Bulls Blood

Notes: Patchouli, rose, costus root, tobacco, and black musk.

I love this smokey, leathery, dirty patchouli. If you smell it closely enough it’s a particularly dirty and unexpected patchouli, rose, musk and tobacco accord. It’s not a mystery. It’s just unconventional. But if you don’t analyze it carefully it smells like blood. And an animal farm. Horses. Mud.


As someone who also loves nature I find this fragrance endearing, homey, comforting and beautiful. It’s most bloody at the start but into the drydown it’s primarily a warm, animalic, actually very opulent and even pretty fragrance. It just takes the right skin chemistry and attitude to wear it.

Longevity and sillage are moderate, but be warned that it is meant to smell like “bull’s blood”…