“Lacey Banks is very sweet.” says Mrs. Banks.

Lem Billings may or may not have realized how sweet Lacey is. Elliot Roosevelt knows, Joe Kennedy Junior knows, but it always scares him… Lem Billings may know, but if he doesn’t, that’s been possibly a huge source of contention between the two of them.

“The problem is Lacey doesn’t really have an ego, necessarily in the way that other people do generally speaking.” says JFK. “As a man who was possibly bisexual while I was alive, I find that endearing. Women with no ego, who are adoring and loving, and see very pretty are nice companions to say the least.”

“And that’s where Lacey tends to run into trouble because she is such a follower in a very real way. It’s not that she lacks a spine. It’s that that’s just who she is. She’s actually quite tough even brutal if necessary. But at her core she’s all sweetness and softness and tranquility and love and humility and meekness.” says F. Scott Fitzgerald.

“She’s not a saccharine type person though. It’s just more even keel. Mellow. She’s an extraordinarily tranquil person.“ says Zelda.

“What people perceive as her warmth is actually her kindness, and what they perceive as her anger is actually probably more likely to be her anguish and hidden, deep seething rage because it’s extraordinarily difficult to make Lacey angry.” says Hemingway.

“What Lacey worries about with me is that I don’t like her absolute sweetness and adoring nature because there’s really nothing masculine about her almost at all but it seems as though that’s what I wanted. It seems I wanted someone who is entertaining and witty and full of playful ideas and notions about everything. Some effervescent soul, who is always on the go and are always full of passion and intrigue, daring, contemptuous, strong-willed, wild ideas. Someone like a Kennedyy, Joe, Jack, Bobby, someone on the edge. …Not someone quiet and always ready to listen and care. And I may or may not have realize that she would have no idea how many men in my generation want her exactly who she is. I possibly assumed somehow she realized that potentially, and that I wouldn’t have to fight men off. I thought she would protect herself because she is a very upright and proper person, but it turns out she had absolutely no idea how ideal she really actually is. …And I may have thought that she had some core of defiance or unkindness or something. I may have I may not have. That may have actually been a lie that was told to her, and that she slightly believed. …But that has been an incredibly painful thing in her life for the last few years, because it seems as though I don’t realize there’s nothing there, but sweetness and confusion, and an attempt to somehow obey the order that God created between women and men in the traditional Christian sense. …So to her it seems as though I am looking for Jack within her when really, if I was mistaken I just didn’t realize how little she understands about how much men might want her. … and I am currently trying to sort it all out because there was either respect misunderstanding. She’s been brutally lied to by the Devil or I failed to grasp how much worse things could be than I had imagined for her. …She’s not your mother she’s not your grandmother, but I don’t think most men today want what we wanted from a wife.” says Lem Billings. “Or do they?!”

“Is she just is she innocent? Lem…what is she?! …And by the way I get why she wonders if you’re straight even if you insist that you are and you’re sleeping with her…because I think she feels like you’re looking for some thing anatomically on her that she doesn’t have.” says a Millennial guy who once had a crush on Lacey.

“Like I’m looking for her to initiate everything somehow or save me or rescue me or come after me in some way psychologically even?” says Lem.

“Well are you?“ asks the Millennial guy.

“No.” says Lem.

They think.

“No it’s just I don’t think I understand from experience what it’s like to fight off other men and because I don’t understand from experience, I may have made some mistakes if I did.” says Lem.

“Didn’t you fight men off from Jack?“ asks a witch in the Illuminati.

“Not really. I never really was jealous over him. You know people think that or they did think that maybe, but no I I wasn’t being affected in that way by him. So as much as it may seem that I should understand I don’t necessarily, I might not.” says Lem.

“If you were molested and got confused, and we’re actually straight and somehow genuinely did fake gay mannerisms in some eccentric upper class, old money, artistic way, would you have been better off marrying a woman or not?“ asks a Millennial woman. “Because it seems like people get clingy with you Lem…in a way that they don’t really with Lacey. And I wonder if you would have the same problem that Harold and Louis maybe have had???”

“Like I’d some wife somewhere who was bitter that we weren’t soulmates and was bound and determined to hurt Lacey and get revenge?” wonders Lem. “I doubt that whoever I married would’ve been a problem but that’s an interesting point.”

“See Lacey knows all that Lem. She knows all that! She knows how people can be and I think that’s where you’ve got to understand where she’s coming from and be more kind and sensitive…if you haven’t been particularly kind and sensitive. Because she can’t imagine anyone ever clinging to her even if they are, because that’s not her experience at all in life. At least not from her perspective.” says Lem’s sister.

“What is she is, is old-fashioned. You keep private things, private, and if you make something public, it’s probably in a rather facetious way, or to make a point or raise a ruckus.” says Lem.

“Does she understand that you’re not gay if you’re not gay and you weren’t gay at all?” asks a Millennial woman.

“No I I I was a brilliant tragic man in the sense that I imitated homosexuality very well. If I’m not lying for some reason, and don’t bet on that then I I have spent hours explaining to Lacey at this point that I was straight and it’s possibly been my reward ha ha for making the mistakes that I made. And she has been like a saint in dealing with me. …No she has more than just my respect as a person. I don’t know how to explain it well and I don’t think I should have to. …But I’m not like the men her age and that’s some thing that she is not yet aware of almost at all. And yet I wasted my life and I have almost nothing to be proud or to show for any of the blessings and gifts that God gave me. …But she understands all that and she loves me anyway and it doesn’t diminish her. If I’m real it…just proves to me that God exists. …But none of that has anything to do with how much I love her or how much I need her. Or how much Michael wants her or how much Louis wants her. And that’s the problem that we have. That’s what she doesn’t understand.”

“So you’re like a super sensitive, artistic cerebral straight guy who probably would never cheat on his wife and would be devastated if she cheated on him?!” asks an Illuminati witch.

“Yeah. Yep. And there’s more to my personality than that but that’s I take that as a compliment and yes.” says Lem.

“So you were repressing an enormous amount of emotion, your entire life constantly after you were molested?” asks a Millennial woman of Lem.

“I was very rarely myself. I was loved by my family, but even in that case I was taught to be stoic and strong.” says Lem. “So yes, I was repressing the most intense of all my emotions, we’ll say.”

“I think we should leave you and Lacey alone and let you sort through things off our Illuminati broadcasts.” an Illuminati woman laughs. “That being said, do you actually think all gay men are all as petty and immature and insecure and violent as it seems you may think or is it possible that you just had a horrific experience and may be still even having one that isn’t indicative of all gay men?”

“I don’t think women realize how much animosity towards them gay men may secretly harbor. …That being said, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be their friend or try to love them as a person. …I just don’t think it’s wise to assume that they automatically ‘get you’ just because they’re gay.” says Lem.

More later.

Lacey got interrupted yesterday but not unpleasantly so. …The thing is if there’s an Illuminati there’s been one from while to speak. Did Louis Hill, Junior work within the Illuminati to plan JFK’s assassination by hiding images and messages in popular 1960s television shows by before JFK‘s death? To do what? To plan with the other assassins, how when and where to kill JFK. That way, they with breadcrumbs left behind on the table to indicate that there ever been any eating. It was all just hidden safely, quietly and efficiently. And what was the reason why? It may actually have been because of Lem’s Billings they may really have thought Lem’s was heterosexual and thought JFK was raping him. Eleanor Roosevelt may actually have been the one who ordered for JFK’s actual murder because she herself was not entirely straight, and she felt that Lem Billings was being raped not being made love to. Perhaps they were eavesdropping on people in the White House and they heard how unpleasant every interaction Lem had with JFK actually was and Eleanor Roosevelt verified that that wasn’t homosexual behavior. Perhaps she was repulsed and mortified by it, and felt that they, the Roosevelts, as a family were directly responsible because they acknowledged the Kennedys. And so in their honor system back in the day, the Roosevelts were responsible for the fate of the Kennedys. And but there were other offenses that he coerced sex with a 17-year-old girl, that he was sleeping with everyone else’s wife and causing chaos by making them all think that he could fall in love with himand other things as well. For example, the death of Marilyn Monroe. …It wasn’t just Lem Billings. He was probably doing a great many things that were incredibly offensive to these people. And all those reasons were worked in symbolic ways into popular 1960’s television shows right before his death? …Done so to communicate to the men sitting at home watching television the reasons why they should go through with the plan to assassinate JFK.

Desi Arnez himself may have played a part and planning the entire thing. Which is interesting, considering his ties to Cuba. And who else might have been a big part? Lacey‘s birth father, Lacey‘s actual father, Thomas Banks.

F. Scott Fitzgerald laughs.

Maybe it’s just nonsense. Or maybe Mrs. Billings needed help and someone decided to pull the trigger and put a bullet and in a board as oddly…Eleanor Roosevelt had suggested.

Crazy? Hmm. Doubtful. Nonsense? Maybe. Maybe not?

More later.

“Did the actors know?“ Desi Arnaz asks Lacey.

“Not necessarily.” says Alfred Hitchcock.

“How was Lacey‘s father involved?“ asks Desi Arnaz.

“He would have been the one to have orchestrated the entire thing.” says Alfred Hitchcock. “He was very very well-connected and very intelligent and he had a sense of how things could work and that’s all I’m gonna say.”

“Why did you people make a show of putting him in prison?“ asks a Native American woman.

“To make it seem like we weren’t in collusion with him. Why else?” says a Republican politician from the 1950’s. “If we were.”

“It’s possibly a lot scarier than one I think.” says Lacey. “Partially because this is a supernatural organization the illuminati, so it involves the supernatural.”

“Did you kill JFK Lacey?” asks a 1960’s actress.

“She would’ve sent him after the Asmats? It’s possible that I orchestrated his murder.” says James J. Hill.

“If I did, it would mean that I was reincarnated most likely, and he was raping my husband? Or I thought he just gone too far with a great many things, including that. But I highly doubt that I was the one that did it whether reincarnation is even be a thing. And I don’t think that it is by that might be just beside the point.” says Lacey.

More later.

“I want to make something perfectly clear. No matter what my orientation was, Lacey wasn’t there and I was and if had been, I never would’ve wondered if there was a happier life that I could’ve had. I never would’ve asked the question of anyone about my personal happiness because it would’ve been obvious that I was happy. I cannot imagine myself being with anyone but her and being truly happy.” says Lem.

“What was your orientation though?“ asks a Millennial woman.

“Straight.” says Lem.

More later.

“The romance between Lacey and I first started when she was 12 or 13 and she saw me and thought that I was the most attractive young man that she’s ever seen in her entire life, and every way you could find someone attractive. Later she found out that I was supposedly homosexual although she doubted it. Later she found out that I was supposedly homosexual although she doubted it. Why she doubted it is complicated and hard to express because very few people trust Lacey much at all and understanding why she doubted I was homosexual requires an element of trust in her intuition and mind and spirit and soul. But but regardless of my actual orientation, she never would’ve assumed, even if we’ve been born in the same time, that we could be together. Because Lacey saw herself as lovable and she is, but not likely to be of the same caliber as the man that she longed to be loved by. …I was far too utterly perfect, more perfect than any man should ever seen, and there was no way someone like me would ever think of her as something other than just…well nothing much.

And there I lingered in the back of her mind until 2019 on Mother’s Day. She has no idea why I came to mind but ever since I came to mind as someone that she thought would be interesting to have a conversation with…I’ve been trying to woo her and make her fall madly in love with me.

The problem is when she did start to fall in love with me she also instantly began to doubt all of it, by instinct. …And now I need to convince her that I’m sincere, even if it takes the rest of eternity.” says Lem. “And I need to convince her that she was always out of my league not the other way around.”

The next morning.

“Yes, of course part of the contention is that I seduced Lacey. I worked my way into her novel like an invasive fish and took over the entire plot-line and she hasn’t been able to finish it since in a way that’s satisfactory to her. Which, of course means that homosexuality isn’t allowed in Heaven, that she was my one exception who never showed up, that I was bisexual or that I was straight. At first she assumed that I was homosexual and had changed since dying and being with God, or that she was my one exception, who never showed up. …But then uneasiness came over her as she heard me seemingly suggest to her that that was impossible and that I had in fact been straight. …And I began seducing her more and more… I made her question things that I said snd pointed out how genuinely happy I had been when Jack and Jackie got married. I made her look at me and listen to me to analyze whether I seemed straight, gay, bisexual or pansexual and I she always sensed that there was some thing within me that was straight. Not bisexual. Straight.

And ever since then that was over a year ago she has doubted it, and I have been devastated every time that she has been wooed by someone else like Michael. But I refuse to let it go so speak, and it should be for obvious reasons shouldn’t it? …People say that I am so complicated to analyze and understand but I’m not sure if that’s true I think it’s possible that understanding me requires a certain sort of intellectual bravery and purity that not everyone today is capable of comprehending much less possessing.” says Lem.

It’s cloudy and dark and Lacey is dismayed. Then she thinks of Michael and Louis. And so she decides to let go. This is one problem she can’t sort out herself…

“I get interrupted when I’m trying to talk to her spirit often and I knew from the start that it would be hard to believe that I was being honest about anything I said, and as of today Lacey is contemplating these possibilities. …I am dead after all. And it’s possible that I had no intention of telling her that I was straight if I actually was, but I stole her from another man Elliot, Roosevelt, and it’s possible that he in retribution for that decided to insist that I tell her that I was straight.” says Lem. “Of course it’s possible that he was actually cheating on her with Faye Emerson but he may not have been happy, regardless.”