2010’s Guerlain Liu Eau De Parfum

I was once gifted with these Thierry Wasser 2014 recreations of the original Guerlains.

Fleur de Feu

This broken, sad, burned rose is bitter but still voluptuous, and created as a sad tribute after the agony of WWII it’s very of its time. It’s a difficult rose to handle on my skin but perhaps as a precursor to Nahema it’s a 1940’s, bawdy beauty. …Again though, on people who wear Nahema well this Guerlain is likely gorgeous and less challenging to the nose.

Nose: Jacques Guerlain 1949


I once told a man who loved Guerlain (self-titled Mon. Guerlain) that I preferred the 2015 bottle I owned to the vintage sample of Liu I had tried and he rudely scoffed that my sample must have been rotten and of course my intellect therefore deficient. *eye-roll* …But no, this Thierry Wasser Liu recreation with all the top notes *eye-roll* smells almost the exact same as that sample. *eye-roll* …And I still prefer the newer formulation of Liu.

It’s powdery, breathtaking and evocative…but it’s also a bit bitter and sharp (on my skin) compared to the 2010’s formulation.

Nose: Jacques Guerlain 1929


And Véga is…glorious. On my skin also a bit bitter and sharp…but frothy, resinous and gorgeously melancholy nonetheless.

Nose: Jacques Guerlain 1936

2010’s Liu

I love my 2010’s Guerlain Liu. I once heard someone say that it’s more similar to Chanel No. 22 than the original. …And I agree.

Nose: a 2010’s reformulation of Jacques Guerlain’s original from the 1920’s.

Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Parfum

I’ve loved Shalimar since my teens. What about you? It’s such an iconic, meaningful, common and yet uncommon fragrance. It’s exactly what every perfume to debut before and after aspires to be.

Created by the historic Jacques Guerlain for the House of Guerlain in the 1920’s the original Shalimar parfum still, thankfully, bears a resemblance to this 2015 edp (I purchased from Sephora) and many other flankers of Shalimar. Of course the notes of bergamot, sandalwood, civet, vanilla, opopamax, jasmine and rose are all rendered into a powdery, chic, ever romantic glory of perfume. …Of course, the extremely similar Emeraude came before this Guerlain, but Shalimar is the refined version of the Coty Art Deco olfactory genius. And it’s a genius refined to perfection.