Cradles by Sub Urban plays.

Moments later, All I Know by Washed Out plays.

The thing is…pedophilia is never not evil on the part of the perpetrator. Ever. The victims are always the children.

Could Wobbly attack Lacey? Yes. But…Lacey is the one being attacked by Wobbly and she always resists because she manages to stay in her right mind. The thing is, Wobbly is also possibly still the victim in the sense that he may have been sexually abused by an adult who gave him the impression that an aunt figure would want to be sexually assaulted. So in a sense Lacey is being sexually assaulted by the Wobbly element in various ways, if he was molested by adults in his life (never Lacey) and it’s triggered his assault of her. She’s being attacked by an adult too. The question is who.

“Hey!! That’s not right.” says Wobbly. He references a supposed crush she had on him when she was 12 years old.

The supposed crush lasted for about a year at most?

The thing is…what Wobbly and his family never seem to be able to hear is what actually happened to Lacey when Lacey was 12. They seemingly instantly call it bullshit and it’s actually bizarre.

So here’s what happened, Lacey had a real huge crush on Joe Kennedy Jr.. She truly thought he was…God’s gift to women.

The thing is…she was still just 12. She was 10, 11, 12, 13…14. And when her crush on Joe Jr. first started she knew she was way too young to ever date a man. “I mean that’s just absurd and it’d be gross if he was actually alive. Ewww!” she’s have said in her right mind at age 12. …But she did have a crush. Because kids have posters of good-looking celebrities on their walls when they’re 12. It doesn’t mean that they should be or want to be molested by the celebrity or any other adult.

“Joe Kennedy Jr. was your crush at age 12?!” Wobbly derisively asks Lacey.

“Yes! And Lem was even more perfect.” says Lacey.

“What about Jack?” asks a woman he’s related to.

“Jack was so handsome! But, I truly think Joe Jr. was the best looking of all the brothers.” Lacey says politely.

“That’s impossible! You’re saying impossible things!” says Wobbly.

See the thing is…Lacey was overwrought by thinking Joe was perfect. Truly. Lem was supposedly gay… And Joe was…still available? He wasn’t gay.

So…Lacey had an innocent crush on Joe Jr. at age 12. And that crush never ended.

The thing is…Joe Jr. was dead. In the 1990’s and 2000’s Joe Jr. was dead. And she didn’t want to be insane. …She didn’t want to lose her mind. She didn’t want to crush on a dead man with some insane hope that she’d grow-up and she’d attend some fancy ball and he’d notice her. At age 20 or so? And she’d fall in love! …It was a beautiful idea but it scared her because it made no sense to her as an evangelical Christian.

Could a ghost in Purgatory have been sitting on a floor with her at age 11 as she read about Joe Jr.? Could the ghost or demon of cruel mockery have been saying to Lacey, “Someday when you grow-up he’ll notice you.”? Maybe. Again, the thing is…it’s not that she wanted to have him notice her at age 12. But she thought he was pretty much perfect and she wanted to grow-up and have him notice her.

She was in awe of Joe Kennedy Jr. but he was dead.

So…in her reading about the Kennedy’s who were still alive she read about Bobby Jr. and thought, “Huh…he’s still alive. He’s ugly compared to Joe Jr.. But I suppose I could crush on him and maybe marry him when I get older?” She looked at Bobby Jr.’s photo and her heart sank because he was sooo ugly compared to Joe Jr.. She almost wanted to die she was so crushed by the thought of Joe’s death and this disgusting young man being who was left of the Kennedy epic. He was gross compared to Joe Sr. even. But…she wanted to maintain her sanity and be respectful of her Boomers authority figures. So she thought, “Well, I guess he’s the best looking one left in all actuality. He’s kind of still got those blue Kennedy men eyes I found attractive in Joe Jr.. I guess… I mean, eww. But…he still kind of has the Kennedy good-looks Joe Jr. had.” she thought at age 12. “He aged badly. But…that’s okay. We all have problems.” She thinks at age 12. “I don’t want to have to have a crush on him, but that seems to be how the Boomers arranged it.” She thinks, “Oh, it’s going to be gross to have a crush on him.” But she was 12. She was the child. Bobby Jr. was the Boomer. And, she breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank God, he’ll never necessarily know I exist. Oh! I might not bother ever seeing him in person.” She thought at age 12, “But I guess he’s attractive. Kind of.” Then she got up and danced around the room imagining being part of the conquering Kennedy epic.

While she danced she felt repulsed by the thought that she’d have to marry Bobby Jr. with his weird hair. But…she reasoned that wild curly hair could be attractive on a man Maybe his type of curly hair was too contained. But at least it was curly.

At some point she may have mentally channeled Jack saying, “I’ll punch you in your sad face you ugly piece of shit.” to Bobby Jr.. “You slut!” another ghost may have said hi Bobby Jr. in Lacey’s mind. It’s not pretty.

Did Lacey just notice the concept of so-called “Jew curls” on a man being attractive through Bobby’s inferior curls or did she actually develop a crush on him? It’s actually unclear to her.

She’s scared by the idea she could have possibly found Bobby Jr. at all attractive now at age 12 or 11 because as the son of Bobby Sr. and Ethel he could have possibly been her nephew if she’d been born in 1918 or 1934. But she wasn’t. She was born in 1983. And…she isn’t related to the Kennedy’s through blood seemingly at all. And at age 12 the possibility that she could have been born to parents other than the parents she was raised by was scary and possibly bizarre.

And at that Wobbly may be narcissistically triggered enough to try to kill Lacey. And demons of narcissism are riled to attack Lacey.

Shake That by Eminem plays so tough adult broads in the Wobbly element can brag about themselves and their self-perceived superiority to the Illuminati.

“Child sex slaves might get confused.” threatens a pedophile in the Illuminati. He wants to threaten Lacey as she cares about those kids in a normal way. She doesn’t want their sexuality because it’s theirs. A normal, functioning adult never wants to molest a child. But the Liberals today struggle to grasp that easy concept. Or is it lots of dysfunctional, likely-better-off-dead adults of all Tate persuasions?

U Not Like Me by 50 Cent plays as people foolishly threaten Tommy Banks.

“Bobby…I’m not sure she really had a crush on you at age 12.” says a white woman living in a trailer park. She’s trying to be kind.

“So Lacey’s just that objective. And honestly, why are we discussing this. Why couldn’t she have had an innocent crush on Bobby Jr. at age 12? She didn’t understand what was possible. And it’s weird to try to pin whatever you Bobby did or have done since that’s perverted or rape on Lacey.” says an Irishman in Ireland.


“Just because she possibly could have dated Joe Jr. doesn’t mean that that’s what happened retroactively.” says the Irishman. “She didn’t date your uncle. He was dead.”

Wobbly fumes.

“And isn’t it possible she really was spiritually molested by you?” asks the Irishman of Wobbly. “She got over you as she grew-up. Something tells me she still had the theoretical concept of you as being attractive in her mind as a working framework and basic guidepost for for what’s still left of men she could date and marry. But if you’d stop being so narcissistic you might realize that she has possibly no real attraction to you at all and never did.” He thinks. “Actually I’d bet whatever you have of your father’s Kennedy sexuality utterly repulses her now. She has no real interest in you. She doesn’t want you. At all.” He thinks. “She might be concerned about you as a person in a parental way. But that’s all. And you’re an adult pervert now to insist otherwise and an insult Ireland with your sham name.”

“I don’t find you attractive. And I’ve said that so many times.” says Lacey to Bobby’s spirit. “And whatever part of you left from your Kennedy family repulses me and makes me lose interest in any of you for eternity.”

“Then maybe you couldn’t have been my aunt!” his spirit yells at Lacey.

“Well, what about Lem? Did you sexually assault him?” Lacey asks Bobby Jr.’s spirit.

“Maybe!” he says, flippantly. He’s being serious.

“Did he molest you?” Lacey asks his spirit.

“No!” he yells.

“So, he did not?” she asks objectively.

“No.” Bobby Jr. says.

“Don’t let the They gang of Illuminati fool you.” Lacey says to the public at large.

“I think you have to realize…she was born in 1983.” says an English professor. “And she’s clearly not a pedophile.” He panics. “And now using fascist, sociopathic bullshit you’ll try to twist my emphasis on the word clearly. Won’t you morons?!”

“I can’t be an objectively ugly, weird bitch!” says Wobbly’s wife. “Lacey has to be a pedophile.”

“Why can’t you be that if that’s what you are?” Lacey asks Wobbly’s wife. “You’re not Saoirse. You’re not. You almost look like a gross horse with a human body.”

Lacey sees Wobbly’s wife wearing crap clothes from some Mid shit-show clothing store. Her dress is an imitation of Givenchy and an insult to fashion.

“Gawl dang! You’re so intimidated by me! I’m hot! You’re not! You little girl! You little girl! You little girl!” shouts Wobbly’s wife at a 39 year old woman. That 39 year old woman is Lacey.

“You know, maybe you just enrage her that much. Maybe she genuinely just finds your entire being that violently repulsive at this point and it’s not at all because she has any romantic or sexual interest in Wobbly.” says Lem Billings.

“No. Lacey never had any sexual interaction with Wobbly past the age of 12 or 13. Maybe 14. But that’s unlikely. She almost certainly lost any interest in Wobbly by age 12.” says Paul. “Almost certainly of he tried to interact with her past that age she always said no, politely.”

“And besides the fact that she was a child she didn’t know she was possibly interacting with him telepathically in the present.” says a witch.

Zombie by The Cranberries plays.

“Couldn’t she still have molested Bobby somehow? Like…she was secretly an adult at age 12?” asks a seemingly pedophilic-deranged Mr. Blue.

“Noo!!” yells F. Scott Fitzgerald at Mr. Blue. “No, that’s not possible. She was 12 telepathically because she was 12 in the living world. And in the supernatural realm she likely had and has no interest in him romantically or sexually.”

“I’m going to murder you!!” says a psychopathic pedophile to Lacey coldly.

“That’s what you get for messing with my husband you bitch from Hell!! I’m in love with him. I service him. Thank you, Jesus!!” yells Wobbly’s wife at Lacey. “Case closed!!! I win!!”

Yawning, “Umm…yeah, no. She’s not dying yet. And no.” Michael nods his head. “She’s not interested in your husband.” he says to Wobbly’s wife.

“She being Lacey.” explains Lem to Wobbly’s wife.

“Why not?!?” asks Wobbly’s mother, pleadingly.

“Why don’t I find him attractive?” Lacey asks Wobbly’s mom.

“See!! I caught you!!! You find him mildly attractive!!! I found you out!” says Mr. Blue of Lacey. “You lose!! Pedophilia is fine!!! You’re proof!!! You’re proof!!!”

“No. Pedophilia is never anything but vile insanity on the adult’s part. It’s not a normal thing. It’s disgusting on the physical adult’s part.” says Lacey. “And actually it’s probably far more vile than that.”

“I’m Dutch! Old Dutch New York!” yells Wobbly’s wife trying to be a Charismatic Christian warrior. She dances around her living-room trying to channel the Holy Spirit.

“I’ll make people think they’re pedophiles!” says a pedophile in the Illuminati (this isn’t Lacey because she’s not a pedophile). “I can’t stand innocent, healthy adult’s innocence in not wanting to molest children.”

“No, Wobbly’s mom might be a pedophile.” says someone (also not Lacey). “She might have molested her kids.”

“You’re not Old Dutch money in seemingly any way.” Lacey says to Wobbly’s wife.


“And no, we can’t allow you to go around attacking other adults who aren’t deranged.” says Lacey to the violent pedophile in the Illuminati. And if that was a confession made by the Illuminati about things they said in the past then that’s what it is. It’s a confession.

“You know what’s fascinating? The Wobbly family might have been disowned by their homeland.” says an intellectual in the Illuminati. “And one wonders why the Wobbly homeland cut them all off.” He thinks. “Do you suppose Ireland is smarter than the US?” He thinks. “Is Israel smarter?” He thinks. “Is Norway smarter?” He recovers under Norwegian help. He sighs. “So…my point to Wobbly is that attacking a woman he may have accidentally molested is dumb.” He thinks. “I doubt she finds you of any sexual interest at all as an adult who understands herself as the actual being she is.” He thinks. “Maybe slightly? But honestly she might find me as an adult man equally if not more attractive.” He thinks. “And she’s repulsed by the thought of having any sexual interaction with me.”

“There’s it!!! That’s where we can jerk the kids off like we sing about in Astronaut In The Ocean.” says Mr. Blue. He jumps. He thinks he’s got something.

“No!!” yells Lacey. “NOOOO!!!!!!”

He, as per usual, vehemently denies her no. “See, she’s in love with me. She’s a pedophile!! And I own her!!! She’s mine!!! She’s a fucking idiot!! And I’m hot shit! I’m like…a superstar!!!” he says seriously.

Mr. Blue does what are actually likely truly retarded sexual moves, sexually. He doesn’t seem to realize this. He thinks he’s genuinely sexy.

“I think it’s sexy!!!” says Wobbly’s wife (who’s not Lacey) about Mr. Blue’s attempts to be sexy to a song about an American hardware store in 1975. It’s Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers.

“It’s about my store. We possibly sold galvanized steel.” says a dead employee of that hardware store.

“Why is the song sexual? It’s creepy to us now.” asks Lacey.

“I had her as my lover!! She’s gay!!” says a lying woman trying to sociopathically concoct stories about Lacey being a closeted homosexual. They’re obviously fabricated, intellectually insulting bullshit. “She’s really possessive!” says the gross woman.

“Ewww! Should we kill you?” asks Michael of the female rapist.

“I’m not attracted to women and I’ve never had an intentional sexual interaction with a woman. Ever.” says Lacey. “They may have narcissistically assumed my smiles at them meant something they didn’t. But no I’m not at all attracted to women, non-binary people or children. Not children because I’m not pedophile (and deranged). Not to women or non-binary people at all. At all. At all. I’m just attracted to men. That’s all.”

“You can’t call her a female rapist even if she is one, because that’ll confuse people who we want confused for our purposes that matters more than purposes.” says a CIA operative to Michael.

“No! See…you’re forcing the world to be pedantic, incorrect fools with your Illuminati privileges.” a CIA woman says Mr. Blue.

“No!!!! I’m not attracted to men under the age of 22 or 21 at all. But really I lose any sincere interest around age 25 to 30.” says Lacey. “And that’s a stretch for me. Over the age of 39 men become far more attractive to me. I’m 39 says Lacey.” says Lacey.

Desperate pedophiles in India still search for some pedophilic inlet in something she’s said. They either have their own evil, psychopathic (and psychotic interests) or they’re trying to assist Mr. Blue who seems possibly genuinely retarded at this point, or both.

The demons the American Liberals in the Illuminati imagined were the ghost of Lem Billings attack Lacey.

“Anyway, so that was a song about a hardware store?” Lacey asks Mr. Blue.

He fumes. Or does he find it slightly funny? Or will he now try to use the innocence of that hardware store song to attack kids?

Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers plays.

“See I think every thought Lacey thinks with anything is Bobby’s. Because I want to strangle Lacey.” says a pedophilic Irish Catholic Priest.

Lacey analyzes Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers.

“The innocent kids win in the end regardless. It doesn’t matter how you interpret the music video.” says Lacey. “And now, let me explain the lyrics to you with their actual meaning, should it exist in Heaven.”

* bold lettering is Lacey’s explanation

’cause you woke up in the mornin’
With initiative to move, so why make it harder? (This is an advertisement for a Happy Hardware. They’re saying you can use your initiative to do home improvements but you should use their hardware store as they can make finding the right tools for home improvements or fixing your actual sink easier.)
(Don’t hold back) if you think about it, so many people do
Be cool man, look smarter (This is a reference to Survival of the Fittest. As in, don’t be a loser and not take care of your house or property by neglecting home improvements or literal leaky faucets, or other house repairs that need to be addressed.)

and you shouldn’t even care
‘Bout the losers in the air and their crooked stares (don’t pay attention to the left over long-haired, loser or evil Hippies with their burnt-out stares)
(Don’t hold back) ’cause there’s a party over here (Your neighbors are thriving and throwing pool parties. Join them and look stylish with a neatly trimmed backyard.)
So you might as well be here where the people care
(Don’t hold back) (Don’t join or stay with the losers left over from the drug years of the mid to late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Take care of your house and yard. It’s still an advertisement for a hardware store in America in the 1970’s.)

World (you’re holding back) (This is a bizarre advertisement still. And here is where we find out that it’s all possibly in the mind of a man running a hardware store who’s dead. He worked in the store in the 1970’s and maybe used to think of advertisements to pass the time as he worked behind the counter of the store. The Illuminati may have found this man who worked in the store and plagiarized brain in time and space using demons to inspire a song they likely then tried to use to molest kids.)
The time has come to
World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
Come on, come on, come on (galvanize may be a reference to galvanized steel)

if you think about it too much
You may stumble, trip up, fall on your face
(Don’t hold back) you think it’s time you get up
Crunch time like a sit-up
C’mon keep pace (the storekeeper may be threatening people to come to his store and buy the hardware store items)

put apprehension on the back burner
Let it sit, don’t even get it lit
(Don’t hold back) get involved with the jam
Don’t be a prick, hot chick be a pig
(Don’t hold back) (he’s still possibly trying to poetically write an ad for his hardware store in his head to pass time as he works)

World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
World (you’re holding back)
The time has come to
Come on, come on, come on (he’s possibly still trying to sell the goods at the hardware store)

World, the time has come to (push the button)
World, the time has come to (push the button)
World, the time has come to (push the button)
World, my finger is on the button
My finger is on the button
My finger is on the button
(Push the button) (This is about him pushing the button in the store on the store’s cash register)

The time has come to
Galvanize (he’s getting off work soon and needs to poop, eat, try not to faint on his walk home and then take a nap)