2010’s Guerlain Liu Eau De Parfum

I was once gifted with these Thierry Wasser 2014 recreations of the original Guerlains.

Fleur de Feu

This broken, sad, burned rose is bitter but still voluptuous, and created as a sad tribute after the agony of WWII it’s very of its time. It’s a difficult rose to handle on my skin but perhaps as a precursor to Nahema it’s a 1940’s, bawdy beauty. …Again though, on people who wear Nahema well this Guerlain is likely gorgeous and less challenging to the nose.

Nose: Jacques Guerlain 1949


I once told a man who loved Guerlain (self-titled Mon. Guerlain) that I preferred the 2015 bottle I owned to the vintage sample of Liu I had tried and he rudely scoffed that my sample must have been rotten and of course my intellect therefore deficient. *eye-roll* …But no, this Thierry Wasser Liu recreation with all the top notes *eye-roll* smells almost the exact same as that sample. *eye-roll* …And I still prefer the newer formulation of Liu.

It’s powdery, breathtaking and evocative…but it’s also a bit bitter and sharp (on my skin) compared to the 2010’s formulation.

Nose: Jacques Guerlain 1929


And Véga is…glorious. On my skin also a bit bitter and sharp…but frothy, resinous and gorgeously melancholy nonetheless.

Nose: Jacques Guerlain 1936

2010’s Liu

I love my 2010’s Guerlain Liu. I once heard someone say that it’s more similar to Chanel No. 22 than the original. …And I agree.

Nose: a 2010’s reformulation of Jacques Guerlain’s original from the 1920’s.