Lacey was supposed to save Casi from Casi’s closeted homosexuality or make love to her. Because Casi feels entitled to being permanently rescued by society. Except Lacey isn’t at a homosexual. Lacey isn’t a homosexual…which means Lacey is a cis straight woman. Lacey is not a lesbian. Lacey does not find women at all arousing. Lacey does not find women at all attractive to herself at all in any way. So…Casi is…completely bankrupt. Or close to it.

Actually lots of losers in the perfume community are probably close to bankruptcy by trying to compete with Lacey. Because they don’t cognitively know how to handle their money and they’re too psychotically vain to admit it. They’d rather tempt the Illuminati into killing the whole world than admit they’re false, poor, socio-economic street trash when it comes to issues of conceit and petty hate.

Our False Fire on Shore by Cemeteries plays.

But Casi will hold out hope that Lacey is a lesbian or a bisexual instead of holding out hope that God will make her (will make Casi) straight in Heaven. Casi is too much of a social climber to be a Republican. Casi’s only way out of her family’s American southern white poverty is the cool-kid Democratic Party. It was obvious to Lacey from the start but Lacey is nice and minds her own business.

Casi often bragged about going to Pride activities with her female sex partner who she was in a committed relationship with supposedly named Misty. Misty was Casi’s ticket out of poverty. Misty was raised in the American bourgeois class and had a good job so Casi made herself pretty for her. Misty was going to buy Casi a $5,000.00 diamond engagement ring of Casi’s dreams but Casi is a slut who can’t control her sociopathic impulses to cheat like her poverty stricken family…and she cheated on Misty or Misty cheated…which is the story…Casi OPENLY told the ENTIRE INTERNET and specifically the perfume community.

Actually, I identify as straight.” said Casi (verbatim of close to it) in 2015 to the perfume community. But on Twitter in 2015 Casi claimed to be a lesbian leaning bisexual.

“Why are you straight?!” Lacey should have asked Casi but Lacey was American. And in America in 2015 you could be slaughtered for being that “abrasive.” Truly. A person of high social class wasn’t ALLOWED to be so…DEPLORABLE. It was totally shunned to a FASCIST degree.

“OMG!” texted Casi to her upper-middle class female friends who helped her into her “lesbianism” in California? Casi was on her way to a Pride march with Misty. Casi could hardly wait to join the sex sorority of queer well-off white women in Los Angeles? Possibly.

Because Casi is likely a BISEXUAL. Casi is not a straight woman no matter how much she “identifies” otherwise. Casi identifies as straight because it’s shameful to her? Mean girl Millennial women who are actually mid attractive, sheltered idiots HATE homosexuals. They play nice with gay men but they’re VIOLENT and look for weaknesses in everything and everyone because they’re often mindless, EGOTISTICAL pieces of shit by choice. They were raised to see the world as “their oyster” and all people as their followers. They don’t care about or understand almost ANYTHING because they were raised to die and go to Hell. It’s the TRUE American way.

Lacey isn’t a mean girl. Lacey might not even be that much of a Millennial. She might be more of a member of the Silent or Greatest Generation.

“Are you a Greatester?” asks a Gen. X man in the Illuminati of Lacey.

“Isn’t that the dumbest name for us?” asks Lacey. “It’s like a narcissistic take down of an entire generation by demographers. I’m just the greatest but I should stay silent?!”

“Are we like actual zombies?” asks a Millennial woman of u

“Yes! Sociopathic zombies.” says Lacey.

“Are we actual sociopaths?” asks another Millennial woman of Lacey.

“Not all of you but…the generation as a whole is sociopathic.” says Lacey. “The US is toast as a functional country once we take over. We barely know how to do actual thinking on the whole.”

“What do we do?” asks a Brown College cool-kid male in the Illuminati.

“Why don’t YOU know?!?” yells Michael Rockefeller at the Brown graduate.

“Who are you?! A Rockefeller? There’d be poor uns know.” the Brown graduate snickers condescendingly in his head.

“How wealthy are the Rockefellers?” asks Lacey objectively.

“Billionaires.” says someone.

Still?!?” asks Lacey.

“Aren’t they still billionaires?!” asks a Gen. X man.

“Yes!!” yells someone in the Illuminati.

“Are you sure??” asks Lacey.

“Actually a lot of us did give away millions and millions of US Dollars in the 20th Century!” yells Louis Hill Jr. bitterly. “It’s not unreasonable to see old money poor.”

“Not truly poor but not as rich as the bourgeois violently demand they have to be.” says Lacey. “Old money isn’t a way of measuring how wealthy someone is as it’s been slaughtered into meaning in colloquial language.”

“Dictionaries don’t mean anything!” says Dr. Moritz.

“Then how do we preserve our language?” asks Lacey humoring his poor-Nazi ass. “Not all Nazis were poor after the war. Your family was always poor?”

“I want a real Millennial.” says Dr. Moritz.

“You’re a phony, pseudo intellectual bad businessman who’s barely liquid.” says Lacey. “My father was Thomas Banks. Be careful using the Prohibition in Minneapolis. Algorithms are BRUTAL you cheap, smart-ass.”

“Yeah! So! I’m Michael fucking Rockefeller.” says Michael Rockefeller to Tik Tok scam artists who the Illuminati conjured to attack Lacey through her sincerely loving heart.

“Hey Casi, you want more help?!?” Louis asks Casi. “We lost MILLIONS and what today would be BILLIONS thanks to people like you.”

“I’m sorry we hooked Casi up with the Pride.” says a Millennial lesbian to Lacey.

“Casi is entertaining. I’m sure they had fun with Casi. But Casi is psychotic when it comes to power or Casi has been far too enabled.” says Lacey.

“Are we on the brink of nuclear war?” asks an American.

“If not for the threat of radiation the world might already have ceased to exist.” says Lacey.

Time passes.

“Wait!!! What?!” asks Casi in terror.

“I already knew that!!” says Monika on a lower class but sustainable farm in Poland. Monika dramatically alters her glamour shots to look far different and extremely beautiful when her actual self in reality is not even pretty in reality.

A moment passes.

“Why do we need you need to insult our looks?” asks Monika smugly.

“Because you inappropriately use beauty as a weapon.” says Lacey.

“Yeah okay, but you’re still wrong!” says most living women to Lacey.

“Why?!” asks Lacey.

“Because accuracy doesn’t matter. We just spread our legs and get power and shit from men. Same as always.” most living women say to Lacey heartlessly like they won the war and they’re just waiting for her to get..a…fucking…clue.

“What war are you winning?” asks Lacey.

“Yeah! Monika is ugly.” says Dr. Moritz sincerely.

“So why do all of you humor her so viciously?!” asks Lacey, exasperated.

Dr. Moritz laughs.

“We’re only on the computer for fun.” he says.

“Ah yes! Her.” says Lacey.

“So I had a miscarriage.” says Casi.

“Recently or before?” asks Lacey.

“Before what?!” The Loudest Perfume Hater asks Lacey.

“Before now. You’ve gone on and on and on on Instagram about your miscarriages for years haven’t you? You certainly made me want to throw my phone in exasperation countless times.” says Lacey to Casi.

“But there’s no Hell.” says Monika. “Just Saved By The Bell.” She’s being sincere?

“You’re a racist!” The Loudest Perfume Hater yells at Lacey in the same way she called Lacey poor and lesbian in the perfume community and was embraced and beloved and befriended and believed to be speaking the God’s honest truth.

“No. I’m not a racist!” says Lacey indignantly.

“Yes! You are!” says a black man accusatorially at Lacey. Mr. Cologne 78 has been racially called a boy and told to go dance by Casi (a white southern American woman) who’s actually likely very racist.

“Why 76? What the fuck does that even mean?!” asks Lacey. “Was that when he was born?!”

“I’m so much better than you!” he says sincerely to Lacey.

“How?” asks Lacey.

“Actually, never-mind!!! I don’t even know who you are!! I’m just that supportive and superior.” says Mr. Cologne 76 violently threatening Lacey as per usual. He tends to copy her like most people in the perfume community. Or at least they did until Lacey blocked hundreds of them on instagram including Mr. Cologne 76 and many of his cult members.

“I’m not a cult leader! I have a nice wife who wears pink Creed perfume!” Mr. Cologne 76 says.

“Ohh!!! Creed?!? CREED?! Oh bitch! You is rich!” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76 sarcastically.

“We don’t talk like that!” indignantly says a black woman to Lacey who hashtags her cult in the perfume community.

“I don’t think that’s true.” fearfully says Casi like a coward to the the black woman in the perfume community who hashtags her cult.

“She’s right. Your race in the United States does talk in Ebonics.” says Lacey to the black woman in the perfume community who hashtags her cult.

“You’re not on my side!!” yells Casi at Lacey in a rage.

“No!! I am.” says Lacey to Casi.

“No!! You’re not!!” says Casi to Lacey in real fear.

“No! I’m more you than you.” says Lacey. “Racism is you. Not me. You’re a cheap white fraud?”

“So you want to take our land and keep us in Bell…but your not a racist?!” indignantly asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lacey in all sincerity.

“I feel like I’m such an Aries!” says Casi in deep sincerity to all concerned.

“An Aries. That’s really weird. Maybe Lem was technically an Aries. …You channel him and then think you’re him.” says Lacey to The Loudest Perfume Hater.

“Are the blacks fighting a race war against whites and we’re imagining racism?” asks a white supremacist in the Illuminati of Aries-Casi.

“You channeled F. Scott Fitzgerald too, didn’t you?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“I can’t channel an actual ghost!” says Casi to Lacey.

“No! You can’t channel a person who’s alive in Christ.” says Lacey.

“How do you know that?! You’re a retarded idiot!” says Casi to Lacey sincerely.

“No, I’m not.” says Lacey.

“You’re a victim of bullying!” says Casi to Lacey like she’s fishing for a way to win.

“Yes! True. Where are you bringing this conversation?” Lacey asks Casi.

“I’m a loser!” says Casi to Lacey.

“What are you even talking about?!?”asks Lacey.

“I’m your worst nightmare!” says Casi to Lacey like Casi is the star of a famous horror film.

“Oh wow! That’s scary! Oh wow!! I’m so impressed. Oh!! Oh!! Are you making me orgasm? Or are you bleeding from your brain from your violent stupidity?” asks Lacey.

“I need to kill Lem!” says Bobby Mennonite Kennedy Jr. seriously. Is he losing his mind? Lem is dead. Or has Bobby become the Antichrist? …Is his nickname now Men? Men Kennedy is Lem Billings’ surrogate son? So it’s Men (not men) vs. Lem?

“I’m a witch!” Casi shrieks at Lacey with a feeling of joy and delight and rage and self/perceived authority.

“Oh! But what about Heaven?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“I don’t think you get it, Lacey. There is no Heaven. It’s just us.” says Men Nennedy (formally Bobby Kennedy Jr..)

“That is theologically asinine. Isn’t iiioo hi it?” asks Lacey.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. refuses to answer the response to his arrogance and vile stupidity.

“What does Men Nennedy think?” asks Lacey.

Men Nennedy is even more indignant.

“What does Robert Weak think?” asks Lacey of Men Nennedy.I no I i I i I o I oiiiiiuiii

Casi laughs maniacally thinking she’s controlling the universe.

“Casi what the fuck are you after?” asks Lacey.

“Your soul!!” she laughs maniacally and without almost any self-awareness at all.

“Jack is after Lacey’s soul from the grave and has literally fucked Satan to steal her soul. It doesn’t work.” says the Theodore H. White wife to The Loudest Perfume Hater.

“There is no Satan!” says Men Nennedy to everyone alive.

“Who is Robert Strong?” asks a pedophile.

“That’s the famous fake name Bobby Kennedy Jr. used to cheat on his late wife.” says Lacey.

“I’m not falling for it. There is no Satan!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr. with the perverted Holy Spirit Imposter spirit(s) often used by evil American pastors.

“I’m not falling for it!!” charges Casi into the dark horizon ENTIRELY created by Lacey in Casi’s imagination.

“Falling for what?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“I feel better from witchcraft.” says Casi.

“Like physically better?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“There is no Robert Weak!” yells Bobby Kennedy Jr. indignantly.

“Then who is Robert Strong?!” asks Lacey.

“He’s a way of channeling his inner Lem Billings!” says a pedophile to Lacey about Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“Yes I feel better! Of course I feel better! Duh!” says Casi to everyone who she has always imagined is stalking her or is obsessed with her.

“Are we going to have to kill you?” the CIA asks Casi. “How is the Illuminati still channeling you so vividly if you’re not actively stalking Lacey?”

“I’m going to kill Lacey. On behalf of all county music singers like me and pedophilic bitch Dolly Parton.” says Reba about Lacey Banks.

“I’d love to hear you brutally molest my last name to feel high and mighty.” says Lacey to Reba.

“Nah! I’m stronger than you, you southern imposter and fake country music star. You don’t understand that American country music stars are more powerful than any gangster to ever live. Including Al Capone. Because we have the power of country must’ve and the country music scene on our side. We also have the Confederate Army and Jesus Christ!” says Reba.

“Hey! Robert Strong are you strong enough to rip off Dolly Parton’s plastic tits?” asks Lacey of Men Nennedy.

“That’s wrong! That’s sexual assault!” says Reba infuriated and outraged to Lacey.

“What about the children you molest?!” asks Lacey of Reba.

“Sometimes I help them and sometimes I molest them.” says Reba.

“Rebecca…you’re not Dolly Parton!” says Lacey. “You can’t defend Dolly Parton via your salvation in Christ as an individual separate from Dolly Parton as another individual recognized by God as an individual separate from you.”

“Oh dear! That sounds so stupid!” says Casi about the comment Lacey made to Reba calling her an individual separate from Dolly Parton. “See that’s what aggravates me about Lacey. Lacey tries to sound smart. But she’s really just a dumbass!”

“Yeah! That’s so true!” says Mr. Blue with the Holy Spirit Imposter.

“Who are you?!” Casi asks Mr. Blue.

“You know Casi you’re brilliant! You understood early on that a person has to fend for themselves and be a Republican to live. You gotta be tough! You can’t do damn thing. You gotta be strong. And I’m a god. See that’s the light of witchcraft.” says Reba to Casi like they’re having a real heart to heart.

“Who are you?!?” asks Casi of Reba indignantly like she’s the CIA and Illuminati and British crown and all of everything.

“I’m not going to say a word. But the way your watching Lacey be pummeled right now is thanks to me!” says Men Nennedy.

“She’s not being pummeled enough!” says Casi to Robert Strong’s Men Nennedy Bus. But Casi means to suggest to Bobby Kennedy Jr. that Jr should be a better person and kill Lacey on her personal behalf.

“Why do you want her dead?” a black wizzard stupidly asks Casi about Lacey.

“Because she’s genuinely superior in every way to everyone in the entire perfume community and as a God fearing American I can’t stand it!” says Casi (a.k.a. The Loudest Perfume Hater) to everyone alive.

“Who?” asks Dolly Parton of Casi. Dolly hates Lacey because Lacey refuses to be nice about Dolly’s possible pedophilic issues.

“Karrie Schiebel. Lacey Banks. Lacey Rockefeller. Lacey Banks Rockefeller. Lacey Banks Billings. Lacey Banks Kennedy Billings. Lacey Banks Kennedy Rockefeller. Lacey Loeb? She’s a Jew, Dolly. …And also Lacey Banks Hill. Pick one. They’re ALL her name. She’s a lying fake rich bitch.” says Casi (a.k.a The Loudest Perfume Hater).

“So the name Rockefeller doesn’t mean anything to you?” asks the black wizard of Casi.

“No!” says Casi.

“I mean Rocky lost the 1960 Presidential election!” says Robert Weak with self-righteous indignation.

“Rocky?!” asks Casi. Casi possibly posted a photo of Rocky wearing a fur coat to make fun of Lacey.

“Witchcraft to save the day!!” says Lacey with sarcasm to everyone alive.

“Rocky was a boxer!” says Casi like the entire Illuminati is genuinely idiotic.

“Yeah, technically she’s right. You guys. That’s the problem. She’s right. You’re all secretly taking about Rocky now!” says Mr. Blue about Casi.

Robert Strong cracks up laughing at the Illuminati.

“You don’t mean Rocky and Bullwinkle?!” asks Casi like she’s being so intelligent and so kind and so intellectual and so mature and so well-read.

“Chris…do you know who Rocky is?” asks Tucker Carlson.

Chris Como laughs innocently at the madness.

“He’s Rocky.” says Chris.

“Rocky who?” asks Lacey.

“Rocky of the Nelson Rockefeller family.” says Chris.

“Of the Nelson Rockefeller family?!” asks Lacey indignantly of Chris.

“The Nelson Rockefeller family!” says Chris with a hint of self-righteousness.

“So you’re making his family run by who?” asks Lacey.

“By John D. Rockefeller!” says Chris to Lacey.

“Who ran the family after J. D. Rockefeller died?” asks Lacey of Chris.

Chris thinks. Waits for the Illuminati to come to his rescue. “It’s the same thing!!” he yells at Lacey like Lacey is a blond bimbo female idiot.

“No. It’s not.” says Lacey to Chris.

“Yeah right! You don’t know the difference!”says Chris to Lacey with misogynistic self-righteousness.

“I do. I suspect you don’t.” says Lacey to Chris.

“So who’s Rocky?!” asks Casi of Chris like he somehow knows.

“He’s Rocky from the Nelson Rockefeller family.” says Chris to Casi.

“Who is he?!” Lacey asks Chris to help but they (Casi and Chris) both ignore her (Lacey).

“It’s your fault they ignored you.” say all the evil poor in the US to Lacey about the fact that she knows who Rocky is and Chris and Casi are ignoring her.

“Hey! Casi…umm…have you noticed that your once fiancé is a Leo who resembles Joe Jr. and his name is Chris?” a poor American asks Casi.

“How is it my fault that they ignored me?!” asks Lacey of the evil American poor.

“Because they should be-“ the evil American poor start to say but are cut off.

“Ignoring her!” says the Chris Hayes wannabe who is using witchcraft to control the evil poor from siding with Lacey at all.

“So what’s gonna happen to the evil poor?!” asks Casi of the Chris Hayes wannabe.

“They struggle? Who cares?!? I’m not poor anymore. Don’t you get it?! I’m one of the elite now!” says the Chris Hayes wannabe to Casi.

Casi looks hurt. Hides it.

“So…is anyone curious who Nelson Rockefeller is?!” asks Lacey cheerfully.

“Shut-up!” yells the perfume community at Lacey as led by Mr. Cologne 76. Barack Obama gave Mr. Cologne 76 his authority.

“Umm. Okay?!?” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Lacey like she’s a stupid Valley Girl.

“What’s a Valley Girl? Here’s a definition:

A valley girl is a socioeconomic, linguistic, and youth subcultural stereotype and stock character originating during the 1980s: any materialistic upper-middle-class young woman, associated with unique vocal and California dialect features, from the Los Angeles commuter communities of the San Fernando Valley.

What is your insult? I’m genuinely confused. Is it an insincere questioning of my socio-economic status? Is it possible that you see yourselves as valley girls? Is it possible you see me as a valley girl and think I’m an idiot? …I’m genuinely confused!” says Lacey sincerely and sweetly.

“You’re the valley girl!” says Casi to Lacey.

“No. You think you’re the valley girl?” Lacey says to Casi.

“Yeah!” Casi says smiling. “My family is legitimately wealthier than your family!” Casi says to Lacey with confidence and honesty finally.

“I’m a lot wealthier than all your family too!” says Me. Cologne 76 to Lacey. “And smarter too!”

“Yeah! I’m a huge deal. I owned a hair salon in Kentucky for years and years.” says Casi’s mom sincerely with self-righteous rage on her daughter’s behalf.

“Yeah! We’re like the Kennedys and Billings. We’re elite. Lacey you don’t understand what it means to be elite.” says Casi’s brother Chris with enormous self-righteous rage on his family’s behalf in possible complete sincerity.

“How much is your land worth?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“Who’s land?” asks Casi of Lacey.

Your land!” says Lacey to Casi. “How much is your land worth?!”

“It’s a thousand acres.” says Casi to Lacey.

“And you own it?!” asks Lacey of Casi.

“No! My parents did.“ says Casi’s mom to Lacey.

“Did they sell it?” asks Lacey of Casi’s mom about the land Casi’s grandparents owned.

“They might have.” says Casi’s mom to Lacey about the land Casi’s maternal grandparents owned.

“Then why do you still count that land? It’s not an original pioneer homestead or a near pioneer homestead or an original plantation or a near original plantation. And you lost the land.” says Lacey to Casi. “Do you have any idea how insulting you are to reality?!” Lacey asks Casi (a.k.a. The Loudest Perfume Hater).

“It’s worth more than your land!” Casi says to Lacey.

“How much would it be worth if your family still actually owned it?” asks Lacey.

“$3 million!” says Casi’s mom to Lacey.

“So you think you’re tricking me by saying that you don’t own it? So you can keep up your delusion that you’re superior? But that’s a delusion. …You probably have a few first cousins who own $10 million in literal land and $3 million in farm implements?” says Lacey to Casi.

“Yes!” says Casi’s brother Chris to Lacey.

“Right. But you’re still dirt poor otherwise? Or no? You sold all the land? You rent your land? I’m confused about how you are socio-economically. You’re all astronomically beneath me and probably the majority of my entire legal family-of-origin socio-economically and I don’t have the patience to explain again.” says Lacey to Casi and her entire family from the moment they stepped foot in the U.S. until now. “At least that’s my understanding based on what I have gone over with a fine tooth comb for years and I’m baffled at your stupidity and possibly psychotic delusions of grandeur in comparison to me.”

“So you were just trying to intimidate me?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“Be more specific.” says Lacey. “And I’ll amend astronomical to astounding. Astronomical is an understatement.”

“When you’d write me.” says Casi to Lacey.

“When I’d write you?!? I NEVER WROTE YOU!” says Lacey to Casi in a panic because Casi sounds violent or genuinely psychotic.

“Oh come on! You wrote her! Right?!” Casi’s mom asks Lacey in fear that her daughter Casi actually is insane.

“No!! I was NEVER in contact with her in that way.” says Lacey to Casi’s mom.

“I wrote you pushy, mean girl comments and you responded to them. And you confronted me once about how rich you were. And you sent me perfume samples when my mom almost died and you let me think you might care that way. And you texted me and acted grossed out by me just trying to be a platonic friend to you!” says Casi (a.k.a. The Loudest Perfume Hater) to Lacey.

“I never implied I cared in a romantic or sexual way about you at all. It could have been misconstrued by you? If I let you think that or let you possibly misconstrue it it was partially out of emotional exhaustion…partially out of rage and partially out of a desire to not be offensive in a way we weren’t allowed to be in the United States of America.” says Lacey to Casi (a.k.a. The Loudest Perfume Hater).

“Oh wow! This is bad!” says Monika.

“So you never meant to imply you were interested in me sexually or romantically?” Casi asks Lacey.

“NO!!” says Lacey feeling I raped by Casi for being asked to clarify such an obvious no yet again.

“But you were so warm and sweet!” says Casi to Lacey. “I thought we had something special.”

“I’m sweet to everyone. Or I used to be. And no…I thought we were possibly friends. But only platonic friends.” says Lacey to Casi.

“But it wouldn’t have had to be just friends! It wasn’t to me!” says Casi to Lacey.

Lacey cringes but tries to be kind. “I’m not interested in you in that way at all. I find you entertaining. But possibly not in a way you’d want to be entertaining. I saw you as a buffoon but an endearing one. And I did care but not as any sort of lover of yours. It felt like you were wanting that maybe but people have often tried to molest or rape me or have my whole life. I’ve learned to get along with some of my rapists and develop a sort of comradery.” says Lacey to Casi (a.k.a. The Perfume Hater). “That being said, I wouldn’t recommend children being molested or other rape victims try to develop comradery. It’s dangerous to trust evil people.”

What Up Gangster by 50 Cent plays.

“Maybe astronomically superior to you isn’t an understatement.” says Lacey to Casi to correct any possible inaccuracies. “As in, I’m astronomically superior.” Lacey pauses in shock but then chooses to not contemplate it.

“I’m hurt!” says Casi to Lacey.

“Why?!?” Lacey asks Casi.

“You thought I was a joke.” says Casi to Lacey.

“You are a joke at best the way you act. Do you have a choice?” asks Lacey.

“Why did you humor me?!” asks Casi.

“Okay I’ll stop humoring you: DO YOU WANT ME TO SHOOT YOU?!” yells Lacey coldly with ladylike reserve. “WHAT IN HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”

“My family isn’t worth $10 million!” says Casi to Lacey.

“How much are they worth?!” asks Lacey of Casi.

“$1 million.” says Casi to Lacey.

“Combined?!” asks Lacey of Casi.

“No!” says Casi crying.

Lacey rolls her eyes. “I’m not going to rape the truth out of you.”

“Fuck! Fine! What do you think the truth is?!” Casi says to Lacey indignantly.

“No! I can’t control your conscience. I’m not you.” says Lacey to Casi.

“You’re me.” says Casi. “According to Buddhism.”

“No. I reject that lie in the name of Jesus Christ.” says Lacey to Casi.

“Which lie?” asks Chris Hayes wannabe mockingly of Lacey.

“The possible lie that Buddhism suggests that or the lie that I’m Casi?” asks Lacey of the Chris Hayes wannabe a.k.a. Mr. Blue.

“You’re Casi!” says the Chris Hayes wannabe to Lacey drooling with demons to try to curse Lacey.

“Okay! I’m taking over for now.” says Michael Rockefeller.

Skin and Bones by Cage The Elephant plays.

“Okay so. Honest question: How much is your family’s net worth as a clan?” Michael asks Casi.

“5 million! Why?!” says Mr. Blue laughing, high as a kite.

“No! It’s not. It’s $2 billion!” says Casi’s mom trying to be funny as she she laughs at Lacey or to get a sense of the situation.

“It’s $1 million net!” yells a man at Lacey.

“That’s not the answer I need. I need the truth!” says Nelson Rockefeller.

“I can’t protect her! I’m too corrupt?” asks the current Pope about Lacey and he’s possibly lying as he possibly often does.

“$700,000.00 net!” says Casi’s mom to Nelson Rockefeller.

“I don’t trust that the Illuminati found the right person or that she’s telling the truth.” says Lacey to Nelson Rockefeller.

“I can’t let you ask me that question!” says Dr. Moritz on the Casi Family’s behalf as if he’s their social worker.

“Why?” asks Lem Billings of Dr. Moritz.

“Because they’re happy people. And you’re sad. So we can kill you! Because we hate the life. We hate God.” says Dr. Moritz to Lacey.

“There’s no Illuminati! It’s all just ghosts attacking Lacey and she’s secretly married to me for eternity and she’s in love with me.” says Joe Kennedy Jr. to everyone.

“Joe, where are you!?” asks a Catholic nun.

“No! I’m Lem and I’m in Hell!” says a demon pretending to be Lem for Jack.

“Yeah! That’s actually Lem!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr. possibly in all sincerity.

“Joe where are you?!?” asks the Catholic nun of Joe.

“In Purgatory but it’s really Heaven in a way.” says Joe Jr. to the nun.

“Then you’re lying?” asks the Pope of Joe.

“I might be! I really, really might be. Yup! Yup!” says Joe Kennedy Jr. sounding annoyed.

“So…you’re worth how much?” Mr. Cologne 76 asks Casi.

“$3.” says Casi to Mr. Cologne 76.

“Then why are you up in here causing trouble?!” asks Mr. Cologne 76.

“You’re black!” says Casi to Mr. Cologne 76.

“$3. And then why are you genuinely like the Billings?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“Because you’re not really cool. And rich people are all cool. And Lem is cool. And I’m cool. And…that’s really all being elite is. It’s just about being cool.” says Casi.

“No! It’s not. That’s not entirely untrue but it’s also absolute nonsense.” says Lacey to Casi.

“Why did you embarrass me?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“That’s the problem. You’re so obnoxiously opaque. What in Hell are you referring to?!” asks Lacey of Casi.

“When you wrote that blog post.” says Casi LLS Lacey is an idiot.

“How many times do I have to explain that that wasn’t about you directly.” says Lacey to Casi.

“Okay. Whatever.” says Casi.

“Right. So…you’re insane and it’s my fault?!” asks Lacey of Casi.

“It was directed at lots of people but I can tell I’m included because it has to be?” says Casi.

“I was very angry at you. …I suppose emotionally it might have been you…mostly. But I chose with my free will to focus on everyone else when I wrote it. That does matter.” says Lacey.

“No! You have no free will. The Illuminati by faith in the power of Satan and potatoes in the 1800’s on my face declares you ours so help me Elmer Fudd and Satan.” says the Chris Hayes wannabe to Lacey Banks Billings. “Your thoughts and feelings can be examined and viciously attacked like a Jew during a Holocaust but worse because it’s the supernatural. And I’m still mysterious and powerful because it’s the super secret elite.”

“And I break those curses over me in the name of Jesus Christ.” says Lacey to all concerned. “I’ve been resisting them and fighting for my life and my family’s life daily since 2015.” she says to all concerned.

“The Illuminati does try to use demons and astral protection to kill, rape and murder people among other things.“ says a man in the Illuminati to all.

“Chris Hayes wannabe Wobbly started the day being outed as gay. He always interrupts Lacey and Lem having sex. I can’t fix this. Sorry!” a New Age man in the Illuminati says to the Chris Hayes wannabe.

“Is he gay or bisexual?” asks Lacey about Wobbly.

No one wants to answer.

“You’ve destroyed her life!” says an old money woman in the Illuminati to Mr. Blue about Lacey. “I can’t condemn you. But I can assure you I’m human and extraordinarily enraged. Mr. Blue, you invaded us.”

“And that’s why I am more elite!” says Casi to everyone.

“Why?” asks Michael Rockefeller of Casi.

“Because my life is more valuable than Lacey’s in the eyes of the world elite. Own it!” says Casi with calm joy.

“We can’t answer that.” says the Illuminati to Casi.

“You can’t?! Why?!” asks Casi.

“Because it would break the curse we put on Lacey and ruin our entire religious world.” says the Illuminati. “We were impressed that Lacey found us so easily but also egotistically threatened. So we decided to attack her. And…some elite people helped her and they shouldn’t have.” says the Illuminati. “We bet a lot of money around the world on Lacey being inferior to us and she’s mostly our extreme superior in most ways. She’s possibly illegitimate and our parents were more fit than us. Or we’ve destroyed the Earth with Satanism.”

Casi laughs. “I’m in charge. Right?”

“Of what Casi?” asks the Illuminati of Casi.

“The world!” says Casi to the Illuminati.

“I mean the way I see it is that by not standing up for yourselves you’ve lost to me.” says Casi.

“Lem. Why?!” asks Michael sadly.

“Because they’ve silenced me!!” yells Lem.

“Okay! Enough!” Lacey yells at the Illuminati. “No more toys!!!” she yells. “I’m done pretending like I’m your equal. …We’re all going to worship Christ or the Illuminati is canceled. And you’ll have to ask me how I want it to be in the eyes of Christ to recreate it. I refuse to keep humoring everyone’s stupidity. You’re all wrong. Christ is the only hope any human has.”

“Except how do you expect us to do that when it requires witchcraft?” asks the Illuminati of Lacey.

“Yes!! Excellent question!!” says Lacey. “I think the thing is is that you all know so much spiritually that it’s potentially dangerous to disband you. So…as much as you guys are very evil I worry that if you disband it’ll get even worse.” She laughs. “Like…they’ll be waring factions of people in a world depopulated and disconnected. No Internet. Not hospitals. No grocery stores. Not a shred of almost anything but fires, plagues, floods, famines, etc.. And so…what’s the point of totally ending the Illuminati then?”

“I agree! But it’s difficult to keep them regulated!” demands Michael Rockefeller of Lacey.

“I’m actually happily married!” says Casi suddenly out of nowhere.

“That’s good!” says Lacey.

“These are things that annoy me.” says Jim Dangle.

“What?!” asks Lacey.

“You don’t know how our organization works and then you take it over in self-defense.” Jim Dangle says to Lacey.

She laughs. “If my father was literally Tommy Banks it’s just second nature to me.”

“I’m going to disband you.” says Michael Rockefeller to the Illuminati.

“See! That’s why I’m in charge of the cool kid stuff. Because it’s cool to be cool!” says Casi getting intoxicated.

“Please disband the Illuminati safely.” says Lacey to Michael Rockefeller. “If possible.”

“We’ll only disband the Illuminati if the Lord wants us to.” says J. D. Rockefeller to Lacey kindly.

“So witchcraft is wrong?!” asks Casi in fear.

“Oh shut-up!” says Men Nennedy to Casi.

“Lacey you’re supposed describe each character in detail!” says a literary editor to Lacey. “Each character on your blog is supposed to be given a context. People reading this blog won’t know what to take from your word soup and it’s impossible to tell who people actually are. You’re a writer…but you don’t know how to write a sentence. And you’re clearly in line with me. And cheating with Chris Hayes.” She looks upset. “At least that’s what I as a hermeneutic doctor would say about the situation at hand. Because I’m full of shit. This blog…terrifies me.”

“That was a loving slur.” says Jim Dangle to the literary editor.

“I’m conjuring ALL OF THIS!” says Casi.

“How?!?” yells the literary editor at Casi.

“I’m great!” says Casi.

“Why do you want that much power? Why wouldn’t you rather have love and world peace?!” asks Lacey of Casi.

“Are you going to bring world peace?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“No! I’m not! Are you going to as the Antichrist or no?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“No! I’m not.” says Casi.

“I hope not!” says Lacey.

“Time for bed!” says Lem.

“Goodnight! Lem is telling me we need to go to bed.” says Lacey.

“Go not go swiftly into the eternal night! Fight the fires on the bay. …Do not plunge. …It is but for merriment says I. I am a true king!” says John Lyth.

“Are you a valley girl?” asks Lacey of John Lyth.

“Hardly!” he says.

“Too bad it’s not just for merriment.” says Lacey.

“It is!” he says.

“Mm. That’s the Garden of Eden.” says Lacey to John Lyth.

“Maybe.” says John Lyth.

“Then yes. Worshipping God the way he intended was probably very merry. Hopefully we all will in Heaven again.” says Lacey.

“How much is your family worth?” Casi asks Lacey.

“It’s complicated. Truly. In some respects they’re worth Trillions of Dollars. Literally. In another respect they’re worth maybe a hundred million Dollars? Collectively. In another regard they’re terrifyingly priceless and will be for a long while unless the Earth is blown up.” says Lacey to Casi.

“How much should they be worth?!” asks Casi of Lacey.

“What do you mean?!” asks Lacey of Casi.

“Without the oil!” Casi says.

“Maybe 60 million or so.” says Lacey to Casi. “Combined. Maybe more. …So actually maybe it’s closer to $120 million Dollars net combined.”

“Do you hear the billionaires in the Illuminati scoffing at you?” says Casi to Lacey seriously. “I conjured them to warn you that I attack women in their sleep.”

“I rebuke you in Jesus’s name.” says Lacey. “Why do care about their net worth? Are you really that lost?”

“I just want to steal it.” says Casi.

“That’s pretty difficult!” says Lacey.

“They’ll help me!” says Casi about the scoffers in the Illuminati world.

“Then Putin will just invade us or if he’s betraying me we’ll have World War III or nuclear extinction.” says Lacey to The Loudest Perfume Hater or those channeling her to stack Lacey for psychotic, sociopathic reasons.

“So it’s worth trillions of Dollars.” says Casi’s mom.

“To the interests of the world, yes. And it’d be the end of the U. S. Government if you or any entity stole any part our land. Truly and fully.” says Lacey to Casi.

“So why didn’t you protect us from your terrifying power?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“I’m old money. I’m not sure you’ll empathize with it in a real way but I wasn’t fully aware of it. It was so overly downplayed and common in our family and circle of friends that it felt like no big deal. To me it was just the way it is and it was not a matter to consider that much. Just the way it is. …That being said…I tried to be anonymous. And in the ways I wasn’t I was acting in emotional self-defense.” says Lacey to Casi.

“Why do you collect cinnabar?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“You have no idea how Lacey thinks. Cinnabar is far from extraordinary but it’s hardly for riff raff dahling.” says Lem to Casi as he grows enraged.

“So your jewelry is worth about $50,000.00.” says a perfume hater to Lacey.

“Oh! You’re so obviously poor and disgusting it cracks me up. Right? The embattled and embroiled poor. Why do I have to be nice to you? I can’t stand you. You are going to get us all killed literally.” says Lem to the perfume community.

“Why light crude?” asks Mr. Cologne 76 to represent the level of intelligence of Lacey’s human adversaries in the blog post today.

“They invested in it. They shipped it into the ground in the 1800’s from China, left it there and then by 1970’s it emerged as light crude.” says Lem Billings to Mr. Cologne 76.

“So it’s their oil and not our oil?!” asks Mr. Cologne 76.

“It’s my oil. Or Michael’s.” says Lem Billings. “All the trillions in the ground. If God so desires.”

“You’re middle name is Lemoyne after Lemoyne College?” asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lem Billings.

“My birth family and my actual family that raised me too…STARTED Lemoyne College. We FOUNDED that college.” says Lem. “I’m named after a relative, so to speak, with that exact name.”

“And Lacey’s birth family were silversmiths?” asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lem.

“No. And yes.” says Lem. “They were and in a sense are world class, historically significant silversmiths in Norway who had a book written about them chronically their fine art of sterling silver.”

“And then on the same side their is an author?” asks Mr. Cologne 76’s wife of Lem.

“On my wife’s legal father’s side there’s a Knight of the Order of Saint Olav and that level of rare distinction and ethical honor in Norway and in the world in the history of humankind…is nothing to scoff at you angry white peasant.” says Lem to Mr. Cologne 76’s wife.

“I’m black!” says Mr. Cologne 76’s wife.

“Where did you go to college?” asks Lacey of Mr. Cologne 76’s wife.

“Umm…they can’t read that information or it’ll be used against us.” says the Illuminati to Lem and Lacey.

“The witches channeled her. …But you don’t want me to think you exist still but you do at the same time. …Your premise for attacking me and your methods are crude, evil and absurd and always have been.” says Lacey to the Illuminati.

“She may have gone to the University of something somewhere?” says a black female witch in the Illuminati.

“Hmm.” says Lacey.

“Spelman or Lemoyne. Which one?” asks Lem of Mr. Cologne 76’s wife.

“I suppose you started both of them?” she says.

“No, you’re so offensive! All of you are. It’s preposterous that would say that to me. Truly. Have you not sense of morality or common sense or virtue or history or dignity? You sound spiritually as though you’re flirting with me. I’m not going to acknowledge that bullshit as anything but the most obvious example of my heart getting away with me and assuming you had a human consciousness with a conscience.” says Lem. “Do you think and reason as a black woman who would have the ability to realize I don’t want her? Or are you a circus freak from Mars?” He laughs at the wife of Mr. Cologne 76. “You’re a crass, rude and disrespectful perfume wearer.”

“Actually my family started Spelman College.” says Michael Rockefeller to Mrs. Cologne 76.

“Why didn’t her family start a college then?!”ass Mrs. Cologne 76.

“We were the plantation owners of course!” says Lacey with a polite smile. “And actually we did start a college.” Lacey laughs.

“Which one?” she asks.

Lacey laughs. “I think it was called the School of Reason. Literally.” says Lacey. “My great uncle started it in the 1960’s or 70’s.”

“This was an actual school?!” she asks.

“Yes. …He was a brilliant man. A highly decorated and revered fighter pilot in World War II, a businessman and dentist. Father. Grandfather. But he was very eccentric. And extremely she’s of his time. So he started this school…” Lacey says smiling. “People thought he was crazy but he was so frighteningly aware.”

Mrs. Cologne 76 cries.

Lacey looks baffled.

“Okay. You’re a joke.” she says to Lacey.

“Why?!?” asks Lacey.

“You didn’t impress me.” says Mrs. Cologne 76 to Lacey. “I’m a Queen reincarnated!”

“That’s a lie I suspect.” says Lacey calmly.

“Well…how do you not get that I’m not like you?!” she asks hurt and incredulous.

“How do you not get that I’m not necessarily like you?! And it gets exhausting to be nice to self important people like you all the time?” asks Lacey. “A lot of you acted so superior to me in passive aggressive and hurtful ways often. You and your husband were and are so petty, jealous and disrespectful to me. Why can’t you just let go of your feelings of egotistical violence towards me? Or what exactly was I supposed to do? …I kind of doubt you have a right to attack me. But I’m curious.”

“You think I’m self-important?” she asks.

“Well…what gives you this extraordinary authority over me? So many people in the perfume community were kind and unlike the average person but as Casi polluted my posts and others joined her…and then you two started being catty I got lost. …You aren’t aristocratic people. Any of you. Few people are. …And as I fought for my life…I felt increasingly hurt by people’s annoying condescension.” says Lacey.

“I’m a god.” she says.

“Can you try to be serious?” says Lacey to Mrs. Cologne 76.

“I don’t think I can talk to you. We aren’t rich. And we don’t have a clue how to relate to someone as different from us as you.” says Mrs. Cologne 76.

“You’re middle class. A lot of people are actually. Well sadly less than before… Anyway, I don’t know what else to say to you either than. Unfortunately. But I guess that’s that sadly.” says Lacey.

“You’re nice!” Mrs. Cologne 76 says to Lacey.

“I try to be kind.” says Lacey. “I wish you well.”

As Lacey leaves Mrs. Cologne 76 says to her husband, “That did not go well.”

Lacey waits for them to leave and then turns to Lem.

“What does my evil look like?” she says. “Because it was horrendous talking to her.”

“It was.” says Michael. “They’re all such you.” he says in a sniveling, silly voice in imitation of Becca, Lacey’s faux best friend in college.

“I tried to put her in her place and she wouldn’t budge.” says Lem to Lacey.

“Was Becca black?!” asks Mrs. Cologne 76 stalking them.

“No!“ says Lacey. Then turning to Lem, “I’m so lost.”

“I know. You always do.” he says to her.

“I can’t grasp it!” says Lacey.

“Let’s just let God explain what Spelman is. I don’t think she has any respect for white families who start black colleges.” says Michael.

“Yes! Fascinating.” says Lacey.

“Goodnight.” says Lem grabbing Lacey to go to bed.