I just read an arrogant, sloppy article in Foreign Policy written about the crisis in Russia with Ukraine. Actually, it sounded narcissistic.

It accused Putin of making an idiotic, rambling, indiscernible speech. It claimed to have facts disputing his key points. And it’s been referenced as “proof” Putin was lying about the history of Ukraine and Russia. The problem is, this author made no good arguments historical or otherwise disputing Putin’s speech. And it actually seemed like this writer may not have even listened to Putin’s speech almost at all.

…Truthfully, they really might not have. The writer knew what they were supposed to write. They get paid to not be true journalists but semi-propagandists controlled by ruling groups and ruling people. Sometimes making some concessions to authentic journalism along the way. The one saving grace? Not all ruling groups in my county agree.

Simply put: the article was conformist nonsense.

…When I wrote that Putin has the “spirits of the Tsars” still with him a while ago I think I was more correct. * Just like how I wasn’t a dumb, narcissistic, uneducated nincompoop with no real grasp of history for being intuitively fascinated with the history of Poland in college. Sorry super-sophisticate professor who “ loved Foucault.” (Note sarcasm) “Oh! I hate military history!” he said dripping with grand disdain. He might as well have added, “Like, it’s so totally gross. Ewww!”

See…I think the Baby Boomers thought they’d “solved war” or something… I think they thought that selfishness and money really would be truly cool and fix all it. *waving hands in the air to indicate all of everything* …But totally too cool for school. So cool nothing could argue or present itself against it because…like…science and stuff. You know…like…science. Science: people wearing lab coats who sound superior, keep us alive and make enough money to also be considered cool. *shrug* (again note sarcasm)


…No…Putin was headed towards invading Ukraine for a long time. It should not be at all surprising. At all. And it’s really not that mysterious. Not if you understand that people born before the 1940’s weren’t just a bunch of sell-out fascists who hated sex and “long hair.” Maybe weren’t really that at all?

Land still matters. I know it sounds stupid and anti-intuitive and super old-fashioned but land is…cool. It’s…kind of a big deal. *shrug* Human capital is another shockingly important thing. Like…it’s also kind of cool. *shrug* And even though it will never make it onto an episode of “Frasier” or “Sex And The City” or any reboot…military crap is actually kind of important too. I mean…it’s weird. But like…just because we’ve almost destroyed the Earth with crap we made in the last few decades…the Earth still exists. Soo weird! And humans have evolved but like…they’re still probably just humans. …Soo weird bro that the cool new stuff didn’t fix it all forever! Woah!

Now, do as I say and not as I do and don’t swear. *wink* Because I may be being crass to make a point but I actually hate foul language. *gasp and 20th Century pearl clutch*

* My exact wording in a post I took down because it could be too easily misconstrued by haters was, “The thing some people don’t understand about Russia is that it never stopped being Russia. Not really. The immense grandeur and terror of the Tzars is still with them… Just like the fervent, real Christianity and well-intentioned, intellectual, God blessed humanism of past Americans is still with us.”