They Demand Money

(Adult content below)

Turns out all the current child sex slaves of the world in January of 2023 are the children of the uber elite in Heaven. The Congdons, the Roosevelt’s, the Rockefeller’s… Old-money families who have actual saints in Heaven who would never have molested their kids. At least Lacey wouldn’t have, and didn’t and doesn’t. And seemingly Lem and Michael wouldn’t have. Seemingly Harold Loeb wouldn’t have.

“And I saw it coming.” says F. Scott Fitzgerald. “I wrote about it in Tender is the Night.” He looks enraged. “These kids are looking forward to death.” He blinks. “They’re being held hostage.”

“Why?!?!” yells a little boy who’s a sex slave.

“I’m trying to figure it out for us.” says Lacey to that kid.

And suddenly Putin to any thinking, rational mind looks terrifyingly just. Because Lacey feels that the Earth got too evil when Erin decided she was uber elite.

“Erin walks down that damn sexy street shaking her ugly ass in stilettos. Her horse teeth shining. Without irony she breaths through both her mouth and nose. Squints her eyes.” says Lacey.

“And what is Erin thinking?” asks Michael Rockefeller.

“She’s thinking very little about her feet. She flops forward when she walks like a horse on speed.” says Lacey.

“And of course these kids will be held up in prayer daily so that they won’t become evil and ruin their inheritance in death.” says Michael Rockefeller.

“I’m watching all of you in the Church of England like a hawk!!” yells Elliott Roosevelt, enraged.

“It’s okay. It’s only your father’s friend’s rage on your behalf.” says Lacey to a child sex slave.

“Just realize that these whores are relentless!” Scott Fitzgerald says to that little boy stuck in sex slavery. “They’ll twist everything to make it your fault or try to ruin your conscience. Or ruin your confusion. Or ruin your confidence.” explains Scott Fitzgerald.

“So we really do look that objectively ugly. You really were just trying to explain what a trailer trash, obstinate, vicious shrew Erin was.” says a Brooke to Lacey. “And is, possibly. No matter how great her poses or makeup is.”

“Why does she make that grunting sound when she’s angry? Like a mad animal?” asks a Mary-Kate about Erin.

“Good question!” yells Michael.

“I’m better than you!!!” yells Erin with her Illuminati entourage backing her up.

“Yup.” we saw that instinctual reaction from her coming. “Now watch her be human.”

“Well…if it’s just evil ghosts haunting me we’re fine. Right?!” Lacey says to Erin and her entourage. Lacey is losing patience.

“She does seem like an idiot when you watch her on television.” someone says about Erin.

“Then why have you all been enabling her?!” Lacey asks. “Since when did we decide that people’s crass behavior, ugliness and bizarre features don’t matter?”

“Since Ethel with her Irish horse teeth became a thing.” says Joe Jr.. “Erin, it’s an ugly look. But my family made ugly Irish teeth cool looking.”

“Kick walked around like a horse too.” says Lacey. “Why was she always leaning so far forward?”

“I might walk like that too!” a child sex shave says to defend Kick out of kindness and noblesse oblige.

“That’s kind. But unfortunately I think it’s different than that.” says Lacey to the girl.

“Erin, why are you so slow?” asks a Congdon.

Erin’s brain suggests she decide she’s Lacey and Lacey is her.

A kike-Jew not a Jew like Harold Loeb climbs to an ounce of her pride to try to remain elite. She’s actually an offensive woman to watch but we’ve looked the other way or we’ve been too lowly to notice. And now…she’s embarrassing herself by not just letting go of her “feminist agenda.” She argues supernaturally that Erin is more liberated than Erin.

“To be honest…she’s being funny.” says a Liza Minnelli about Lacey.

“Oh no…I’ve heard you people make jokes about your looks in private for years. Or so it seems… Why ostracize me for doing it? Because I’m stuck-up? I’m not necessarily… I’ve tried to have this conversation.” says Lacey.

“We’re not that dumb, Liza. Don’t just be smart. Worship God.” says a Congdon.

Scott Fitzgerald rolls his eyes.

A woman cradles her copy of The Great Gatsby in her arms like it’s her reminder of what the Holy Bible was and is.

“Lem, why did you hang out with the Kennedy’s?!” asks a famous actress in the Illuminati.


“Listen we’ll fix the parents you were given or we’ll find the parents in Heaven who you belong to. Don’t worry.” says Lacey.

Jack Kennedy, JFK, makes a desperate attempt to stay in power in Purgatory.

“Stay away from books, Lacey!!” Liza Minnelli says to Lacey.

“But what’s so bad about this? These kids are suffering merciless lives.” says Lacey. “I can’t fix it perfectly, but I’m not about to stand by and watch them suffer more. It’s wrong. Genuinely wrong.” She thinks. “They’re worse off than me. And they’re my kids.” Lacey sighs. “Through no fault of their own. I’m the mom. And I say that that’s not right.”

“But Erin keeping Lacey’s rightful inheritance from them doesn’t even the score.” explains a Nesheim to Erin.

“You know…to you kikes…here’s a friendly reminder that the Holocaust was real.” says a dead Holocaust victim. “Evil happens.”

“Real evil.” says Lacey to clarify.

“Yes! Real evil. Not fake reincarnation processed, organic bullshit!” says the Holocaust victim.

“You think I’m making real evil less real by using reincarnation?” a Liza asks the dead Holocaust victim.

The dead Holocaust victim refuses to acknowledge that response.

“But there are still real Jews left?” a Jew asks Lacey.

“I think so. It’s just gotten so evil!!” says Lacey. “I do think it’s Christianity ultimately that is our spiritual reality.” She thinks. “But the deal we make in this country is that you have the right to process that decision in the privacy of your own soul.” She thinks. “You own your own mind. You don’t get inculcated into the Illuminati against your will just because you stumbled into it.” She thinks. “You get to decide what do to with the Jesus question for yourself.”

“See…now some evil person is going to use that conversation and that Jewish man’s real spiritual power to make an argument that those sex slave kids being molested should have been aborted.” says James J. Hill.

“Boom bitch!!!” says an adult female prostitute from North Dakota to Erin. “Is Lacey a Boom Bitch or are you a Boom Bitch wannabe?”

“I’m from-“ Erin starts.

“Zelda…why are you-“ starts a Nancy. But she’s upset by the rest of the thought so she cuts herself off and tries to be cute.

“I’m not happy!” says Amon Goeth.


“You’re from where?” Amon asks Erin. “Telephones? …Telepathy isn’t real?!? You’re not as clever as you think.”

“So then what does she do!?” a Chris asks Amon Goeth in righteous anger.

“What?!?!” Amon asks him, in shock.

“Why are you expecting an apology letter from the world?” asks a dead Nazi of Mr. Blue. “And what are we apologizing for?!”

“For Erin’s face.” he says.

“What’s wrong with her face?” asks the Nazi.

“Is Erin a dog face, hood rat like you accused Lacey of being in private in 2016?!” a Nazi asks Mr. Blue.

“Is Lacey street trash like you accused her of being and is her great granduncle a gong recipient like you righteously accused him of being in the realm of American Liberal journalism.” asks Amon Goeth.

A Gore tries to suffocate Lacey. He then seemingly backs out of it by pleading Jewish innocence.

“I’m confident that’s not Amon Goeth.” says a Liberal News Service Top Gun.

“We’re still going to torture these kids until we get so close to Hell it hurts us.” says a They in the Illuminati. “Because when I die…I’m going straight to Heaven too, bitch. Now watch mine shake my ass in this kid’s face. You don’t care about these kids. They’re not your’s.” he farts into the universe by daring to be alive in that moment.

“Why is Lena D. so quiet?” asks a Liberal News Service Certified Intellectual.

An author named Lena shrugs.

“I thought you’d be like me!” says the Loudest Perfume Hater about Lena.

“Why?” asks Lacey.

“Because I’m like her!” says the Loudest Perfume Hater.

“Not really.” says Lacey.

“God and Jesus aren’t the same entity!” says a Will.

“No, they are in a way and in a way they’re not. They are father and son.” says Lacey. “And in a sense the Holy Spirit is like their friend, or the device they use to bring justice.” says Lacey.

Erin grins. Her friends helped her again. The Liberal News Service is very powerful in the world.

“So God and Jesus have sex?!” giggles a bourgeois woman on Tik Tok who claims to have deconstructed her Christianity to liberate herself from being mentally lower-class.

“No!! And your sin matters.” says Lacey. “And our pain matters. Stop absolving yourselves of your sin.” says Lacey.


“No!! Erin imposing herself with the Illuminati on Lacey even if the Queen was possibly the best friend Lacey’s ever had…is not okay. It’s not okay to impose yourself on people-“

Lacey is cut off to watch her daughter try to molest her on behalf of the They. It’s ineffective for evil and Lacey prepares herself to stab pedophiles to death in public or in her house if necessary.

“Lem’s not your inlet!” says Lacey on behalf of Elliott Roosevelt.

“You’re fat! Right?!” farts a Millennial whore in the Illuminati at Lacey. But that’s the fart they’ve been thinking they’re getting Lacey’s sexuality from for years now. She’s being serious.

“I’m the one who was fat. Not Lacey.” explains Lem, in annoyance.

“You guys are using Lacey and Michael’s actual sex go feel sexy. You bottled it and use it to molest kids and feel elite.” says Elliott.

“You also have been using Lacey’s beauty and Lem’s rape and molestation to feel far more attractive and elite sexually and at your core than you are.” says Michael.

The troops of the Roman Empire the Illuminati. Wobbly still tries to cut a deal thinking his evil is just a cool-kid tool. Joeschmoshow yells at Lacey that they evil is why she can breath! He argues that Wobbly gas and goods and gods and guesswork and good-laws made a significant difference for God or goodness or something positive in the world.

“Are all plebs as lovable or patricianesque as the Kennedy’s?” asks a Lena.

Dark Red plays.

“No!” says the Queen. “These kids don’t want to be molested.”

“Why don’t you hear no, Erin?! Why don’t Liberals understand the concept of No on a spiritual level?” asks Michael.

“No, Lacey and her daughters are not pedophiles!!!” shouts the actual God of the better everything.

“The troops of the Roman Empire are dangerous guys.” says a Millennial Jenna to the Illuminati and their demons.

“They most likely are.” says Lacey, sadly.

The Millennials brace for impact. Some of them sigh because some of them would like to die. They’d be relieved if that slow-poke Putin just got it over with already.

“I’m not opposed to total nuclear annihilation of this shithole we call living Earth.” say Millennials.

“Then let’s just threaten to kidnap her children!” says a Gen X woman about Lacey’s kids.

“Hey that’ll affect her!! Those kids are still emotionally juicy!“ says a Gen X man.

“We can use them to hurt the kids we already have in captivity!” says another Gen X guy.

“We’re the cool generation!!! The coolest evah!” Gen X snickers.

“Except that’s my sexuality as a child while I was being molested you’re stealing to have sex as adults. And that’s not good. That’s my sexuality. That’s my intelligence. That’s my soul. That’s all mine. And where and what are you? Do you exist?” asks Lem.

“Or it’s mine. Or Amon Goeth’s?” asks a Nazi.

“You all used dirty money.” explains Al Capone. “All millennials. All Gen X.” He thinks. “It’s possibly mostly all her money believe it or not. But it’s also possibly other molestation victim’s money.” He thinks. “It’s in the music. It’s in your soul now too?”

“It is an absurd situation on a certain level.” says Truman Capote.

“They doesn’t make Lacey a pedophile. It just means that any pleasure you felt was her’s to enjoy by God’s design and not yours. You’re all thieves.” says Tommy Banks.

The They assisted by demons tries to pit the sex slaves against each other. They dig around fur more evil to use based on the idiocy of Lacey’s abuser. They need to feel like they have a sexuality that’s “cool-kid.”

“You did this to us when you had sex with Michael’s ghost! I’m an innocent poor Irish person!” say Chris and Erin Blue.

“But when I use my sexuality I feel like a hick. Or I feel very middle class.” says a bourgeois man in America.

Pedophilic demons molest Lacey and desperately try to trick her into thinking she’s a pedophile on behalf of the Illuminati. Because the current Illuminati uses the spiritual innocence of children being molested to feel safe existing.

“You guys have to consider the possibility that you’re mostly all very middle class and dull.” Ron Craft says to the current Illuminati. “And that’s at your best and redeemed.”

“Are the elite evil?” asks a Gen Xer.

“Yes? …But maybe not. She doesn’t know. And your mixed version with her sexuality and other people’s isn’t going to be a great indicator of reality.” says Michael.

“We’re not going to keep letting you talk to your children we’re holding captive as sex slaves.” says Wobbly as a threat to Lem and Lacey.

“The CIA?” says Lacey to Wobbly. “Oh!! Scary!” says Lacey sarcastically.

“Nope!!! We’re going to confiscate the birth children of Lacey because…we…can molest them better than her? Or no!! No!! We…can’t let her keep outing us.” says Mr. Blue. “Look at my sexy man body! I’m a real one. Believe I’m real! Believe I am a sexy man.” he demands.

“It’s a chubby body! And you sound insane.” says Lacey.

“No!! We’re fucking poor Irish?” Wobbly asks in egotistical pain. “I’m trying to get out of Hell!” he says in regard to his last sentence.

The spirits of class mockery “Rise up on behalf of the Irish.”

“No one will save these kids!! And God doesn’t exist!! All smart people know that! We’ve scientifically proven it! We have!!! We have!! We have!! All that bullshit we let you believe is bullshit. We are that close to touchdown!!” sars a very highly esteemed group of public atheists.

“Why do these shitholes have to exist?!” a saint in Ireland asks God about the They.

“We’re human!!!” the They demands of humanity.

“They can’t hate us that much in Heaven?” says Mr. Blue and the other Wobbly Sex-Sex New Service Associates.

“So…that Putin. He’s fascinating. Huh?” asks Lacey.

“So…can you guy’s function without Lacey being left alone?” a demon asks the Illuminati. “It’s also all of your pedophilia that’s problematic. If you idiots had just left her and all her children alone…you’d be able to enjoy your lives.” He thinks. “But no. You had to find out what when you conjured her in 2015?” He yawns.

“We thought we were bringing a New World Order.” says a Millennial. “But like…a socialist one?”

“With room for sexual abuse of children, Lem as your sex mascot, and me looking the other way to let you believe I had dirt under my fingernails. Can you conjure a rapture to save you now?” asks Lacey.

“Yeah, we were going to make Lacey go schizophrenic because we thought it was allowed in Christianity based on Erin’s-“ says a Gen Z witch who decided to inculcate Lacey into the Illuminati. She theologically believes she’s incapable of being actually morally wrong in this fake matrix we call life. She believes Christianity is…something.

“No!! You didn’t get something right with Joe you wrote something. It’s a tiny tiny bit off. And that’s how I take over the world. Your life matters none because I’m God.” says the witch.

“My toothbrush matters more than you! I can put it up my vagina!! See!!” says Erin.

“You are wrong!!!” a George Bush yells at Lacey. “We’re just as elite and old money.”

A herd of American plebs in death demand the witch be more powerful than Lacey.

“You’re likely wrong and going to Hell for eternity or you’re close to it.” says Lacey to the witch.

“We have great witches!!” says Erin in irritation.

“You’re holding on to her dimmest perplexions as your ultimate, unfailing truth!” an actor says to The They in the Illuminati. The They desperately try to shove their stupidity and arrogance into the genitalia of the sex slaves under the age of 18.

“When I just said that I wasn’t-don’t twist my meaning.” says the actor in the Illuminati who just spoke.


“Also, what about what we’re talking about?” the actor in the Illuminati asks. “I’m not the greatest intellectual. But I have a clue sometimes if I have a conscience.”