As Lacey worries she needs to edit her blog for her safety if they’ve tried to use their power to make her seem like a pedophile or evil…she decides to try writing about herself for once.

“She’s right you guys really can’t handle any real conversation she ever tries to have.” a a CIA operative says to the Illuminati.

“That’s possibly because their entire fortune nowadays rests on child sex slaves…and their desperate attempts to make it less evil.” says Lacey. “They literally are all possibly peasant drug addicts with low IQs for the most part in the Illuminati. Like…they’re so gross lowly and genuinely deplorable as existent beings that they give the true Dalits a bad name.”

“What you know about the Dalits!?” says a burgeois Indian Liberal intellectual to Lacey threateningly. But that’s par for the course with these toads-by-choice.

“Why don’t you tell me about your Dalits?” Lacey asks the American-Liberal so-called intellectual.

She looks like she feels that Lacey is beating her up.

“How am I torturing you?” Lacey asks.

Then she stands up, tosses her long hair behind her, and scoffs like a Valley Girl who’s supposedly secretly superior to Lacey.

“Oh!! I see. You’re superior to me? And I’m Brahmin baiting you in your estimation?” Lacey asks.

She tries to look tortured even more.

“How are you my superior?” Lacey asks the woman.

“I’m just…I just…I went to Brown.” she says.

“So what?!” says Lacey. “That might be a secret white trash shithole.” Lacey thinks. “If you went there it suggests most of India, if you’re a real Brahmin, is trash. And Brown was ruined when it acknowledged you as an equal?”

“No!! I’m superior to you!!! I can prove it!!” she says to Lacey.

“Are you sure you’re a true Brahmin?” asks Lacey. “Or is all of Hindu religion a Satanic farce on Christianity in some way?” Lacey thinks. “Maybe you’re really just a bourgeois fool?”

“Has Brown ruined its reputation?” Brown asks Michael.

Michael snubs them entirely. The Roosevelt’s laugh at Brown. The family of Lacey that she was raised by feel sorry for Brown. And the Banks worry about what evil role Brown plays in the sale of humans worldwide, specifically children, specifically into sex slavery.

“I think it’s Michael Rockefeller we’re dealing with!” says Wobbly to his troops of evil.

“Do you guys really not get it?” asks an Enron employee of the Illuminati. She has a similar evil to Lacey in all actuality, if Lacey is evil at all. “Not it’s not just being superior and English.”

Then the They try to kill them and molest more kids more viciously as a response thinking these women are admitting to the They’s guilt. And yet it’s possible that that warning needed to be said. And really, the They use Lacey’s every breath to try to molest kids now because of the They’s delusional disorders or souls that are possibly going to Hell for eternity if the adults don’t repent.

“It’s funny. Based on your supposed exorcism of evil in the Enron debacle…I would never have imagined that you would all mostly be so vile and useless as humans at this point in the Illuminati.” says Lacey. “The Queen seemed possibly decent. Actually, some of the more genuinely elite among you do seem decent at least from time to time.” She thinks. “And in the past, maybe 30 years ago or so, most people seemed that decent in all social classes.”


Trying to find some way the They aren’t just worms we’re hoping don’t hurt their own kids, “Were you guys possibly more evil than the elite today?” Lacey asks Louis Hill Jr..

He thinks. “No.” he seemingly says, mournfully.

Lacey thinks. “So…was Enron really that impressively evil, so to speak? Or was the joke on Ken Lay in the end?”


“You mean, if we didn’t engage in child sex slavery?” asks Ken Lay. “Or pedophilia in general?”

“Yes.” says Lacey.

“Maybe. Maybe most adults today are brainless zombies.” says Ken Lay. “Thanks in some part to the bullshit they’ve been sold by post Kennedy Administration evil.”

“Why? Why did they make Lem gay to keep Jack deluded?” asks a Christian.

“Because that’s the way it had to be based on the request J. P. or Rose put into the Illuminati system back in the 1930’s or 40’s, or 50’s or 60’s?” suggests Lacey.

“When Joe Sr. bought the US Presidency?” wonders an Enron employee.

“Maybe? Or possibly when Joe traveled to Nazi Illuminati Germany? Or Illuminati England as the ambassador?” wonders Lacey.

“So…WWII could have been a warning?” wonders an at least attempted intellectual.

“Possibly, possibly not.” says Lacey.

“So…you’re just fair? You’re just trying to be fair when it comes to men?” asks an Enron employee of Lacey.

“Yes.” says Lacey. “I lose interest in men who cheat.”

“And then the question becomes, did I cheat in getting Lacey.” says Michael.

“And what’s the answer?” asks Lacey.

“No.” says Michael. “Unfortunately, we were just interrupted by Mr. Blue trying to make it seem like I was rejecting you.” They laugh. “But no…unfortunately also, it does make the poor look like they’ve essentially turned into gutter shit other than their kids.” He thinks. “Lacey and I aren’t convinced all adult poor people are street trash wannabes. Matter-of-fact, we doubt that. But…doubting that is empathy. And that empathy is just used by the They to attack us.” He thinks. “Right now, it’s pathetic how much the They are making billions of US Dollars look like shit covered toilet paper meant to be flushed down a toilet and never seen again.”

“Where is our gold?” asks Lacey. “Does it exist or did idiots with access to it let their wives or mistresses use it to make earrings and bracelets and other jewelry in the 1970’s or 60’s?”

“It’s there!” says a an CIA operative.

“Is it?!” asks Lacey. “Because if it isn’t…the whole world knew that a while ago, I bet.”



As Lacey is attacked for being innocent and guiltless in her moments of normalcy, as the They use her downtime breathing or enjoying her day in normal ways like walking as a Satanic excuse to molest kids, she prays for her kids. Because the They genuinely believe God isn’t real, seemingly. And the They think they’re more genuinely elite than Lacey too.

“Do we have gold reserves, Chris?” Lacey asks.

“Yeah.” he says bizarrely.

“Does the Illuminati even know?” Lacey wonders.

“We have shiplap shit on Martha’s Vineyard.” says a black man in the Illuminati.

“Can we trade that shit?” asks Lacey. “Can we use it to secure our banks?”


“Fort Knox Bullion Depository!” says Lacey cheerfully. “Yes! That’s what I was trying to discuss.”


“Oh goodness! No! I’ve been wondering about whether or not there’s actual gold in there since the possibility of a real Illuminati crossed my mind.” says Lacey. “If there’s an Illuminati why would there be gold in there?” She thinks. “Which world leaders know?”

She thinks.

“Who ran the audits? Mr. Blue?” Lacey asks. “Batgirl?” She thinks. “Batgirl III’s secret girlfriend, Mrs. Blue?” She thinks. “Eww!”


“Say, is this why you decided to sacrifice me? Because you freaked out and peed your pants like shit cowards from Hell and worried my family would wonder too many things if you let us alone?” asks Lacey. “So terrorizing us in your idiocy made sense to a cool-kid Satanist like you?”


“Ou non? You…didn’t mean to sacrifice me? Or some of you did and some of you didn’t? …Regardless, is there gold in there?” asks Lacey. “Inquiring minds want to know.”


“I’d love to know too.” says the possible ghost of Colin Powell.

“Who did the audit?” asks Lacey. She goes to research it. “That’s the problem. What do I say now?”


Moneyball (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Mychael Danna plays.

“The thing is what if Mr. Blue had disgusting sexual relations with an auditor of Fort Knox?” asks Lacey. “Or what if Batgirl and Mrs. Blue raped an auditor?”

“So what?” asks an FBI-guy of Lacey.

“So…what if there’s not much gold left? If any. And the Bat Crew knows that and uses that to blackmail the auditors?” asks Lacey.


“How would it get out?” asks a reader of Lacey.

“Tunnels.” says Lacey. “Possibly.”

“Huh. So…they snuck the gold out recently or a long time ago?” asks Louis.

“I don’t know. It could even be there still. But if it’s not it’s likely been lost a long time ago.” she says.


“When was it lost?” asks Louis.

“The 1960’s?” asks Lacey. “Did they buy off the Cuban Missile Crisis?” she partially jokes.

She thinks.

“Or did they buy off lots of people to kill JFK?” she wonders.


“It’s possible it’s still filled with gold. But it’s fascinating to consider isn’t it?” asks Lacey.


“Actually, it’s fascinating. Because…where did all that gold go if it’s gone?” asks Lacey.

Putin smiles.

“Does he know?” she asks Batgirl III.

Batgirl III threatens Lacey.

“Oh! Is this America?” Lacey asks. “Why can’t I talk about this? What about my First Amendment right to free speech?” She thinks. “Could I have a right to free speech without it being diluted by being delineated?” She thinks. “Why do we use the Constitution? Why not use the Magna Carta?” She thinks. “Or why not operate under the terms and conditions of Russia pre 1917?”

“Because we have a country.” says FBI-guy.

“Do we?” asks Lacey.

“You’re our anti-Christ!” say the pedophiles trying to pervert the Christians or some other evil trying to destroy Lacey and her family.

“Say…what do you do?” Lacey asks FBI-guy.

“I protect the President.” he says.

“That’s nice.” says Lacey. “Who protects the child sex slaves?”


“Not you.” says Lacey to FBI-guy.


“So…you do protecting stuff. Huh.” says Lacey. “Must get boring sometimes?”


“Can I make you giggle?” she asks. “What if I pose for a picture with you mocking you?”


“Oh, I suppose you’re dressed too well to mock that easily. Huh? What is that Italian?” Lacey asks him.


“Brooks Brothers like Lem?” she asks.


“If someone owns you, be careful with your soul.” she says to FBI-guy.


“The thing is…if the US doesn’t have any credibility in the world because evil is futile…then we’re toast.” says Lacey. “And betting the salvation of Earth as an inhabitable planet for humans on deluded Satanists in some stupid secret society when there’s no gold or no trust…is beyond profoundly stupid.” She thinks. “Why do we assume it’s there?”


“It might be very depleted?” says Michael.

“Then are the lives of the child sex slaves at stake?” threatens a Batgirl III of Lacey AB’s the children.

“No! Give in and be smart! See you’ve got to stop trying to protect those kids by standing-up to evil! You have to learn to work with it. It’ll leave you alone then. Trust me! You’re using those kids like a battering ram to subdue the peasant sexy ones!” says a lesbian fan of Batgirl III. “I find Batgirl III very appealing!”

“Oh really? You have a crush on Batgirl III?” asks Lacey.

The woman we will now call Rewanda ignores Lacey.

“Why do you find Batgirl III so hot?! …If you do?” asks Lacey of Rewanda.

“You wouldn’t understand. You’re too into men and shit like that. I’m elite!” says Rewanda.

“Well, that’s gross. But what is it you find attractive about Batgirl?” asks Lacey.

“You wouldn’t understand.” the lesbian says to Lacey.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Lacey asks the lesbian.

“Not really.” says Rewanda.

“But you think you have a crush on her?” asks Lacey.

“I might have just said that.” she says.

“She is slightly ugly.” says Lacey.

The woman looks at Lacey.

“Well, maybe if you really think you’re a lesbian you don’t care about looks?” asks Lacey.

She looks embarrassed.

“Do you find women attractive?” Lacey asks her.

She runs away either because she’s realizing she’s not queer but brainwashed or because she has a lot of violent delusions that attack Lacey. Lacey feels bad for her.

“Could she also be afraid we’ll stalk her?” says Mr. Blue.

“Why? Because she just burst your so-called polyamorous marriage’s narcissistic bubble?” asks Lacey.


“The thing is…you three lie. If you’re like a murderous group of three psychopaths?” asks Lacey.

Michael Rockefeller and Lacey Rockefeller waltz up to Batgirl III, Mrs. Blue, and Mr. Blue.

“What exactly is it you want from the world?” asks Michael.

“We want to be the rulers of the world?” they say?

“That’s so cliché and Charismatic-End Times of you.” says Lacey in disdain.

Mr. Blue takes off his glasses to try to seduce Lacey and Michael. Lacey laughs and so does Michael.

“If they are the End Times three headed beast why do you have to be afraid of it? Jesus does win. God is still God.” says Lacey.

“Do you think they are?” asks a Charismatic.

“I have no idea. But I’ve been asking God for a rapture for a few days.” says Lacey.

“Yeah, we don’t know either.” says a Charismatic. “But that crowd could be a part of some End Times evil beast.”

“They could be.” says Lacey.

“Why weren’t we included?” asks Micheal.

“That’s true. Weren’t we evil enough in the 1950’s and 60’s to make the cool-kid cut?” asks Lacey of The Bat Crew.

“I was cool!” says Betty White.

“No! We do evil.” says Batgirl III.

“And we don’t?” asks Lacey.

“No! You two, should you be married for eternity, are just in love.” says Batgirl III through clenched teeth.

Lacey and Michael think. “Perhaps we aren’t that evil.” says Michael.

“Then why do you make us out to be evil?” asks Lacey of the Bat Crew.

They think.

And hours later the They try to suffocate her. And God doesn’t lose but Lacey is only human. She rests in Christ.