Inside Out by Duster plays.

(Adult content below)

Lem makes love to Lacey once more and realizes he doesn’t have her. Why? Because she doesn’t trust him.

She tries to. She really does. But she’s been so rejected and unloved it’s…nearly impossible for her to believe he really wants her at all.

And that…is why she threw herself at him at all. She isn’t one to ever do such things except in rare circumstances. It was because it felt funny…as in haha funny…and delightfully reckless. She thought it was a fun avenue to explore. She assumed it wouldn’t work…but would be great fun exploring.

Chemtrails Over The Country Club by Lana Del Rey plays.

“You have to get hurt. Your pain is meaningless unless she believes you truly want her…at all.” Michael says to Lem.

“And the sad thing is…you did it to yourself. Those people demonically sucked out your soul and still do. You can’t expect her to be a man and you have every time.” says Nelson Rockefeller to Lem Billings. “Lem she’s never going to give you her soul until you conquer her.

Wishes by Beach House plays.

“So that time we had sex it wasn’t real!?” Joe Jr. asks Lacey. He slept with her before his father ever even kissed her.

“It was…but only so far as I allowed it to be.” she says. “I didn’t take you seriously.”

He looks sad. “You didn’t take me seriously at all?”

“Not any more than you directly stated and signed-off on.” says Lacey.

He thinks. “What did I sign-off on?”

“A certain sort of intimate fondness.” says Lacey.

“Fondness?!” he asks.

Dark Red by Steve Lacy plays.

“Nah, white privileged men don’t understand. I would get it. But…nah. They don’t.” says a proud nigger. A black man. From Africa way.

i’m yours sped up by Isabel LaRosa plays.

“Shake your asses and look for a big cock to stick in it!” yells JFK subliminally to ALL men in 1960. Well…or kill yourself? Or what? Suck the shit out of a woman and use her body until she hangs herself, overdoses or goes insane.

“Jack Kennedy is responsible for the current destruction of the white race.” says Amon Goeth. “And heterosexuality. And even romantic love at all.”

“Copycat.” Satan says to JFK.

“So black men are getting white women because they’re literally the only real heterosexual men left?” asks a KKK spokesperson.

“Yes! Isn’t that obvious?!” asks Michael. “When they love the women they’re often far better at being real men nowadays.”

“Because Jack didn’t subliminally affect black men?” asks the KKK spokesperson.

“That’s correct.” says a dead black man. “We both embrace and secretly reject the Kennedy’s.”

Superstar by Beach House plays.

George Floyd’s killer and JFK hold both of each other’s hands. They look into each other’s eyes. Superstar plays. The two men go into a twist, spinning in the sunlight. Holding tight they are yet still pushed away from each other by forces of gravity… But…they don’t let go. And so they spin…and spin…and spin.

“My word! Look at those boys spin!” says Benjamin Franklin merrily.

“They’ll never stop!” says Thomas Jefferson.

“Call him by your name, Jack.” says Lacey to JFK. “Should he be allowed into your 1,000 person committed relationship in Purgatory, should homosexuality be allowed. Call him by your name. I don’t think he would want to be identified.”

“As in, Mr. Mr. Jack Kennedy?” says JFK.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“So pedophilia isn’t allowed?” asks a LGBTQ+ member. “In Purgatory?”

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“But…homosexuality isn’t allowed in Heaven!” says a Fox News Anchor. “Get a grip before you destroy yourselves beyond repair.”

Norway by Beach House plays.

Louis Hill Jr.’s second wife dances to Norway.

“You shouldn’t challenge a Scandinavian to a fight. Ever.” she says smiling. “Hitler struggled to control us. We’re very ill tempered by nature.”

“I think we’re pleasant!” says Lacey.

“We are. But it’s always lurking just below the surface.” says Elsie.

Low by SZA plays.

“We’re wildly insidious.” says Lacey.

“We take the fight beyond the grave.” says Elsie. “Literally.”

The song plays.

“But you’re also English.” she says to Lacey with a smile.

Lacey analyzes situation like an English colonialist. An explorer trying to keep her head in a foreign land. She yawns.

“Joe, are you still confused?” she asks him.

The Perfect Girl by Mareux plays.

“So you didn’t love me?” he asks her.

“No! I did.” she responds. “That’s a stupid analysis.”

He cries.

“Oh, fuck you! You’re a heartless toad.” she says calmly. “Your tears are He hi hi hi hi hi hi self-indulgent.” She smiles. “Chill out, you silly bitch.”

He calms himself. Smiles.

“There! Good job.” she says smiling.

“Except, I really am that sad.” he says wistfully.

“Yeah bloody right!” she responds.

“You can’t do this to me.” he responds.

“Do what? Paint a pretty picture of your pussy and display it at the Met?” asks Lacey.

“I don’t have a vagina.” he says.

“That’s not the problem? Because it got weird dude.” says Lacey.

“I’m not a bitch lesbian.” he says.

“That’s what you objectively seem like. Isn’t it?” she observes.

He thinks. Perfect Girl plays.

“I am a prima donna sexually.” he says.

“Yes! You are Madonna.” says Lacey.

“I act like Madonna?” he says.

“If she was incapable of love. Or closeted.” says Lacey.

“Like a trans person or a homosexual or something.” says Joe Jr..

Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Paul Anka plays.

“Can you imagine a man singing this song and meaning it?” asks Joe.

“No. And that question is so heartbreaking I’m restraining myself from shoving you through a meat grinder. Literally.” says Lacey.

“You promise?” he asks.

“Joe, explaining that to you in such masculine, self-defiling terms was an enormous kindness.” says Lacey. “I think I’m trying to help you. Truly.”

Get Into It by Doja Cat plays.

“So you never took me seriously?” asks Joe.

“I did. But…almost entirely as a psychologist or counselor. Not as a lover.” says Lacey.

Gopnik by Mareux plays.

Lem dances sexy like a woman for Jack at the bequest of the Kennedy’s as all the men around him are slaughtered. Their heads cut off. Suddenly hundreds of men are laid dead. Then thousands. Then millions. And millions. And millions more. Children are saved. But millions more are killed. Women die. The US falls to Tsarist Russia. England loses its pretensions. Europe loses its pretensions. And liberals are seen as idiots. Objective, scientifically verifiable fools. If they are. China is a dynastic power once again. And we take a moment to reflect.

Gopnik plays on.

“How far back are we going Michael?” asks the living British Empire.

He smiles.

A Vanderbilt dances to Gopnik. Lacey laughs. He meant it as a joke. Her laughter isn’t an attack.

“Are you going to kill me now for being funny?” asks the living Vanderbilt. “She’s right! It’s hilarious!”

But they need him. They need his power to survive as living worms.

Lem lip-synches 6 Underground.

“Joe! We’ve got to admit we lost. We sided with evil. Or this is going to get worse.” says Eunice in Purgatory. “I’ll never be your sister ever again.”

“Our family is being literally dissolved?” asks Joe Jr. calmly.

She nods and then suddenly smiles, laughing at him. She finds him trashy and stupid.

“I’m sorry. I’ve gotta go. You seem nice.” she says to him sweetly as she’s pulled away by a woman’s hand.

“You’re beginning to look like a mommy.” Joe Jr. says heartlessly to Lacey even if it’s true.

Lacey resists at first but then worries he’s not okay. A tall toddler wearing only a diaper who looks like Joe Jr. stands in his crib. He glares at her. She laughs at his tiny little man who appears to be interested in killing her.

“How’s it going?” she asks Joe Jr. like she’d ask a boy his age.

He shakes slightly, but doesn’t speak.

“That’s Joe Jr.!” says J. P. Kennedy to Lacey his babysitter.

“My he’s tall!” says Lacey.

“Yes!” says J. P. Kennedy.

“You’re not that tall. Is your wife’s family tall?!” asks Lacey.

“They might be.” says Joe. He smiles and laughs. “He is a big boy.”

“Was the birthing process troubling for his mother?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” says Joe Sr..

“When will you be returning home?” she asks him.

U Not Like Me by 50 Cent plays.

“Eleven.” he says.

“Alright!” says Lacey.

Joe leaves dressed for a fancy dinner party.

“Hello!” says Lacey cheerfully to the little boy glaring at her.

He sucks his thumb. Scowls.

“Let’s get you dressed for the night. It’s cold outside.” Lacey puts a sweater and woven pants on him. He looks adorable.

“Your mommy is very brave.” says Lacey. She lifts him out of his crib. He stands.

“Can you walk?!” she asks him.

“Go!” he says pointing to the stairs.

“Alright!” she says. She holds his hand and they walk slowly towards the stairs. At the foot of the stairs she grabs the railing as they slowly inch down.

“I walk!” he says proudly and condescendingly.

In another room Lem still dances sexy for JFK to Gopnik by Mareux. He’s not done dancing yet…it seems. *shrug*

And…Joe Jr. jumps. They make it to the bottom of the stairs and he suddenly dances. Like a toddler.

“Do you hear music, Joe?” she asks him brightly.

He stops, pauses and listens.

“Do you hear music?” Lacey asks him.

“Sounds!” he says, pointing to the fireplace.

She looks into his eyes and smiles entirely maternally. By choice. He looks into her eyes and smiles bright as day. She puts her hands on his cheeks, makes a fish face.

“Aww! Aren’t you a sweetheart.” she says. She picks him up and carries him into the living-room.

“Let’s read a story!” she says.

“Book!” he says studiously.

“Yes! Book! Very good.” she says.

“Reading!” he says sweetly, but sternly.

He grabs the book from her and then turns back into a grown man. He looks into her eyes.

“I heard the song Gopnik.” he says.

Gopnik by Mareux plays. Lacey hears it.

“That’s…a very interesting song.” she says pleasantly.

“Yeah! It’s cool!” he says. Then he stands up and dances. Lacey bobs her head to be agreeable.

“I gotta dance!” he declares loudly. Grabs a plastic guitar and impersonates a rockstar.

Gopnik plays.

“I’m a Gopnik!” Joe Jr. yells.

“Can you put yourself to sleep after you dance?“ Lacey asks him.

He’s too in the zone.

“Joe!!” she yells. Claps her hands. “Joe!”

“What?!?” he says.

“When you’re done playing can you put yourself to bed safely?” she asks.

“Yeah! Duh!” he says violently.

“Okay! Great! Because it’s going to be weird to babysit you.” says Lacey. It totally creeps her out, actually.

He nods and smiles in understanding.

“Okay! Great!” she says. She grabs her handbag and stuff and then heads for the front door. “Have a nice night!” She walks away, feeling suddenly deadly distressed and beyond deadly terror. But she can’t figure out why. So…she gets in her car. Listens. Waits for God. And then drives off.

“I’ll just refuse payment.” she says aloud to herself as she drives off. She washes her hands of it.

Uprising by Muse plays as auto workers and steel workers decide to destroy Lacey in 2017. Just off her babysitting job with Joe Jr. she is not exhausted but…very sad.

In Saint Paul Joe Jr. arrives at her door with Pat Wilson. He’s surrounded by dead unions.

“I’m going to eat you alive. Slowly. On behalf of these good people.” says Joe Jr. to Lacey.

To The Moon by Jnr Choi plays as Joe strips for Lacey in the moonlight. Pat Wilson and Katharine Hepburn cheer him on, get aroused, assume Lacey is also aroused. In reality however, Lacey is just amused and perplexed and shocked and unspeakably concerned.

“Alright. Well…I need a Kombucha.” says Lacey. She lays down and looks at the moon.

“This song is about the moon?” she asks seriously and sincerely. She assumes the dancing isn’t for her and is for the women watching losing control of themselves. She’s not going to watch out of respect.

What’s Poppin by Jack Harlow plays.

Lem and Lacey hear lines in the song What’s Poppin and Lem stops dancing. He thinks. Looks confused. He starts fantasizing about a blond woman who looks like Lacey.

“Swedish? No. English? Except they’re often not that pretty.” he says.

“Who?” asks a gay man watching him.

“Women’s vaginas.” says Lem whimsically.

The gay man looks genuinely appalled although he is also attempting to hide it.

“You hate women?” Lem asks the gay man.

“So does Satan.” says the gay man.

“So you hate women?” asks Lem.

“I mean…I guess my mother is okay. But…no, I don’t like them. They’re…users.” he says.

“So you’re going to make them work like men?” asks Lem.

The gay man laughs. “No. I’m going to steal their goods. Make those goods mine. And then throw whatever is left into Hell.”

“Then what will you do?” Lem asks.

“Go to Heaven.” he says smiling.

“And do what?” asks Lem.

“Be children of God. God is a man. Jesus is a man. Mary never has sex. She cleans, looks nice and cooks. She’s…a mom.” says the gay man laughing at himself.

A porn star emerges and starts seducing this avowed gay man. She moans, giving him a sexy lap dance. He mindlessly grabs her butt. Starts dancing with her.

Without Me by Eminem plays.

“Let’s fuck!!” she says seductively to the gay man.

He laughs.

“I’m not gay!” he says losing his mind in longing for this scantily clad woman.

The crowd of gay men originally watching him looks at him confused. Nonplussed.

He laughs, confused. He shrugs.

“I obviously meant I was gay.” he says.

“Are you gay now?” asks a gay man.

“Yes!” he says in real gay voice as the porn star gives him an erection with her half naked body. He notices the erection and looks disgusted.

The gay men, utterly refusing to say that he seems bisexual or pansexual instead of gay just glare at him. He looks embarrassed.

“Why were you the gay man left in charge of Lem’s sexy dance?” asks an incredulous gay man on behalf of the LBGTQ+ flag.

Apologize by One Republic plays.

“They said my vibe was right.” says the gay man who still has a massive erection from the half naked porn star paused in his lap.

“Well…do you want sex with her?” they ask him calmly.

“No! My penis and mind are lying to me.” he says crying.

“Like when kids are molested?” asks a psychologist on hand in the gay crowd.

He thinks. “No. I wasn’t molested! I’m just not gay!” he says, genuinely freaking out.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” asks another gay man in the crowd.

“He’s not here.” he says.

Say Something by A Great Big World plays.

“Tell you what…if you promise not to kill or hurt her…we’ll just go for now.” say the gay men.

He can’t move.

The gay men leave.

Everyone including Lem leaves. They shut the door.

Jazz Suite No. 2 by Shostakovich plays.

And inside they hear laughing. Then sex sounds.

“My god! Are they having intercourse?!?” asks a gay man sincerely aghast.

“It sounds like it. Are you worried he’s hurting her?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” he says with concern.

Lacey and the gay man look inside very carefully so as not to be seen or heard. They appear to be sincerely making love. He cries manly tears.

“What would I have done if you hadn’t saved me, my extraordinary vixen of the night?!” he says passionately nearly worshipping her.

Lacey and the gay man sneak away.

“Was she actually a woman?” asks a gay man.

“Are you suggesting she was trans?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” says another gay man.

“Why would you think that?” asks Lacey.

“Based on the fact that he’s gay.” says a gay man.

“You home-wrecker!” says the gay man who looked inside the room with Lacey in otherworldly rage.

“Oh! You think I brought her here?” asks Lacey.

“You’d have to have! It can’t be us!” spits yet another gay man at Lacey.

“What if…you ordered her here by accident?!” asks Lacey.

“Well…she’s probably not trans. She’s probably just a woman.” the gay men all say gloomily.

“You know…I’m a cis woman too.” says Lacey.

“We’re all cis men.” they say.

“Are you?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” one gay man yells.

“Well then that was a silly thing to discuss. And if they’re sincere they’re likely lost to each other now.” says Lacey. They all stand listen to more sounds of pure ecstasy and mirth and joy in the hallway.

“Well…I’m feeling sleepy.” says Lacey.

“I’m not feeling sleepy!” says one gay man, angry.

“Why are you angry?!” asks Lacey.

“They’re so…loud!” he says.

“Well…when you come close to eternal love the sex is profound. And it makes you want to scream.” says Lacey.

Rules by Doja Cat plays just for the gay men in the hallway.

“Do you relate to this song?” ask the gay men of Lacey.

She dances. “Musically it’s brilliant.” she says. “But no, not at all with the lyrics.”

They all look worried.

“You’re a preternaturally sexy dancer.” they say.

“I suspected that.” says Lacey.

They look horrified. Some take deep breaths to calm themselves.

“How will you ever get married?” asks one of them.

“Oh, you mean eternal love?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” they say.

“Oh, so you think because Lem is gay and in love with Jack and Michael doesn’t exist and Louis is in love with his last wife that I’ll never be loved?” asks Lacey.

“There’s one of us who has feelings for you, but he’s married to a gay man.” says a gay man. “But otherwise…we hope so.”

“You hope I don’t find love for eternity?” asks Lacey.

“Yes.” they say.

“Why?!?” they ask.

“Because you got us to vote for Obama. And we shouldn’t be allowed to be gay. And God can’t forgive your sins.” they say sincerely.

“So…a gay man is in Hell because of me?” asks Lacey. “I’m fairly certain I asked forgiveness for that sin years ago. And if not, then years ago.”

“Umm. Okay? So…you really wouldn’t find a man like Chris Hayes attractive purely based on money?” they ask.

Lacey thinks of Michael.

“It’s complicated.” says Lacey.

How You Like Me Now by The Heavy

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” they say in triumph.

“No!” says Lacey quickly.

But the They in the Illuminati shout over her.

“No! You don’t!” they say without making sense in their choice of words as they lose the argument they created without just or reasonable cause.

They wave incense over her head to manifest her supposed love for money.

“So…Michael exists…Lem might be straight and have been straight…and Louis is complicated. And you don’t go for men like Chris Hayes because of their money?” they ask.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met Chris Hayes in person at all.” She says thoughtfully. “But Mr. Blue is certainly not manly.”

“So the money is about Michael’s manhood?” asks an Englishman. “Like having a big penis?”

“Yes!” she says. “Except there are two problems with that. The first problem with that is that the size of a man’s penis isn’t of the utmost importance. The second problem is that it’s not…of no importance at all.”

“So his penis seemed big?” asks the irate liberal minded Englishman.

“It is big. Or is it?” asks Lacey.

“So what’s with this correlation with money?” asks a living Vanderbilt.

“That’s the right question!” says Lacey.

“Please go on!” says the first Vanderbilt.

“Alright…so the thing is…the Illuminati is desperately trying to destroy my mind right now. So it’s going to be difficult to make a reasonable estimation of my exact thoughts. But I’ll try.” says Lacey.

Lacey let’s out a fart that smells like chicken and takes a deep breath to get them to shut up for a moment. It’s psychically translated perfectly and they are repulsed.

Dangerous by Big Data plays.

“Anyway, the thing is…it’s just that the men’s souls call to you.” says Lacey. “It’s like a certain fallen power in the fallen world.” she explains. “It’s rather rudimentary. Isn’t it?”

“So they literally call to you?” asks Summertime Sadness.

“Yes!” says Lacey. “Isn’t this ordinary?”

“So they call to sexually viable females?” asks a scientist.

“Yes! Or that’s they way I experience it.” says Lacey.

“Then why weren’t you aroused by Mr. Blue?!” asks a living Vanderbilt.

“Because it didn’t match his form?” suggests Lacey.

“So he was catfishing!” says Thomas Banks to his daughter.

“Possibly!” says Lacey.

“So catfishing extends beyond the obvious physical limitations that we often put on it?” asks a Vanderbilt.

“I wonder.” says Lacey. “Which is why marrying down or up the inherent caste system is treacherous territory.”

“Yeah! You often don’t know what you’re really getting.” says a perfume hater.

“So…it’s dangerous.” says Lacey.

Lacey wonders why people often choose not to care about her.

“Because you’re a Rockefeller.” says the entire Illuminati to Lacey.

“But what about Lem?” asks Lacey.

“And Louis!” says Louis.

“Ghost Whisperers are bullshit.” says Casi.

“We don’t like the existence of Lem or Louis because they’re too loving and they make you happy in a different way than Micheal does.” says an Illuminati witch. “And they make us feel sorry for the Rockefeller’s. Because…we can’t imagine Michael without you at this exact moment in time.”

“But what if there’s someone better for him than me?” says Lacey.

Love & Hate by Michael Kiwanuka plays.

Joe Jr. dances in his diaper again to the music. He looks uneasy. Then he grunts. Looks fine. And Lacey smells something.

“Did you poop?” she asks him.

He doesn’t understand.

She unfolds his diaper, lifts up his legs, wipes the poop from his bottom. Puts on a new diaper. Secures the pins. Goes to dispose of the poop. Washes her hands. Returns to the nursery and lifts him to his feet.

He holds the railing of his crib with his tiny hands and dances. She sits down in her rocking chair. Feels bored, crosses her legs and pulls out her cell phone. There’s nothing to do.

She smiles at him. He’s in an excellent mood! She gives him her phone with a children’s show on it. He watches it. Then she goes downstairs to get a yogurt.

She comes back upstairs, eats the yogurt and an hour after watching him play with his toys in his crib, reading three books, and then having him watch three more shows on her phone he’s hungry and sleepy. So he eats carrots and peas and chicken and then finishes a whole bottle as he sits in his crib.

If he was her rightful son he’d be held. But this is hellish. Lacey is not pedophilic and has no attraction to him and he’s not a baby anyway. He’s a dead grown man.

And so he finishes his own bottle by himself and has no good night “I love you!” He just has a “Good night, sweet little Joey!” He isn’t her son. She’s the babysitter not the mom.

Ten minutes later he’s put himself to sleep. Lacey is impressed. He sleeps peacefully so she stands-up and walks down the stairs.

Joe Kennedy Senior arrives.

As Lacey is 24 in this version of events he’s instantly taken with her beauty. But she has no idea he is and doesn’t care anyway. She has no interest in anything truly evil.

“He’s upstairs sleeping very soundly!” she says cheerfully.

“Alright! Good!” says Joe Kennedy Sr..

Lacey walks out of the house after receiving her $20.00. She walks down the street and suddenly is 38.

“So…when is Karrie loved, Wobbly!?” asks the Illuminati.

“Who gives two shits about that ugly bitch!” he says seriously. “I’m still a demi god of electronic light and eternal darkness. All bow down!” he says.

“You should repent before death!” says the Catholic Church to Wobbly.

Black Out Days by Phantogram plays.

“So I don’t love her?!” asks Lem.

“No! It’s not that at all! It’s that you’ve become heartless and she has no idea why.” says Michael. “Why do resent her so much?”

“You were there!” he says.

“No. I wasn’t.” she protests.

“Do you just not really want to fuck her?” asks Michael.

“No!!!” yells Lem from a hellish place like a cave.

“Can you get out?” Lacey asks him.

“Yes!!!” he yells.

“Have you been there this whole time?” she asks.

“No!!” he yells.

“What happened?” asks Lacey.

“I got tricked into thinking you were down there.” he says climbing out of the cave.

He joins her.

“They told me you were an evil whore who had been cut up into pieces and shoved into that cave. Well…evil for you. And I didn’t believe them. But I went into the cave.” he says.

“That’s heartbreaking.” she says.

“Where have you been this whole time?” he asks.

“Watching you madly fuck the shit out of Jack. And love him…relentlessly.” says Lacey.

“I wasn’t fucking Jack.” he says.

“That’s what I’ve been watching.” says Lacey.

He laughs. “I was in a cave. Alone. With snakes and other creatures.”

“But you danced sexy!” says Lacey.

“For you!” he says.

“In the cave?!?” she asks.

“Yes! I thought you could see me.” he says sadly.

“Why would I want you to dance sexy?” she asks.

“It was a demonstration of how one dances sexy.” he says calmly.

“You thought I was a whore?!?” she asks, hurt.

“I didn’t…imagine…you were sexy.” he says.

“And that’s why you screwed Jack?” she asks.

“No! I screwed Jack because he fooled me and coerced me and took advantage of my idiocy and goodness and good nature…and ignorance.” he says. “And it wasn’t really real anyway. …It was just an attack on me.”

“That’s not my question exactly.” she says.

“I know. I’m trying to figure up I out how to explain.” he says. “I possibly didn’t think people like you and Michael existed. As stupid as it sounds I only imagined people within my limited circle of knowledge.”

“Didn’t you travel?” asks Lacey.

“Yes! But I possibly didn’t have any experience with anyone like you or Michael.” he says crying.

“Or the English royal family?!?” asks Lacey.

“I saw the Queen of England, but she was married or disinterested.” says Lem.

“Philip was sexy too though and he had no reason to hide it from you.” she says.

“I’m straight.” he says. “It took a lot of conversation and observations to figure out what it is in regard to even Michael.”

“What about men like Louis and Harold?!” asks Lacey.

“I rarely met men like that in my circle. The Kennedy’s were always my friends.” he says rolling his eyes. “They may have controlled me so I never got close to men like Louis Hill Jr..”

“But you read The Sun Also Rises?!” asks Lacey.

If I Had A Tail by Queens of The Stone Age plays.

“Maybe.” he says.

“If you had Harold’s sexuality would have leapt off the page and smacked you in the face.” says Lacey. “It’s supposed to be tragic, but it’s seductive to a woman like me.”

“And I’m like Harold.” says Lem.

“Yes! Definitely!” says Lacey.

Song 2 by Blur plays.

“But this isn’t entirely me? Or Harold? Or Michael?” says Lem.

“No. It’s Louis and me.” says Lacey.

“No! It’s just you.“ says Blur to Lacey.

“That’s too much to take.” says Lacey.

“Do any of us understand this song?” asks Louis seriously of Lacey.

“Is it whorish?” Lacey asks Lem.

“No. It’s colder than ice and yet hotter than hot.” says Lem.

“And I live in the darkest shadows in between.” says Lacey.

Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones plays.

“Another one I relate to.” says Lacey.

“They’re actually very similar. And I don’t say that lightly.” says Lou.

Song 2 is about the things I keep secret.” says Lacey.

“I’d love to have blown-up the entire planet.” says a terrorist.

“Why does it even still exist?” wonders Lacey.

“For the sake of kids, Minnesota, rain and the British Isles.” says Elsie Hill.

“But those things could exist in Heaven. Right?” asks Lacey.

“Maybe. But how would you blow-up the whole world?” asks Elsie Hill.

“There would have to be an internal explosion.” says Lacey. “Right?”

“Yes! How would it happen?” asks Elsie as dinner is served.

“If something caused too much pressure? An explosion. …Maybe God plans on doing it eventually anyway. And I would like to watch.” says Lacey.

“So you have no fond feelings about Earth?” asks Lem.

“No! Outside of my kids. No.” says Lacey.

Louis smiles at her.

“Well, there is rain. But if rain can be in Heaven…with England…then you’re only being fair.” he says.

“Are you patronizing me?” she asks him sweetly but sincerely.

“No!” he says.

“You know I care about fairness and now you’re trying to make me feel loved?” she asks.

“You’re being fair.” he says. “I have noticed that. But it isn’t right to say that. I’m sorry.”

“Why?” asks Lacey.

“Because I’ve not been your lover.” he says.

“Have I been your lover?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” he says.

“Why can’t you be my lover too?” she asks sadly and sweetly.

Shooting-up heroin in the 1970’s, alone in Manhattan…in his apartment Lem listens to Rhapsody In Blue. It’s Andre Previn. Vinyl.

At first it’s mellow but then it’s vile. The timing is weird to hear high. The piano is creepy. Suddenly he feels as if he’s being yelled at by the entire 1920’s for doing drugs. He feels like a foolish little boy. Is there a father scolding him with a rage he’s never seen before? His dad was tough but this man is relentless. Actually, he’s terrifying. But also just.

“I’m not bad! I promise!” he says. “I’m just probably insane.”

The sense of being shaken scares him.

“You can hear me?!” he says, in shock.

Then he feels as if someone is staring at his back. Now his front. Now the man is off, walking out the front and down the hallway.

“I wonder what his daughter would have looked like?” he says, filled with lust. “Zelda? No! Shirley Temple? No. Marilyn Monroe?” he thinks. “No. Like me.” He looks sad. “She’s probably dead.”

“Why wound you assume she’s dead?” asks Lacey.

“Because I either killed her…by denying her my love…or she was far too good for me and lust was all I could ever accomplish.” he decides. “I was never more sure it was murder until right now.

Lacey listens.

“I was a shoe salesman.” he tells her in Manhattan in 2007.

Can You Hear Them Sing by Cemeteries plays.

“I’m not amused.” she says.

“I’m not amused either.” he says.

And at that Joe Jr. dances in his crib to Can You Hear Them Sing.

“That’s a sad song.” says Lacey changing the music. But he grabs the phone back away from her and dances into a teenager on the streets of Harlem. With Pat Wilson.

Move by Saint Motel plays.

Joe and Pat dance in an Irish vs. English version of The West Side Story. They dance past the shoe store where Lacey bought her shoes. Black heels.

“Were there English gangs in Manhattan?” asks Lacey.

“Shut-up! Pat likes herself cast as Maria.” says Joe Jr..

“I can’t be your lover?” asks Lem of Lacey.

Ghostwriter by RJD2 plays.

“Lem, what’s the name of those shoes I bought?” she asks.

“Mule slides. Open toed. Black.” he says. “And it was a short heel. Right?”

“Right!” she says.

“I wish I’d helped you pick those out.” he says.

“I wish I still had those shoes.” says Lacey.

Lonely Life by Miike Snow plays as Joe and Pat do a dance scene involving lots of cameras, lights and extra dancers.

Lacey smells the farm. At night. In the 1990’s. In the summer.

I Will Run From You by Cemeteries plays.

She walks out, barefoot. Stands and stares up at the stars.

“Lem, can you stand here and feel what I feel?” she asks.

He stands there.

Can You Hear Them Sing by Cemeteries plays.

“I could fall in love with this place.” he says.

“What about the house?” she asks.

Back For Me by Electric Guest plays as Joe Jr. and Pat drive in a taxi around Manhattan. They make-out. They jump out and run into a disco club.

Joe Sr. and Louis watch Baby’s Day Out. Joe Sr. cries. Possibly sincerely.

Lacey and Lem sign off for the night. Michael explores the farm yet again with Toddy and J. D. Rockefeller. They walk into the darkness.

I’d Rather Dance With You by Kings Of Convenience plays.

“I had this all interpreted wrong.” says Truman Capote to Joe Kennedy Sr. making Lacey laugh.

Misread by Kings of Convenience plays.

There Will Be Blood.” says Michael to Truman. “Not In Cold Blood.”

“I had no intention of killing this light crude clan.” says Truman.

The posse walks over the fields. In the twilight.