The Ugly Truth

While the tortured Christian dead thankfully leave the living to be okay with God. The elite both old and new money both good and evil consider their options.

“Does anyone read this blog?” asks a Ron Howard.

Lacey considers. “I wonder.” She shrugs.

Anyway, it seems Joe Jr. needs counseling and time with God. Not necessarily to be with Lacey for eternity but to be happy with God.

It also seems that many people in the Illuminati are wondering why life on Earth is necessary.

“It’s a day to day thing.” says a Kim Kardashian. As in, each day makes living worth it as the day unfolds. But evil really is incredibly repulsive these days and is replacing truth far too much nowadays and even the Illuminati is getting tired of it.

Or…is it even the Illuminati? Is it possible Lights Are On is the sad truth? As in, the elite are actually seeing it first. It’s a hollow song. It’s a beautiful song. It’s a song that’s nostalgic and reminds us of the sweetness of God bringing us to our death in a world that’s teetering on human extinction.

Dollars and Cents by Radiohead plays.

“Is it a climate issue on a purely cold, scientific level?” Lacey asks a Greta.

“Yes!” she yells, objectively.

“The 20th American hegemony has accidentally turned the world into the Donner Party?” says Lacey.

Putin cries. He’s exhausted.

“The thing is, humans have always been evil but perhaps they’re becoming increasingly evil due to a failing civilization that has increased the likelihood for Hell to manifest?” suggests Lacey.

“And turning into the Donner Party?” asks a Greta.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

Then being increasingly psychically attacked by Wobbly, Mr. Blue and his evil crew of cannibals the two women wisely chose to end the present conversation. Apparently making the situation in the world rational, calm and beautiful is terrifying to the Devil.

“Evil is still evil.” says a Greta.

Jóhannsson: A Sparrow Alighted upon our Shoulder by Jóhann Jóhannsson plays.

Lacey fights with Michael to work with God to move beyond the evil. It’s like fighting to control sails. It’s terrifying.

But have no fear, Lem’s not worried. God irons it all out in the end. God corrects it. If Lacey is his wife…Michael is fighting with him. If Michael has his back with Lacey.

“I can take you out!” Wobbly psychically yells at Michael and Lacey, threatening them.

“No!!!!!” yells Lacey in response.

And at that the Illuminati, should it exist, has to consider. What’s best?

“An atomic war is going to cause nuclear fallout.” says Keith. Keith ended his life because he hated the ugly look of things in this decrepit world.

“And the fallout will hurt the animals?” asks a woman in the Illuminati.

“Exactly!” Keith seemingly says to her.


“Even if we’re gone, the animals will suffer.” says Keith?


“Sarah Teasdale wrote There Will Come Soft Rains before WWII.” says Lacey. “I wonder if the time for that beauty has passed?”


Jóhannsson: A Sparrow Alighted upon our Shoulder by Jóhann Jóhannsson plays.

“Chris hates the true elite. They are the bane of his existence.” She thinks. “Because he’s not one of them. He’s not related to any US Presidents. He’s a lowly serf. And no matter how much he works…that’s all he’ll ever be.”

She thinks.

“There is no way up.” She thinks. “Back in the 1800’s when Andrew Carnegie philanthropically gave libraries he was making a social-class investment. The investment was in his name meaning something in the future in terms of Old-Money.” Pause. “Because Old-Money isn’t just a vibe, or being a billionaire or an aesthetic like Coastal Grandmother. It’s very likely an actual social class.” Another pause. “It’s very well organized group of people.” One more pause. “It’s very likely not a Marxist concept, but actual reality.”

A bit later.

“The thing is…it’s a huge flaw in Lenin’s thinking. …Because it’s not just the have’s organized into groups and the have nots to be actualized by progressives. It’s a stringent, organic, wretched facet of our fallen state of being as humans.”


“The thing is…God is real. And sometimes the elite Old-Money are the true good. Not the true evil.” says Michael.

“And when they are…it brings glory to God. But it makes the poor feel more wretched when they resist God?” asks Louis.

“And in this case…it’s absurd. …A poor group of Liberal Millennials climbed their way up the social ladder in the US as we were taught to do, but for those who rejected Christ it became troubling. They had possibly very little grace when they found out that being almost Upper Class wasn’t as great as they’d assumed. Or they found out that they’d never actually be one these Old-Money elite, daring, sexy overlords. ….Sure they’d put on the act and the clothes and the smiles. But behind closed doors in their true moments…the act crumbled and the vile reality emerged.” says Lacey.

“Is Mr. Blue Charles Ryder?” asks a Liberal Intellectual of Lacey.

“In a way.” says Lacey. “But this certainly isn’t England.”

“The thing is…why are you mad at them?” asks F. Scott Fitzgerald of Mr. Blue.

“She’s right. You don’t necessarily even love them when you can have them.” says Erin.

“Yeah, what is it?” asks Hermes of Mr. Blue.

“Is it Michael?” asks Lacey. “Are you trying to be him or do you loathe that the concept of him even exists.”

“What’s wrong with cheese dip and ranch dressing, Mr. Blue?” asks The Loudest Perfume Hater.

“Chris, if this is real…are we your victims? All of us? Let’s use this metaphor: The middle class and those lower are your family and the true Old-Money elite are the ghosts, both living and dead.” asks a Liberal Intellectual.

“Why not cheese dip?” Lacey asks him. “I like cheese dip. Not all the time. But on rare occasions.”

“And I’d never truly enjoy her world. Not really.” says a dead English woman. “I think she admires us. And I think we admire her. When we’re being sane.” She thinks. “And we respect each other when we’re being sane.” She thinks a bit more. “It’s the evil and insanity of all classes that causes that sort of turmoil.”

“I think he hates it because it’s a door he can’t open.” says someone.

“But why? …Because when Joe offers his strength it’s…confusing. Buy when Michael offers his strength it’s almost impossible to avoid being his.” says Lacey. “I’d assume the best of Mr. Blue but I wonder. Why is he so upset? Michael can open doors and respects himself enough not to open closed doors. …Are you and Joe Jr. heroes or fools, Mr. Blue?”

“We feel enslaved by you!!” says an angry bourgeois woman to Lacey, ignoring the fact that Mr. Blue may have somehow tortured the children of the Old-Money elite as sex slaves since this started.

“No!!! We sent them to be tortured in a living Hell and ripped apart by evil without your rightful protection because we aren’t happy that we can’t-“ starts a Liberal hater. Then she decides to protect herself.

“Childhood sex slaves were a thing before you all had your children hurt.” says a self-righteously-black witch.

“Go on!” says a group of Liberals standing in the gap to agree with her spiritually.

“Go on!” says Louis to the black witch.

“I’m just saying that I don’t feel the need to care.” the black witch says.

“Why not? Because your ancestors were slaves, because you can’t buy expensive enough perfume or what?” asks Lacey of the black woman.

Mr. Blue sits tight and waits for his victory. Growing-up in a beautiful state he saw them. Whether he admits it or not. And like F. Scott Fitzgerald he was deeply affected.

“It was the wealth of St. Paul that made me feel so lonely. Reading my story otherwise is possibly very evil.” says Scott Fitzgerald.

“And there goes New York.” says Michael.

“It was my actual family that affected F. Scott Fitzgerald so much. You are such intellectual phonies.” Louis scoffs. “It was my family’s wealth. Our ties to New York. …Lacey’s Old Money ties to us today. Etc., etc.”

“And you wrote L’Heure Bleue of the Electric?” asks Lacey of Mr. Blue.

“Can L’Heure Bleue be a thing for these people as a collective group in society? I doubted it. …We all wear the scent of an end, but…that’s different.” He thinks. “Even you will die, Mr. Blue. …Do you and your friends fear death? I wonder.” asks F. Scott Fitzgerald of Mr. Blue.

“She had an astonishing amount of mercy for me.” Joe Kennedy Jr. says about Lacey.

“She still does…she’s just been worn down.” Joe Sr. says.

“I didn’t mean to snub you.” says Michael Rockefeller to Joe.

“Okay. Why?!” asks a Liberal of Mr. Blue.

“She thinks that means Michael will accept her and love her! He never will. She’s too lowly.” Joe Jr. says seriously to his family and friends about Lacey.

“What about like…Marilyn Monroe?” Mr. Blue asks Joe confrontationally.

“Do you think we essentially snubbed Marilyn on moral grounds?” asks Bobby of Mr. Blue. “And if she’d been herself but a Doris Day type she might have snagged one of us permanently?”

“Am I in with your crowd?” Mr. Blue asks the dead Kennedys.

“Almost.” responds J. P..

“One has to be very cautious with one’s accomplishments.” says Erin.

“So why isn’t organic spinach dip from your pre-made food cook service and riviera service as a treat good enough?” asks The Loudest Perfume Hater of Mr. Blue.

“You wouldn’t understand. It’s just that bad.” says Mr. Blue. “To be us.”

“Why?!” asks another perfume hater.

“Have you ever been to Ireland?” he asks them.

They stare at him.

“You’re insane. And pure evil!” says a group of perfume haters to Mr. Blue.

“You’ve aided and abetted evil in destroying the middle class.” says the Loudest Perfume Hater to Mr. Blue.

“Do you think it was already in despair?” he asks her.

“The Upper Middle-Class?” she asks.

“No! The bourgeois elite!” he yells back.

“So then why did you make it worse?!” she asks him.

He spiritually feels like vomiting. So does Erin.

“How much Everclear did you two drink?” a comedian asks them.

“Four shots.” says Mr. Blue.

“Between the two of you?” someone asks.

“Just me. She had two?” says Mr. Blue, uncomfortable.

“Why aren’t you both dead?” asks Mary Tyler Moore of them.

“We may have been sacrificing people for years to keep the guilty in our crew alive.” says the Illuminati.

“So…how does that spiritually work?” asks Lacey.

“Giant waves. Bad news.” says Michael.

Chris emerges from a Gaelic cave in ancient Ireland covered in snakes, leeches, and two fur creatures that have all bitten into his flesh and remained there. He emerges with hundreds of lacerations. But he refuses to let himself be funny. He demands justice for his ego and his buddies back him up, instead of defending their own families.

“So!! He’s a really nice man.” Betty White says about Vladimir Putin. “And if you kill him…you’re not going to like the results.”

“…Umm…how is Wobbly, Joeschmoshow and crew going to go kill St. Patrick?” asks a man watching them as the pair march into the cave like heroes going to save coal mining accident victims. They look deadly seriously.

“He’s got us!” they say, emerging. They’re holding opened bottles of Bud Lite.

“We were shooting hoops and then he asked us if we’d like a Bud. Now to Poker!” Joeschmoshow says.

“Huh. That’s a cool saint!” sincerely says a Catholic.

“Yeah! He almost has us fooled, though. He said he was Satan at first.” says Wobbly.

“Why isn’t he Satan?” Lacey asks them.

“He just isn’t!” they say.

“Why?” she asks.

“He’s…so…” Wobbly says.

“Wait, wait…you don’t think it’s St. Patrick!” The Loudest Perfume Hater says to Lacey.

“No, I doubt it.” says Lacey.

“No! No!! No!!” says Mark Nesheim.

They all stand there. An hour later they’ve all left but Wobbly and Joeschmoshow decide to go down into the cave. There’s a force field pushing them back on orders from God but they ignore it because they don’t feel it.

Four days later.

The dark twilight surrounding the cave gives the impression that no one alive is inside. And it’s unclear if Wobbly and Joeschmoshow are dead or if they’ve just been inside the cave the whole time.

Mr. Blue arrives with an older Irish man with a thick brogue. “Why don’t you two love birds just stop quarreling and make-up. Right?!” suggests the Irish man to Mr. Blue.

In chains and beaten almost unconscious Lacey is drug to the mouth of the cave. Suddenly she has a thought.

She giggles. …It’s Ireland.

She can’t stop laughing.

“Hey, fuckers…how hard would I have to bite to cut off your dicks?” she says. “And as you beat me to my death and you bleed to your death…where will we all be going? Heaven or Hell?” She waits for a response.

“You can’t bite off my dick! You’re a mouthless…amoeba.” says Mr. Blue using CIA tactics and the Illuminati to try to genuinely brainwash her into thinking she’s a mouthless amoeba.

And then…Michael emerges. He pulls out a sharp knife and stabs the Irishman and Mr. Blue in their necks. He laughs.

Worried and confused Lacey panics. This isn’t good.

Strengthened by demons from the cave the two men ignore their mortal wounds. It gives her time.

“Say, what…where did you want me to make love with him? Inside the cave?” she asks the Irishman who coldly ignores her and Mr. Blue.

“You’re not going to understand!” says Mr. Blue dismissively.

“You can’t tell her that!!” says the Irishman.

They all move into the cave.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ghost darts past them into the cave. They ignore him. Apparently he makes sense to be here in full body apparition? Lacey freaks out.

“They stole Lem’s sperm!” says Jack proprietarily. He’s laughing. Holding a Bud Lite.

“It was mine too!” says Michael.

“Nevertheless they’re all actually my kids!!” yells Joe Kennedy Jr. in pain, trying to gain control of the situation as the oldest.

And at that Louis and the KKK emerge with tiki torches and knives. They all take turns stabbing Mr. Blue and Irishman to kill them but it’s slow going.

And at that Wobbly and Joeschmoshow are heard wailing from deep within the cave.

“Are those the screams of two male children?” asks Lacey.

“We can’t save them. Scott’s tried.” says Louis crying

“Where are their parents?” asks Lacey.

“They’re adults!” says Mr. Blue patronizingly.

“The darkness eats my soul.” says the full body apparition of Joe Sr. staggering around trying desperately to orientate himself.

And at that Lacey faints and is continually revived by the ghosts of the English Royal families as they carry her around. Louis breathes a sigh of relief. The KKK does seem relieved as well.

“There are no black people in this cave.” says Lacey, stunned. She wonders why the KKK are involved in this Gaelic cave?

She thinks.

And at that Michael stabs Mr. Blue in the head.

Lacey giggles. “Oh, that’s kind but it isn’t going to kill him, poor dear.”

Suddenly out of the blue, “Hey!! You all want to hear some cool stuff!? I collect pocket knives.” says Mr. Blue. He rattles on and on about pocket knives going forward. Lacey looks up at him and sees a pocket knife lodged in his head. It overwhelms her already heavily taxed mind.

And at that Michael picks her up and runs out of the cave. They sit and wait. Louis, Lem and Harold Loeb emerge dusting themselves off.

“What about those boys!?” says Lacey in a panic.

She runs into the opening of the cave and sees the KKK dancing with Mr. Blue and lighting fires. The Irishman looks finally wounded.

She stands there. She wonders. And at that Wobbly and Joeschmoshow emerge as pure evil.

Kick screams bloody murder with Athalia behind Lacey and so she turns around long enough to see a giant snake coming at her to swallow her alive. She says, “Move aside in the name of Jesus.” It does. Matter-of-fact it nods it’s head at her. She realizes her imminent danger though regardless and exits the cave.

She stands aghast. Realizes she’s not chained.

“You died. A little.” says Louis to explain.

“Or was that how they put her in chains to begin with?” asks Michael.

“They didn’t notice that I float when it blows?” asks Lacey.

“No!” says Vladimir Putin.

Igor Stravinsky: Le sacre du printemps is played by a dead orchestra outside the cave.

“Is he here to blow-up the cave to save the children underneath it or?” Lacey asks Michael.


“Those are my kids.” says God about the children in slavery.

Lacey starts trying to request that God start the rapture.