It’s Just Fiction. Don’t worry!

More about Lacey.

Michael keeps pursuing Lacey. Very cleverly. (Not Jack Kennedy’s nephew.) He’s capable of manipulating her and that’s exceedingly rare. And as long as he’s not being evil about it (“Which is key.” adds Elisa.)…she actually respects it. Because to manipulate her as a man means you have to be being genuinely more honorable than she is. …At least in some way. And it also means you have to care more about her than she cares about herself. Or cares about you.

… …

But what about Lem?

Lem is…gay? *confused face* That’s what “almighty” Wikipedia officially insists (albeit with a coy, compassionate wink) based on unknown, unnamed sources and the controlling official narrative. The quotation by Red Fay very likely about him being bisexual just means Lem’s dick was cast in gold by the Kennedy’s to be placed in someone’s office near a photo capturing the rest of his sexy body. Right? It’s a family heirloom. Their…”blue-blooded slave.” *wink* Another surprise human sex trophy Jack brought home for mommy and/or daddy to be proud of? And anyway…it usually is right. Wikipedia that is. Correct? …I wonder if Wikipedia acknowledges bisexuality accurately though? Or race? Or a lot of things not part of the currently “official collective thought?”

I mean, Jack insists from the grave that Lem was gay? And why wouldn’t he, byotches! Right, right? Now that he can get done on the reg.? *sexy gay man giggies* …Actually, Carlos agrees (if it was true). He does. *genuine laugh from Lacey*

Or no? …Jack insists that homosexuality disappears once you die?

He does.

Because God doesn’t permit it, according to Jack. “It’s abhorrent to Him.” And while not all homosexuals are going to Hell…they cease to exist once they pass over? Or God has to let them slowly figure out how lowly and pathetic and gross it is?

That’s Jack Kennedy I’m talking about. JFK. He’s the one claiming that last paragraph! *pearl clutch*

And today Lem got turned into a little girl. Temporarily. He told Lacey, “You’re not the boss of me!” And then Lacey explained to her to hold the railing when she walks down the stairs. …Then she escaped back into Lem.

“I couldn’t really be that. I mean, not fully.” he protests. “It was-“ he whimpers and cries.

And a woman named Margaret Willett laughs. Was it her idea to temporarily turn Lem into a little girl? “He needed perspective.” she offers.

Why? …Because Lacey is tired of wondering who’s telling the truth about Lem’s orientation. It’s beyond exasperating. And if he’s been telling her the truth…and he’s not a demon…he’s being punished for letting people think he was something so very dangerously different than what he really was. It might not have been an intentional lie…but it was a dangerous mistake, nonetheless. Dangerous first to himself. Because unless it’s evil…there’s no reason to deny one’s self. Publicly and privately. And being heterosexual isn’t a sin, Lem. Pedophilia is always wrong, for example. No exceptions. Regardless. But…what does God say about what you let people believe you were?

“He’s being punished for advocating for homosexuality to become the norm.” Lacey cups her ear. Is that what Jack’s saying now? No? “He’s said something similar before.” says Elisa. She shrugs.

You know Jack…in some rare cultures homosexuality was permitted in the 1960’s. Just think. If you’d been raised there with Lem you wouldn’t have known it was a sin. What could the Catholic Church have done to you? Think about how happy you could have been! *gasp* Paradise! …No running water. No drugs. But…your skin would have been permanently tan. *wink* …And you…well…you’d have known yourself so very well.

Lots to ponder today. Right?! Lots of…mysteries!

Be careful Peaches. It’s almost your season! Your season? Yes. Why yes. …Just think about it. My season is over, Peaches and Buttercups. Sorry. …And Elisa would just supernaturally make me feel and taste water-logged to the tongue anyway.

*silly white girl wink*

*Handclap for the heroic chosen few! The true elect in the big tent. The Democrats!! Woo! Woo! Aww, you guys. You’re so…amazing! You fight for the truth! Always! For what’s…right!”*

*And love waves circle around the world for all the ugly boys and girls born into the worldwide “American middle-class.” And Elisa smiles. Because. Just…because.*

*cough for Tik Tok*