A Million & One Things To Do by Time Machine plays.

A metaphor: A group of black slaves who managed to kill their (then legal) owners before the Civil War act like the morality police who rightfully or wrongfully produced, directed, etc. the documentary film, “The Smartest Guys In The Room.” And as such they sit, surrounded by the dead, bloody bodies of their white plantation owners. They stand.

They act chill.

The Hop by Citizen Radio plays.

“This is my genius!!! She’s my brain!!!” yells Wobbly. “This is my humor!!! She!!! Doesn’t exist!!!” he interrupts a real human he’s never met who he may have psychically stolen from over her life using the Illuminati.

The former slaves take deep breaths. They look puzzled.

“Huh.” says one of them.

“So…like…” says one of the black female slaves. “Like…”. She shrugs.

“I mean…I’m just gonna let it go.” says her black former slave boyfriend.

“Why?” she asks.

“Because I’m unsure. What just happened.” he says.

“Yeah…like…we make money off slavery.” she responds to him. “I’ll have to hire someone to work for us.” says the woman.

“Huh. Yeah. It’ll work out.” responds the black man.

“So…should we like…bury the bodies or like…what?” asks another former slave.

They sit and stand in confusion for a while. Then they meander downstairs and mindlessly chill, staring at the wall for no reason.

“So…like…I’m thinking dinner and then bed?” asks the black woman.

“Sure!” says the black man.

After cooking a leisurely dinner they go to bed. They go bed surrounded by white plantation owners.

“We’ve always been this dumb! They were dumb! That’s why the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Slavery of black peoples was Godly. You just don’t understand. We kidnap all black people and hide them in caves. And then they re-emerge to be used in top secret plantations on Cape Cod! I’m Satan!!!” yells Wobbly seriously.

Yachts (A Man Called Adam mix) by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb plays.

The black slaves are then, as Wobbly anticipated, recaptured. They live in another plantation nearby. The next morning.

One has to wonder why…why did they do that to themselves? Did they lie? Who’s lying?

A black adult witch who has attacked child sex slaves and Lacey but is beloved by the They hates this post. She may be stupid enough to actually think her black skin makes her liberated from Hell when she dies regardless of how vile her psychopathic sins are. She’s that gullible, evil and vain? She hates this post because she likes to pretend that slavery and Lacey actually didn’t and don’t exist. She wants the owners to be changed in the post because she’s claims it’s an inaccurate word. But…unfortunately…it’s not. Slavery did legally exist.

“What about the US Constitution?” asks Lacey.

“That’s a joke!” yells a Liberal intellectual at Lacey with a feeling of moral victory.

“The US Constitution is a joke?” Lacey asks him.

“No! What you’re saying is ignorant and arrogant!” yells the Liberal.

“What about the 3/5th Compromise!?” asks Lacey.

This rich, Liberal intellectual goes silent. “No, it’s…”

“There was a lot of contention over that. You can’t assume it was a legal thing.” says a Liberal historian.

“You can’t be this stupid.” says Lacey.

“But what even was the 3 compromise?” asks an adult famous actress who is Liberal with sincere woke rage at Lacey.

“It was the legalization of slavery to a certain extent nation-wide.” says Lacey. “Look, I’m sorry. But you’re legally conflating the differences between Northern and Southern laws with nationwide laws. Possibly Federal vs. State laws as well.” says Lacey. “Slavery wasn’t legally perceived the same way in the north and south, but…as long as the north tolerated slavery in the south under the auspices of the US Constitution…they passively allowed it to be legal to own a black human in the south.” says Lacey. “The north and south were both America.”

“I can’t stand that!! I feel victimized by my molesters!” she harasses Lacey by saying. Unfortunately this black witch may be demon possessed. It’s doubtful this black witch was ever molested. She’s likely just a deranged psychopath.

“Are you creeped out?!?!” the They ask Lacey desperately.

“No. You could scare a molested child. But I’m 39.” says Lacey.

“We get scared of her too!” say the demon controlled They of the American Illuminati.

“Based on our Satanic beliefs if black slavery becomes a thing again, it’s not this black witch’s fault or our fault. We’ll chant that mantra until it’s true!! It’s Lacey’s fault in our-in our mental tool box. Because that’s-it sounds believable to the fools who watch us.” says Mr. Blue.

“Do you actually think black slavery could be a thing again?” asks Lacey. “Or did she start helping me try to rescue the child sex slaves and you’re getting back at her? You’re all evil and psychopathic.”

“Nobody reads this! And if they do they’ll think I’m a hero! Or I don’t-“ says Mr. Blue.

“I’m tired of this. Okay? Slavery did exist. Sorry to burst your bubbles?” says Lacey. “Things have gotten bizarrely evil. And I’m disturbed, rightfully. And I’ll pray. You should all too.”