April Showers (Repost)

April Showers by Cheramy is a surprisingly luxurious geranium and lavender fougère (Cheramy 1921).  It reminds me of an old Chanel with its thick aldehydes, florals, and clear headed green notes.  It’s cheerful and and attractive.  The retro notes are slightly herbal (like No. 4711) and a little sultry – it would make a tremendousContinue reading “April Showers (Repost)”

Nose Gay (repost)

Nose Gay by Dorothy Gray (Dorothy Gray 1938) is a pelargonium, dirty, musky, mossy rose scent.  It’s a bit woody, Earthy and green.  And, despite its sweet name (a nose gay is a small bouquet of flowers usually carried about – ie for a formal dance), Nose Gay is actually dark and mysterious with an almostContinue reading “Nose Gay (repost)”

No. 4711 (Repost)

As you may have noticed, my husband and I enjoy visiting antique stores.  Well, a few years ago, I visited one in Red Wing, Minnesota.  We found the bottle of Muguet des Bois that I recently sold and two bottles of No. 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser. At first, I was disappointed when I tried No.Continue reading “No. 4711 (Repost)”

Printemps Japonais de Galimard (Repost)

Printemps Japonais de Galimard (Galimard 1960) is super sweet, springlike, flowery and light.  It’s an elegant fragrance with an intense fruity notes. Top notes are raspberry, plum, lemon and bergamot; middle note is rose; base notes are iris and vanilla. All the notes above can be accounted for, and frankly that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  ThisContinue reading “Printemps Japonais de Galimard (Repost)”

L’Origan (Repost)

In 1905, Francois Coty debuted L’Origan.  It was considered very advanced at that time (this is before the sinking of the Titanic and World War I of course) due to it’s use of synthetic materials. I’m blessed to have found a very old vintage bottle of L’Origan (Coty 1905).  Using it is a treat… It’sContinue reading “L’Origan (Repost)”

Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)

I suppose I’m not supposed to wear Chanel no. 5 in the middle of the week, for no particular reason, but I am.  I’m wearing it on a Wednesday, and I’m not going anywhere “special.”  And I say, why not?  I do see the virtue in saving special things for special occasions, but sometimes specialContinue reading “Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)”

Cie (Repost)

Cie, by Jacqueline Cochran (Shulton 1976) is a woody, slightly spicy and very heady green chypre of the late 1970’s/early 80’s variety.  It’s sharp but also lovely, and becomes especially nice during the dry down. However, despite my ability to see the beauty of this vintage fragrance and how others could favor it, I can’tContinue reading “Cie (Repost)”

Hové Parfumeur (Repost)

I’ve never been to New Orleans, Louisiana, but someday I want to visit and stop by Hové Parfumeur in the French Quarter at 434 Chartres St..  Hové Parfumeur was originally located at 529 Royal Street when it was started in 1931 by Mrs. Alvin Hovey-King, the wife of a retired Navy Commander.  She had spentContinue reading “Hové Parfumeur (Repost)”

Arpège (Repost)

Tired! After a long week, I brought out the epsom salts and Bayer and then doused myself in vintage Arpège by Lanvin (Lanvin 1927). It might seem odd to use perfume when you already have a headache, and perhaps it was foolish, but I figured if I could just find the right scent it mightContinue reading “Arpège (Repost)”

Tabac Blond (Repost)

Note from 2019: It’s funny. This was my post from 2015. I have unchanged this post. Although, now I might say that regardless of whether or not it’s a “Marilyn” (it kind of is, I think) it’s a tremendously beautiful gem. I’ve loved this vintage for years now. Ahh, the infamous and iconic Tabac BlondContinue reading “Tabac Blond (Repost)”