It’s A Joke To Bobby

A-Punk by Vampire Weekend plays.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. went too far.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. wants Elliott Roosevelt to be omnipresent or he’s going to take over Lacey’s body to try to successfully seduce Lem for eternity. Because Bobby Jr. is only a clingy, needy, delusional desperate housewife like his mommy Ethel. Yes…merely. Only. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is possibly either gay or bisexual and he can’t face it because he’s an Ethel. Ethel Skakel Kennedy is possibly like Rose Fitzgerald, although not for certain. Ethel can’t let go of Bobby Kennedy Sr.. Ethel lies about what Bobby does so she doesn’t feel rejected. And Bobby Kennedy Jr. might easily be lying about Lem’s heterosexual orientation because he can’t handle being rejected by Lem. Because Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Ethel both possibly had a crush on Lemmers. And Lemmers might have been a name Mr. Billings called his son Lem that Jack stole from Lem and then tried to use sexually on him to connote a profound sexual intimacy, secrecy and knowing between them. And so Ethel and Bobby Jr. might use the same affectionate title Lemmers. Because it’s creepy that Ethel and Bobby possibly both tried to “sex Lemmers up” at the same time. But the Kennedy family did that. Almost as a tradition. When you got one Kennedy you got another one for free, so to speak.

Jackie Bouvier got JFK…and Jackie’s “surprise Kennedy sex token”was Bobby Sr.. Janet (Joe’s secretary) slept with Joe Kennedy Sr. and her “surprise sex token” was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Joe’s son. Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s first wife slept with Bobby Jr. and her “surprise sex token” was likely Michael Lemoyne Kennedy. Rachel Ward son Bobby Kennedy Jr. and her “surprise sex token” was David Anthony Kennedy and actually she preferred the token apparently. Lacey fell in love with Joe Sr. or Joe Jr. and her “surprise sex token” was Joe Jr. or Joe Sr. or Jack or Bobby. The Kennedy family couldn’t figure out which token was her’s?

So Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in a Jeep. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in a Ford. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in a Mercedes. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in an Audi. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in a Toyota. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in a…Volvo. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in a Chevrolet. Bobby Kennedy Jr. is in a BMW.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. drives around Lem in a parking lot of a 1980’s storage facility. Did Lem swallow a key to a storage facility filled with his childhood items? Before he died.

“I knew Ethel was going to prompt you to attack me. And shoot me full of a deadly amount of heroin because you both couldn’t handle hearing no from a person you were sexually pursuing.” says Lem to Bobby Jr.. “And Ethel just couldn’t handle that she wasn’t arousing to me the way Lacey is. She’s a cold hearted ugly bitch like you, Bobby Kennedy Jr.?” Lem thinks. “Or what? You all knew I committed suicide on Jack’s birthday or near it…because I HATED all of you at that point and him most of all. I wanted the symbolism to be that I died…the day Jack…was born. I DIED the day Jack was born.”

“You died because you loved Jack and you couldn’t handle another birthday without him!” says Ethel Kennedy pleadingly of Lem.

“No!!! I died because I couldn’t stand Jack or my life.” says Lem to Ethel.

“No! Daddy…daddy…daddy…daddy you died because you needed us!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr. desperately to Lem in all seriousness. Bobby Kennedy Jr. has parked the car and is sitting staring at Lem with his feet touching the pavement. Ethel stands there in a 1960’s dress dressed-up for an event for Bobby’s Presidential 1968 election.

Ethel may have made a deal with the Illuminati to live at the expense of the lives Americans. She was tired of dying and watching people die so she uses the Illuminati to suck the living breath out of lesser classed Americans? Or just Americans not in the Illuminati so technically those of a much higher class than her kids and all her family.

My Name Is by Eminem plays.

“These be good people! Shake your asses in their honor.” says Jonah appearing in the parking lot spiritually suddenly. “I’m gonna go ahead and get on down now and I suggest you follow my example as the Holy Spirit leads you.” And at that Summertime Sadness does a strip tease to What’s Poppin by Jack Harlow.

“Why are you doing that?!” says one of Summertime Sadness’s truly religious Tik Tok followers who suddenly appears in the parking lot with a kind, loving Christian smile on her face. Ethel, Lem, Bobby Kennedy Jr. and the follower watch.

“I’m getting good with Jesus.” says Jonah. “What?! It’s what they tell us to do and I don’t question it.”

“Why don’t you question it?!” asks the follower growing concerned and repulsed by Jonah.

“I’m a Christian!” says Jonah. “Don’t be so dependent on food stamps. Walk don’t crawl. Follow Bests. Follow Jesus to the cross.”

He walks up to the car and sits on the hood in his underwear. “Take my photo, hot stuff.” Then he lays on the hood on his stomach…and then falls asleep.

His follower follows him to the hood of the car and examines him in his underwear. “You really are…sexy Jonah.” she says. She’s 23. “You’re kinda…yeah…sexy!”

At then at lightening speed he suddenly rouses from his slumber and stands on the hood of car. “I’m not sexy!! That’s an abomination!!”

Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet plays.

“Why is it an abomination?!” asks the Tik Tok follower, suddenly in shock. She feels guilty and shamed for finding his sexual overtures as a man (Jonah is an adult man in his 20’s) arousing.

“Because! Christians don’t have sex!! That’s not what we do!” says Jonah.

“Oh yeah. Before marriage. …But I still find what you’re doing arousing!” the female 23 year old follower says to Jonah feeling hurt.

“I started my account with the hope of finding love. I lie about it to some degree. Maybe. In a way.” says Jonah suddenly sitting down on the hood of Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s BMW in the parking lot of the storage facility.

“So then what’s the problem Jonah!? I’m falling madly in love with you!!” says the 23 year old Tik Tok follower to Jonah.

“I’m not like that!” Jonah says in sudden prim disdain.

“No!! You’re mine!!” the 23 year old follower yells, crawls on to the hood of Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s BMW and then crawls on top of Jonah.

Summertime Sadness giggles. He then makes out with his 23 year old follower passionately. They do however abstain from having sex.

“If you’re a bisexual then I’m your man, hot stuff!” says the 23 year old follower as they make-out. They almost have sex but yes, they refrain.

Jealously insulted by Jonah’s attention paid to him Ethel and Bobby Kennedy Jr. calm their egos enough to be able to talk. They look bourgeois-stuffy, irritated and confused by why it wasn’t sex being offered to them.

“So! What’s this all about then?!” asks Bobby Kennedy Jr. of everyone at the scene as if he’s the literal morality police.

“I’ll have sex with Lem! That’s what I’ll do! I’ll have sex with Lem. I’ll fix it for all of us.” says Ethel (as the adult she was in the 1960’s in the 1960’s dress she wore to Bobby Kennedy Sr.’s Presidential election rally) toward Lem as she’s now “wet” in her vagina and horrifically aroused overall by the pre-sex scene on the hood of her son’s car.

“Okay! Weirdo!” yells Bobby Kennedy Jr. laughing awkwardly.

Lem takes out an English sword from the 1700’s and holds it out. Ethel not even looking up to see where she’s going charges forward shaking in sexual anticipation toward Lem. She walks very quickly into the sword and impales herself into it.

Bobby Kennedy Sr. who maybe really did love Ethel looks on with a sense of betrayal and sadness. He’s tried desperately not to cry. He now looks even more hurt by seeing Ethel kill herself from a sword piercing her literal heart.

As Ethel collapses flat onto her back of the parking lot with the English sword from the 1700’s sticking out of her chest Tom Jones’s It’s Not Unusual plays. Lem looks down at her and looks slightly exasperated. This sort of scene was common in the Kennedy family. It’s just exasperating to have to deal with them.

More later.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. channels Tippi Hedren to try to use the pedophiles to attack the Schiebels. She both does and does not attack them.

And still later.

Lacey wears vintage Cacharel from the 1980’s. The Eau De Toilette natural spray. Because she likes it and she isn’t going to let catty, pretentious lesbians like Casi control her tastes. Lacey likes what she damn well then Christ saved likes. Because she doesn’t lie.

And speaking of catty, PRETENTIOUS lesbians…Lacey had a conversation with the Illuminati and realized that…she made a mistake. See…Lacey (same Lacey from the last sentence) is genuinely 100% not aroused or attracted to women…HOWEVER…*she giggles*. she wears vintage Cacharel. And turns out…Lacey may have made a mistake. Why?! How?!? Umm…see Lacey LOVES warfare. Like she LOVES, LOVES warfare. She LOVES war. …And it’s possible Joe Kennedy Jr.’s ghost suggested to Lacey that she let homosexual women get the wrong idea for reasons of…what was it? Self-defense? Possibly early in Lacey’s life Lacey let Joe Kennedy Jr. give her FAR too much life advice. So…Lacey thought that somehow it made sense. Why and how it made sense is baffling to Lacey at this specific moment but she’ll work it out today in her mind as accurately as possible. Regardless, the purpose was to acquire these lesbians for the purposes of war.

Yes! The purpose of war. Lacey, as she literally just said in her last paragraph, loves war. And unlike some people lesbians often can be cajoled into fighting alongside her specifically. The reason why of course is because…because…*Lacey shrugs* Well…she’ll figure that out. But…the point is she made a mistake because seemingly lesbians get the wrong idea and think you’re really in love? And no Lacey doesn’t ever make physical contact with other women or insinuate that she’s actually interested in them to her knowledge.

Or if Lacey did it’s because Lacey has never been loved. At least not by anyone alive. So…she’s confused. She’s not confused by her orientation. Lacey is 100% heterosexual. She just…thought lesbians would be an eccentric but exciting source of manpower. Why because Lacey used to be a feminist. Like Lacey was a real, ADAMANT feminist and she was thrilled by the concept of women fighting side by side to defeat pure evil. And Lacey thought lesbians were a great way to harness the human power element to defeat evil.

Elliott Roosevelt smiles. He probably could have explained to Lacey the flaws in her plan of war…but…he was dead.

Instead Joe Kennedy Jr. just…well…ruined it…seemingly. And now all the lesbians aren’t helping Lacey but have tried instead to throw Lacey into Hell and she isn’t even clear on why. They aren’t adding Lacey they’re just VICIOUS, presumptuous asses.

“Yes! You piece of shit! I’ll kill you! …My power you poser of a toad of humanity comes from myself not from men like you! Get beneath me you worthless nothing!” the nicest lesbians say to Lacey if they bother to acknowledge her at all as a piece of the fabric of the universe.

“Nay! It comes from men! And from God first if you worship Him!” says Lacey to the nice lesbians.

“Wait! Wait! I’m not that mean!” says a smarmy lesbian trying to rape Lacey.

“No! Lacey’s really not a lesbian.” says Michael Rockefeller. “And then you cruel old miserly hens start a class war.”

The women all listen to him but then try to seduce him. As they do now to Lacey entirely. See Lacey has never been loved. Truly. By any mother figure. Other than maybe thee Mlle. Coco Chanel.

“I don’t tolerate my daughter.” says Coco Chanel about Lacey.

“So are there any lesbians who would like to explain nicely and politely why they’re mad at me?” asks Lacey cheerfully.

The smarmy rapist lesbian laughs.

“We have no idea what you’re doing.” says a straight man on behalf of all lesbians to Lacey.

“In what way?” asks Lacey.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!?” says Casi to Lacey.

“I’m confused. That’s not an explanation.” Lacey says to Casi.

“She doesn’t owe you an explanation!” says the lesbians to Lacey. They are foaming at the mouth.

“She does!! Especially now after I’ve tried to sort out what happened.” says Lacey in her own self-defense.

“Oh, so finally lesbians are being called out as the heartless, half-wit, useless cows they actually are in reality?!” asks a Republican Christian man.

“Umm…so why did you think we wouldn’t be aroused?” asks a nerdy lesbian of Lacey.

“Hmm. You know as absurd as it sounds I may not have thought I had any real sexual magnetism. Like…none at all. Or something along those lines. So I just thought you’d get over mr before any lesbian would get hurt.” says Lacey. “Or if you did…you’d just…get over me very quickly or I’d help you get over me. I’m an expert at getting over people. I’ve never been loved and I’m actually extremely good at getting over people. So…I think I thought it would work if necessary.” She thinks. “The thing is I doubt I meant anyone any real long-term harm. I possibly never meant any lesbian any harm at all.”

“But YOU’RE LOVED!!!” yells Jonah Wiley at Lacey but also at all of his followers but as if they’d be idiots for doubting the frailty of humanity or human love and believing instead in the existence of actual Hell, sin and death.

“You are OBNOXIOUS!” Lacey yells at Jonah Wiley in his delusion. “Some things are FAR worse than you might imagine. You seem VIOLENTLY NARCISSISTICALLY sheltered whether you are or are not.”

“So you’ve literally never been loved?!” asks the nerdy lesbian of Lacey.

“Are you BRAINDEAD OR BRAINWASHED?!?” Lacey yells at her. “I LOVE!! I LOVE!! But other living humans don’t love me.”

“No. I refuse to say it.” say all Millennials about Lacey. “I refuse to tell her one honest thing that would be useful to her survival unless it helps me more than I think it would help her or unless it aids in my success or pleases my parents. She’s nothing to me. I’m a god. Right New Age experts? We’re gods. Right??” they mostly all say with the dumb, trusting look of an infant. It’s not dumb except they’re not supposed to be so gullible and assume they’re never going to be lied to.

“We make the Billings look guilty of our sins. Possibly. It’s fun for us. We get treasures!” says Joe Kennedy Sr. with deep, sad, mournful apologies possibly offered to those he may be apologizing to.

“You’re not interested in me?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“No!! What am I even doing that makes you keep thinking that?!” asks Lacey in all sincerity and seriousness.

“You talked to me.” says Casi to Lacey.

“I’m wondering if you’re hearing voices. Did you hear demons or ghosts impersonating me??” asks Lacey of Casi.

“So I just IMAGINED all your interest in me?!?” Casi scoffs at Lacey like a rabid incel. Not a sexually frustrated normal man frustrated by women but a man who’s actually mentally deranged.

“I’m normal!!” yells Casi at Lacey with HUGE self-righteousness.

“I have no clue what bullshit you want now? You seem like a cow!!” says Lacey to Casi.

“So you’re not interested in me??” Casi asks Lacey.

“Dear God help me…NOOOOOOO!” Lacey rips Casi’s head off after smashing her skull in if necessary.

Partially silenced Lacey tears out Casi’s tongue, gouges out her eyes and then smashes the eyeballs under her feet. The tongue could be useful for cats who Casi has terrorized with beastiality so Lacey saves it. Lacey then cuts Casi’s gross, fatty body into square pieces. Casi (The Loudest Perfume Hater) clothes, house and family may be slaughtered by the Russians. Casi’s abrasive, aggressive and yet sad perfume collection confiscated by the Russians of course as well. Then Norway is held at gunpoint and knifepoint until they acknowledge the Crown of 1954 that ran their country for all concerned unless it’s an evil thing to do. Casi’s body pieces are then burned over a fire. The tongue is used by cats who hated Casi. Well…secretly hated Casi as they were helpless and couldn’t be protected.

Kick who’s been sleeping incestuously (literally sexual co-sleeping without sex) with her brother Joe Kennedy Jr. in Purgatory close to Hell comes on to him. “Hey! Maybe this will work to understand Lacey. This part of her psychology.” she says to Joe.

Then Lacey puts Casi back together, removes cats from her house and then, since this is only a blog, the Russians don’t have to attack Casi’s family after all unless they see it otherwise and then what can we do? How would the Russians get into Casi’s house? It’s on American soil. Right?! What does soil mean? What is America? Why do we care? Why…would the Russians care?

“So we thought you were in love with us!” say lesbians to Lacey.

“Why?!? I clearly was straight.” says Lacey to all lesbians.

“Not to us!!” say all lesbians.

“Why does that matter?!?!” asks Lacey of all lesbians.

“Here comes the lesbian class war again!!” says a man.

“Because OUR feelings matter more than anything or anyone else’s feelings!!” they say to all of humankind throughout all of human history.

“That’s not true.” Lacey says to Casi and all lesbians to ever live. “Your feelings do not matter more than all other human being’s feelings to ever live.”

“But we are the lordly lords of lore.” all living lesbians say.

“No. You sound insane.” says Lacey to all living lesbians.

“So you sadistically attacked an illegitimate child of an American aristocrat he had too late in life to properly raise? Or she’s just an aristocratic Norwegian-American by blood? And so she has to pretend to be survive…and we don’t believe her because why?” asks a living Englishwoman of the world. “She’s acting. And yet…it’s her real personality for the most part.”

“I would love to just hide away in England somewhere and get my mind back.” says Lacey to England that cares.

“Why?” ask Michael laughing with Lacey.

Lacey laughs. “Why don’t they see it?!?” she asks Michael as she laughs. Then she grows terrified. “Am I imagining things?!”

“No! The Kennedys might really be having sex…with each other!” laughs Michael as he talks with Lacey.

Lacey looks horrified and profoundly sad.

Michael cries.

“Well…so what’s going on?!” asks Lacey cheerfully of Michael.

Michael laughs.

Micheal laughs.

Time passes. Lacey looks like she’s getting excruciatingly painfully lonely.

“DAMMIT!!!” Michael yells as he snaps his fingers in Lacey’s face.

She closes her eyes unsure what he wants from her.

“They’re having sex!” Michael whispers to Lacey.

“No they aren’t!” says Lacey to Michael questioningly in desperation.

“Lacey they are!” says Michael to Lacey.

“But that’s technically impossible since they’re siblings.” says Lacey to Michael.

“Yes! But they like to pretend.” says Michael.

“But why?!” asks Lacey, aghast.

“It’s not like how Ghislaine Maxwell possibly likes to pretend that she cares sincerely about you as her adopted daughter or you play along out of respect for some possible tiny shred of authority God might be or have given her over you should He choose to do so here and there or etc..” says Michael.

“Why haven’t you died of Covid?!?” Dimitry of Greece and Australia asks Lacey. It’s unclear if he wants her dead of Covid or is concerned about her.

Lacey ignores Dimitry because she can’t make heads or tails of what he’s talking about.

“Dmitry!” says Michael to Lacey.

“Right! Thank you!” she says to Michael.

Lem looks at Lacey apologetically and Lacey can barely stand it.

“Lacey I think they think they’re in love.” Michael says to Lacey.

“That’s insane!” Lacey says as she contorts her face to one of deep anguish.

(Adult content below)

“It’s your problem you didn’t understand us!” Joe Jr. Kennedy says as he runs around the hotel past Lacey holding Kick with her legs around him.

“He gives me better orgasms than any of my men.” says Kick about her older brother Joe Jr..

“But you’re siblings!” say Lacey trying to be the voice of reason for them.

They turn and look at Lacey with a look of disbelief. Joe Jr. looks officially offended.

“Even if it’s reincarnation…you two were siblings. Or are. Correct?!” asks Lacey.

“We came from the same room.” says Joe Jr..

“I seduced him.” says Kick.

“You seduced your brother?!?” asks her last lover she died on a plane over France with.

Kick looks at him aghast. She shrugs. “I’m dead.”

“Kick…if you mean that…you’re insane.” says Kick’s last lover.

“I’m fine! You’re the one with a problem!” says Kick.

Lacey panics. People will find this disgusting as they should and it’s a vile thing to write if it isn’t true.

“I’m not a fan of your pedantic interpretation of reality.” Kick says bitingly to Lacey.

“Are you trying to be helpful to me by somehow distracting the Illuminati with lies or are you genuinely insane Kick?” Lacey asks Kick.

“She’s INSANE!” Michael says to Lacey about Kick.

“We wondered about Kick for years!” says a Koch to Lacey.

Lacey looks amused at Kick’s profound foolishness as a human. Lacey laughs.

“Kick!!! You’re INSANE!” Lacey says to Kick. Then Lacey prays to God should Kick really be in Purgatory.

“Does she actually think she’s in love with Joe?” Lacey asks Michael.

“Yes!” says Lem. “I’ll say yes, for now.”

“Did you realize that!!??” Lacey asks him.

“Yes!” he says grimly.

“I’m lost. Why did anyone tolerate that?!?” asks Lacey.

“Because! Money.” says a Koch.

“Money?!? That’s IDIOTIC!!!” Lacey yells and rips through time and space and possibly tears a whole in the universe exactly where God catches it.

“No it’s sexy!!!” say a pair of living vampiric Boomers. “Shh! It’s a secret!”

“No! It’s insane. It’s not even a thing.” says Lacey. “I mean they’re just defiling and tormenting each other. But what they’re too vain or stupid or both to realize it cognitively?”

“Yeah, I know. I should have said something.” says a Koch to Lacey.

“Oh.” says Lacey. “It’s so dangerous though. There’s nothing safe about it.”

“It is. It’s…a madness!” says a poet who might have known them.

“You’re confused.” says Lacey.

“No! I’m not!” says the poet. “Right?!” he asks Lacey in fear.

“What’s your logic?” asks Lacey.

“It’s not…love. It’s…love.” says the poet to Lacey.

Lacey thinks. “By that logic we don’t exist at all.”

He looks misogynistically offended. He tries to play tricks in his mind to cope with how stupid she makes him feel.

“Why isn’t it love at all?” he asks Lacey.

“Because they’re siblings. It’s really just that simple.” says Lacey.

The Koch laughs politely.

“Yes! I know!” someone agrees with Lacey about sibling love.

“Sexually abused siblings might think they’re in love of they’ve been sadistically tortured but…for two adults who even if abused should know better…to think that…is…possibly unspeakably creepy.” says Lacey.

Nocturnes, Op. 32: No. 2 A-Flat by Arthur Rubinstein plays.

“They may have been somewhat tortured but not enough to be quite that crazy.” says Ron.

“Then what is going on James Baldwin?!” Lacey asks James Baldwin.

“I think it’s… I need to know your definition of love.” says James Baldwin to Lacey.

“Listen…that’s possibly useless. Let’s talk about why you think siblings are capable of romantic love.” says Lacey to James Baldwin.

“You’re DEMONIC!!” Summertime Sadness yells at Lacey with an erection from way pornography earlier he can’t get out of his mind. He wants to screw Lacey but he doesn’t cognitively understand what he’s feeling so he assumes he’s found her evil?

“I’m not that aroused by you!” Summertime Sadness says indignantly to Lacey.

“Then why are you so violent in response to me every time?” ask Lacey of Summertime Sadness.

“I’m not sure why you think I’m being violent. I’m just convicting you of your OBVIOUS SIN!” yells Jonah at Lacey.

“Which is what?!?” asks Lacey of Jonah.

“You’re a demon infested cesspool!” says poor white conspiracy theorists on Tik Tok to Lacey “led” by Jonah. White supremacists may also guide him spiritually in the Illuminati.

“I’m pretty that’s theologically insane and possibly you’re actually speaking on behalf of actual Hell itself to attack me. How would there be demons around me or in me? Through ghosts? Because Catholics and Episcopalians are rubbish and Charismatics aren’t? Get your facts straight. I’m a Christian and I fight against evil. Or I subject evil to the power of Christ, which is possibly essentially the same thing. Don’t try to glorify evil using Christianity.” says Lacey.

“I think we thought we’d do a Communist uprising.” says a white nationalist.

“Let’s get back to why you think siblings can be in love romantically.” Lacey says to James Baldwin.

“Because they’re alike!” he says.

“That’s stupid. So what!!” say Lacey.

“Because they have to be.” he says.

“No!! That’s insane. …They’re far too much alike in the natural world as God created it!” says Lacey. “Are you secretly an idiot?! Don’t you know anything about genetics?”

“So your argument is that their very fabric is the same fabric.” says James Baldwin.

“Yes!! Obviously!” says Lacey.

James Baldwin is escorted off stage by angels who will have to iron things out on God’s behalf.

“Kick! Tell us why you’re in love with Joe!” Lacey says to her.

“It’s a secret.” says Kick.

“Why him though?” asks Lacey of Kick.

“Because he’s just that hot!” says Kick.

“He is!” says Lacey to Kick. “But…why does that affect you?!”

“Because he’s better than all the guys.” says Kick.

“True. But…Kick he’s your brother.” says Lacey. “You had the home field advantage.”

“I had him!” she says. “He’s all I ever had.”

“But then why romantic love?!” asks Lacey.

“Because he’s hot!” says Kick to Lacey.

“So unlike masturbating if you’re an adult you have a sibling who’s your sibling and in your case…since he’s hot and you’re not…you want to use him to masturbate?” asks Lacey. “Kick he’s not you!”

“No! I’m not using him to masturbate!” says Kick to Lacey.

“But Joe Jr. can’t resist you due to inherent familiar love, Kick. He should innately already love you in a familial way. And in your case using that to control him to trick him into thinking he loves you or whatever the trick is…is certainly evil and likely insane. He’s…not necessarily for you. And if you want to keep him hostage to you to brutalize me or other women then…that’s sociopathic Kick. Kick that’s psychopathic thinking not romantic love!” says Lacey.

“But see…he’s just a man.” says Kick laughing.

“But your familial bond still matters after death. Right?!” says Lacey to Kick. “Because God watched our lives while we were alive Kick.”

“Go on!” says Kick to Lacey.

“Did you hear a word I just said? Kick…as much as you want to use him to bring glory to yourself that isn’t your glory necessarily to have…it’s nonsense anyway. Because he was totally and completely yourbrother!” says Lacey. “You’re trying to steal from him for the Kennedy sense of entitlement or Rose Fitzgerald sense of entitlement. You and Jack and Bobby Jr. and Ethel are so much alike. …Do you want me to resort to Irish racism to try to get you to see?!?” says Lacey. “Why do you lie?! You lie!!”

“She’s not right. I’m incredibly attractive! She’s right. I did steal Joe to make her own her inferior status in comparison to me.” says Kick who then is escorted off with Joe Jr..

“Oh look! A Kennedy boy done took up the cause! Bless him! We gonna get really listened to now! We got a Kennedy on our side!!” says a so-called white trash American. He’s being sarcastic.

“Don’t you all marry your siblings and cousins too though? I would think you would feel clan loyalty!” Lacey says to the so-called white trash man.

He laughs. “We don’t see it the same way. It’s not a good thing. It just happens.”

“But then how do you perceive it?” asks Lacey.

“They’re insane.” he says shrugging.

“But then that’s all it is!” says Lacey sadly. “ It’s not a thing. It’s just a waste of one’s life for the glory if Hell which is nothing but suicide of the soul or spirit?”

“And why don’t they see it that way?!” he asks kindly of Lacey.

“Why?! It’s so offensive that they don’t see it.” says Lacey.

“They’re poor in their minds.” he says.

“And that’s where I get lost. Because they’re dead! And I’d think they’d choose Christ after death! But…as a Christian it’s so challenging as has been much if not all of my last ten years of life.” says Lacey. “I cannot tell you how many times I’ve felt abandoned by God but I can’t wait to see what really is going on. And honestly my faith is more because it’s necessary to get by.”

“I’ll tell you Lacey, I’ve never felt so spiritually attacked in all my life than I have over the last eight years or so.” he says.

“See, I’m sorry but I worship God. So if your next thought is that I’m the Antichrist be careful. I’m not sure how you could think that without being a liar potentially or unaware that it makes little theological sense in my case.” says Lacey. “If you want to know the truth: Worship God and by God I mean Jesus. Do you cognitively understand? I hope so!” and at that she attempts to kindly walk away.

“Well that got weird!” says Michael Rockefeller.

“I can’t tell if he was friend, foe or alien.” says Lacey.

“Why did you want a lesbian army?!” Casi asks Lacey.

“I’m just human. I do love war.” says Lacey to Casi.

“So why didn’t you try to make me think you liked me?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“Right! Because you’d be a bad ally in that way.” says Lacey to Casi.

“Why?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“Because you’re a loose cannon.” says Lacey.

“Were you using me?” Casi asks Lacey.

“Of course. I had so many followers and you served as a sort of…psychotic barrier.” says Lacey to Casi.

“A psychotic barrier?!” says Casi.

“Yes! I don’t think you get it. I hoped for friendship. I was NEVER going to love you as anything but an entirely non sexual and non romantic friend or sister-in-Christ EVER. For eternity.“ says Lacey sincerely telling the truth. “I don’t think you get it…I just can’t love you that way ever. I CAN’T and I DON’T WANT TO.”

“So you don’t want to be into me and you also can’t plausibly in any way shape or form be into me?” asks Casi of Lacey.

“How awkward for you because I’m amazing.” says Casi.

“Not to me in that way. It’s stupid to not get that. I don’t think you’re amazing in relation to me at all.“ says Lacey to Casi.

“Do you think I could be to someone else?” Casi asks Lacey.

“Yes! Or I did. But I’m not them.” says Lacey to Casi.

“I thought you liked me.” says Casi.

“Or what?! You’d have snubbed me?!” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” says Casi to Lacey.

“Why?!” asks Lacey.

“Because you seemed so cheap!” Casi says bitingly.

“I can’t tell if you’re being narcissistic or honest. I did collect perfume differently than other people but it wasn’t necessarily all that cheap. I spent thousands of Dollars of net money from my own inherited funds to start my my collection. Mine was a real intellectual approach and not cosmetics or vanity. You’re not as cool as you think you are. To me you’re just a genuine idiot potentially. I’m sorry if I’m wrong.” says Lacey. “Don’t kill yourself just get a grip.”

“Why did it NEVER occur to you that you wear the perfume as a cosmetic!” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Lacey thinking he’s caught Lacey being stupid and lying about the money.

“You’re not going to be able to respect me?” Lacey asks Mr. Cologne 76.

“No!!” he says.

“So then the fact that you’re making black men look like fucking dogs isn’t important to you because you’re way off intellectually. And you have pretentious, vain tastes not good tastes.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76.

“How am I off intellectually?” he asks.

“Do you respect me?” asks Lacey of Mr. Cologne 76.

“I’m a racist! Okay! I tell myself white people are dumb to get by.” Mr. Cologne 76 says to Lacey.

“Do you want to hear my explanation? Because I worry that even if I tell you, you’ll only pervert it to feel personally superior.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76.

“Yeah.” he says.

“I’ve explained it so many times before. And it’s so simple. …I was analyzing each perfume. And I’m smart enough to rummage through each note in my mind. I’m that smart. I was genuinely investigating perfume. And I knew it wasn’t typical. I didn’t care. It was Instagram. And you’re not my slave owners. Don’t you get it?! It was about freedom. And art. You don’t understand art the way I do. …I found the bloody Illuminati. I detected them. I date ghosts. …My father ran the world, so to speak. …I’m unusual. Okay?!!!?? …I KNOW I wear perfume. That’s how one appreciates the art of perfume. It’s a sensual art.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76.

“That’s word soup to me.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“No! You’re just a liar. Right?” asks Lacey.

“Hi!” says Lem.

“Who even was Tommy Banks?” asks Dr. Moritz lying to try to feel less scared.

“No. I don’t get why you wear perfume.” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Lacey.

“You’re exasperating. And I don’t normally say that but I’m losing patience.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76. “One wears perfume to let it reveal itself on one’s skin.”

“Okay fine. I found you abrasive so I lie and don’t listen to what you’re actually saying ever and am petty and don’t want to be bothered anymore because one of my biggest goals was to be better than you somehow. You do have a huge hater group obsessed with your downfall and pain and feeling better than you in sociopathic ways to feel superior egoistically. …I just couldn’t stand you being so genuinely superior.” he says.

“And you all could sense I wasn’t loved so you acted like rabid dogs and so you attacked me at my soul. …But…*she shrugs* that’s all I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never been loved. And maybe it’s not a good sign that most humans are acting so profoundly evil.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76.

Satie: 3 Gymnopédies: No. 3 Lent et grave by Satie plays.

And Tucker Carlson got fired. Tucker Carlson?! …Tucker Carlson?! Why?!

And at that the Illuminati and the perfume community demand Lacey not be allowed to be seen as old money, white, cis, female, male, straight, rich or human.

“Works for me!” says Michael Rockefeller grinning. “She’s not subject to any of that. She belongs to Jesus Christ through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.”

They scoff.

“So MSN is dead?” asks Michael Rockefeller.

“What’s MSN?” asks the Illuminati.

“MSN. Figure it out the way Lacey figured out you guys are the Illuminati.” says Lem to the Illuminati.

“I’m in love with Jack!” says Kick to be funny.

“Wow! That’s big news!” Lacey says to her joking back.


“What’s MSN?” Michael asks the Illuminati.

They ignore him.

“What’s MSN?!” Michael asks the Illuminati.

Don L. raises his hand to answer.

“Is it main stream news?” asks Don.

“Yes!” says Michael.

“That’s dangerous! For the Illuminati.” says Lem Billings’s father.

“I have a question: What am I doing that makes queer women feel like they have a chance with me?” asks Lacey.

“So you’re like Mary Tyler Moore in The Dick Van Dyke Show?” Casi asks Lacey.

“More than any Millennial woman. But also June Cleaver.” says Lacey. “But also Elinor Donahue who played Ellie Walker in the Andy Griffith Show.” She thinks. “I’m the most like Elinor Donahue’s character.”

“You’re like a literal living ghost.” says Casi.

“Possibly!” says Lacey.

“You’re a lot like June Cleaver.” says Dr. Moritz to Lacey.

“Yes! And Lauren Bacall slightly. …Yeah! I’m very much like those women.” says Lacey.

“Bobby Kennedy Jr. who is Opie doesn’t understand that you’re actually like Miss. Ellie.” says Casi to Lacey.

“Correct, it seems. None of them do! …And it’s been that way my whole life.” says Lacey.

“Not even the people who molested you?” asks Casi.

“Not really. …Molestation is a different topic though. But no, it’s a horrible experience at this point. It was far more bearable when I was younger.” says Lacey.

“Would it have been better to have been aborted?” asks Casi.

“It’s too late for that now isn’t it?” Lacey smiles. “See…my kids are what matter. But if I could have given birth to them in Heaven I wish I’d been born there. But it’s too late for that and it is murder.” says Lacey.

“So…that was weird. We were just talking about Jesus and we lost track of time!” says Jonah as he approaches Lem with the 23 year old female follower on Tik Tok.

Lem can’t respond to Jonah as he’s being brutally attacked by the Illuminati.

“Kick who marries who in your family if you think it’s sane to pair off?” asks Lacey.

She sighs. “You marry Joe.” she says to Lacey.

“Which one?” asks Lacey.

“My son.” she says.

“That’s obviously a no. But go on.” says Lacey.

“Jackie marries Bobby. My dad marries Rose Marie. Lem marries you I guess… Jack marries Ted. Eunice and Pat pair off. Jean marries Bobby Jr..” she says. “My mother marries our first nanny.” Kick thinks. “Yeah, it’s nuts.”

“I like Lem and I.” says Lacey.

“Okay!” she says shrugging. She laughs.

And at that Bobby drives off in his BMW at 100 mph. out of the parking lot and down the highway nearby.

“I thought, ‘I need to break the suspense.’” says Bobby’s wife about why she had an affair.

“I understand. It’s still wrong. But I understand the need to try to grapple with the situation and not avoid it.” says Lacey. “Like, those romantic feelings won’t disappear between you the two of you or they will. And if those marriages are dead then they are dead.”

“Do you think his marriage looked dead?” asks Mr. Blue.

“Yes! Very much so!” says Lacey.

Ethel walks off with Bobby Kennedy Sr. with the sword through her because it’s the afterlife. He holds her hand. She looks worse for the wear.

“Come dear, let’s get that sword out of you.“ says Bobby Sr. to Ethel.

“Let’s go to bed.” says Lem to Lacey.

“Michael has a great choice?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” says Michael.

“Good! I don’t want him to be lonely without me.” says Lacey.

“Goodnight!” says Michael.

“Goodnight!” says Lacey.

More tomorrow.