Nose Gay (repost from my blog in 2015)

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Nose Gay by Dorothy Gray (Dorothy Gray 1938) is a pelargonium, dirty, musky, mossy rose scent.  It’s a bit woody, Earthy and green.  And, despite its sweet name (a nose gay is a small bouquet of flowers usually carried about – ie for a formal dance), Nose Gay is actually dark and mysterious with an almost buttery, salty, slightly sweet floral kick.

The florals I believe my nose detects most are honeysuckle, heliotrope, violet and tuberose.  I would label this perfume a rich creamy floral chypre with a sweet smoky drydown.   The sandalwood and animalic notes (perhaps?) in the base actually make this fragrance a bit wild.  Indeed, Nose Gay would never be sold as mainstream perfume today.  Even though people of the past were supposedly less rambuntious than today, it’s fragrances like this that really make you wonder…

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It’s hard to believe it’s mid June already.  It feels like it should still be April or May.  Where is this year going?  As someone once said, the days go by slow but the years go fast.

In some ways it feels like the last ten years were a vapor.  Poof they’re gone!  I wish I could just pause life for a week and take time to reflect a little.

There are so many things that take time to figure out.  Even if I’ll never figure them out in this life, and I try to be ok with that, I still wonder…  🙂

I hope you’re having a pleasant Friday dear reader.