Lacey had a dream about Lem.

She heard the Chris Hayes wannabe using the power of the Illuminati to destroy her own soul through his voice.

The they in the Illuminati want Lacey to believe she’s a schizophrenic and that Lem was gay. But in the dream he was actually cold…but severely profoundly filled with lust for her.

But since they fired Tucker Carlson Lacey is making her blog edgier.

Lacey will no longer protect the rights of Chris Hayes wannabe. She will only call him Chris Hayes…whether that’s who he is or not. Chris Hayes is Mr. Blue and Erin Gloria Ryan is Batgirl III. And Kate Shaw Hayes is Batgirl II.

Or are they?

The thing is…why was Don Lemon fired? Why was Tucker Carlson fired? Why really? How rational is it to assume Chris Hayes is a happy, “god-fearing family man” when it’s far easier to safely assume he’s a HORRIBLE person?

Did you ever watch Chris Hayes interact with Erin Ryan (she’s married now to a slight Lem lookalike – good looking type of men)? She seemed so…bashful. They had a weird sort of sexual chemistry. Didn’t they? Do you think it’s possible they had an affair? Do you think it’s possible he’s a con artist who’s enabled by his power hungry, vicious, cold wife? With his face…and her strong chin line?

And moving on…and wishing the best for those “famous people” let’s discuss the future.

Piano Concerto No. 24 In C Minor, K. 491 – I. Allegro by Mozart plays.

The next U. S. President will be a male Republican. He will be brilliant, white and great friends with Vladimir Putin. He will always have the wisdom to be cautious in regard to dear Tsar Vladimir Putin, however. One never knows in certain situations.

He will serve eight years not four. He will understand. He will always understand. Truly. With God’s help.

He is not Donald Trump. The Republican Party is done with Donald Trump. Whether he had wisdom or not the country can’t handle that man’s force of nature, so to speak. It’s too weak and divided. It’s mostly just too weak. We can’t mentally process what he’s doing. Donald Trump is an evil man speaking terrifying truth and that’s too complicated for the American people to comprehend. Donald Trump’s followers are…helpful…but they are abrasive to their fellow Americans or so impassioned by truth that they get ahead of themselves and don’t get what they want due overestimations of their capabilities and overestimations of the depth of their insight.

The world will now focus on being good, chill and boring. Yes. Not really boring. Just…rational, good (goodness only comes from God), and…strong.

Yes. Rational, good and strong. No more nonsense and characters like the Clintons running ANYTHING unless they’re secretly good. If they’re not secretly and ironically good they’re toast. *laugh*

But did the Clintons really think they could win forever. Evil has its limits. *cringe* So for their sake let’s sincerely hope the Clintons are secretly good. Because otherwise…*trembling* they’ve bankrupted themselves. Oh dear! How grim!

What will happen to the LGBTQ+ “community” well…that depends on how moral and Godly they are as individuals in the eyes of God.

The fear of God will reign supreme over all the Earth and the real Holy Spirit will be the Holy Spirit.

No more sex songs about Jesus shall be tolerated.

Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship plays and its disturbing. Because it’s a sales pitch for American churches and the conservative movements. The words aren’t wrong but the spirit of the music feels like high level witchcraft not Christian worship of God. Love Song For A Savior by Jars of Clay plays.

Carrie Underwood rolls around under wood. Like…sheets of plywood.

“I’m big. I’m bad. I’m mad.” says Roseann Barr as she jumps on top of the plywood.

Carrie rolls around underneath the plywood.

“Dammit! Stay still!” says Roseanne. “I’m trying to smash you, you silly bitch!”

Like A Child by Jars of Clay plays.

“Where’s my mountain?!” asks Roseanne Barr trying to kill Carrie Underwood under wood.

No. This might be a fool’s errand. Carrie Underwood is too fast. And Roseanne looks like she’s getting bored.

“Kick!! Let’s move your mountains this morning!” says Joe Kennedy Jr. racing after his sister.

Jars of Clay sings about pedophilic pseudo Christianity. With an Irish meets Bluegrass twist.

I’ve Always Loved You (“steel” mix) by Third Day plays about a pedophilic father. He’s a pervert. He’s not actually God but…bless his heart…he might psychotically think he is God.

“Kick! I’m standing in the gap for you tonight about dad.” says Joe Kennedy Jr. to Kick. “Listen to I’ve Always Loved You and instead of imaging dad…just imagine me.”

He Reigns by Newsboys plays and Hillary Clinton dances.

“Are you sleeping with Michael?” Lacey asks Hillary (as a joke).

She covers herself in giant paper bag and is rescued by aliens.

“I couldn’t resist. I let Africa go to the Newsboys because…England refuses to accept that I’m King William the Conqueror reincarnated.” says Michael Rockefeller.

“What if you aren’t King William the Conqueror reincarnated?” asks Lacey of Michael.

“Then I’m not.” says Michael Rockefeller.

“Then England was correct.” says Lacey.

“We’re cool!” says China.

More later.

Einaudi: Life by Ludovico Einaudi plays.

Lacey’s young 1st cousin once removed was very glamorous recently in a local fashion show. Tucker Carlson would drool. She’s a gorgeous platinum blond. Except Lacey’s first cousin once removed is truly elite old money. And so she’s not on Fox News. Lacey’s first cousin once removed looks like Tippi Hedren as a Fox News correspondent. …Actually, she looks like Tomi Lahren and Tippi Hedren. And Lacey’s first cousin once removed has an aunt with a 6 million Dollar estate. With literal room for a stable with six horses…that was never built because her grandmother died of breast cancer. Her grandmother is Lacey’s aunt.

“No, it’s true. That’s who we are.” says Ron Craft. Ron Craft is alive in Christ.

Lacey’s first cousin once removed in Washington State with the Electoral College vote is rebuilding a WWII fighter plane. He was a very well-respected commercial pilot for decades. His brother, also Lacey’s first cousin once removed owned a private plane for years and lived in Alaska. He’s since died of alcoholism.

But here’s the one still alive who’s rebuilding a WWII fighter plane:

(From his Facebook today)

They’re all Norwegian. Norwegian-American oil rich, landed…American aristocracy.

That’s her family. Not YOUR FAMILY CASI. Not your family Kate SHAW. NOT YOUR FAMILY MR. Cologne 76. NOT YOUR FAMILY CHRIS HAYES.

“The Midwest was deeply insulted by the last ten years.” says Louis Hill Jr. to the Illuminati.

“Are they white supremacists?!” asks a black perfume collector on Instagram.

“Of course they are. But not like you would understand, sadly.” says Lacey to all the “black girls of perfume” on Instagram.

“What are they doing?!” asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lacey.

“What are you doing?” asks Lacey. “What are you doing with your cute little, innocent…black magic-man colony in a nation?” She thinks. “I’m white…not a gullible moron.”

“That’s racist!” Mr. Cologne 76 says to Lacey jokingly.

“Yeah, I’m wise, buddy. I’m hip. I see what you did.” says Lacey. “I get it…but why’d you have to throw me under the bus?” She shakes her head. “See…that’s why they don’t trust you. In my family. If they don’t.”

“Because they think we’re using people’s conscience to organize based on race for reasons of what?!” asks Mr. Cologne 76.

“Power. You want power.” says Lacey. “And in your case it’s personal power. …Which is fascinating when you consider African political history.”

Barack Obama laughs.

“It cannot be that genetic?!?” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Barack Obama and Lacey.

“Actually, I suspect it’s far creepier than that and far creepier than we realize.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76. She smiles. “Why did you declare hostility in relation to me? Or did they make you?”

“What would have happened if I’d chosen not to have hostilities towards you?” Mr. Cologne 76 asks Lacey.

“Casi wouldn’t have had as much power and I’d not have discussed social class possibly almost at all.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76.

“But the issue of social class would still have bothered me in regard to you!” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Lacey.

“Why?!” asks Lacey of Mr. Cologne 76. “Why did you choose to pretend going to a cheap nursing school after enlisting in the U.S. military to pay for it was equal to your rich father sending you to Union College in Schenectady after Loomis Chafee for prep school. Because it’s ridiculous! It’s a war on sanity and reality!”

“Loomis Chaffee isn’t that great. I have a friend who went there and I’m…” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“You’re threatened by him because he’s more legitimately old money than you?” Lacey asks Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“Yeah. Maybe. And his dad wasn’t shot!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

Lacey nods in empathy at Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“Hillary! Why?! Lacey likes Michael!” says an intellectual in the Illuminati jokingly.

“Who went to Union College in Schenectady and graduated with high honors?” asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lacey.

“Who do you think?” asks Lacey.

“Your ex-husband, then husband.” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Lacey.

“Yes! You copied and therefore insulted him and insinuated that I’m a liar.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76. “You got in bed with Casi and Nancy. And Suzanne. And all my biggest, weirdest haters. Why did you do that?!”

“They bullied me viciously.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“It was perverse to side with them.” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76.

“They do that!!” a mafia leader yells at Lacey.

“That’s why I’m heartbroken.” says Lacey to the mafia leader. “And I mean that.”

“You can’t protect anyone then.” says the mafia man to Lacey.

“She’s right. It’s a mess.” says Louis Hill Jr..

“That is perverse.” says the mafia man to Lacey. He thinks. “Who cut me off?!?”

“I agree.” says Lacey.

“Why are they doing that to themselves?” asks Lacey of the mafia man.

He agrees with Lacey.

“Still…it is heartbreaking. Why did you antagonize me so much?!?” Lacey asks the perfume community through Mr. Cologne 76.

“You seem dangerous.” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Lacey.

“So why did you antagonize me?” asks Lacey of Mr. Cologne 76.

“We assumed that must mean you’re a prostitute or a gang banger!” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“Who’s me?” asks Lacey of Mr. Cologne 76.

“We were white trash or black to you?!?” asks Tommy Banks of Mr. Cologne 76.

“Yeah! Like the Kennedys? Except they were above us. FAR above us. …FOR REAL!” says Kick Kennedy to Mr. Cologne 76.

“We were far above you?!?” says Chris Hayes on the perfume community’s behalf to try to use Illuminati witchcraft to defend them through lies.

“No! The Banks are and were FAR above the Kennedy family in the eyes of the most authentic and authoritative old money elite.” says Thomas Banks.

“We were old money in my father’s family. My mother was a 1980’s stewardess…which is a part of history the they Illuminati have been trying to destroy since they can’t handle that my probable birth mom was essentially a model my father met on a plane.” says Lacey. “Look…clinging to your vanity may be all you folks have left of your humanity in your mind…but when you go too far you’ve gone too far. And Chris went MUCH, MUCH too far in regard to me. …Or sacrificing a Nesheim for more control of our oil was white trashy of the American Illuminati and they should apologize to white trash for leaving town.” says Lacey.

“How much oil does your family physically control?” Casi asks Lacey.

“Casi…it’s trillions.” says Louis.

“What did I do to make all you lesbians think I was in love with you?!” asks Lacey of lesbians.

“You didn’t bully them.” says Casi’s mom to Lacey.

“I don’t bully people.” says Lacey.

“In general? Ever?” asks Casi.

“That’s what I just meant. Yes.“ says Lacey.

“Casi…Lacey isn’t cute. And she’s genuinely just that lovely and endearing. It isn’t sexual. She’s just a well-bred woman.” says Joe Kennedy Sr. to Casi. “There’s nothing there fir you sexually. Casi do you cognitively understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, I imitated her sweetness!” says Casi about Lacey.

“No! You didn’t! You were not at all like me!” says Lacey to Casi. “Were you too psychopathic or too dumb to understand that?”

“Then you’re better than me in every way!” says Casi to Lacey.

“Why can’t you get over that?! That’s all your interactions with me were and are ever about. You might be a bisexual but you displayed that to me because you needed to find some way to one up me. You’re OBSESSED with that. So was and possibly is Nancy. …It’s psychotic! It’s like it’s what you literally all live for.” says Lacey to Casi.

“But you sound so stupid!” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Lacey as he desperately clings to his self-perceived sense of power.

“No! I don’t!” says Lacey to Mr. Cologne 76.

“So you were egalitarian until Casi and Nancy got too violent?” asks F. Scott Fitzgerald to Lacey.

“Yes!” says Lacey. “Or was I?!”

“You were!” says F. Scott Fitzgerald to Lacey.

“I’m mad.” says Nancy in the afterlife.

“Why?!” asks Lacey of Lacey.

“Because I’m poor. I was born into poverty in every way. And I’m still basically just poor.” says Nancy in the afterlife about herself.

“So what was your con job in regard to me supposed to do?” Lacey asks Nancy.

“I was supposed to get rich by stealing your soul. And everything. Like…everything.” says Nancy from the afterlife.

“Yeah! I know! That’s why I’m still defending myself!” says Lacey to Nancy.

“So what you and Casi and your ilk want is what many Americans and other humans have wanted throughout all of human history. But…you all went to idiotic and psychopathic degrees to get it.” says Lacey to Casi and Nancy.

“Yeah! And I colluded with them. I did it in one way by insisting that Lacey was queer to protect people from seeing Casi and Nancy’s true motives for attacking Lacey. I made it look like a Purple Noon situation instead of identity theft.” says Chris Hayes. “There’s enormous human trafficking going on on Tik Tok and Instagram too. It’s a playground for violent crime. And what the perfume community did to Lacey seems innocuous because it’s done under the guise of being innocent friendly banter over perfume. But it was psychologically criminal if they truly intended to psychopathically steal Lacey’s soul essentially to get rich or even appear genuinely elite.”

“Asking for Lacey’s address over and over again was a giveaway given your history with theft.” Louis says to Casi. “And you, of course, told her that to get even more of an ego boost.”

“I thought Casi was just reaching out to Lacey.” says a Alabama woman in the perfume community who’s weird not edgy and cool.

“No! I’m not your victim you weirdo. …Stop trying to gaslight me. You don’t have power over God.” says Lacey to the “I-hate-Marc-Jacobs-perfume-but-love-Silver-Horse-Poop -Perfume-LADY.”

“I have a rich aunt!!” said the Silver-Poop-Police in 2016.

“Lacey does she?” asks a Russian perfume collector about the Alabama case.

“I highly doubt it!” says Lacey kindly to the Russian perfume collector.

“That’s a lie!” says the Russian perfume collector about the Alabama case. “I mean she’s lying not you!” she says to Lacey.

“Yes! You’re calling the Alabama case a liar?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” says the Russian woman nodding.

“Well alright.” says Lacey to the perfume community. “I’ll take this conversation as an apology from all of you to me.”

“We’ve robbed Lacey of $100,000.00.” says Illuminati to the perfume community. “As of yet. That would be $700,000.00 by the time they’d have retired.”

“The perfume community has probably stolen $400,000.00 as of yet.” says Lacey.

“And that’d be $3 million by the time they’d retire.” says Lem.

“They’re not well off Casi. They’re rich. Or wealthy.” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Casi.

“Yeah. I know. Why did she lie about that. It’s so insulting!” says Casi.

“I don’t know if Lacey knew.” says Mr. Cologne 76 shrugging.

Casi can’t handle it.

“Casi at the casi-no?!” asks a Native American woman of Lacey. The woman laughs.

“Oh dear. That’s…exactly the subconscious idea I had in my head of her. Very on point.” Lacey says to the Native American woman.

“What car does she drive?” asks the Native American woman of Lacey.

“A bright red 1985 Ford Geo Metro.” says Lacey to the Native American woman.

“Oh dear!” the Native American woman says. “She’s at the Casi-no a lot?!”

“My grandma goes to the buffet in the 1990’s with her friends and sees that car there every time she’s there. And one time she stopped the woman and asked her why she was always there. And the woman yelled at her and called my grandmother a busy-body.” says Lacey.

“The Nesheims are all like that?!” asks the Native American woman of Lacey.

“Lordly?” asks Lacey. “Yes! Sincerely so though. My grandmother was especially so though.” says Lacey to the Native American woman.

“Did she scare people?” the Native American woman asks.

“Yes! She was known to be terrifying.” says Lacey.

“She would just go around constantly looking for flaws? And then she’d confront people?!” asks the Native American woman.

“She was LORDLY.” says Lacey.

“Why?!?” asks the Native American woman of Lacey.

“Because her family owns and owned tens of thousands of acres of land! They essentially were the physical ruling elite of that whole region of the state.” says Lacey. “The government and world just didn’t care because it was low population state.”

“So they-Were you in favor of the drilling?!” asks the Native American woman of Lacey.

“No!! But I’m not the leader.” says Lacey.

“And now by attacking you, they’ve gone even further and killed your leaders?” asks Native American of Lacey.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“The lady at the Casi-no is more important to the Democratic Party than the environment?” says the Native American woman to Lacey.

“Her EGO.” says Lacey to the Native American woman.

“So there goes her birth control!” says the Native American woman. “And when that does work there goes something else.”

“Yes! But the Casi-no is…very addictive to a Casi?” says Lacey.

More later.

“So! I’m having to possibly move.” says hi Lacey.

“Why?!” asks Mark Nesheim.

“Because Casi-no thinks I care.” says Lacey.

“About what?!” asks the Native American woman.

“Her actual lies.” says Lacey. “I think she’s of the opinion that I needed people’s attention and approval when I didn’t. I’m not a catty, bourgeois poor-woman.”

“So you wouldn’t have cared if we all secretly hated you behind your back?” asks the perfume community of Lacey.

“I kind of already worried you did. …People were nice but I’m used to people lying for reasons of efficiency and common sense and actual human rights and peace.” says Lacey.

“Why did we think you cared?” asks the perfume community of Lacey.

“Because that’s the norm.” says Lacey.

“So I really just bullied an aristocrat because she had a flawed crush on me?” asks Chris Hayes.

“Yes! It’s like how in Gosford Park they have a tendency to go into different bedrooms after they get out of the public.” says Lacey. “And I was looking for Lem’s bedroom of course…and I accidentally went into the wrong bedroom.”

“Because Lem was in a horrible situation and you were too?” asks Michael of Lacey.

“Yes!!” says Lacey to Michael.

“And you went into my bedroom by mistake?” asks Chris Hayes of Lacey.

“Yes! I thought you looked like Lem or possibly Michael.” says Lacey to Chris Hayes.

“Or Chris Hayes.” says Chris Hayes.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“So…you had somewhat good intentions?” asks the Native American woman of Lacey.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“You were supposed to rescue each other!” says Kohn Lithgow.

“Yes!! EXACTLY!” yells Lem and Lacey agrees.

“Why do we make that evil?!?” asks Kohn Lithgow.

“Because it’s not legal!!!” says Lacey sarcastically and truthfully both.

“So we want you and Lem to commit forced suicide for the sake of Kick’s sexual delusion and Jack’s sexual delusion…and for Casi to be able to go to the Casi-No?” asks Mr. Cologne 76.

“No! That’s what’s happening and happened!” say Lem. “But Lacey refuses to sin against God.”

Lights Are On plays as Kick walks past Joe Jr. on her wedding day.

“Do I love my brother more than my husband?” she wondered to herself.

At Crash Burn Bay Kick is in a horrible jam. Joe is supposed to fuck Pat Wilson and Kick is supposed to be sane.

“My father started this damn war we call World War II but I’m going finish it.” says Joey Kennedy to Pat Wilson.

“Take another photo! Grab his penis and kiss him!” say Kick to Pat Wilson.

“But Kick! He’s your brother!!!” Pat Wilson protests.

“He is! Who cares! It’s a sexy picture, Pat!” says Kick luring Pat.

“I might have to kill you both.” says Pat to herself in her head. “Par for the course.”

They don’t hear her.

“See! And now we get to use the Illuminati magic juice on Lacey and Lemmers!” say all those people who have chosen that evil.

“Why Lacey and Lemmers!?” asks an Irish man.

“If Lacey does die that might be the literal end of the world. Or it should be!” say the entire Irish population.

“Because we is special!!!” says Kick.

“We?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” she says.

“Who doesn’t thou mean by we?” ask the Irish of Kick.

“I did side with the Kennedys and so did the Jenners.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“Yeah! So you’re in favor of incest over Lacey being alive?!?” asks the Illuminati of Mr. Cologne 76.

“Yeah!!! We don’t care! WE have sex with cats! We have sex with trees. We have sex with bugs. Covid and Casi are in a committed relationship.” says Casi. “I am in love with my brother too. If Kick Kennedy wants to make love with Joe after death then I’ll do it too! It’s fine! Hod is a such a big asshole and Satan is my player.”

Shake Me Down by Cage The Elephant plays.

“I have sex with God!” says a Gen Z young woman. “When I masturbate I recall God’s love and Heaven. Is that wrong?”

Hillary Clinton snickers.

“If Lacey hates it. I love it!” says Casi.

“Casi you should die then!” says Chris.

“No! I’m too impartial and sexy! I’m a sassy bitch!! I’m a cool girl! I’m fucking butter!” says Casi eating a sonic drink with her hands. She poops in her perfume closet and then vomits on her brother.

“That’s my daughter! I do her hair!” says Casi’s mom.

Cold Ice by Ratatat plays from their album “Idiocy.”

“Cherry Cola 73. It’s a great reddish brown.” says Casi’s mom.

“I’m like a straight woman from old money. Born into the wrong generation. Her father was more powerful than the U.S. President.“ says Casi. “I have on Dior lipgloss, Chanel nail polish, Chanel No. 22 perfume and I just had two kids I named Chris and Chris.”

“Why are you pooping in my yard?” asks Lem of Casi.

“I’m seducing you.” says Casi to Lem.

“I’m disgusted by you!” says Lem to Casi.

“I am too!” says Louis Hill Jr. to Casi.

“Behold the power of my HUGE natural boobs. Ain’t nothing more powerful than HUGE tits!” says Casi.

“You’re not Kick!” says Joe Kennedy Jr..

“They’re not that powerful, Casi.” says Lacey.

“But they do get me a lot!” says Casi.

“Not me. I like Kick!” says Joe.

“Isn’t it amazing!?!” says Kick.

“What if I barrow Casi’s boobs?!?” asks JFK.

Joe looks disgusted. Kick takes Casi’s boobs.

“Oh this is getting sexy!” says Mrs. Cologne 76 dancing like a buffoon. “I pour Chantilly on my hair and fuck my tropical fruit before making my morning smoothie.”

“What do you think?” asks Kick of Joe Jr..

“They’re sloppy looking.” says Joe about Kick’s Casi boobs.

Kick puts them down.

“What’s sloppy about them?” Lacey asks Joe.

“They’re saggy!” says Joe.

“But they weren’t that way when she was young!” says Lacey.

“They’re not really that great even when she was younger on Kick!” says Joe.

“No! I was your worst nightmare while you loved Joe.” says Kick to Lacey.

“Why do you think that that’s normal?!” Lacey asks her in fear for Kick’s soul.

“I used to know that.” says Kick.

“Do you now?!” asks Lacey.

“Yes but I’m being honest too.” says Kick. “Possibly.”

6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps plays.

“Haha! You’re not even step-siblings and yeah.” says Lacey. “That film is repulsive.”

“Kick did you actually have an incestuous affair or do you like to pretend that to try to be cool?” asks John.

6 Underground plays.

“I don’t understand why?” asks John of Kick.

“I just think it’s important that I marry him now.” says Kick. “I’m possibly not evil to want Lem too. But I might have been in love with my brother.”

“Did Jack indulge in his bisexuality to outdo Joe and Kick?” asks John.

“Possibly.” says a gay man.

“Well…you got shot.” says Mr. Cologne 76 seriously to JFK.

“Yeah! What about you?!” JFK asks Mr. Cologne 76.

“I married my dad.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“What?!?” asks Casi.

“I did! He’s my…ex-husband.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

Hayling by F. C. Kahuna plays.

“You did not!” says Lacey.

“No! I’m an alien scientist actually.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“I believe it. I choose to. And you know…I’m a Queen of Chanel No. 5.” says Casi.

“What else do you wear Casi?!” asks the perfume community.

“Oh, you know. Whatever’s cool. Whatever’s fine. Like…the most basic and useful perfume. Sometimes people stop and tell me I’m like their best friend for life because I smell so good. And actually I am. It’s all about Boting Spiny right now. And Spiur T’Ako.” says Casi.

“I’m a certified professional perfume sniffer from the Cherokee Nation.” says the Alabama case.

“I eat cats. I don’t fuck them!” says a woman in the perfume community.

“I eat humans!” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“No! You don’t! You wear Baccarat Rouge!” says a Dutch woman who secretly hates and hated Lacey for being superior to her.

“I supported you! I bullied Lacey to make you lol and look prettier!” Casi says to the Dutch woman.

“Were you in love with me??” the Dutch woman asks Casi.

“Yes! Yes!!! God…help me you are such an annoying idiot!! …Of course I was!” says Casi to the Dutch woman.

“Yeah. I made it all Lacey’s problem to look pretty and straight.“ says the Dutch woman in the Dutch and the perfume community.

“So you made Lacey look gay so you could be the pretty straight gurl?!” says Casi’s mom to the Dutch woman.

“The thing is Lacey is genuinely better looking than you Marji…but her possible mom Margy…is to thank for that along with her dad…but…you do look more modern.” says Casi to the Dutch woman.

The self-labeled alien scientist pauses from literal woke moon walking to think.

“I can’t stand her! She’s bourgeois!” says Marji who grew-up poor but pretends her birth father who has left her millions is a shipping merchant who has BILLIONS.

“Are you even straight? Be honest!” says Casi to Marji in the Netherlands.

“No! And I’m not prettier than Lacey either.” says Marji.

“You’re not straight?!” Lacey asks Marji in some confusion.

“I do seem that way!” says Marji to Lacey.

“I’m fairly certain it’s just perverse evil or insanity or both but…huh…yeah…I have no gaydar for women.” says Lacey. “I suppose I haven’t ever thought I was gay or been queer.”

“Did you put a literal death curse on Lacey?” Kick asks Marjorie in the Netherlands.

“Possibly.” says a demon.

“I want to be the pretty one! It’s good and natural!” says Marji with an I. “Survival of the fittest?! It’s hot sex! Yeah?!”

“But you’re not the fittest??” asks Casi.

“No! But I use witchcraft. It’s mother nature’s best tool to help uglier women who want power that belongs by birth to other humans.” says Marji.

“Same!” says Casi.

“So most of the perfume community is in a coven or into witchcraft.” says Dmitry.

“So we conjured the Illuminati to attack Lacey and now the world is falling apart.” says the alien scientist in shock.

“Yeah. And she’s too powerful with Christ for us.” says Chris Hayes. “One way or another.”

“Why do we need sanity?!” a perfume member of the community asks Mr. Cologne 76.

“Jonah?! Isn’t it kind of a red flag that most witches who are pure evil are trying to kill Lacey?” says a Tik Tok follower to Jonah Wiley.

“I didn’t completely reject you!” says Marji to Casi. “But I’m married!”

“So you were trying to be faithful to your husband?” says Mr. Cologne 76 to Marji.

“I’m in love with Joe!” says Kick.

“Which Joe?” asks Lacey.

“I’m not going to say it…but…she’s too sexy to be a Godly Christian.” says Jonah about Lacey.

“I’m not that sexy?!” asks Marji.

“No!” says Jonah. “No, I doubt it!”

“But I’m a bisexual blond witch who wears perfume and gets drunk.” says Marji.

“That’s icky!” says Jonah.

“No! It’s not!” says Marji.

“Yes! It’s masculine and frigid.” says Jonah.

“No! It’s the Divine Feminine!” says Marji.

“Why aren’t you defending yourself?!” asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lacey.

“Hmm. That’s fascinating! …I’m trusting God and I’m actually riveted by these people.” says Lacey.

“I’m in love with my older brother.” says Kick Kennedy.

“That’s the Joe? Not some brother-in-Christ?” asks Lacey.

“No! She’s an astral being!” says Marji.

“But he was my brother and I meant to say that I had feelings for him before I was married.” says Kick.

“So you fuck demons?” Lacey asks Marji.

“Yes! Maybe! So what!” says Marji.

“Huh. Did you lure me into your womb?” asks Lacey “To bring the world to an end?”

“No! You’re not my daughter!” says Marji.

“No! I know. I meant it in a sense of witchcraft.” says Lacey.


“Well that’s too bad. I hope you didn’t try to abort me. Truly.” Lacey says to Marji. “I may have already been abandoned. I’m also now being aborted?” Lacey thinks. “Isn’t that a bit much?”

“You’re repulsive!” says Satan to Lacey through Marji.

“Satan that’s going a bit too far. You’re becoming illogical. But I suppose that’s your gambit. Oh well. I rebuke Satan in Jesus’s name.” says Lacey.

“So tell me about this Divine feminine!” Jonah says Marji.

“I’m in love with Macey and Lem. And Kick. And Satan?” says Casi. “Wait!! Do I exist?”

“It’s our Jesus.” says Marji.

Jonah laughs. “We’re wondering if you were accidentally praying to Lacey.”

“How?!” asks Marji.

“How do you know she’s not Mary the mother of Jesus reincarnated?” asks Jonah.

“I’m not!” says Lacey.

“But why is that safe for you to assume?!” asks Jonah of Marji.

“You know she’s just not nice.” says Marji.

“I did try to be genuinely nice.” says Lacey.

“No!! You’re mean!” says a demon through a few ugly female perfume haters.

“No! I was exceptionally kind.” says Lacey.

“Oh wow! We are kind.” says Casi trying be a witch.

“No! That’s absurd and I suspect Marji is evil.” says Lacey.

More later.

After being almost literally suffocated for hours by the Illuminati Lacey fighting for her life and her family’s well being and makes a truce with Lem’s help. The bargain is to let God bring her whole family to Heaven in four months if the Illuminati will leave them alone and let Lacey breath. And there’s nothing any demon can do or possibly even Satan. Of course the important caveat is that God will only do it if God so wills it.

Lacey is fairly certain her father is Thomas Banks and perhaps he too is ready for his 105 year old daughter and grandkids to be with him in Heaven. Lacey will see but so far she’s breathing normally again after the truce and that’s wonderful.

Actually…a lot of people are having issues getting into the whole “being alive thing” in the Illuminati.

“What happens if God takes your family to Heaven?” asks Mr. Cologne 76. He’s possibly dumbfounded.

“In what capacity?” asks Lem.

“Are you really a man?” asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lem.

“Yes!!!” yells Lem.

“I’m intimidated by you!” Mr. Cologne 76 says to Lem.

“Why?!” asks Louis.

“Because of Q-Anon.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“You think we’re Q-Anon?” asks Louis.

“Yes!” says Casi. “I think if you’re ghosts God might have raised you from the dead.”

“Why do you like Chanel No. 22?” asks Louis.

“It’s sweet!” says Casi.

“Like sugary sweet?” asks Louis.

“Yes! Truthfully, I can barely tell the differences between the different perfumes. I just don’t like to be seen as dumb.” says Casi.

“No one likes to be see as dumb.” says Louis.

“I mean I know a Chanel from a Ralph Lauren but I don’t know if I really smell the notes the way some people fizz. It’s just a matter of reading reviews and impersonating people who are actually real perfume aficionados. …I’m a very pretentious person.” says Casi.

“Yeah! I just want to be rich but I’m not. So I find creative ways to work around it.” says the Alabama case.

“I am rich but I’m also almost bankrupt.” says a flower lunch lady in Oregon.

“I have an awful marriage! I wanted to have an affair with David but he’s just a jerk and he likes to flirt. …That’s one of the biggest reasons I hate Lacey. He used to create drama between his female followers to feel important and I always fell for it.” says the Dutch woman.

“I’m poor but I can’t stand the stigma of it so I lie and exaggerate about things often.” says Suzanne. “Well…I’m not really poor anymore but we’re still struggling.”

“We have a terrible and yet also very exciting marriage. …It’s a glamorous but…sad…lonely…and confusing life for us. We’re middle class but I’m gifted and so is my wife so we have a few posh friends. …That’s actually part of the reason why we have so much animosity towards Lacey. She reminds us of the friends we’re most intimidated and hurt by. …We wanted her approval at first but then we felt insecure and…irritated after a while. We worked so hard for our collection and she’s been given the funds instead of having to work for them.” says a man in Australia.

“I’m lonely, possibly incapable of having a stable romantic relationship and I don’t have any hope of being rich.” says man who wears wigs in Belgium. “But I do love perfume!”

“I’m a very intelligent man. …And I’m artistic. IBut…I had a rough patch with my wife so…I flirted too much.” says David. “I…feel shame.”

“I’m slightly illiterate. …And I’m pretentious. But…I’m hard working and ambitious.” says Mr. Cologne 76.

“I feel very important for being connected to Mr. Cologne 76.” says Mr. Cologne 76’s wife.

“I’m slightly illiterate too! School has always been a challenge for me. It’s a reason I hated Lacey. She’s so intelligent!” says Marji.

“I tried to tell myself that Lacey was mean. Like a mean girl. But I honestly can’t figure her out. …I once lied and made up old money in my family to impress her. “ says a perfume wearer in Oswald’s.

“I’m a completely fictional person. It’s just a way to feel important and control people and explore homosexuality.” says an aboriginal Australian man who pretends to be an Arab aristocrat. “I use stock photos of perfume and never went to Cornell or Colombia.

“I’m possibly bisexual. And bitter. And lonely. And I was very two-faced to Lacey.” says a Stephanie. “I also tried to compete with Lacey to an embarrassing degree.”

“Everyone did that!” says another perfume wearer. “I think we all secretly want to kill her and are lying about being old money and rich.”

“Yeah! Because we can’t be undone by her. That’s the problem. She just kept collecting and it got old to watch.” says Casi.

“I don’t understand why we chose to be so violent though.” says the Alabama case.

“Because it feels exhilarating and fun.” says Marji. “It’s fun to lie about her to one’s self.”

More later or goodnigy