Karen’s Gang (not a repost but a restatement of things I’ve said many times)

Online in the perfume community there are literally thousands of people who love to walk up to you virtually and say metaphorically, “Look! I have ten pencils! TEN! And they’re all more amazing than your pencils. Therefore, I’m more amazing than you.” *sigh* “If only you had more pencils. Better pencils. I’d respect you more.Continue reading “Karen’s Gang (not a repost but a restatement of things I’ve said many times)”


I’ve tried Baccarat Rouge 540. I’ve tried other Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances. I’ve generally not been a true fan. I’ve appreciated the artistry and beauty but they just weren’t my style. I’ve not fancied them. However, my family and I recently stayed at a beautiful hotel that was very contemporary. I think the hotel openedContinue reading “540”

Too Late

There was an excellent article in The Atlantic today (I’ve displayed a screenshot of it above), but it got me thinking about my family. There are some parts of history that aren’t entirely explained nowadays, at best. But if truth is truth you can’t ignore facts. Truth doesn’t suffer even if you’re scared it weakensContinue reading “Too Late”