Come To Find Out You’re Freaks

Sodus by Cemeteries plays.

A man in blue dances naked in front of children at a Pride march. He flings his blue penis around sexually molesting them through their eyes. And pedophilic assholes who vote for Democrats bring their poor kids to watch. People who should be killed possibly in reality.

Oops. Are you feeling scared? Why? You’re vermin and you didn’t know it?

Lighten-up, if you bring your kids to Pride marches to molest them using strangers…somewhere inside yourself you know you’d be better off dead. You know your kids are victims. You know you’re utterly worthless.

And I’m not going to lie. I actually care.

“Oh yeah, okay I think I’m gonna have to kill her because the now she’s threatening Americans for being pedophilic monsters and molesting their kids and I’m totally fine with it.” say the Kennedys. “I mean, to clarify…I’m not chill with her killing pedophilic monsters…because they’re cool. They do drugs and sociopathically torture people. No! I’m mad at her! Trying to kill us! Trying to kill pedophiles! How dare she! I mean…how dare she!!” They march forward, lean forward and feel…forward. They *wink*. Shake their behinds.

“Don’t bring your kids! Please, just don’t bring your kids!!” yells a lesbian.

The naked man painted in blue at that Pride march dances.

But…people do bring their kids. And…they shouldn’t.

A pastor rolls his eyes. A lot of irresponsible parents…ruin important sermons too. Except he can pray. What does the naked man in blue do?

“Okay…but like…I think they figured it was educational.” says a Millennial who isn’t a pedophile. She celebrates Pride with her kids. And she legitimately didn’t know it was…possibly molesting them.

“There is no black and white. It’s just color.” says Mr. Blue trying to sound Postmodern.

“Except…those are colors.” says Lacey.

“Yeah! But…they’re just…saturated.” says Mr. Blue.

“No. They’re their own color.” says Lacey.

The naked blue man is cobalt.

“At least that’s a great color choice!” says Lacey cheerfully.

He thinks. “Why are you being nice to me?!” he says stopping to stare at her.

The Casablanca reopens. June 1st. And it’s taking over…everything?

“Why did you just force me to reopen The Casablanca?!” asks Lacey.

“We like our festival.” says the naked gay man in cobalt blue.

“Then why are you dressed like a cop?” a mayor asks, shaking his ass.

“What?!?” asks the naked gay man.

“I’ll kill you!” the idiotic mayor says to Lacey. He’s playing cops and robbers.

The naked gay man is upset. “She’s giving me a compliment not…saying I look like a cop!”

“She’s scum!” he says with thick hair, an expression of ebullient New Age narcissism in an expensive suit.

The naked gay man looks confused. Looks at Lacey.

“Does he have any idea what we’re even talking about or is he just totally lost?“ Lacey asks the naked blue gay man.

The gay man looks depressed. He looks at Lacey.

Then he perks up.

“So the Gay 90s is going to suddenly And be like The Shining hotel, like the Overlook, on June 1st?” asks the blue painted gay man.

“Well that’s the idea – for Christ. But we’ll see what God actually thinks. It will be interesting to see what happens.“ says Lacey.

“Yeah! I thought it was safer to be this color than other colors and dance sexy.” says the gay man.

“Yes! …And I understand you are still protesting. That’s the origins. Don’t lie.” says Lacey. “Or I should say, those are the origins.”

The gay man in cobalt blue sits down.

“The problem is just the kids that are watching and the people who bring their kids. That’s really the only problem you have with it to a large degree.” says the gay man painted in blue.

“I don’t think anyone under the age of 18 or 21 should be at those so-called festivals within about a two block radius.” says Lacey. “Can you handle that children shouldn’t be at your protests or is that just really difficult for you to handle?”

“You know you’re not the first person to say this!” says the mayor condescendingly to Lacey.

“Then why are we even having this discussion?! Are you people pedophilic monsters in disguise and you’re really all just freaks and about yo cause an atomic war literally…or are you idiots and stubborn fools?! Do explain!” says Lacey.

“Well I mean we could have portions right where you can bring your kids maybe? Maybe sometimes they even do that where they have portions that are for kids and then a part of it that isn’t…but you’re right that’s moronic. The whole thing shouldn’t be for children at all.” says a Millennial to Lacey.

“If you’re going to start threatening me be careful.” says Lacey. “I see through you, you narcissistic piece of pedophilic shit!”

“But what if someone molested a child and then brought the child there and that allowed the child freedom to leave the molestation?“ says a Millennial.

“Yeah and what if they brought them there, brainwashed them because they’re pedophiles and monsters and used it to justify it and molest the child even more horrifically?!” asks Lacey. “But since you insist that you’re the ones taking the moral high ground, I’m gonna force you to take it.”

“Upon penalty of death?!” defiantly says a trans woman who secretly is a monster. She (?) likes to pretend she’s a kind woman. She’s hiding in her victimhood just like the trans woman who she loves to tell stories about who she was possibly raped by. She’s…so certain she was molested (?) but in reality was she? She was an adult? It’s unclear and it’s weird she tells stories about it in a sexually perverse way. “ There are no straight people and you’re in love with me right I mean you’re so attracted to me?!” she says seriously to Lacey.

“No we know you’re straight we’re Satanists and we’re trying to pervert you.” say the Satanists to Lacey.

“You know that is an interesting excuse for your stupidity but I have a feeling you might actually really just be that dumb and it’s not actually Satanism.” says Lacey.

“Yeah, that’s entirely possible Lacey.” says Michael.

“Michael what in the world am I supposed to do with this parade in these people insist that trees bow down to them for sexual reasons, it’s insane!” says Lacey.

“Let me ask you this: can you not allow children within a two block radius to your psychologically dangerous protest?!” asks Michael.

“To be honest it’s too hard for them Michael seriously it’s too hard for them. They don’t know how to do it. I could probably try to enforce some thing with police, but they don’t know how to do it.” says the mayor.

“Yeah and you know I’d foot the bill out of my personal coffers every year if I actually thought it was helping society for these people to march.” says Michael.

“Would you guys actually do that?“ asks the gay man painted in cobalt blue.

“Honestly yes we probably would if we thought it was helping society…and I don’t wanna be preached by you like you’re a bunch of violent Bible thumpers or Crusaders or something. Can you try to express to me what value being naked and being psychologically, violent towards other adults has to society? Because that’s what you’re doing! Get over it!” says Michael.

“Michael, if your wife were to say that I’d hate her and be jealous of her but when you say it, it turns me on. I called her an abusive bitch who needs to take a poop…and speaking of taking a poop, want to help?” flirtatiously says a straight narcissistic woman listening to the conversation.

“Are you here for the pride festival?“ asks the mayor of the woman.

“This is an interesting conundrum…because now I’m wondering if we need to just blow up the entire downtown of Minneapolis?” asks Lacey.

“You know the food dropped a bomb on Minneapolis and your family was there it would be World War III possibly but you would certainly be dead.“ says a Rockefeller to Lacey, teasingly.

“Yes, that’s true…but then if we died as happy as that would make Lem potentially and Michael would be able to at least you know, give me a hug goodbye or something if I’m not with him…what about the kids that could be at this march?” asks Lacey.

“We don’t have to get along, but I do think the march and festivals do actually mean something and I’d like to explain why.” says a non-binary, queer activist.

“I’d love to hear what you have to say! Go on!” says Lacey.

“OK I can’t stand it anymore. She’s right! It actually is offensive to some gay people there who don’t bring their kids. And don’t really appreciate seeing other peoples kids there either.” says a gay man.

“Yeah it is! So then what is the point of the march?“ says Lacey.

“Well obviously for a long time it was about marriage equality. And now I guess it’s mostly just about maintaining that and still trying to be visible?” says the queer, non-binary activist.

“You guys are a total shitshow and I feel sorry for you.” says Lacey. “Because I actually do understand protesting I get why you had to be so violent but it seems like you don’t understand that there are people watching who shouldn’t have to see you be violent in that way in a march.”

“Then what would you suggest we do?“ asks Francis Macaroni-do of Lacey.

“How about you don’t march did you ever think of that, genius? Why do you need attention on your dick in public?” asks Lacey.

“Because that’s our way of trying to get attention.” says a gay man.

“So that Lem had to marry Jack or so that Jack could marry Lem if he…kinda maybe wanted to slightly?! I mean what is your fucking point you bitch?! Do you know the Black people March for real fucking reasons and women sometimes do too for lesser reasons…but still what the Hell do you fucking want you ass?!” asks Lacey.

“You know she has raised an interesting question! Since Roe vs. Wade was overturned after we marched every year in June, which is fertility season for nature, what did we accomplish supporting you all those years, sincerely?!” asks NARAL.

“And that’s when Target decides to start a children’s brand where they can put kids and nonbinary swimsuits.” says a lesbian. “So that we can be outmoded, because now men can have wombs too and then you can just kill all the women off…because we know that you don’t necessarily need us for really any reason at all.”

“We thought you had our backs, but in reality, you turned Ruth Bader Ginsburg into a lesbian, because you were threatened by her intelligence.” says a bisexual woman who’s marched in the Pride for years.

“We were too busy fighting for your marriage rights.” says a gay man weakly.

Rocky laughs.

“Yeah that’s not really helpful to our community really it’s not so big stats. Yay, thanks so much!” says a lesbian.

“So you guys weren’t like as dead set on marriage as we were?” asks a gay man of the lesbians.

“We don’t really need marriage we’re not men.” says a lesbian. “I mean it’s nice, but if your partner can’t be like faithful and commit to you, why are you even with them if that’s what you want?”

“For legal protective purposes.” says a gay man.

“OK but that only comes in handy in certain situations and honestly we probably aren’t as enamored with that reason as you are.” says the lesbian.

“OK then I guess we were just using you.” say gay men to all women.

“Really?!? Because if that’s true, I get to kick your ass and you’ll regret it. Trust me.” says the lesbian. “I am not gonna take it out on children because I’m not a total fucking asshole, right?”

“I was a wonderful Catholic woman! I was I was so loving!” says Rose Kennedy, embarrassed.

“Then why were all of your sons monsters to women?“ asks a lesbian of Rose.

“Because I am the center of the universe. And my husband thought he was the center of the universe, and we just agreed to have our differences.” says Rose Kennedy.

“Rose were you actually happy being married to him?!” asks a lesbian.

“Yes, I secretly was. I just like sympathy. We…we were we were both monsters, possibly.” says Rose Kennedy sincerely.

“Did you molest your kids?” asks a trans woman.

“No, I might not have but we don’t know if someone else alive at that time did.” says Rose. “It’s possible that I just made my kids monsters and we really were both…not good people. Ah…but my husband maybe was more of a monster than me.”

“You weren’t straight were you Rose?“ asks a lesbian.

“No, I possibly was but I don’t know if anyone else in my family was.” says Rose. “I think I might’ve been and that’s why everyone thought she was so pretty…but I think really she might’ve just been straight.”

“Yeah! That makes sense!” says the lesbian.

“So you molested Jack and you’re lying about it?” asks J. P. of Rose.

Rose shrugs. “How would you know without God telling you?”

“You did that to them because I was cheating on you to spite me?!” asks J. P..

“Yeah, I would never do that and neither would Lacey a lot of people wouldn’t Rose, but is that what happened?“ asks the Queen Mother.

“If it did, I’m obviously still incredibly unable to talk about it, even in purgatory.” says Rose.

“But not everyone who’s molested bless their kids Rose why would you do that?“ asks Carolyn.

“Because I’m deranged too. If I did it it isn’t just that a person is a victim you also have to be deranged somehow.” says Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

“So are all queer people secretly pedophiles when they’re actually queer not like confused like Lem, but like actually queer?” asks the Minneapolis police force from the 1920’s.

“‘Get away for me!’ Joe Kennedy Junior says to Lacey as he sings to her through her phone against her will. ‘Get away from me!’” says Elliott, laughing.

“How am I coming onto you at all? I am totally ignoring you. You are the last person on my mind and some ways right now I’m not entirely?” says Lacey.

“‘In some ways?!!?!?’ So then really you’re obsessed with me right now, right?!?” says Joe Kennedy Jr. to Lacey like he’s caught her.

“No, I was being incredibly careful with my words because I was worried you were trying to trap me into bullshit like you just did. What is your problem?” says Lacey to Joe Kennedy Jr..

“You’re in love with me.” says Joe Kennedy Jr. to Lacey.

“You know I might be slightly. I was very deeply in love with you, but I don’t think it matters. Sincerely. I’m sorry.“ says Lacey to Joe Jr..

“Why?!” asks Joe Kennedy Jr. of Lacey.

“Because it’s my body, my mind and my soul and spirit and unless if God disagrees with me I don’t give two shits if I’m in love with you still. I am someone individually who doesn’t fucking care.” says Lacey to Joe Jr..

“Because with you love, doesn’t win?” asks Joe Kennedy Jr. of Lacey.

“God’s love wins, but we’re not God and then everything goes from there. It’s a trickle down effect of how about that? Some things are bullshit sweetie. They don’t work in every single case how about that. God’s love wins but we’re not God. Idioms are idioms not facts. See the ideas that it’s love wins and we love, and I love you than you still have a chance blah blah blah.See the ideas that it’s love wins and we love, and I love you than you still have a chance and blah blah blah. Why do I have to play by those rules. I get to have ownership of myself, right or is this a real country?” asks Lacey. “I mean frankly, my whole life I’ve maybe thought it was a little suspicious. So then what else do you have? You cheated on me heartlessly you possibly threw me down the stairs it’s over simple as that if I want it to be and I do. I’m sorry you didn’t understand breathing? Are you an ape or a man? Are you dead proof that the Irish really are just absolute pieces of shit and we should pity their children or not?”

“So then love hurts right and you’ll get back together with him?!” says a gay man.

“Do you want me to cut off your head and possibly throw you into Hell you useless piece of shit? You’re starting the process of raping me violently in a gang rape scenario which, by the way, doesn’t even work in the way that you want it to…you useless piece of shit?! And by the way, hopefully you don’t go to Hell if you die, because, hopefully, God realizes that you’re essentially a retarded, barely human, moron.“ says Lacey Banks.

“So why did you decide to say that if you’re not a useless piece of shit and you’re really just stupid?” asks Michael.

“I think if that person wasn’t in a class war with the Rockefellers, they’d probably admit that they feel sorry for Michael.” says a queer Millennial who left her kids at home. At home. With a genuinely safe babysitter.

“So we’ve created a class huge class situation essentially?!” 9 to be ry says the word LGBTQ+ community.

“So it is turning into like a church? Yeah and then like you’re supposed to provide child care? Because really she’s right we’re not really like designed for children.” says another trans woman.

“What was the point of the marches?” asks Lacey.

“They probably are fundamentally a dumb idea.” says Harvey Milk.

“What could you have done and start to accomplish whatever it is you were trying to accomplish?!” asks Lacey.

“Probably try to find ways to be in a more adult audience. Honestly, if we’d stormed Congress that would’ve made sense.” says a drag queen.

“Yeah,it would’ve made you guys look like you weren’t just freaks. That’s true.” says Lacey. “But instead you made it about what?! Pride.”

“Pride cometh before the fall not the heat of summer.” says Michael gravely. “Why the entire month of June it’s an attack on heterosexuality, which is just making people look even more vile and useless.”

“She’s right! It’s fertility season and we’re not fertile people! It’s sick!” says a lesbian. “Why does our love that doesn’t produce children have to be celebrated in a Pride festival during their meeting season. That’s weird, she’s not crazy. It’s weird.”

“Ha, ha! You lost! Satanism wins. You don’t win because you were just gonna open up the Casablanca on June 1 which doesn’t do anything you idiot!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr. to Lacey.

“Why don’t you think it does anything?!” asks Mr. Blue of Bobby Jr..

“Because she’s obviously an idiot!?! We didn’t own The Casablanca we owned Merchandise Mart.” says Bobby grinning.

“I am not sure I understand what you’re hinting at. I think you’re just saying that it was worth more right?!” asks Lacey.

“You always win don’t you?! And it irritates you because you’re right The Casablanca actually probably is in some ways much more sophisticated and upper class and you guys probably had more real power and people think they’re competing with you. But they’re really just farting in their own face.” says that CIA to Lacey.

“Yeah and now you can’t get rid of me. It’s possible that if reincarnations true I used to like people and that’s why I came back and now I don’t.” says Lacey.

“OK so really, you’re probably going to torture me for being a useless, moron that should’ve never been born if I’m lucky?” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“Oh yeah, very possibly and why would you be surprised by that?! Oh wait, you’re a moron that’s right!” says Mary Kennedy his dead wife who hung herself after he left her for Cheryl Hines.

“That never happened!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“See you had a funeral. It was very public for Mary. You had a funeral for Mary that was very public, Bobby.” says a lesbian to Bobby.

“You know we have a Pride marches in our bedroom with the doors closed after the kids are asleep down the hall and they can’t hear us…every night. Kind of like a house church.” says a gay man, laughing.

“Are you married, like happily married or are you freaks?“ asks Lacey.

“As happily married as I probably could be. And I mean I like the fact that we’re legally married. We got married in a church. He was my first and yeah you’re right I think we over simplify things and I think that we have been incredibly arrogant intellectually for maybe about 100 years in our community. And as I say that I have to be careful because if I’m not trying to kill you, you it could sound like that and that’s the problem it shouldn’t sound like that. Unless if that’s how I meant it and I don’t know that I is an individual do or my husband.” says a Millennial gay man.

“Right and hopefully you and your husband aren’t sinning. That being said, if you’re not pedophiles at all, I feel like they’re trying to ruin your life just as much if not more than mine.” says Lacey.

“It’s weird how I feel like I’m supposed to hate you because I can’t really find anything hateful about what you’re saying. I don’t think June is a good month. I think the idea is that we’re like standing up for our love, but it actually is offensive you’re right and I think the fall or July would probably have made a lot more sense.” says a gay man.

“Did you guys like date?“ a trans woman asks the self-described happily married gay couple.

“Yeah, we did for about a year. I mean no we actually might’ve waited for a while to be together and we had a healthy courtship. It was actually really wholesome for the most part.” says the gay man’s husband.

“And if the illuminati is real they started these Pride marches after the Kennedy administration. Or at least that’s when they really originally took off like around the time of Stonewall and stuff, right. And I think that we’ve been spiritually leeching off of Lacey demonically, sadistically like Nazis but worse probably since then. Because if the Kennedys were involved in Illuminati at that point, then they kind of set the course spiritually for the movement with their presence in the Illuminati. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that her father’s night club was turned into a gay bar, famous gay bar, where Andrew Cunanan went. I think you guys need to realize that she’s not Tony Soprano’s daughter or Dr. Fay from Mad Men. And all of the mental tricks that you keep thinking are doing something aren’t doing anything! You guys were shot and you’ve had people die even recently! You’re losers! You are horrible losers!” says a woman in the Illuminati about and then to the Kennedys.

“But it doesn’t matter right?! Because evil still wins! That’s the idea of the 21st-century, who were so cool!” says a demon manifesting.

“So are you pro gay rights demon or not?“ asks Caroline mockingly of Lacey.

“Your father was about as ugly as you you dumb bitch!” says the demon to Caroline.

“I am not remotely ugly. I am an extraordinarily beautiful woman.“ says Caroline seriously.

“Bobby, how tall was Mar? Was she like 5 foot 6 or 5 foot 5?!” says Lem.

“Yes, I mean I’m 5 foot nine so I’m on the shorter side of things. I’m somewhat short.” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“How do women find you so attractive? You know the size women’s penis and his height actually do matter. I’m not gonna lie to you.” says Lacey.

“I have a huge penis.” says Bobby.

“But you’re still short.” says Lacey frankly.

“But doesn’t the penis matter?” asks Bobby.

“Not…to me or women like me. To a woman who could love you I’m sure she’s very blessed. However, you obviously still cheat.” says Lacey.

“So then…that cancels that out?!” asks his older brother.

“Yes! Absolutely. So why are you all so self-important?!” asks Lacey.

“It’s the family name!” says his older brother.

“In idea. You’re not that rich anymore.” says Lacey. “And your power seems…suspect. It has for decades.”

“So…Pride…is not for kids.” says a gay man.

“So Mr. Blue just wanted to beat and brutally murder Lacey Banks for being prettier than his wife and too old money and Bobby agrees. Because you’re deciding to destroy Ireland?” asks an Irish woman sincerely.

“Yeah. Suck my cock, sweetie! I know you want to!” says Bobby Jr. to the Irish woman.

She looks gobsmacked.

“See…you don’t know how to resist me. You’re so aroused and in love. Right?!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

She looks terrified.

“Umm, yeah. We’re kind of a big deal!” says Bill Clinton seriously.

The Irish woman looks increasingly terrified.

The pedophiles in the Illuminati get excited. They assume this rape victim is like their victims. And she both is and is not. These people may be too dumb to follow the logic in this blog.

“Bill Clinton just fainted!” says a billionaire mocking Lacey.

Lacey smiles at the thought.

“Then we’ll kill you, hoping there’s no afterlife!” says another billionaire to Lacey.

“That’s unlikely to work.” says Lacey, kindly.

“Well…I’m sure Bobby Kennedy Junior had lots of genuinely pretty women in love with him! When he was a lot younger!” says an Irish mother who is alive in 2023.

“He still does! My wives have always been extremely beautiful and amazing.” says Bobby.

“Not really. They’re all slightly ugly.” says the Irish mom.

“No! That’s not true. I cheated on them because I can. I’m a big deal. But…they were better than most women to ever live.” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“That’s insane.” says the Irish mom.

“It’s impossible that I could be insane.” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“Why?!” asks the Irish mom.

“Because I am. But…I fight it.” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“You fight it?!?” asks the Irish mom incredulously.

“It’s just a disease.” says Bobby Jr..

“A disease affecting your brain!” says the Irish mom.

“You like me too, huh?! Just like your daughter!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“No! I don’t.” she says calmly. “And my daughter didn’t either. She was scared of you though.”

Bobby Kennedy Jr. looks suicidal. Genuinely suicidal.

“Bobby…why kill yourself?!” asks the Irish mom.

“To spite you, Lacey and your daughter for rejecting me!” says Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“By killing yourself?!?” asks Kate Spade.

“Yes! Because people would get angry and rise up and defend my honor.” says Bobby Jr..

“And torture Lacey using the legal justice system or vigil ante justice?” asks the Irish mom.

“Yes! They would. I’d see to it!” says Bobby Jr..

Lacey raises her eyebrows in surprise. She thinks.

“Say…why not just blow-up the whole world?” asks Lacey of Bobby Kennedy Jr..

“Because it’s about me, my family and my feelings.” says Bobby Kennedy Jr. sincerely.

“How?! What?!?” asks the Irish mom.

“Lacey is supposed to be fucking me.” he says like he’s reporting something to the literal police.

“Why?!” asks the Irish mom.

“Are you evil, deranged or stupid?!” asks Bobby.

“Bobby…what gave you the impression…women want you?!” asks the Irish mom.

“My mom.” he says.

“Oh! She touched you funny?” asks the Irish mom.

“Yeah. But…not too much. It’s just because I’m her only reminder of my dead father. It’s an elite thing.” says Bobby.

“No. It’s not. But that’s what you tell yourself or what she told you?!” asks the Irish mom.

“That’s what I’ve been told.” Bobby says.

“By who?! Demons?!” asks the Irish mom.

“Probably on some level, I guess that would make sense.” says Bobby.

“Let me get this straight, you’ve been talking to demons to get advice about molestation? …I have a feeling you’ve been talking to Lacey since she was a little girl using demons, because she’s Lem’s other half and you were probably trying to contact Lem using witchcraft. And he may not have wanted to talk to you, so instead you found Lacey.

If you asked Lacey when she was like what 10 if what your mom did made sense she might’ve thought it made sense because she was 10. She may not have realized because she was a victim herself that the adults doing stuff didn’t really have an excuse. And then, in her empathy for them, she told you faulty information. And she thought that maybe your mom could’ve fallen apart and turned into a crazy pedophile because she missed your father so much. Now she would obviously never think that. I have a feeling she probably stopped thinking that when she was about 12 or 13 or 14. But she was still little enough at age 10 to not understand what sex was because she was a child. And so you relied on a 10-year-old child’s perspective who’d been molested and was very empathetic and was trying to help make excuses for people who were trying to find ways to excuse their own behavior.

And that’s a weakness, but she knows that she has not pedophilia as a problem but a problem with being too empathetic with people. She’s too kind. She’s too nice and too empathetic and she knows that, Bobby. And then you’re expecting her to somehow feel sorry for you when you don’t deserve it.

I think the moral of my story is that you’re talking to an unusual person when you’re talking to Lacey in a way that’s scary to your ego. And I also think you need to realize that you’re really maybe not grounded in reality and haven’t been for a really long time. If you ever were at all.” says the Irish mom. “I think you have a false hope about an afterlife that might not exist for you. If you’re going far closer to Hell than you can cognitively at this point comprehend. And I think, instead of clinging to your lies, you need to start clinging to God, because Lacey can’t save you. She’s not God and you have to repent to Christ himself.

I’m sure Lacey and Lem and Louis and Michael are fascinating people but they’re not your biological family. They’re not Irish and I don’t even know if you’ll be seeing them when you die and if you do, you’ll probably be in a very different mindset than one you’ve maybe been accustomed to or experienced for a very long time.

I think you could be a sociopath, and I think you could be trying to kill people by spreading misinformation about vaccines. I think you could be a murderer, Bobby. But I think that instead of dying yourself you’ve sacrificed people thinking that somehow it’ll all make sense. It doesn’t make sense Bobby, it doesn’t make sense. If you were a murderer Bobby and you killed Lem and you’re trying to kill kids and you poison peoples milk your brain doesn’t work and you shouldn’t be alive. If you kill people intentionally I don’t care what the Illuminati enables you to do or has told you otherwise, you’re bad for humanity and yourself.” says the Irish mom. “Did they send Mary to kill you and it didn’t work? Does Cheryl love you or is she sent by them to try to kill you too and they can’t figure out how because you keep figuring it out? Now if Lacey was here she’d probably say, ‘Just kill him!’ but most people don’t think like that because they’re not capable of running a country well.”

They all think.

“Just kill me huh? Oh, well at least get to be read my last rites.“ asks Bobby.

“I have a feeling that’s the way Mary would want it if they actually were going to kill you.” says the Irish mom.

“You think she really loves me and if I die that I am probably going to have to deal with her and God?” asks Bobby.

“I think if you repent that it’s possible if you two really loved each other, and you can admit to that for eternity.” says the Irish mom.

“Yeah I don’t know how to respond to that I might be that screwed up.” says Bobby.

“Whydid you decide to run for president?“ asks a woman.

“Don’t ask him questions like that it’s just spinning your wheels.” says J. P. Kennedy.


“I decided to intervene because I have a feeling that in all of that chatter there was a huge snub to Lacey from the elite. I don’t think they realize how lowly they are compared to her.” says Louis Hill Jr..

“Umm so then what?! And yes Lem, I’m looking at you!” says Louis.

“I don’t think Lacey takes them seriously, are you hurt by that Michael?” says Lem. “And no I don’t mean the British you can leave them out of any homicidal discussion that she’s having but that’s the problem. What does that mean?”

“Actually, I think you’re hurt Lem and if you’re not hurt then I don’t think any of us are. I think they are because when this first started it really was about social class and the attack was on Lacey from Mr. blue and his crowd in the Illuminati, claiming that Lacey was so far beneath him that she needed to take her ego down a peg.” says Michael.

“I could be a farmer with Lacey and have a family and be very happy.” Michael says smiling. “Really, genuinely and I have a feeling that Lem probably could be too. Have a feeling Louis probably could be.”

“Joe, could you have been happy being a farmer with Lacey or not and Jack could you have been happy being a farmer with anybody including Lem?” asks J. P. Kennedy.

“I could be happy to be a farmer, but not with Lacey.” says Joe Kennedy Jr..

“I could be I could be happy being a farmer with Lacey.” says J. P. Kennedy.

“I couldn’t be happy being a farmer with anybody.” says JFK.

“You all are getting close to the actual problem!” says the trans woman in the Illuminati.

“Jack why not?” asks a Jew.

The Curse by Agnes Obel plays.

“Because Lem is in love with me!” says JFK.

“Oh, is he?! Oh, OK that’s good!” says Joe Kennedy Sr. mindlessly.

And Jack is left alone in a car in a field. His father is busy and doesn’t wanna hear anything else because that Jack’s answer. And now what?!

“Well yeah I mean that’s-dad‘s busy Jack what are you expecting? Dad doesn’t care if you date a man I mean it’d be better for them being you can’t get the men pregnant!” says Joe Kennedy Jr. seriously to his younger brother.

“OK but Joe, what if I don’t actually like…love him or love men?!!?!” ask a skinny, teenage JFK.

“Jack stop bothering me I don’t know. It’s just weird. I don’t know. I don’t even know how you’d have sex with a man but I guess you’ll have to just get creative and figure it out. I don’t know and I don’t care.“ says Joe Kennedy Jr..

“You know I have sex with you but you’re my brother.” says JFK to Joe Kennedy Jr..

“Yeah, I know. You think I’m better than all of the other boys in our family. Bobby’s not so bad at least.” says a slightly older Joe Kennedy Jr..

“Are you in love with Bobby?” asks JFK.

Joe looks at Jack like he’s a freak. “Jack it’s not normal to be in love with your siblings. I don’t care what anyone tells you. I’m not in love with you and you’re really not supposed to be in love with me. Dad has crazy ideas about a lot of things. Sex is one of them. I can’t figure it out but I’m trying. Say, maybe-“ says Joe Kennedy Jr. before being interrupted by Jack.

Interrupted by Jack, looking, absolutely repulsed, possibly by existence. “Don’t lie to me.” he says.

“Jack we’re not in love. I’m not even sure how you can feel that about me at all!” Joe Kennedy Jr..

A moment later.

“And now we’re done with that because the Kennedys refuse to accept that Lacey is their equal or superior and anything other than working class.” says Louis.

“Oh, I am sure that she went to Bryn Mawr and has like a Birkin. Right Louis?“ says a tech billionaire completely seriously.

“Oh no it’s also about being accepted by the right people and having like the right cars for a certain number of years that are all brand new and going to all the right places for summer. I mean the summer home thing is clearly the real thing I mean that’s what everyone talks about it’s like where is your summer home? …Where is this summer home of yours Lacey. Tell me!” says the entire Illuminati elite who Lacey says is really just bourgeois.

“What about like anthropology, sociology you know like actually like authentic intellectual stances and understandings of who you are in society does that mean anything to any of you are no not at all?!” asks Lacey.

“Because it doesn’t let us win we don’t care.” says the current Illuminati.

“I mean I could drive myself crazy thinking about like science and math and shit but like really I just made a lot of money and I used all my brain cells to make it and now I’m just tired.” says another tech billionaire in the Illuminati.

“OK and that’s all you know your perspective but the problem is if it’s still reality it still matters. I’m sorry that you’re tired and don’t wanna think about it.” says Lacey.

“So it’s really not pride for you at all? The defense of your opinion that your family is old money it’s just based on reality according to what you objectively reason to be actual reality.” says a perfume hater.

“ yes I don’t know if it means anything to you but I was just that offended by your lack of rationality. It just irritates me because I know they probably never really have you as my actual friends and that’s not pleasant but at least I like to think that I’m engaging in some sort of rational discourse.” says Lacey.

“So you tried to sleep with Lem because you somehow were trying to get your father’s love because you intuitively knew that Lacey who your father would have left your mother for and who your older brother would adore and be heartbroken over would actually love Lem.” says Lem. “And you know, even though it didn’t really work…the fact that you got me to hurt Lacey at all means that you succeeded in using me. So you destroyed my integrity in my soulmate’s eyes for eternity to your father’s love using the fact that I was molested.”

“Yes that’s possibly true. But no we are not God and we can’t fix it but you know really they’re Jack. Did you have to enlist the help of the Illuminati. Just doing what you did to Lem and his life and getting him to say the things that he did when he was seemingly straight is really enough. You didn’t have to also get the Illuminati involved. That’s a bit much.” says Lacey.

“ but I’m in love with One and he’s in love with me and you’ll never be that happy because you’re not as good looking or special or is rich or a smart or is interesting really just as valuable I don’t know. I just have a special quality about me that you don’t even understand. I’m sorry your shit I’m sorry that humanity doesn’t really want you. I need you you’re really just kind of weird freak.“ JFK says very heartfelt to Lacey with a sense of honor and purpose.

“Does Lem know that that’s how you feel about me or not?” asks Lacey.

“No God will never tell him that. God doesn’t love you. God barely exists for someone like you. God’s really more in love with me it’s just something to do with the fact that I was born into the Kennedy family, and the fact that you were born into a poor Minnesota farming family. I mean I guess you’re pretty if that even means anything for a woman to be pretty, eww.” says JFK.

“Do you have this on what you perceive to be good authority or not?“ asks Lacey.

“Lem doesn’t like women. Sorry.“ says JFK.

“Jack do you have this on good authority or not?“ asks Lacey.

“I don’t have to answer that I don’t have to answer to you at all. No, I don’t think I have to answer to you at all in America, so.” says JFK.

“Are you sure about that though?! I kind of doubt it.” says Lacey.

“I kind of doubt it, girls are so retarded, you’re so retarded!” says JFK seriously.

“OK but I’m not though Jack, and I am a human or humans probably don’t exist. So I think there’s probably, just an a hunch, a few flaws with your logic and as much as you want to think that I am dumb I have a feeling between the two of us that you could be the retarded one. Which is concerning to me.“ says Lacey

“You can’t possibly think that I was straight because because I know that he was gay because he told me he was gay many times when he was alive. I may not have a clue right now or I might but if he was, but I mean if he told me he was and there’s no purgatory and that I know the truth and you’re just talking to a demon-ghost then I’m just telling you he was gay so you’ll never be happy.” says Jack.

“OK but he’s told me potentially that he thought he was gay, but he really wasn’t.” says Lacey.

“But then, that would just mean that Lem is one of the most unfortunate men in all of human history, and that I contributed to the majority of his misfortune.” says JFK.

“You know the funny thing is though why do I have to care if it wasn’t me I didn’t do what you did and it wasn’t my mistake it was his, so why are you making it my problem right now because the way I think you kind of are?” says Lacey to JFK.

“But it’s your it’s your it’s your pain and misery it’s your pain and misery. It’s your pain and misery. I made you miserable. Therefore it’s your job to fix it.” says JFK.

“That’s dumb isn’t it? That’s stupid because you’re the one that’s guilty. Jesus died on the cross for our sins because He was perfect not because it was His sin. Therefore you’re expecting me to do what go on the cross and die for your sins?! Because that’s what Jesus did for you and then you think that you’re owed that now?! That doesn’t really make sense though theologically Jack at all. That’s not Christianity. The idea was that you were the sinner and then you’re supposed to humble yourself before God and accept your salvation through Christ. Christ is not human in the way that you and I are. He’s half God and He was perfect. He didn’t make mistakes like you and I do. He was perfect. …And see I’m not saying I’m perfect but I can’t die on the cross for either you or Lem. You may be putting Lem’s on the cross if Lem loves me and was straight but you’re not putting me on the cross in the same way, at least. I think the problem is Jack you’re the one that caused my suffering and Lem’s, possibly for eternity, and God could have still redeemed you if you accepted Jesus while you were still alive. That’s why Jesus went on the cross umm but that may be an extraordinarily grave sin that you committed.” says Lacey seriously.

“It scares me that you don’t think Lem was in love with me, and that you think he was straight because in my mind, he was in love with me no shadow of a doubt. And everyone gave me that idea everyone gave me that idea of Lem being irredeemably in love with me beyond reason or sense. Everyone! Everyone in my family, all my friends, everybody everybody always gave me that idea. And they still do! People write books about how in love with me he was and the books are entirely about me. But then they say it’s like a biography of Lem’s life and they always cast him as being in love with me in movies, and in every single book he’s always closeted, and he wants me and he like desires me and he’s so in love with me. And I mean his he’s just like enamored with me. The ones in Marylin are a little annoying because it’s like when does this woman ever get over it but the ones with Lem I mean it’s my life and he was so in love with me.” says JFK. “I mean you were never bullied like the illuminati is trying to kill your people like you hated you were never loved your whole life but like fuck that shit, I was bullied. OK I was gay! And I was almost killed like eight times in the back of a truck in Alabama. And anyway, that’s like a long story that I won’t go into but… but the point that I’m trying to make it awesome. My existence.

And my problem right now is that I don’t get you you’re just so miserable and you know it’s funny. I would’ve thought someone like you would be happy in a way that like I am, but you’re not. And it just kind of makes you wanna go hmm…I wonder. I mean movies never lie. I don’t mean that seriously like I was never in the back of a truck necessarily in Alabama but like seriously movies never lie and I know for a fact books don’t lie when they’re written in that way, because they make people fact check. They’re extremely careful about it and then you have to write everything perfectly. So when David Pitts wrote that book I knew for a fact that Lem was in love with me and always had been. I’m just so much better than you. I love you so much better than you because I acknowledged him and you know I saw how hot he was and no one else ever did and I did, and I don’t wanna hear how you did because who cares.

Don’t ever have sex with him and don’t get aroused by him control that or you’re evil heterosexuality is evil! I it hate it it’s hell for everyone! Homosexuals if they knew how much God hates humanity, would just go around killing everyone, and it would be so awesome and I mean that sincerely!

But really, at the end of the day, I calm myself down and they call me down by telling me love stories about me and Lem because it just makes me feel so much better than you and I it’s really my whole entire existence is at this point about feeling better than you and destroying you just you I’m basically just obsessed with you. It’s almost has a heterosexual vibe to it but it’s not that! I’m not interested in you. It’s just like you’re the meaning of my entire existence and I don’t even care if Lem exists because it’s really the only reason I loved him at all was just to hurt you. Like if he was straight up yeah, it actually really is possible that I only cared about him just to get at you you’re kind of like the center of my entire universe. No I just I can’t get over you. I can’t believe that you exist. I’m in awe of you truly.”

“Oh dear that’s that’s if if you’re if you’re in love with me it sounds like you’re in love with me. Oh, and if you’re in love with me oh that’s terrible I am I was legally born on the day that you died. Exactly 30 years after.“. She thinks. “The problem is I am not sure that I’m in love with you. Isn’t that funny. Gosh it’s silly isn’t it? I mean you went to all the trouble of trying to ruin my entire life and you did, and you destroyed Lem’s eternity potentially. But really, the moral of the story is maybe you don’t really know reality all that well or me. No and I don’t, I really hope you’re not in Hell because I don’t want anyone to have to go to Hell. But I don’t know you should be the only man that’s ever existed apparently who’s understanding enough of the fact that I’m not so bad enough to be that obsessed with me it’s weird Jack because I don’t think it’s strange to be that obsessed with me. How many people have sex with people who are not as kind or is beautiful or as intelligent all the time it is very common, and a lot of people experience it at least once in their life.” She thinks. “ I mean it’s just strange, because the kind of obsession that you have for me is normal I mean you went off the deep end with it and made some thing atrocious out of it, but it’s not weird that that’s just the sort of ““ obsession that men usually have for women when they fall in love with them at all. I can’t rule it out but doesn’t seem likely that you’re not pulling it from other people. I mean in a sense you can say it’s like the great depression your father knew what millions of people should’ve known it should’ve been obvious to them and apparently it just wasn’t and that Jack is not some thing that you did.”

“I can’t believe that everyone that didn’t pull their money out of the stock market was an idiot Lacey you can ask the Rockefellers about it and Lem. But I highly doubt that everyone that didn’t pull their money out of the Stock Market was an idiot.” says JFK.

“I would prefer to think that there was a conspiracy than to think that everyone is that stupid because if they are Jack who will ever understand me who will ever love me everyone’s too stupid.” says Lacey theoretically speaking.

“My brother wasn’t even able to figure you out well enough to be obsessed with you was he or my dad?“ says JFK.

“No, I mean I feel like everyone should be as smart as me or smarter. I don’t understand why people are that dumb and I mean that sincerely it’s it doesn’t make me want to rebel against God but it definitely scares me and I just have to keep trusting and hoping that this is all going to make sense because it’s been very hard on my faith extraordinarily hard on my faith and that’s far worse than not being loved.” says Lacey.

“Well at least there’s England so much to say because she’s right there’s still England there still was and it was real and at least they’re all a lot wealthier than her even if they weren’t smarter.” says an Englishman.

“Yes and that actually is genuinely comforting to me very sincerely comforting and I’m glad that it’s rightfully acquired by them as well it’s theirs and they’re still operating under an agreement that was made hundreds of years ago and to tolerate saying anything otherwise would be to me evil. That’s something people don’t necessarily ever want to discuss the agreements that were between the royal families of the past and governments in England they were trying to reform things.” says Lacey.

“Michael isn’t as wealthy as his grandfather so if it doesn’t work out with Lem that’s good news.” says JFK.

“No you’re right it is it is an extraordinarily disturbing situation that you’ve helped create but, kudos to you for recognizing that being obsessed with me isn’t insane. Do you suppose that’s what people think that it’s insane?” says Lacey.

“Actually you’re right and I’m not obsessed in like a stupid way like I’m genuinely obsessed with you and you’re right I don’t think anyone else possibly anyone is. Isn’t that weird it is weird it’s actually like really weird.“ says JFK.

“No it’s almost like every man alive who I could be with has been born without a penis in relation to me except for you. And the sad truth is, there’s nothing I can do about it it’s just an incredibly, profoundly unfortunate existence at this point. Because it’s not normal it is it it’s grotesque that you’re the only person that has understood how to be obsessed with me in a normal human sexual development way that all the normal human healthy adults go through. I am one of them. It’s just I am not loved and no no one‘s ever been obsessed with me in a normal way except for you apparently. And so if Lem loves me, if Michael loves me, if Louis loves me it’s terrible for them because you have something that they may not have and I don’t know what to do about it there’s nothing I can do. But I’m not Satan, I am not God and I did not create this mess. I am a mere human and that’s all I can say.” says Lacey.

“To be honest, she thinks more like us evolution doesn’t work in the way that you want it to.” says a person from the time of Jesus.

“Except now she’s going to think that she’s perverse and she’s not.” says a person of that time.

“So thanks to what I did I never get to make a woman happy I never get to experience that ever.” says Lem.

“Well yes, but then only if you’re with me and that’s part of the reason why I was wondering if you should even be with me; that’s also probably probably a reason why I slept other people.” says Lacey to Lem.

“Does Satanism seem corny to you Lacey?” asks an Illuminati woman.

“Yes and no and that’s the end of that.” says Lacey.

“You didn’t wanna ruin my existence by making me fall in love with you when you could never make me happy as a man in that way. I know you thought I would know that how you thought you just had to go for it and so you’re possibly trying to sort of get me off the hook?“ Lem says to Lacey.

“Yes, what is the point of this to just to shit in my face or something or what?! Because that’s all you’re really doing right now.” says Lacey.

“So I just don’t seem obsessed with you at all in normal way and yet you can sense that it’s a lie that I don’t love you and my tenderness it’s just more enduring to you. It just makes you love me.” says Lem.

“Yes, so now gonna you’re going to be a jerk and then I’ll stop loving you?” asks Lacey.

“Yeah, I am I’m not obsessed with you? You’re right.“ says Lem.

“Well are you or not?” asks Lacey.

“That just made you angry.” says Lem. “That’s all that that that is and I’m really just making a total asshole of myself right now completely. Yeah I’m obsessed with you. I hide it which probably makes it seem like I’m not actually obsessed with you because I should know that that’s stupid if I’m obsessed with you.” He thinks. “ The problem is the point of this conversation is to make you happy.” He thinks. “And you think the only way to make you happy is for you to be happy and that’s true and I can’t apparently ever do it the way that I am doing things right now…and you’re worried that that’s going to make me wanna leave you. And I don’t think you care about being happy in that way unless if it should just happen to you at sometime.”

“Well, that was miserable to listen to you have any more crap to tell me or what?” says Lacey.

“I don’t think the people alive right now in the Illuminati realize how dumb they are and that’s scary it’s me.” says Lem. “If I’ve decided that I can be with you for eternity then I’m probably not in Hell and I am telling you right now again that that’s what I’ve decided in a different way than maybe anyone else has and that’s why the Illuminati is trying to kill you because they have some convoluted idea that it’s helpful and some convoluted ideas that it’s impossible and even offensive to them. Because if an Illuminati exists, they’re really just offended that I’m not with Ethel. Bobby is probably just mad that I’m not with Ethel and that’s why you’re going through Hell right now with them and you’ve been going through Hell for a while at this point because I’m just I’m an idiot that doesn’t realize he’s in love with Ethel to them and that’s why they’ve been hurting you. Well, one of many reasons, but one of the reasons is because and you know, because Bobby is offended that I am not telling you how beautiful and amazing his mother is compared to you.

And then he’s dumb enough to think that that means I’m in love with him because people have been lying to you about how ugly they are compared to you and how stupid and poor in many cases they are compared to you, Lacey. Because they’re too dumb to realize that they’re not helping themselves at all and they’re just totally violently destructive towards themselves and you at the same time.

No, they need you to be poor. They psychologically need that. The Kennedys and a lot of people in the Illuminati including Mr. Blue and his mistress and his wife need you Lacey to be in the lower class and poor and they literally will probably start clawing their faces off if they can’t somehow convince themselves in a real way that it’s real and what was or make you that way because they literally cannot function without you being that even though that’s not possible at all.” says Lem.


“Bobby, your mother isn’t that pretty.” says Lem. “Let’s analyze her face compared to Lacey’s.”

“And below is Lacey’s wedding photo.” says Lem.

“Lacey’s nose is exquisite. Ethel’s nose is clownish, objectively speaking. …Lacey’s body is like a marble statue by Michelangelo and Ethel’s body is poor to average. Ethel has a dull, dreary face. Her teeth are like…cheap pieces of shit with crap lips surrounding them. And then she has these troll-like, beady, disgustingly cheerful, abrasive eyes. Her forehead is textured. Her eyebrows look like caterpillars above demonically inset eyes… She looks like a trans woman halfway through a transition here. And her hair is…gross.” says Lem Billings.

“Lacey’s better looking in person. Truly. But her teeth are sexy. Her skin is sexy. Her lips are sensual if awkward in this photo. Her cheeks are plump and high and yet ladylike and gentle. Her ears are arousing! Her makeup is lacking but she’s extremely naturally beautiful. Her eyes are…gorgeous! Lacey was awake…crying all the night before this photo was taken and it’s…5 am…and her hair was up with a literal chopstick. Her chin line is pretty but…it was far prettier in person. Lacey is…sadly, tragically beautiful.” says Lem. “The dress was fine. It was cheap. Like…$300.00 from French Connection and…it’s almost criminal. But…she looked stunning in person. The chest was not photographed well.”

“In this photo and the next you can see Ethel’s muscular body. Her huge forehead and her rabbit eyes, teeth and overall appearance. I couldn’t stand how she looked. Her appearance literally annoyed me. It’s so abrasive and harsh and shrill. Yuck!” says Lem. “I have no idea why I’m supposed to still be nice about it at this point in time. That’s almost evil if not evil! …These people are vain, bombastic, abusive wretches and the idea that Bobby could think Ethel is Lacey’s rival is…demonic. It’s like a perverted, sadistic attack and yet they have the gall to label themselves as being Christian and good mannered.”

“She looks…cute here. But…she’s not pretty. She’s just not pretty! Ethel wasn’t pretty!” says Lem. “She was not an arousing woman. …Maybe Bobby thought so. But I…can’t see any of what he liked. I see what’s purely objectively there in reality from a non-romantic perspective of a man who was out of her league and who couldn’t find her arousing. And that is a real thing by the way. Not all women are arousing to all men. People lie about that.”

“People don’t see Lacey’s chin in photos as soft…they see Ethel’s chin and Ethel has an ugly chin. Her body is…hideous! Ugly eyes! Huge forehead! Gross nose!” says Lem. “She put me off women because she was more ugly than a man! …It’s dumb to think I could get an erection from her! Why?! A tall, handsome jock?!? With this rabbit faced bitch?! With a flat ass and flat chest?! Ethel is psychotic. And so are her kids if they think that I could have married her and been able to even kiss her without wanting to…possibly kill myself.”

“Here’s Lacey at 34. Taken with a phone.” says Lem.

“And there’s…Ethel. Her upper lip is…virtually nonexistent, the end of her nose is bulbous…she has squinty eyes…a huge forehead…tiny cheeks…ugly teeth…marks on her skin. She’s NOT BEAUTIFUL!” yells Lem. “Ethel…Ethel…Ethel…is not at all beautiful!!”

“Ethel!” says Lem.

“And below is Lacey.” says Lem. “A person could say that I’m being unfair to Ethel..but those were professionals taking those photos. And they were not taking them out of spite. The below photo of Lacey is awful but since Ethel wants me to fuck her I guess…and she’s basically a freak from Hell I’ll post this awful photo to explain why even if Lacey was covered in shit I’d rather fuck Lacey in literal Hell.”

“Lacey at 34..” says Lem.
“Lacey.” says Lem.

“See the problem is you all see her superiority and then you lie to yourself and try to convince yourself you see flaws that don’t exist or even make sense. And you have no clue how you are hurting her. It’s obvious bullshit and then she realizes that you’d rather all have your delusions of grandeur and false sense of security in your fake identity in your head that doesn’t even exist in reality yet if it ever does than love her as a human being at all.” says Lem. “You’re all stealing WAY too much from people like Lacey to survive as a sketches at this point almost. You can’t steal that much from another human in such a profound way. It’s not sustainable for the human race. Literally! And yet you all are too regressive to realize that. Pedophilia is an example of the regression of the living, fallen human race into extinction for eternity on Earth.”

“Lacey trying to smile.” says Lem.
“This is her covered in other people’s shit. She was breathtaking that night. But you can see about a fourth of a fourth of it maybe.” says Lem objectively.
“Lacey.” says Lem.
“Lacey.” says Lem.

“Ethel.” says Lem.
“Lacey.” says Lem.
“Lacey.” says Lem. “She was trying to look sexy. It’s devastating that she was so so much more beautiful than this.”
“Always…such a bad photo.”
“The camera captured her cheeks and overall face here because she was wearing glasses from the 1960’s.” says Lem. “Even her hand translated better.”
“Her nostrils are the only problem with this photo.” says Lem. “Obviously lenses alter people’s eyes in photographs.”