Lacey may be with Lem for eternity but that doesn’t mean Michael and Louis aren’t still involved in the situation at large. It’s possible they can’t change that.

Nice Boys by TEMPOREX plays.

This morning Jack saw Lacey for the first time. He’s never actually seen her before. Perhaps he’s just relied on his sense of who she is. And his older brother’s explanation of her.

He looked at her and it was as if he was grieving a horrendous death. At once a strange look of recognition swept across his face. Not that he knows her. But she looks like a familiar person. …She looked like she was perfect for his brother, Joe. Although he didn’t say that. He just controlled himself to keep from shaking in tears.

Was it Joe’s death all over again?

“Yes! And she looked so nice. So genuinely nice.” says JFK.

“How does he feel about her being with Lem? It enrages him in a new way. How does he feel about her being with Michael? He thinks Michael is a Rockefeller. …How does he feel about her being with Louis? It makes him want to start a second Civil War.” says Frank. “He’s too angry at Louis to show anger.” He thinks. “Harold Loeb just scares him…on some deep, core level. Scott also makes him weep in terror.”

Nobody by Mitski plays.

“Why does Harold Loeb scare him so much?” asks a Millennial woman.

“It makes me feel like we had no business living in Boston. We should have just taken-up farming in Missouri.” says JFK. “I’m not kidding!”

“Why?” asks a Millennial woman.

“Because he’s perfect. He’s not as smug as Hemingway says. But he is an aristocrat.” says JFK.

“A real aristocratic?” asks Lacey.

“He’s-Yes! Harold has an air of a real American aristocrat. It’s not because he’s Jewish.” says JFK.

“Jack, why is that so scary?” asks the Millennial woman.

“Because I see all of our familial shortcomings at once just analyzing the possibility of Harold Loeb taking Joe’s soulmate…forever.“ says JFK.

Nobody by Mitski starts over.

“It’s creepy. …She’s too easy to read.” says Jack. He looks at Lacey again and starts feeling like he’s on a bad drug trip.

“Is it Lem or Joe?” asks the Millennial woman.

“Lem. She reminds me of Lem. …But also Joe. And…I think…I can’t express how weird it actually really is.” says JFK.

“Because she’s a soulmate not just a temporary wife?” asks a young Boomer woman.

“Wait until you see it in Heaven!” says JFK. “It’s far more overwhelming than you might think.”

Sodus by Cemeteries plays.


“Do you think you were a target of the Illuminati or that my husband targeted you for sadistic purposes?” asks Mrs. Blue of Lacey.

“I don’t know. Most likely your husband targeted me for sadistic purposes.” says Lacey.

Then with condescension, “You’re such a prick!” says Mrs. Blue to Lacey. Mrs. Blue has been in love with the idea that she’s Beth Gallagher for years if Lacey isn’t an Illuminati sacrifice gone wrong.

“How?” asks Lacey.

The They laugh derisively. “Because it’s like…why did you have to find my husband attractive?”

(Adult content below)

“Mrs. Blue…you know. Your husband might channel Michael, for real against his will.” says Lacey. “Some proof of that is when F. Scott Fitzgerald possibly warned me about your husband…in 2013. He called your husband evil. He said to stay away from any man who reminded me of him because it could end the world or cause nuclear war or mass destruction. …But I didn’t understand.” Lacey thinks. “I must not have thought your husband looked like him enough to count. Something silly like that. …But…the thing is…why? Maybe he really does channel Micheal or something impersonating Michael?” Lacey thinks. “And anyway…I was drawn spiritually to him for that reason then. Almost helplessly. And it’s…almost like gravity.”

“What don’t you get?!” asks Michael Rockefeller of Mrs. Blue. He seems impatient.

Can You Hear Them Sing? by Cemeteries plays.

Suddenly Stanley Kubrick takes over Lacey’s blog. Temporarily.

Harvey Weinstein smiles.

Mrs. Blue is Dr. Harford’s wife. Mr. Blue is Dr. Harford.

“That wasn’t my best work.” says Kubrick. “I underestimated evil’s power over innocent people when leaders worship evil.”

“And I perpetually underestimate the English.” says F. Scott Fitzgerald. “Especially their innocence…in God’s eyes when they worship Him sincerely.”

“Don’t underestimate God.” says Louis.

Summer Smoke by Cemeteries plays.

Suddenly Mrs. Harford walks in on the sex scene in Eyes Wide Shut. Because she’s actually joined the Illuminati. At the mansion. And at first she sees Michael and Lacey in a private room with the door open. And at first she finds them beautiful and feels jealous. But as she watches, aghast and bourgeois at heart…she also wonders why she feels so compelled to watch. She doesn’t know these people…

But then like ghosts they dissolve. And what’s left is a woman drugged and blindfolded on a table and…her husband. Mr. Harford.

I Will Run From You by Cemeteries plays.

…Where did the other people go? The woman disappeared? No. She’s just unconscious and yet uneasy looking. Blindfolded. And the man has disappeared into her husband?

The man was beautiful and passionate and they were clearly in love. Her husband laughs at the vulnerability of this somewhat petite, very beautiful, sad looking woman. With his buddies. Her confusion and pain is victory to him. It looks scares Mrs. Harford to see her husband and supposed protector act so sociopathically. It scares Mrs. Blue…Mrs. Harford…far too much. She psychologically frays into shreds. Grasps for meaning and logic and something to cling to.

Then she sees the image of Michael and Lacey again in her head. Their love, heat and passion. Something Mrs. Harford has never experienced to that degree with her husband.

And…using her psychic logic from her spiritual coaching…she presumes that her husband…is…Michael. Her original jealousy overcomes her and melds with a new jealousy insisting that her husband is this man…secretly. She finds meaning and comfort in this jealousy. She finds safety too…because then Michael is her husband. Her husband is safe and loving secretly then. Her husband is this blond, loving, courageous…humble…meek genius. …And…the only reason Dr. Harford is being so evil and sadistic and cruel to Lacey….the unconscious woman on the table…is out of loyalty to her.

To Mrs. Blue it’s not that Dr. Harford is insane or possessed. No! He’s…loyal. He’s…just protecting his family…from this…woman.

Ow by Stephan Moccio plays.

In the weeks afterward Mrs. Harford/Mrs. Blue obsesses over who the woman was. She wasn’t her husband’s usual mistress. And…her husband’s usual mistress who she tolerates to keep the peace at home…hates this woman.

“She’s an obsessive freak!” the mistress yells.

Mrs. Blue overhears this comment. Assumes it’s the truth or hopes far too much it is.

“Is she in love with my husband?” Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford asks her husband’s handler.

“Oh! I don’t think it’s such a big deal. She’s just some curious person. It’s none of your concern.” says the man.

“How did this curious person find her way into the meeting?!?” asks Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford, growing noticeably agitated.

“We’re not going to talk about that right now.” he says with sudden deathly darkness and what? Fear? But Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford doesn’t recognize it. She acts dejected and annoyed.

He’s done talking about it.

Chopin plays. A Nocturne.

And over time…Mrs. Blue’s friends conclude that Lacey is…an obviously obsessed bunny boiler. Because she’s showing rage. And to these secretly misogynistic, backward, bourgeois women Lacey’s emotive only registers as genuine and deplorable weakness and insanity.

Only once at a posh wine bar in Napa does a famous, beautiful actress in Gen X wonder aloud…”So…she was drugged?!?”

Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford looks confused in response. Her mind can’t process this piece of the situation.

“Yeah! But I mean…who knows how she got that way!” Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford says. “We aren’t the kind of people who would ever drug someone!”

“Oh my God! You must hate this woman!” says the actress.

Mrs. Blue sighs. “You know…we were rich growing-up but not like we are now. And…my whole experience in the industry has been so eye-opening.”

The actress nods emphatically and empathetically.

“She’s probably just some idiot after our money.” says Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford.

Then the image of Michael and Lacey comes to her mind. She becomes overwhelmed and overwrought. She almost cries.

“Aww! Sweetie! What’s wrong?!” asks the actress.

“I just…I saw a ghost and he was the one making love with her. Not my husband.” says Mrs. Blue hoping to find answers and insight.

The actress nods as if that’s common procedure.

“So he fully manifested.” says Mrs. Harford/Mrs. Blue.

“Yeah, I’ve seen a few manifestations before. They’re so scary at first but you get used to them.” says the actress.

Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford doesn’t question this.

“He was this like blond, Caucasian man. Built!” says Mrs. Blue. “The thing that disturbed me was how in love they were.” She shrugs. Cries. “Like…how many lifetimes ago was my husband this woman’s lover?”

The actress loses interest. Its so cliche to her.

“Maybe your husband is Joe Jr..” says the actress to be kind.

Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford thinks. Blinks. She loves this narrative.

“And she’s just like…Marilyn Monroe reincarnated!” says Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford.

“Yeah! Total bunny boiler.” says the actress thinking she’s being daring. Daring to claim the beloved victim Marilyn Monroe…was just a bunny boiler.

Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford looks at the actress and feels a boost of superiority. Feels a bit of disdain at the thought of this reincarnated woman thinking she can steal her current husband.

“She’s just an idiotic who doesn’t understand how things work on any realm or plane of existence.” says Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford with a huff.

“Just remember: he loves you. You’re the one who he married. And I don’t care what people say, marriage is so much more of an indicator about what men actually think than people ever admit to nowadays.” says the actress.

Love & Hate by Michael Kiwanuka plays.

“Well…we’ll get through it. We’ve been through far worse.” says Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford.

Their waitress arrives to offer dessert.

…”What’s incorrect about that explanation of what actually happened?” asks Stanley Kubrick of Mrs. and Mr. Blue.

“I’m not that much of a gullible soccer mom!” says Mrs. Blue. “I would never enable my husband to be so stupid or evil.”

“Yeah! And let’s be honest…I’m not that sexually desperate.” says Mr. Blue. “I can screw hot women everyday if I want to. I don’t need to drug someone vulnerable.”

“That’s all bullshit.” says Stanley Kubrick matter-of-factly.

Mr. Blue says, “She was…insanely in love with me.”

“You fooled her.” says Stanley Kubrick.

“You conned her into trusting you with her attention in private entirely through your faked persona. She can’t stand who you actually are almost at all.” says F. Scott Fitzgerald. “You’re a lying, unstable, obsessive and evil nerd.”

“Do you specifically try to channel me?” ask Michael Rockefeller.

Tainted Love by Milky Chance plays.

“Let’s step back.” says the actress to Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford.

The song is disturbing. It’s honor of the sewer trash consciences running and ruining the US in many cases. To mock their hopelessly useless and fallen minds without Christ’s redemption through His sacrifice and inevitable resurrection.

“Mrs. Blue…who does that man actually look like? Your husband or someone else?” asks the actress.

She lies to herself first. Then Mrs. Blue says aloud, “He looks like a blond, sweet, naive version of my husband.”

“That’s not Joe Jr. though.” says the actress.

“Mmm. No. I guess not.” she says with sudden cold disregard and disinterest.

“Who does that look like?” asks the actress.

Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford stays off Tik Tok.

Our Love Will Survive by Wild Belle plays dedicated to Mrs. Blue from her Dr. Harford. She shakes her ass and smiles…bearing a striking resemblance to Olive Oil even while she believes confidently that she’s a princess and a queen and far better looking than Marilyn. Just..a unique beauty. She flaps her hands far too much like a bird. She looks like an awkward idiot.

But Mr. Blue loves it. He smiles sincerely. He loves her…despite what he pretends otherwise to sound cool. Even as a malignant narcissist.

The actress laughs at her slightly as she pulls out a photo of Micheal Rockefeller. “Does he look like him?”

Mrs. Blue is overjoyed to receive love from her husband. Loses interest in anything else.

“Let’s make three more children!” he says to Mr. Blue, breathlessly. She’s serious.

“Okay! That’s great! But who is this?” asks the actress of Mrs. Blue.

Mrs. Blue looks at the photo and scratches her head. “I don’t know! I guess?” She couldn’t care less.

“Use that Yale educated brain and think seriously for a moment.” says the actress to Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford.

Mrs. Blue is buzzed on her husband’s love.

“Do those two men look like the same men?” asks the actress.

Mrs. Blue studies the photo in a daze and then looks carelessly at Mr. Blue.

“No! They aren’t the same men.” she says compliantly.

“No!! …I mean…is this man the same man as the ghost you saw manifest?” says the actress.

Just then Michael Rockefeller’s ghost manifests separately from Mr. Blue/Dr. Harford. He stands there and stares at everyone politely and causally. Smiling.

“That’s not a ghost!! My ass!!! That’s a demon she’s manifesting to exonerate her lying, shady, bitch ass!” says the Wobbly clan. “Kill her! That slutty hoe!”

Fool by Fitz and The Tantrums plays.

“No! I’m a ghost!” says Michael Rockefeller. “Or none of the entities you’re talking to are ever ghosts. Or aliens.”

“Okay…so going forward on the hypothesis that that’s a dead man…-“ says the actress slowly.

“That’s a shit hypothesis!!” says Mr. Blue seriously.

“That’s your opinion.” says Lacey calmly and diplomatically in a real attempt to move on in the conversation, so to speak.

He looks visibly repulsed.

Moneygrabber by Fitz and The Tantrums plays.

“You…are…not right!” he says while simultaneously flirting with her.

“I get it! She’s a stubborn-ass-bitch!” says a Biden. “One of those prudes who don’t put out!”

“Yeah! If the price was right!” says Wobbly trying to have a ‘guy moment.’ He’s implying that she is only after money.

“Yeah! Her perfume choices and acceptance of trans women as friends makes me wonder if she‘s just a tranny too!” says a perfume hater. “Or a lesbian.”

“Okay! But do I look like the man in the photo?” asks Michael still standing there patiently.

“No! You don’t!” says Mr. Blue thinking he’s being friendly. “You’re exonerated!” he says trying to fist-bump the ghost. “You’re free! You don’t have to associate with that hideous bitch ever again!” he says grinning.

“Yesh! Such a embarrassing person.” says Mrs. Blue about Lacey. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t be such a pretentious snob.” says Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford seriously as a quick apology afterwards.

Michael looks ready to weep.

“Okay!! Yeah! But who is he?!??” asks the actress, exasperated. She points at Michael Rockefeller.

“Yeah. You probably aren’t my husband. If you’re a ghost.” says Mrs. Blue to Michael.

“Dude? Why? She’s an ugly bitch!” says Mr. Blue to Michael.

“No! She’s not. And I manifested to save her life from you.” says Michael in a heated rage. “God may have refused to let you rape her or…something along those lines.”

Mr. Blue looks ready to explode at this ghost.

“Oh my god, honey this is Michael Rockefeller!” says Mrs. Blue absentmindedly as if she’s studying a painting. She holds the book with photos the actress brought as proof.

Mr. Harford/Mr. Blue looks at the book. Then he looks back up at Michael.

“Fuck you, you asshole! I know your kind! You asshole!!!“ Mr. Blue/Dr. Harford says like a redneck from the inner-city. Then he wobbles in his jeans as Millennial men trying to look cool sometimes do.

Mrs. Blue looks chill. Very American-lux-athleisure-assured.

“Okay!! Well!” says Mrs. Blue in a sudden cheer.

Love Again by Dua Lipa plays for the rekindled love of the Batcrew.

“Look! I found a man who looks like this ghost! And he’s alive! So I win!” says Batgirl III pulling a man behind her. She claims they just got married.

“Oh my god! We did win. Didn’t we?” says Mrs. Blue cheerfully. Mindlessly happy.

“Hey guys!” says Elliott Roosevelt humorously manifesting.

Fox News is intellectually, morally and politically excited.

“What is this?!? Ewww!” says Mr. Blue.

“You LOVE ME!!!” Mr. Blue rips into Lacey.

“Oh! It’s fine. I went to Andover and Annapolis. And my mother bought Brooks Brothers when her father sneezed on Thursdays. And my dog Mitsy is currently shitting bricks in my Birkin.” She giggles. “And I wear Gucci lipstick on my eyelashes.” says a woman who feels she’s SO SUPERIOR to Lacey Banks or Lacey anything.

“Thanks! Awww!” says Mrs. Blue.

“I have fourteen houses!!!” says an American billionaire stupidly and slowly eating a single stick of celery.

“Hey! …You guys are cool.” says Mr. Blue seriously like a child or a sappy adult.

“So…if this is Michael Rockefeller…aren’t you guys concerned? At all?!?” the Gen X actress asks the They.

US?!??” ask Mitsy Louis Gaynore The Dog II’s mummy.

Her husband Anders laughs profusely.

“We don’t have anything to worry about!! Not a thing!” says Anders.

“I can’t stand this bitch! Doesn’t she know who I am?!?!” says Wobbly.

“Calm down, Wobbly! I’m sure she’ll be dead soon!” says Anders. “Calm down, old sport!”

“She’s laughable!” says Mitsy Louise Gaynore The Dog’s mummy.

“Okay! I’ll bite!” says Wobbly. “No! It’s comedy! …Look…how did you manifest your penis in her vagina?” Wobbly asks Michael Rockefeller condescendingly.

“No! It was me.” says Mrs. Blue.

“You never were actually inside of her ever. That’s insane.” says Michael. “Right!? Because your physical penis never was. You’ve never even physically kissed her. Or even touched her.”

“I did it through astral projection and witchcraft.” says Mr. Blue.

“I’m not going to talk about my private sex life with Lacey.” says Michael Rockefeller.

“Or former sex life.” says Lem.

“But I saw him having sex!!!” says Mrs. Blue emphatically.

“That was my spirit!” says Mr. Blue to his wife.

Mrs. Blue looks hurt.

“No!!!” screams Lacey. “It wasn’t necessarily your husband!”

Mrs. Blue/Mrs. Harford looks unimpressed and unchanged. It’s a scary, new concept to her.

“But…in his heart maybe he cheated. And in my heart I thought it was him.” says Lacey. “So in that way it was real. In that sense it was a real affair. But…I’m hopeful it wasn’t him at all.”

The They EXPLODE. In narcissistic rage to impress the poets of the ages.

Bizet plays.

“Why are you so sure it’s meaningless that it’s Michael Rockefeller?” asks the actress.

Night On The Bare Mountain by Mussorgsky plays.

“Because she’s in love with me.” says Mr. Blue/Dr. Harford sincerely.

“It’s true! She’s obsessed with him.” says Mrs. Blue.

“What if she can’t stand him? And if she’d known him better in person she wouldn’t have found him attractive at all?” asks Lem Billings.

“Why aren’t you more intimidated by us?” asks Mitsy Louise Gaynore The Dog II’s mummy of Lacey.

“I’m just not. I’m sorry if I should be.” says Lacey.

“Does Versailles intimidate you?!?” she asks condescendingly in HUGE, embarrassing yet controlled huff.

“Almost.” Lacey answers sincerely. “Maybe slightly.”

“Yes, but every summer there were thousands of acres of land she took casual walks on. In her family.” says Gaynelle. “We were rich.”

“We owned everything as far as the eye could see in several places.” says Toddy.

“That was before the oil.” says Mark.

“No! Then you got the oil and got rich!” says Mrs. Blue sincerely.

“No! We had the oil but…it was an investment.” says Ray Craft.

“There were millions in the family other than just the land and the untapped resources in the 1940’s or 50’s.” says Mark.

“Are you as wealthy as Mark Nesheim?” Anders asks Mrs. Blue.

“Would you have thought I was street trash?” asks Mr. Blue of the Nesheims.

“You are street trash!” says Gaynelle. She nods. “You certainly grew-up that way.”

“No! We don’t have $30 million net.” says Mrs. Blue.

“$30 million isn’t actually that much.” says Lacey.

“So the Illuminati is made up of billionaires and people with a few million or so in the entertainment industries who want to be part of the global elite?” asks perfume designer. “Or less than a few million.”

“It seems so. It seems that few middling millionaires are in. Not even all or most old money these days. Just mostly world leaders, new money, the mouthpieces and abused children.” says Lacey. “Sometimes the new money overlaps with the mouthpieces.”

“Why aren’t we worried about the ghosts?” asks the actress, once more.

Russia laughs.

“Because, silly rabbit! That stuff is hocus pocus nonsense!” says a Putin sarcastically. “We learned that from Rasputin.”

The Philadelphia Orchestra plays Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite No. 1.

And at that Mr. Blue uses witchcraft to try to make a posse against Lacey. That’s his first instinct.

“Dude! You found her attractive. …But…you also found her abrasive. Why? Be honest for once. Please.” says Fox News.

“Because you don’t care!!” he screams at Lacey.

“About what?” asks a dead Egyptian King.

“I can’t make you angry or scared or anything. You’re too calm. But you’re not a psychopath.” he says. “I hate that!! It’s-I’ve worked so hard to be where I am. And you…just don’t care.” He thinks. “Nothing I do is overwhelming to you. I’m NOTHING to you.”

“You’re a star!” says Lacey.

“But that’s not what I want!! I want to be scary to you!!!” says Mr. Blue to Lacey. “I want to not have to resort to witchcraft and the CIA to scare you!!!” he pouts and fumes.

“But…that’s why we thought the whole Michael Rockefeller angle was fascinating.” says the actress.

“Or killing her family and Kennedy’s.” says Mark Nesheim. “The CIA, witchcraft and clever early deaths? Or were we already being attacked and the higher-ups used you?”

“No, not all Freemasons are rich.” says Elliott. “And that’s kind of old-fashioned now anyway.” He anticipates people thinking middling millionaires and old-money could be covered through the Freemason Plan, so to speak.

“Okay…do we care that that ghost was Michael Rockefeller or no?” asks the actress yet again.

He’s a ghost!” says Mr. Blue. “He can’t do shit!”

“Okay, but what if something goes wrong that makes him angry?” asks the actress.

“He’s a GHOST!” says Mr. Blue. “He can’t drive a car, or write his own sentences or buy a house or anything like that! He’s dead!”

“Well she’s with me now anyway.” says Lem. “She might only be moderately wealthier than she is if she’d literally married me. So you can’t logically say she’s after my money. And we’d have been wealthier because times were better and we both would have been far happier people.”

“But Michael still cares. And should she ever be with me I dare you to call her a gold-digger. I’ll ask God for guidance on how to deal with my rightful and holy rage.” says Michael Rockefeller.

“I never did physically sleep with her.” says Mr. Blue about Lacey.

“But the Illuminati counted it spiritually…because they had to.” says Anders.

Jump Around by House of Pain plays.

“Your heart intent does matter.” says Anders. “Even in paganism. It can…anyway.”

“Remember how I warned about turbulence a few years ago?” asks Lacey. “Hasn’t it gotten worse?” She thinks. “It’s not getting better. I don’t think. It’s going to get far worse? But not in terms death. Just potential death. And…shipping…will be far more difficult. Traveling will be very challenging.” She thinks. “But then how is that not just about actual weather issues?”

“You’re in love with me! And you’re a sloppy, ugly bitch!!! YOU ARE!!!” screams Mr. Blue at Lacey. Abused children’s wails and demons are throttled at her to bring an ounce of validity to his lies.

“So does the perfume community have any real animosity towards Lacey or was it at least mostly conjured and is conjured by Mr. Blue?” asks a perfume hater.

“You partially hated her. But it was tolerable. And not as destructive or isolating.” says Lem.

Love & Hate is played into the depths of the ocean and beyond by Michael Rockefeller to mock the evil in the Illuminati, but specifically Mr. Blue and his Batcrew.

“I did think she was an evil weapon formed against you by Satan.” says a secretly Christian journalist about his reaction to Lacey seeming interest in the actual Mr. Blue in 2016. “I said, ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper!’”

“I’ve never understood why you thought that.” says Lacey.

“Because he’s married!” screams a Glenn Close.

“But that’s not…-“. Lacey is annoyed. “That’s not necessarily what every mistress is.” She thinks a bit more. “You can’t tell me you think every single person who has a crush on a married person is automatically a weapon formed by Hell?” She grows worried. “He had other mistresses!”

“I approved of them.” says Mrs. Blue.

“Isn’t that rather arbitrary?” asks Lacey.

“Yeah! I mean I found them first.” says Mr. Blue.

“Okay…so then that’s bullshit, if that’s even true.” says Lacey.

“I’m sorry! You aren’t going to like me!” Mr. Blue says to Lacey. Finally realizing he should say that.

“But you brutally attacked me! You are a heinous criminal. And…you…won’t…leave…me…alone.” says Lacey. “I’m either a STUPID sacrifice. And you’re killing the Illuminati slowly… Or you have a pathological fixation with me.”

“Then why aren’t you scared!!??” he asks, exasperated. “My wife is scarred. I’m scarred. You’re in madly love with Lem Billings.”

Jazz Suite No. 1 plays.

“Maybe we don’t and didn’t get scared as easily.” says Joe Jr..

“Or maybe it’s God’s mercy and grace!” says HRH Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

“It’s definitely God’s mercy and grace!” says Lacey.

“Umm…quick question: Why did you make her love for you a weapon formed in Hell?” asks a self-labeled seer listening of Mr. Blue. “That’s a very serious accusation.”

“Because my wife felt threatened by it. So did my mistresses. And…I struggle with sex addiction. And I thought it could be a weapon formed by the evil of the rise of Donald Trump.” he says. “Not all leaders. Just him. I’m very much a Democrat.”

“You and your friends thought she was an evil entity for falling in love with you?!? Or that she was controlled by an evil entity?!? Because…she was somehow being manifested through the rise of Donald Trump?!?” asks the self-labeled seer.

“We’re Christians. In some cases. Or former Christians. Yes!” says Mr. Blue.

“Yeah…but Christianity isn’t evil. You are!” says the seer. “Because you chose to be evil. You knew she wasn’t a weapon. You just listened to their accusations and went along with it. …You committed a hate crime. …And honestly…-“. He can’t talk. “I think she would die for love. If not for her kids.” He seethes. “Do you at all understand what you’ve done?”

“It’s a violent crime against a single woman. But it’s been blown-up because she has defended herself and he can’t see or respect that fact.” says a Putin.

“So you thought…she was a demonic sex zombie? Seducing Mr. Blue…to help usher in the Trump Presidency?” asks Summertime Sadness. “So…you’re us…but you perverted our message and concerns into a bunch of Liberal Democrat woke bullshit?”

“I thought Trump was pure evil.” says the man who said it.

“And she was somehow going to control Mr. Blue into submission to Trump?” asks Summertime Sadness. “With astral projection intercourse?”

Jazz Suite No. 1 plays.

“Huh! Do you still think she’s a demonic sex zombie?” ask Summertime Sadness.

“No!” says the man who originally said it. “She’s not like that. …But I think Mrs. and Mr. Blue still think that.”

Ballet Suite No. 1, For Orchestra by Shostakovich plays again.

“I’m a conservative. I don’t get you. I’m sorry. And if she’s Lem or Michael or Louis’s wife why can’t you respect that? Why the obsessive need for disrespect when it comes to her? Do you feel insecure?” says Summertime Sadness. “I mean…get a clue. Okay? If you’re in the Illuminati and you know that entities exist…demomic, ghostly or otherwise why fight that knowledge?” He thinks. “It’s not psychologically normal to be so regressive in your denial of what you understand. You can’t keep playing dumb because you’re scared by what you found out. It’s not going to go away. You can’t undo what you did. God can save you. But you can’t unknow what you know.” He thinks. “You attacked her because you can’t handle what you know or what they make you do. Even if you’re evil too now. And…what you fail to understand is that you’re ruining it now for billions of people.” He thinks. “No…she’s right. You can’t handle power. I’m sorry. But I really don’t think a lot of you can.”

“Why didn’t you just sleep with her if you had the chance?” asks Lord Thirsten Snotgrass of Mr. Blue/Dr. Harford.

“Because she might not have been interested. But more importantly I didn’t want to hurt my wife.” says Mr. Blue/Dr. Harford.

“Then why is your wife Beth Gallagher?!” ask Michael.

“Maybe we were just really trying to kill your wife.” says Wobbly.

“Ritualistic sacrifice?” asks Michael.

“For environmental reasons. Maybe we were trying to solve climate change through witchcraft and she made sense.” says Wobbly.

“Are you being serious or darkly funny?” asks Lacey.

“You’ll never know.” says Wobbly with a smile.

Debussy plays. A violin solo that sounds eerily similar to The Lark Ascending.

“Well…that sacrifice will destroy the world. Should it even be possible.” says Genevra King. “If reincarnation exists Lacey came back to life from Heaven to bring justice on behalf of the British Empire. Her suffering was never going to be equal but she was willing to relate to those who had hatred in their hearts. From her enormous wealth. It was astronomical. And…she truly wanted to make Heaven happier for them. And it was a grave task but she bravely did it.” Genevra thinks. “The thing is…it went way too far. Because if reincarnation is in Christianity but unseen we don’t know what God knows. And people have real free-will. And the people who wanted her to be able to relate no longer feel the same way. Or it’s triggering for them. Because they relate far too well to the point where they worry she’s going too far.” Genevra laughs with Lacey. “Except even if it’s not reincarnation unseen in the Bible the English still sense that she’s the sort of person who would do that on behalf of England and the British people in general.”

“To prove that they weren’t evil?” asks a black woman jokingly.

“No!! And yes.” says Lacey. “I think the idea is that evil is evil and even if you mean well…you’re still responsible.” she says. “And maybe I wanted to alleviate some of their suffering. So I volunteered.”

“And they appreciated it until recently?” asks a Chinese woman.

“Yes! And if I’m this woman I bet Putin is a Tsar. Literally.” says Lacey. “He might have felt similarly about his duties.”

“To Russia?” asks a Russian woman.

“Of course!” says Lacey. “BUT let’s preface this as only possible if it’s genuinely in Christianity.” She thinks. “Otherwise it’s just a possible analogy. Not fact.”

“What if you did lose Micheal or Lem?” to World War I?” asks the Chinese woman.

“Michael was like god in my mind. He looked a lot like Desmond Guinness. Or Lem was.” says Lacey. “I probably idolized him too much at times. Or I almost did. And maybe I didn’t think he’d ever die or I assumed he was always good.”

“So you would have overlooked his evil?” asks Genevra.

“That’s the thought.” says Lacey. “But he was a close to perfect man outside of his colonial dealings, possibly.”

“So the idea was to do this life as a good will gesture.” says a man who was a Crane. “Was my character at all like this man?” he asks.

“Niles would have been. Yes! But a man a bit more rugged than Niles and taller.” says Lacey. “Or I’m inventing an analogy.”

“They’re fascinating men!” says Genevra. “The main point is that she was here to do good. And the world has changed for the worse. Should it even be possible in Christianity. And if it’s not possible in Christianity don’t worry about it until Heaven. Or rather, only expect to know for certain in Heaven when you can ask God directly, regardless.”

Jazz Suite No. 2 plays.

“Yes! Lacey is a lot like Daphne.” says Anders. “More reticent. Cerebral. Maybe kinder and more sensitive. But…they’re similar.”

“She’s probably prettier too.” says an actress.

“But that actress was pretty.” says Lacey.

“And…Niles was not Michael Rockefeller.” says an actor.

“So Lem and Michael are worried right now.” says a man. “And yet…I think of Helena Bonham Carter in her roles or Daphne and…they might be able to accidentally land themselves in your situation.”

“Oops! …And she’s found the Illuminati!” says Michael watching from Heaven. “One can hear Niles saying that in his head about Daphne.”

“But she doesn’t know. Did you try to kill Daphne to ease climate change or did you try to kill Daphne to ease Mrs. Blue’s suffering?” says Lem. He cries over Lacey’s good heart.

“We need to know, would the people in the colonies be happy or unhappy us?” asks a woman in the Illuminati.

“It’s all speculation within Christianity, but hypothetically speaking they’d be very upset.” says Harold Loeb.

“Time to go watch Fraiser!” says Lacey.