Peter Kreeft

Years ago I took an enormous amount of solace in the writings of Peter Kreeft on the topic of sex. So beloved are his writings to me as a Christian that I can barely openly discuss them. I don’t want someone to rip apart my hope.

Rip apart my hope? Yes. I mean…it’s too late. I’ve already read his words twice. They’re stored in my memory bank. …But…they’ve kept me from total despair.

Despair over love?! “How weak!” some would likely say in response.


If you understand you understand. If you don’t you don’t.

…The thing is though…he genuinely argues brilliantly for the reality of sex in Heaven. I should have given him credit in my last post for influencing my thinking. Sorry!

I don’t agree with his theology consistently. …But his theology on sex is so logical. So based in actual reality. And of course in the Bible.

As someone who debates the existence of Purgatory I also think of Jean-Paul Sartre. …I’d heard his famous line, “L’enfer, c’est les autres.” but I didn’t know the story behind it until relatively recently. …In light of this blog I find Sartre fascinating and humorous.

…But what if the pagans do have sex right nowadays in regard to Twin Flames? Maybe God doesn’t call them Twin Flames. Maybe one has to sort it out with His help. Maybe some pagans haven’t actually rejected Christ as much as we think. I hope, anyway. Right? Non? …Until later.