English Violet

Debuted by Floris of London in 1910 English Violets was discontinued in possibly the 1970’s or 80’s.

It’s sweet. But hauntingly sweet. It’s airy and light and sad and it longs for something profound.

It’s, as I hoped, reminiscent of the current Floris Violet mouthwash. But in a lacey, violet, earthy and green way.

Green? Yes. Slightly around the edges. Spicy too. The way vintage Estée Lauder Knowing is green. And sharp and earthy like Chanel No. 18.

But my previously unopened bottle is from the early 1950’s. After the death of King George VI but before the house of Floris could receive a new warrant from Queen Elizabeth II. It’s not necessarily the same as later batches of English Violet.

It’s glorious. It’s my signature. I love it.