothes. And you relate. …Except then it’s worse…because come to find out…you’re not the mom. You’re a combination of them and their grandparents and great grandparents. So…where you really are their age genetically and get their vibe you feel hopeful and excited to relate. As an equal. But…it depends on who’s the more dominant parent genetically. And…how allowed you are into the current genetic scene. …How socialized you are. Because there’s seemingly a big leap if I’m illegitimate. Maybe America is behind it? The Industrial Revolution? …Anyway…I’ve been shut out. And…maybe it’s like if my father was dark black and my mother was white. I look black. …And if I’m illegitimate he’s seemingly moved time and space to adopt me. Or “adopt me.” So…I feel abandoned badly by my other genes at this point outside of how I love and respect myself, if I’m illegitimate. And it’s possible that they barely exist except for in God’s hands.” She thinks. “The thing is…it seems like he’s adopted me regardless.” She thinks more. “And I don’t think you understand how much more I relate to the Greatest Generation. And possibly the Silent Generation to some degree.”

Sodus by Cemeteries plays.

“The thing is…I’m 39. And my kids seem far more white, so to speak.” says Lacey. “Maybe a bit different. But they fit in in a way I never could figure out how to. Thank God.”

Sodus plays on.

“Some people might claim that this is an excuse for pedophilia. But it isn’t. It’s the opposite and yet I am 39. The argument against it being that each generation really does have its own unique DNA. And aside from age restraints even a 24 and 54 year old might not be truly compatible or appropriate as adults if they’re not genetically compatible.”

Sodus plays on.

“Or course freedom with Godly restraints is what allows for Lacey at 23 to fall genuinely in love as an adult at 23 with me. Had I survived.” says Michael Rockefeller. “Because for her I would have been still attractive at 50 or 60 or 70.”

“I think people get creeped out by a 23 year old young woman falling in love with a 60 year old man today because of pedophilia ruining it.” says a Susanne in the perfume community.

“Yes! That’s true.” says her husband.

“I’m sorry!” says Lem.

Lacey closes her eyes. Smells the orange blossom and listens to the music.

“I love you. But you don’t ever seem to truly forgive me or more importantly understand why I did what I did in the first place.” says Lacey sadly, but bravely.

“I can hear the explanation but I can’t get it into my mind in a way that makes me feel less hurt.” he says.

“Right. Well…then maybe this is it.” says Lacey.

The dead Kennedy’s panic except for Joe Jr. who foolishly thinks he’s still got a chance.

“Well…at least there’s always Jack?” Louis says to Lem. “Right?!? The best friend anyone could ever ask for?”

“Lem…she’s with me.” says Michael. “How many times have I tried to explain to you why she did what she did.”

“Did you realize it was revenge though? Because if you didn’t then I worry you might still love Joe!” says Lem to Lacey.

“It wasn’t revenge. It was death.” says Mary Millar very soberly. She is a very good actress as it doesn’t sound like her character at all. Even though could imagine her character saying those exact words.

“So you thought we were dead every time?” he asks Lacey.

“I’ve told you that.” says Lacey. “And if we weren’t why is it even such a tragedy if you’re not in Hell? I’ve told you so many times it was a genuine mistake.”

A Sparrow Alighted Upon Our Shoulder plays.

“How do you not feel threatened by anyone and still feel her love?” Lem asks Michael.

“Because she always runs back to me.” says Michael. “She’s terrified when she’s not with me, Lem.” He thinks. “Louis has his second wife. You have your bitterness, rage and Jack. Harold has Duff and his…indifference whether real or imagined.” He thinks. “And when I offered her eternity and safety in July she fully trusted me with her heart should God allow it. You’re all just stupid illusions until one of you outdoes me.” he says calmly. “A storm that will pass by into nothing if I wait long enough.”

“Because you bought the house.” says Lem. “And she has the impression that we’re just renting.”

“She’s told you that countless times. Don’t be a complete bloody asshole.” says Michael to Lem.

“It’s not something you can just get over? Is it?” Lem asks Lacey.

“Lem, what an asinine question.” says Michael.

“Lem it’s like my second wife but so much worse.” says Louis.

“Because it’s like I set out not just to love someone who wasn’t her but to hurt her as deeply and sincerely as possible?” asks Lem of Lacey sincerely.

“But supposing you didn’t choose Jack Kennedy as your eternal-special-super-companion in recorded human history intentionally…I’ve always tried to be open-minded. I really did.” says Lacey sincerely. “I really have. But…somewhere I got brutally rejected by you in my head and because you’ve never been clear enough there has been nothing to cling to to avoid dying inside and then getting over you.”

“I meant that to be romantic or it’s not what I mean for you to hear.” says Lem. “That lack of clearness.” He thinks. “So this isn’t you falling in love?” he asks looking at her soul.

“No! I think you’re seeing me deeply suffering.“ says Lacey. “I was in love with you. But that emotion you’re sensing in that moment was suffering not me falling more deeply in love, I think.”

He struggles to believe that. He’s in shock.


Well…it has to do with the Kennedy’s.

“Joe totally misunderstood.” says Lem. “And I don’t care enough. And I can’t handle it.”

“Lem you’re killing your relationship with her right now.” says Mary Rockefeller compassionately to Lem.

He weeps.

“So…when were you falling in love with Joe?” Lem asks Lacey.

“I fell for his looks and personality. But that’s all I ever fell for. So…the moments when I’m looking at him are the moments when I’m falling in love. The rest is not. The rest are of me dying inside.” says Lacey.

“Yeah right!” say the demons working with and against the Kennedy’s.

“Yeah right!” says Joe Jr..

Françoise Sagan rolls her eyes and sighs so loudly in exasperation it’s almost audible. She’s apparently been trying to explain things to people and none of them have apparently understood.

“So that’s trash?” Lem asks Françoise cautiously.

“Yes, Lem! That’s trash! You should be so much more careful.” she says, eyes on Holy Spirit fire.

Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers plays.

“Lem that’s your song.” says Scott. “Poetically. Sarcastically. Literally.”

It’s all very serious until…

Lacey finds it hard not to laugh. J. D. Rockefeller somehow finds it funny too. He escorts her out of the room.

“He should have taken her warning more seriously.” says Lacey about Françoise Sagan.

“Why does that song make you angry?” Lem rushes into the room to ask her.

Look What You’ve Done by Jet plays.

“Because this what she’s singing in response.” says J. D. Rockefeller to Lem.

“People will think it’s a photo of Jack.” says Lacey. “Because of you.” she says to Lem.

“Why does that song make you mad?” asks Lem.

“This song is my response.” says Lacey. “Lem I love you and have clearly expressed that. Why are you incapable of seeing your own absurdity and mistakes? Are you just a heartless narcissistic zombie now?”

It’s Been Awhile by Staind plays.

“Lem you did this possibly entirely to yourself. Isn’t that something!?!” says Françoise Sagan. “Taste? Jack’s hard cock?” she says. “But not as a homosexual!! NO!!!” She looks at him. “No, what you did it sounds better…but the way it’s played out? Non. Not at all. It’s…unspeakable.” She thinks. “Look, it’s not over between the two of you. Right? But…you broke her heart. Many times. First. Last.”

“So I did it entirely to myself?” he asks.

“Lem…Lem…you can’t possibly expect her to figure that out.” she says.

“Why?” he asks.

“Let’s see… You meant well.” she says.

“You think I wanted to hurt her?” he asks.

She stares.

“I didn’t.” he says.

“But you did!!” says Françoise.

“I did!!” shouts Wobbly over Lem.

“I did!!” shouts Mr. Blue over Lem.

“There’s no one else there!” says Mr. Blue.

“There is. It’s very thin.” says Lacey. “Were you two just talking to Françoise in a cafe?”

“No.” they say.

“Then why in the world does the Illuminati always think you’re him?!? It’s disturbingly stupid.” says Lacey. “No! He’s not talking to you guys.”

“I might have.” he says to Françoise.

“Are you a demon?” Françoise asks.

“No.” he says.

“Are we being led by demons to say what he says at the same time to fool us into thinking we’re faking his communication with you?” asks Mr. Blue.

“Possibly!” says Lacey.

“I’m in love with you.” Lem says to Lacey. “But that’s not enough is it? …Or was it?” he asks.

“Enough?” asks Lacey.

He stares at her. First he blinks away tears. Then he laughs, but hides it.

“What does enough mean?” she asks again.

“Enough to keep your attention.” he says.

“At the start?” she asks.

“Yes!” he says.

“Well, it might have been though. It’s really a question of who I belong to.” she says.

“You feel like an item in the lost and found.” he says.

She can’t respond.

“I’m sorry. That’s was vile.” he says. “No, I don’t think I meant to hurt you.” He thinks. “Not at first.”

“But that’s when it happened!” says Françoise.

“So my life is just one big rejection of you personally unless I make it clear otherwise? And then I never was clear anyway.” says Lem to Lacey.

“Yes. I’ve been saying that for months.” says Lacey.

Michael looks at her empathetically.

Lem closes his eyes. “Just kiss whoever you really want from now on. And I’ll fix it!” he says.

“No! That’s wretched!” she says.

“I did do it to myself.” he says. “At least, possibly.”

“But Lem I don’t want to go around kissing lots of people.” says Lacey. “I never have!”

“You’ve always wanted me alone.” he says sadly.

“Yes! I’ve made that clear too.” says Lacey.

“And I ruined that.” he says,

“Yes! Although you gave me hope. But now you’re too bitter.” says Lacey.

Joe Jr. screams bloody murder.

“I’m incredibly sorry.” Lem says to Lacey.

A moment passes.

“Time for bed!” says Lem.