Sodus by Cemeteries plays.

Lacey got bad news this morning and good news. And as she feels her body almost floating…which is certainly an unsettling sensation but preferable to feeling smothered by demons sent to attack her by the Illuminati…she recalls that she took over the universe with the authority of Jesus and then gave it back to God again and that comforts her.

“Why ever would you challenge Lacey Rockefeller’s authority as a Christian before she had a chance to defend herself?” asks Michael sarcastically of the Illuminati.

And she found out that Lem has not rejected her…the way she thought at least.

“I seduced you.” Lem says to Lacey. “And if I was straight I would actually have seduced you away from Joe. We were always equals and…I wouldn’t have allowed you to be anything but that.”

“Lem, is Ethel sexy?” asks a The Office star.

He looks uncomfortable and sad. Then apologetically, “‘No! Not to me.”

“What about the other Kennedy women?” asks another The Office star.

No!” he says. “I thought Jackie was cute, so to speak. And she was! But she’s…not what I would long for.”

“What about Rose in her youth?” asks another The Office star.

“She was closer to my type. But still not my type.” says Lem.

“None of JFK’s mistresses either?” asks a The Office star.

“They were sexy but not my kind of sexy. I might have been aroused by them but they didn’t…interest me. And I certainly wasn’t aroused enough to be assertive.” says Lem. “It was like how you might notice someone but not be wowed by them, kind of thing.”

“So…you were kept away from people like Lacey and Louis and Michael…and…Harold Loeb.” says an The Office star.

“Why is Harold Loeb important to point out?” asks Thomas Banks.

“Because all Jews are either Ashkenazi or Hasidic. There are no Guggenheims or Loebs.” says Kid Cann sarcastically.

Dangerous by Big Data plays.

“No Princeton elite Jews?” asks Hemingway who claimed Harold was bullied at Princeton. Didn’t he? Isn’t that the start of The Sun Also Rises?

“I didn’t meet Harold’s clan at Princeton.” says Lem.

Eunice shakes her breasts and shows off her curves in an attempt to arouse Lem.

“And she has them but they don’t look anything like Lacey’s or Marilyn Monroe’s.” says Michael Rockefeller laughing at Eunice’s gross vanity.

“So…Harold and Michael and Lacey secretly look really good naked?” asks a Steve.

“But it’s not their exercises. It’s their bones. It’s their innate bodies.” says Nelson Rockefeller who refuses to be creeped out by clinically and yet with paternal love, discussing his children’s beauty.

“No. We weren’t Jews.” says J. P. Kennedy.

“Weren’t you all anti-Semitic?” asks Theodore H. White of the Kennedys.

“Maybe at times.” says Eunice tentatively.

“YES!!” yells J. P. Kennedy.

“Did you all keep Lem away from Jews to keep him and keep him thinking he was gay?” asks Lacey.

“That’s what I was wondering!” says Theodore H. White.

“But there were literal Nazis who pulled Lem aside and told him he was straight.” says a dead German Nazi. “They observed him and Jack during their visit to Germany and they were intrigued by them and their psychological make-up. We told them each something useful about themselves.”

“Where and when?!?” asks Joe Kennedy Sr. freaking out.

“At a place that eventually became a stop for Jews in the process of going to their death.” says a dead Nazi.

Keep On by Portugal. The Man plays.

“Like an assessment facility?” asks a Steve.

“No and yes. …Do you really want to know more?” asks the dead German Nazi.

“Sure! Tell me more in case I want to kill Christians!” yells a LGBTQ+ man with humor.

“I’d prefer you start a vicious war with North Korea.” says Lacey to the LGBTQ+ man. “Or can you just do lots of plane crashes?!?”

“I like nuclear war!” says a Gen Z woman.

“No! There’s radiation that way.” says Lacey.

“Okay! But I don’t want like…World War III fought as World War I.” says the woman.

“Not even like…hundreds of non-nuclear bombs all thrown at us at once?” asks Lacey.

Empty Camps by Cemeteries plays.

“But would they kill us fast enough or well enough?” asks a Gen Z man.

“I just shot myself in the face.” says Keith.

“I thought about that but held out hope for true love.” says DJ AM.

“We’re wondering if you kept your kids in concentration camps in the US?” asks Putin of the Boomers.

“Sexy, sexy, sex…sex…sex…sex!!!” yells Lacey as a Millennial. “Haven’t you heard of Woodstock?!”

“But Lem…your wife…is sleeping with you…and your dead!” says a Boomer.

“We might have already known of such things. Matter-of-fact, maybe it’s your generation that has that wrong.” says Elliott Roosevelt. “You all got very stuck on dogmatic atheism.”

The Main Theme (From “Schindler’s List) plays.

“Lacey what do you think of Schindler’s List?” asks a Boomer.

“It’s not real enough. It’s close. But not enough.” says Lacey. “It should rip your soul out and make you bleed inside.”

“Oh! That’s her father! That’s that bull crap from the gangs!” says Kid Cann imitating living adult people of all ages who mock Lacey that way.

The Farm (From “Road To Perdition”) by Thomas Newman plays.

“I hate your people!” says a living Jewish woman to Lacey who gets fame by claiming to have survived the Holocaust but…it’s unclear if she ever spent time there outside the womb. It is 2023 and most actual Holocaust survivors are dead now.

“Who do you mean?” asks Lacey.

She looks uncomfortable and sad. “I mean…the Nazis.” she says raising her hands.

Harold Loeb cracks-up laughing.

“How am I a Nazi?” asks Lacey.

“You…can’t be a Jew.” she says.

“How old are you?” asks Lacey.

“94.” she says.

“So you actually lived through the Holocaust?” asks Lacey.

“I might have.” she says.

“You were in Switzerland?” asks Lacey.

“We spent time in Switzerland.” she says. She sighs calmly.

“Switzerland is lovely. What was it like in the 1940’s and 30’s?” asks Lacey.

“It was nice.” she says.

“Oh! Switzerland is beautiful not just nice!” says Lacey.

“But you were a Nazi!” says the Jewish woman smiling to Lacey.

“And the KKK protected me in the summer from a rapist.” says Lacey.

She looks sad. “They wouldn’t have protected me.”

“They would have if you were my daughter.” says Lacey. “I would have demanded it.”

“You’re not my mom.” she says.

“But my kids might look a bit like you.” says Lacey.

She nods and cries.

“Did your mother love you?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” she says. “And I suppose that’s why Elliott wanted to shoot-up all the Nazis.”

“Yes!!” says Elliott seriously.

“Well…they’re all dead now anyway.” she says.

“You should pray to Jesus for salvation before you die. Maybe you can meet them in Heaven and ignore them so thoroughly they’ll wish they’d never been born.” says Lacey.

She smiles. “I don’t think they were Christians.” she says.

“Well…what if they were?” asks Lacey. “It’s nothing for you to worry about in relation to me, regardless. You don’t deserve that. And I’m glad your mother loved you.”

“She did.” she says.

“Good!” says Lacey.

“Did your mother love you?” she yells at Lacey.

“No. But I’m a Nazi, right? So all is fair?” Lacey laughs.

She laughs. “But you weren’t there.”

“True.” says Lacey laughing.

“Bit of an oversight.” says a dead Nazi.

The possible Holocaust survivor shakes her head in disbelief.

“You know it’s nice that they told Lem Billings he wasn’t a homosexual!” she says.

“Yes! That was kind.” says Lacey.

“They shouldn’t have killed my mother.” she says.

“They had reasons. People had reasons bs k then. Real, thoughtful reasons. …But they were wrong.” says Lacey.

She cries.

“And she’s not coming back in this fallen world. But you are her daughter. And I would be shocked if she’s in Hell.” says Lacey.

“Yeah, you worry you could go there and you’re practically a saint.” she says to Lacey.

“It’s a terrifying thing these days. But…I just prayed and I get the sense your mother prays for you. But I don’t want to scare you with that. I’m sorry.” says Lacey.

“In Heaven?” she asks.

“Closer to it than the Kennedys are. And yes, through Jesus. You’ve made your peace with Him?” asks Lacey. “Just in case?”

“Yes!” she says.

“It’s scary. But…if it’s not right…I imagine God understands. He might even feel particularly bad for you.” says Lem.

“Yeah, okay.” she says.

They all think for a moment.

“Like I’m a fool?” she asks smirking.

“No!! Like you’re a sad, grieving little girl who just wants to see her mommy again.” says Lacey.

The woman thinks. Smiles.

“Well…it’s a lost cause.” she says.

“In a way. Not you or your soul. But…you’re 94…and I’m 40 almost…and time moved on.” says Lacey. “Your insight is dying. My possible insight is being untapped.”

She sighs.

“Maybe someday in Heaven whatever we meant to say that was never understood or appreciated will finally be communicated clearly enough for them to understand.” says Lacey. “But I’m sure you did your best. Right?”

She nods and smiles.

“Good!” says Lacey. “Then, thank-you!!”

“I did try!” she says.

“I can tell.” says Lacey.

“What happens to you when I die?” she asks Lacey.

Lacey thinks. Lacey laughs.

“The Nazis keep me alive using their super technology from aliens in the afterlife.” jokes Lacey.

The woman thinks.

“God will work it out either way.” says Lacey with confidence.

“Well I can’t stay here alive forever!” says the woman jokingly.

“No, you need to finally go say hello to your family.” says Lacey.

“Maybe someday you can meet them!” she says.

“If they’d like to meet me.” says Lacey. “That’s not your problem to figure out though. Just have fun.”

“Okay!” she says.

“Oh! No, you’ve lived a long life.” says Lacey. “Just go have fun. It’ll all work out with grace through faith in Christ. And I say that very cautiously.” says Lacey.

“You shouldn’t be so careful!” she says.

“But they obviously went too far.” says Lacey.

“I hear you.” she says.

“They destroyed something sacred, possibly.” says Lacey. “But…that’s a grim conversation.” says Lacey.

“You don’t think I should have to have that conversation with you?” she asks.

“It’s vile to me.” says Lacey.

“I’ll ask my parents!” she says.

“Maybe your mom? Or…aunt? Someone who was trustworthy.” says Lacey. “You seem like you were taken care of as a child possibly. I hope at least.”

“Yeah, someone will know.” she says.

“Yes! And maybe they can explain in more apt and appropriate terms for you specifically.” she says. “But-“. Then Lacey thinks. “I’m sorry I don’t understand how many questions you must have.”

“Sweetie…what if you are illegitimate?” she asks Lacey.

“Be careful not to laugh at me when you find out for sure someday.” says Lacey.

The woman thinks. Then she smiles.

“Well…you seem to have grace to die.” says Lacey.

“I do.” she says.

“I don’t.” says Lacey. “And I wonder if I ever will.”

“Maybe in your 60’s you’ll understand.” she says.

“I worry I won’t.” says Lacey.

She nods in understanding.

“I bet my parents understand that.” she says.

“They probably do if they’re watching me from Heaven.” says Lacey.

“They really were nice people!” she says.

“I hope so. I’d like to have friends someday who I don’t have to fight with so much.” says Lacey.

“Like actual friends.” she says.

“I hope so.” says Lacey.

“Do you make a good brisket?” she asks.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“My mom might have done better.” she says.

“She might have.” says Lacey.

Lem thinks.

“Lem I’m not trying to steal your children.” says the woman kindly.

“No, he knows! It’s just painful because he never had kids.” says Michael Rockefeller.

The woman smiles and nods in understanding.

She cries. “I insulted your brisket.”

“You’re awfully kind letting us talk to you like this.“ says Lacey to the woman.

“You can’t rightfully insult my brisket. It’s really that good.” says Lacey.

Gnossiennes (6), For Piano by Erik Satie plays.

“My mother’s brisket really was that good though.” she says.

“Did she even make brisket?! I know so little about your culture compared to you.” says Lacey.

“You do.” she says.

“Let’s just say it was the same idea.” she says.

“You’re right!” she says.

“It reminds me of English cooking, to be honest.” says Lacey.

“I personally love it!” says Lacey.

“What’s similar?” asks the woman.

“It’s the way you season it and keep it moist and scrumptious over a longer period of time.” says Lacey.

“She used Worcestershire sauce. Do you?” she asks.

“Not really. I should. I didn’t grow-up with Worcestershire sauce. My parents who raised me were both Norwegian, mostly.” says Lacey.

“I wonder if you have some German blood in you?” she asks.

“Oh dear.” says Lacey. “See…I just don’t know about the supernatural meanderings I’ve engaged in. So ask God to forgive you if you’ve indulged too by talking to me. Also just in case. But…I think it’s more Dutch. Or Dutch -German??” wonders Lacey.

“Or Swiss!” she says.

“Maybe.” says Lacey feeling odd in her brain.

Romeo And Juliet by Sergey Prokofiev plays.

“Am I being protected by Putin along with you?” she asks.

“Wouldn’t that be something?!” says Lacey.

“Yes! But I’m not ready to die until next Tuesday!” she says matter-of-factly.

“Why?” asks Lacey.

“I have something fun planned that day.” she says.

“Oh! That’s nice!” says Lacey.

“What if I sold you out?” she asks Lacey.

Lacey sighs about it in irritation. “That’s problematic. But I don’t hate you yet, sweetie. I can’t. I’m sorry.” says Lacey exhausted.

“Then they can’t win.” she says.

“Is that tragic?” asks Lacey.

“Well…they tried so hard to win.” she says.

“The Nazis?” asks Lacey. “Or who?”

“The Nazis.” says Mr. Blue who conjured this woman to attack Lacey as he has before.

“Are you trying to get a Nazi officer laid tonight?” asks Lacey of Mr. Blue.

“She’s right. This is weird.” says the woman. “I haven’t asked my parents what happened yet.”

“Yes! It’s…not worth talking about with you because you truly shouldn’t have to worry about it. Maybe that’s one the things the Greatest Generation got the most wrong.” says Lacey. “They never truly…discussed what actually happened.”

She cries and nods.

“It wouldn’t have been easy, but it might have been a necessary conversation to avoid societal collapse.” says Lacey.

“So it’s complicated?” asks an actor from The Office.

“It’s extremely complicated!” says Lacey.

A moment passes.

“I need to let you go, sweetie.” says Lacey. “Be smart as you die. Don’t embarrass your family.” She smiles. “I’ll hopefully get to meet you in person someday!! Truly! No tears!”

Lem sighs.

“Lacey you’re aging.” he says.

“Am I feeling a hot flash?” asks Lacey.

He laughs. “I still find you perfect.” he says. “But you do get gray hairs in your eyebrows now.”

“You’re right.” she says. “What a wasted life.”

“At least you got to make brisket!” he says.

“And have kids!” says Lacey.

“But you didn’t marry me.” he says.

“Or Michael. Or Louis. Or Harold.” says Lacey.

“Lem, can your wife cook?” asks a dead Republican man.

“Yes! She’s a fantastic cook!” says Lem.

“Do you ever fart from her cooking?” they ask.

“No. She’s a good cook.” he says. “And when I do fart it’s not vile.”

“Is she good in bed?” they ask.

I’m good in bed. And I’m a man.” he says.

“So she has great tits!” says a Fox News Anchor.

“Doesn’t your wife?” asks Lem.

“Maybe. But yours does. Right?” asks the Fox News Anchor.

“Why are you making this about Jackie Kennedy’s breasts?” asks Lem.

“You said it! Not me!” says the Fox News Anchor.

“She had bad tits. Okay? Marilyn did too, compared to Lacey. It’s not all about size when it comes to breasts, for one thing.” says Lem. “But…Jackie was pretty!”

“Is that little girl gone?” asks Lacey.

“We’ll distract her in a positive way.” says a Jewish man.

A moment later.

“Okay! Done!” says the Jewish man.

“The Nazis weren’t idiots.” says Lacey. “It was possibly a very beautiful time in Germany, even.”

A Doris is intrigued.

“Really though. They weren’t…angry peasants.” says Lacey. “They weren’t…uneducated.”

“What were they then?” asks a white man in the US.

“They were…glorious.” says Lacey. “Truly.”

Joe Kennedy Jr. nods in agreement.

“You know…they were extremely elegant.” he says to Lacey in tears. “I was so impressed.”

“I would have been terrified.” says Lacey.

He looks disgusted. “Yeah, okay! You’re superior.”

“It’s not about that, regardless! I’m saying I would have been terrified.” says Lacey.

He thinks. “Why?!”

Joe Kennedy Sr. laughs. He thinks Joe was his sweet, daring little boy.

“They were…German. Not French.” says Lacey.

“Okay. But then that’s a warning sign?” he asks.

“Yeah, I agree with Lacey. It looks creepy.” says Edith Beale.

“They’re so…dressed-up.” says Lacey. “In such a particular way. Why?!”

“Like they were preparing for world domination.” says Joe Jr..

Suspirium by Thom Yorke plays.

“And they’d figured out…so much. Maybe too much for their minds to process safely.” says Lacey. “I think they had rational reasons for conducting the Holocaust. Based on research and actual psychology. But…they also lost the war. And they decimated their own country.”

“Why did they declare war?!” asks a Jewish man.

“Can you stop trying to kill me?” asks Lacey.

A Nazi laughs. “Are you a peasant Jew who sold his soul and betrayed his own people or a good man?” He thinks. “I got so tired of sorting through who was good and who was bad. It was exhausting. So I decided to just shoot all of you.”

“Why did you need to shoot all of us?” he asks.

“Because you were vermin!” yells the Nazi. “You were corrupt, evil hearted people. And the real problem was you all stuck together. I couldn’t separate you from your secret identities of being Jews. You all collectively had Zion. Remember?”

“You know I don’t want to talk about Israel.” says the Jew.

“Why ever not?! Is it a slum?” he asks.

“No!” yells the Jew.

“Then why so much sadness?” asks the tall, handsome, blue eyed, broad shouldered, elegant male Nazi. He looks slightly like Elliott.

“We have a great country!” says the Jew.

“So! That’s great huh??!” says the Nazi.


“Why don’t you get it? It’s not a country that existed in the 1940’s.” says the Nazi. “We couldn’t ship you off to your homeland. There wasn’t one.”

“That wasn’t our fault.” says a Jew.

“Regardless of whether it was or not, it wasn’t our fault.” says the Nazi.

“So you felt…imposed on?” asks the Jew.

“You did impose on us!” yells the Nazi.

“But what about the good people?” asks the Jew.

“OF COURSE.” he says before vomiting. He collects himself. “Some days I can’t stand that I exist, excuse me.”

“Uh huh! Yeah. She’s full of shit! That’s not a Nazi!” says the They in the Illuminati as 6 Underground plays. “A real Nazi wouldn’t be so repentant.”

Lem “Slay” Lay dances in. He’s cloned himself for the purposes of dancing. Choreographed by Michael Jackson Ken Lay and his clones are super chill as they dance to 6 Underground. The Nazi vomits and Lacey farts.

“I’d rather fart than pass-out.” says Lacey. “I need another 20 years out of this body.”

“Her farts are cute.” says Lem.

“So what.” says Lacey kindly.

“His vomits are elegant.” says Louis Hill Jr.’s wife about the Nazi.

“They are.” agrees Lacey.

“What if I can’t vomit so well?” asks Louis.

“I doubt you’d vomit poorly.” says Lacey.

He partially vomits.

“No, that’s very handsome.” says Lacey to Louis.

“She finds that Nazi attractive.” he says.

“But will he find her attractive?” asks Lacey.

“No!” says Elsie.

“Not everyone finds everyone attractive.” Lacey says.

“True.” says Louis.

Dog Trot by Moondog plays.

“You know more about the Nazis than you’re being allowed by the Illuminati to write.” says the Jew to Lacey.

“I highly suspect so.” says Lacey.

More later.

Me and the Devil by Soap&Skin plays.

Lacey marches up to Satan and beholds Hell. It’s far nicer than where she’s lived almost her entire life.

Satan smashes in her skull. She laughs.

“No, I know it could be worse. I could have lived without God’s love shown through you.” says Lacey to Hell.

A demon of witchcraft or gluttony nods affectionately.

“But you were never loved.” says a demon of cancer.

“No, of course not.” says Lacey. “But this is Hell. And I learned about God’s love at least.”

“Yes! And we imitated human love well enough to convince you that you were loved until you grew-up and married well enough.” says a demon of hatred.

Lacey weeps as a demon smacks her in the face. It reminds her of Christ’s love.

“Too bad you all fell.” she says mournfully. “But of course I didn’t decide that for any of you, including Satan.”

They stand.

“And of course Hell is intolerable without Christ’s love.” says Lacey. “I can’t imagine being here without the hope of Christ’s salvation.” Possibly in Hell she bows before Christ in the excitement of anticipated battle.

“Of course He’s already won.” she says.

“But humans still suffer.” says a demon.

“Yes, and it’s becoming impossible to forgive.” says Lacey. “I can’t imagine forgiving Lem tonight. Possibly ever. And something about that scares me.” she says to Christ.

Michael joins Lacey.

“The coldness she thought she sensed from you was an attack of defilement against Lacey’s existence.” says Michael to Lem.

Louis understands.

And yet…you do or don’t have mercy for her love for me and Louis? How is she supposed to figure it out? She’s not a man, Lem.” says Michael.

“Are you ceasing to exist?” Lacey.

“No!” he says to her.

“So you can’t forgive me?” he asks her.

“You’ve never asked. You never been clear. You’ve never been here? You’ve been cheating with Jack since almost the beginning even if you didn’t cheat at all.” says Lacey.

“What if that’s mostly all our lies and subterfuge?!” asks Hell sweetly of Lacey.

“Well as comforting as that is in Christ…the humans still did it willingly. And Lem doesn’t seem to understand how it’s been.” says Lacey.

“And you’re worried about The Bible.” says Jesus to Lacey.

“Possibly.” says Lacey. “I can’t make sense of it.”

Has Jack been secretly cheering on Lem’s confusion or resentment to feel intimacy with Lem? If so Lacey can’t make sense out of why God would allow that. Because…she could make love with Michael forever. She adores him. But he’s not Lem. And so…it can’t be settled if Lem loves her.

“Jack what did you do?!” asks a Catholic saint.

“You can’t forgive the humans?” a demon asks Lacey.

“I struggle!” she admits to the demon and Christ.

Jesus puts Michael in charge of Lacey for the time being. Lem wails and weeps, even if it’s not permanent.

Me and the Devil by Soap&Skin plays.

And as Michael loses control and makes love to Lacey in his spirit, quickly…Lem listens to Jack’s confession.

“At least it was very quickly. And she didn’t almost feel a thing…by choice because she loves me.” he says almost smiling. He realizes he could put her to sleep himself. It’s late. But he would have to ask Micheal for permission first and Michael might not accept that offer at the moment.

“It’s not fun to have listen to this.” Lem says, exhausted, to Jack. “But do go on, please.”

“I essentially ripped her soul out of her body and ate it. Shit it out. And then made her eat upon threat of a barren womb and no contact with you for eternity.” says Jack. “Joe said, ‘I What are you doing?!?’ And I told him.” Jack laughs like a psychopath. “He was terrified! But we thought if Lacey dated him and they spent eternity together it’d all work out just fine. …Come to find out she’s inexhaustibly in love with Lem.” He shrugs. “My jealousy doesn’t work. …Nothing works.”

“I think I’ve seen quite enough!” says Lem.

“So, you’re still in love with me?!?” asks Jack grinning cheerfully at Lem. That’s what they say anyway.

And as the music plays Michael pushes Lacey backwards in a dance. It’s African. Erotic. And she’s lost to it even as she yells with arms outstretched for Lem.

“It has to and had to be done! She’s too upset. Too suicidal.” says Michael. “And I can’t help myself anymore anyway because I’m not an attached man and I want her too, Lem. Very much!” He pushes Lacey into a wall and then holds her. “You’re loved, baby. I promise.” he says in a sexy voice.

Jack looks uninterested and unimpressed. Louis looks disturbed by that.

A recently deceased gay man with a bag of Doritos walks up to the group. He eats, licks the dust off his fingers. Munches some more.

Me and the Devil starts again.

“Okay…so umm…Jack…get real.” He dumps the bag’s crumbs into his mouth. “You sodomized Lemmers.” he says matter-of-factly.

Jack looks unmoved.

“It’s all the same.” says JFK.

“Except it’s not!” yells a Messiah College professor.

“Oh yeah?! What’s the difference?!” asks JFK.

“It’s pretty simple. If Jack was coercing a straight man into unwanted sex it was rape. Right? And you’re Jack?” asks the professor.

“Yes!” admits Jack.

“Alright, then if Lem was straight…you sodomized him. Because that’s what sodomy is. It’s a way of HUMILIATING another man. It was once used in war not to make love but to destroy the opponent profoundly.” says the Messiah College professor.

“I’m not that kind of man!” says Jack indignantly.

“Oh yeah!!?” says the professor. “What does God say happened?”

“Why can’t you fool hot, stupid, pieces-of-shit from old money families like The Billings?” asks Jack if he’s guilty.

“Why can’t you kidnap drunk, vulnerable, grown men and throw them in rivers?” asks Lacey sarcastically.

“You should confess.” says Ted Bundy to JFK.

“I can’t do that on this blog regardless of my guilt or innocence.” says JFK.

“And if homosexuality is insanity both men sodomize each other unwittingly. But…if they share the delusion it’s possibly less tragic than if one man is straight and at all aware of what’s happening. And far worse if the man sodomizing the straight man is bisexual and withholding information about heterosexual sex that might save his soul.” says Lacey. “You possibly sodomized Lem not me. Do you care about him at all?”

“He says he didn’t. He lied.” says the gay man.

“And I made love to Lacey. Not you.” says Michael to Jack. “My penis. …And I’ll send you to Hell if God so desires it for eternity. Personally.”

“Well…Lacey trusts Lem with God. But what I wanna know is why would a man sodomize another man?” asks an Englishman.

“He stole my soul first.” says Lem. “And bettered himself with it. Saved himself. Promoted and aggrandized himself with it. …I was his social crutch. Often. Always. And I did it thanklessly, tirelessly. Because that’s who I am. …But I’ve been incapable of seeing Lacey’s love and desperation for me through her lovemaking with Harold Loeb and Louis and Elliott and Michael. …Although, thank God for Louis and Michael.” he says.

“You got cold first, Lem. Why?!” asks Michael.

“I didn’t want to scare her with my feelings.” he says. “I fell in love with her first.”

“So did I!” says Michael. “Lem, that’s quite normal with women. Surely you knew that!”

“I wasn’t cold. I was quiet. Because I was aroused and awkward.” says Lem.

“Lem she has no idea how she is.” says Louis. “You utterly humiliated her. …Which why she’s so vulnerable to us. Think about it.”

“Even if I seduced her?” he asks.

“Lem, I seduced her. Jack tried to seduce her. …Her ex-husband seduced her. …She’s still confused though.” says Louis. “She’s not okay. She’s…thoroughly brainwashed into believing she is a bad person and an ugly woman for even flirting. Because she’s been violently assaulted by her fellow adult living humans into thinking she’s that offensive for it.” He thinks. “With the exception of Michael’s doppelgänger, old-money men who are dying off around Michael’s age, even older men of all casts who died years ago and that’s it. The rest come on to her but…act either ultimately indifferent or at least slightly annoyed.”

“I’m tired of hearing my eyes are warm and friendly by men who want to sleep with me.” says Lacey. “My eyes aren’t just warm.”

“Describe her eyes, Michael!” commands Jesus Christ?

Me and the Devil by Soap&Skin plays.

(Adult content below)

“To me they’re her vagina. And looking into them for me is like falling into her before penetrating her sweet flesh.” he says. “I take once glance and then let myself go.”

“And what about you, Lem?” asks Jesus?

Jack keeps replaying their sex acts in Lem’s head. Over and over. To affect him. He becomes irate when Lem seems totally unaffected, however. So, he persists.

“Her eyes are like… … …her vagina…when you’re in love with her as a man.” he says gloomily. “But they’re also mine. Not anyone else’s.”

“But not all women have such eyes.” says Michael. “And I refuse to be ashamed of God’s glory.”

“My cock in your mouth is the fount of every blessing.” said Jack to Lem in 1961?

Lem imagines biting down, cutting off Jack’s cock with his teeth. In 1961. Blood gushes.

“But where’s Lacey right now?” asks Michael. “Andyou didn’t bite off his cock. Or kill him. Or throw him across the room. Or let him die. Or do much of anything to defend Lacey.”

“And Joe made her feel ugly.” says Lem. “What would you have told her?”

“That I was aroused.” says Michael. “And I felt lucky she even knew I existed.”

“That’s closer to how I feel, for a start!” says Lem.

“But Jack is trying to steal her perfume now? What’s he taking? Pamplelune?!?” asks Michael.

“They keep telling me I was in love!” yells Jack.

And at that Lacey goes off to watch There Will Be Blood.

“I’ll watch with you!” says Lem.

“I’m not walking with the Devil. I’m just in God’s army and through the Illuminati I may have met Satan with Christ’s protection? But possibly most people have less consciously?” says Lacey to clarify.

“Those are my brown eyes!” says Lem. “And that’s my soul and her-her’s.”


“I want you to kiss Michael. Then kiss me. And if I seem cold…I want to know. And if you choose him…I won’t give-up but I won’t assume anything either.” says Lem. “You’ve been used too much. I’m sorry I failed you.” he says to Lacey.