God’s Mercy

My great grand-uncle was co-editor and chief of one of the most historic and important Scandinavian newspapers of the 20th Century. Adolf Muench was a German, very prominent in the local German community. And Mr. Muench seemingly contributed in a similar way to the people of the past as my great grand-uncle Simon Johnson did. Through the tongue of his ancestors within the context of the a growing, healthy and still beautiful United States of America.

In 1871 this house:

Was this house:

It was also a Muench family house.

…It makes me feel like crying.

Change is good…on occasion. But not all change is of God. And no, I’m not talking about white versus black. I’m talking about a civilization that’s in decay… Slowly rotting from the inside out.

We aren’t these people anymore. Thank God we aren’t God.