L’Air Du Desert Morocain

Top notes: Coriandre, cumin, and petitgrain.

Middle notes: Rock rose and jasmine.

Base notes: Cedar, vetiver and ambergris.

Epic. Is there a more epic niche fragrance? I doubt it.

This storyteller opens with a harsh but loving pull, as if you’re being carried off into the desert for some terrifying adventure. It’s smoky, cool air with sun burnt spice hinting at the sacred. It’s a journey into the dark blue Moroccan twilight away from city lights.

And yet into the drydown a leathery, cigar-smoke joviality emerges. A rose, coriander and ambergris hug? And so Andy Tauer’s masterpiece L’Air Du Desert Morocain is rendered universal and mysterious and friendly and complex.

This is one of those fragrances one must smell if you love perfume. The sillage and longevity are perfect. But it’s art and entirely irreplaceable.

Nose: Andy Tauer