A Tragedy

Meditation, For Violin & Orchestra by Jules Massenet plays.

(Adult Content)

Lacey sees John Henderson drive off with Jackie Kennedy in a golf cart formally driven by JFK. JFK Jr. is in her lap. It’s the 1960’s.

The question is…why…why…is John Henderson taking JFK’s place? Who is John Henderson? Why…is that…JFK is left on a hill watching.

Darlene watches as well but whatever this is supposed to be is a puzzle. Hold on, let me ask God to interpret it.

Lem, crying? Is Lem constantly crying?

“Lem, is now a time to cry or to explain?” Michael asks Lem.

“I’ve sided for now with the Rockefeller’s. And my parents just joined.” says Lem.


“If you’re confused by this as much as I am, I get it.” Lem says to his possible children.

“Why are you so confused?” Michael asks Lem.

Lem laughs. “No, it’s just…it’s not the plan.”

“What was that plan?” his mother asks him.

“I was supposed to be able to point out to Lacey how much she was the victim not the perpetrator.” says Lem. “But now I have to disown the Kennedy’s twice.” He thinks.

“Hey, here’s a hot tip!! I can conjure Hell based on my interpretation and bullshit based on what I mean for you to say. Dr. Thorsten Moritz of Kings College said so. Your words out of your mouth are mine to interpret. And so your thoughts expressed through your mouth are mine. They’re mine. Your words are mine. And so…you can take your words how I want them to be. I can defile your soul. Because how I interpret things matters more than how you actually meant it.” says Chris. “Or is that middle class is shit from Hell?”

“Middle class is-shit?” asks Lem of Chris.

“Yes. The Clinton crap.” says Chris.

“See…that’s why we trusted Obama.” says a black DFM member. “But turns out…he really is just a black JFK.”

“Why did you have to disown the Kennedy’s twice?!” Lacey asks Lem, hurt.

Dollars and Cents by Radiohead plays.

“Because I felt guilty for taking you from Joe Jr..” says Lem.

In Da Club plays for Joe Jr. and Pat Wilson’s love as theme music in Purgatory.

Thirsten-wannabe watches them, trying to interpret their art. What does a birthday party in 1944 mean? Why does Pat Wilson as a concept of a woman mean in context of World War II? Is it discrimination? Is it vile? Is it beautiful? Is it a joke? Is it a lie?

“I’m watching them like a television show but I’m there?” Thirsten-wannabe asks. “And then I have my own background music?”

“Music I decided on.” says Lacey.

“It works.” says Thirsten-wannabe.

“Anyway, why? Why did you care so much about taking me away from Joe?” Lacey asks Lem.

“I’m not going to fall for that?” Michael asks. “No. I’m not.” Michael scoffs at Joe Jr..

“You’re right, Lacey.” says Lem. “Because you loved him.”

“But certainly there must be lots of other women who could love him?!” Lacey asks.

Greta agrees with Lacey. On a purely scientific level Joe’s obsession with Lacey is almost unnatural.

“I mean you’d think he’d realize that by choosing a different side of the planet he can’t live on the other side of the planet at the same time.” says Lacey, exasperated.


“Do you want Kings College to change their name?” asks the school’s founders of Thirsten-wannabe.

“No!” he laughs. He agrees to keep watching the Pat Wilson love story. The music back in play would help though. She’ll have to invent a playlist. What fun!! The other agree to help.

1. * La Bohème, Opera by Giacomo Puccini, André Kostelanetz, The Italian Album

2. * Meant to Stay Hid by SYML

3. * Polish Girl by Neon Indian

4. * Lonely Life by Miike Snow (about just Pat)

5. * For Unto Us A Child Is Born by Handel as performed by Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Orchestra (for just Joe Jr., especially during his war activities)

6. * Hallelujah Chorus as performed by Robert Shaw Chorale & Orchestra (when Joe dies and Pat finds out the news) from the album The Most Fabulous Classical Christmas Album Ever

7. * Some parts are silent.

8. * Someone To Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald (when Joe says goodbye to Pat one last)

9. * Die Young by Sylvan Esso (when they first meet at a dinner in London)

10. * Git Along Little Doggies (Whoopee Ti Yi Yo) by Son of The Pioneers (for their love scenes)

11. * Elmo’s Rap Song by Elmo (if Joe was a pervert for when he explodes)

12. * Sesame Street Theme by The Sesame Street Kids (when houses in England start on fire after the explosion)

13. * Elmo’s Song by Elmo, Big Bird & Snuffleupagus (when Joe realizes Pat’s aristocratic mannerisms at breakfast and discusses his love for peanut brittle)

14. * Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire (for their days at the beach and with friends having picnics and dining at dinner and watching stars, and driving)

15. * Call of the Freaks by King Oliver and His Orchestra (if Joe was killed and his death wasn’t an accident for the planning stages)

16. How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead (in the opening) (*no covers allowed, only the original)

17. * Kiss The Sky by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra (for the scenes of the Nazi’s plotting)

18. * How You Like Me Now (when Pat Wilson talks to the Kennedy’s after Joe Jr.’s death and either can’t or won’t write about him for their memorial book about Joe Jr.)

19. * Where I End And You Begin by Radiohead (for the battle scenes in Continental Europe after Joe Jr. dies)

20. * Freak (feat. REI AMI) by Sub Urban (when the Kennedy’s find out Joe Jr. died in Cape Cod as sang by Joe Jr.)

21. * Pass Them By by Agnes Obel (when Joe Sr. talks with his remaining sons about having to take on the supposed mantle Joe Jr. left open after his death)

22. * Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel (when Joe Jr. discovers the afterlife)

23. * Carmen, Opera by Georges Bizet as performed by Maria Callas, The New Sound Maria Callas (the Kennedy’s trying to be successful in politics after Joe Jr.’s death)

24. * Unchained Melody (Remastered 2023) by The Drifters from Dock of the Bay and More Classics From The Drifters (for a brief visual synopsis of Pat Wilson’s life after Joe Jr.’s life ends

25. P.I.M.P. (Snoop Dogg Remix) (feat. Snoop Dogg) by 50 Cent (when Kick’s husband dies)

26. Notorious Thugs by Biggie Is Coming Back Back In (when Kick falls apart and dies after being taken-in by a lothorio and for when Erin struggles to poop from too much heroin and has to have anal sex to survive and not die the way Elvis did and for when Biggie is shot because pseudo-intellectuals or actual but narcissistic intellectuals try to use stationary dildos to poop and still look cool because they’re addicted to opiates)

27. Rum and Coca Cola by The Andrews Sisters (when drug lords sell their expensive, safe cocaine to Millennial adults who don’t abuse kids in any way and rarely use it and use it as safely as they can like buying and not using and thus the drug lords make millions and wonder what the meaning of life actually is in a good way as they refuse to hurt anyone with their power) **don’t do evil

28. The Way We Get By by Spoon (when Harold Loeb dies in Morocco – it’s not explained how he’s connected to any of this in the 1970’s it’s sung by Joe artistically fighting with Harold for the vocal solo)

29. Thank You by Dido for when Pat Wilson relies on the organized, hideous pedophiles of the world to make sure Joe Kennedy Jr. never falls in love with Lacey in a real, meaningful way. She lip synchs and dances to the lyrics, bizarrely unaware of her own profound evil.

30. * You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra (Ethel and Bobby running through a Seth MacFarlane Family Guy type of comedic scene involving the two of them with a quick shot of their actual kids as children in the background as their props while they dance in clothes by Dior in a meadow on a spring day oblivious to anyone but themselves and their narcissistic dreams about themselves)

31. * Stormy Weather by Etta James (as Pat Wilson dies in 2017)

32. * If I Had You by Frank Sinatra (when Lacey is convinced in her awful life by Joe Jr.’s ghost that Joe Jr. is a potential great hope for Heaven to be true Heaven)

33. * Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush (when there’s a quick shot of the leaders of the pedophile ring in the 20th and 21st Century in a possible eternal LSD induced hysteria try to run up the side of the James J. Hill Mansion walls but can’t get to the top because they’re caught like mice in a wheel)

34. * III. – – by Philip Glass as performed by Adele Anthony and the Ulster Orchestra, Takuo Yuasa conducting (when America drops a bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to “win” WWII after FDR dies)

35. * Creep by Radiohead (when the Illuminati tries to convince Lacey in the 2010’s and 2020’s that she’s a narcissist, a pedophile, and a yet also a victim and should love Joe Kennedy Jr. after all for eternity even though he’s holding hands with Pat Wilson and they’re possibly married for eternity)

36. * Jóhannsson: A Sparrow Alighted upon our Shoulder by Jóhann Jóhannsson (Michael Rockefeller appears to Lacey in a dreamlike state as she’s trying to float on an Irish fishing boat in the ocean towards land. Lem claims to be righteously jealous and angry at Lacey and waiting for her on the shores of Iraq. She’s trying to valiantly use a beat-up sail attached perfectly to the Irish fishing boat to reach shore. Joe Kennedy Sr. is oddly swimming behind her. He’s got a rope secretly attached to his legs pulling his children on a yacht behind him. On the yacht is a party for his whole family. They’re dressed well and in style like the Bluth family from Arrested Development. They’re not sure where Joe Sr. is taking them but he’s their engine, so to speak.

37. * BaDinga by TWRK (when Jack Kennedy, wearing a thong lands on Iraq’s shores and tries to seduce Lem cheered on by Joe Sr. and other Kennedy’s from the yacht still in delusion. Lem is convinced Lacey is still at fault somehow as he coldly resists and completely ignores Jack instead of fighting Jack.)

38. * Vibin by Masked Wolf (while Prince Philip teaches Lem how to fight, explains a lot about the reality he experienced)

39. * Animal Style by Jackal (as Joe and Pat Wilson try to go into adult prostitution in Purgatory to earn money to attack the Rockefeller’s and steal Lacey)

40. * Mambo by Tropkillaz (to a silent black screen while it’s suggested quickly that Michael and Lacey truly make love – Rocky is attacked by dead Liberal people and his voice attacks them but they ignore it knowing they’ve simply stolen his voice)

41. * F. I. A. S. O. M. Pt. 2 by MIA (Music is played in the background somewhat muted while Joe Jr. appears on a yacht and decides to explain that he’s at war with art and the scene you just saw was actually him and Lacey not Michael and Lacey. He decides to give the audience a tour of his family’s yacht hinting that the hot sex scene like Jackie gave the press a tour of the White House.)

42. * Gilded Lily by Cults (while Wobbly and Joe Jr. try a black face performance of “Gilded Lily” attempted to be made into a joke to seem charming to the audience on board the Kennedy yacht)

43. * Summer Overture from Requiem For A Dream by Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet (Lem goes with the British Royal Family to Biafra in the 1960’s to witness the destruction first hand and account for it)

44. * My Old Kentucky Home by Stephen C. Foster (as performed by Wobbly and Joe Sr. in more appropriate clothes on the yacht at night by torch light). * Just A Lil Bit by 50 Cent cuts off My Old Kentucky Home sending them into a silent confusion. Hate Or Love It music video as performed by Wobbly and Joe Jr.. (the video is the exact same but with them and with 50 Cent singing his own song through their mouths and at after 3:26 the show has a pause and a rating disclaimer and is entirely performed by Joe Jr. and himself at various ages.)

45. Pat Wilson appears and thanks everybody for coming to her Mrs. Kennedy Show. She’s interrupted by * Palladio by Karl Jenkins. Credits roll past her but she ignores them. She bows and then leaves. The credits roll to the music.