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Every time Lacey has tried to have sex with Lem, or he’s tried to have sex with her for months if not years, they’ve been interrupted by the illuminati. The members interrupting them will go unnamed out of anger towards those individual members. Except we’re not living in France in 1800s. So the best that we can do is bring an excerpt of an actual sex scene that they’ve interrupted to this blog that they stalk pathetically. Prisoner of war camps are not intended for people who have accidentally discovered the illuminati or people who have trillions in oil that the US government can’t get its hands on because it’s private property.

“Oh, Lacey, you’re imagining things you’re schizophrenic!” says Lem sarcastically.

“Yeah, the banking crisis that Michael predicted months ago isn’t real. It’s in my imagination because I’m schizophrenic.” says Lacey.

“Yeah, he warned them not to keep bothering you or he’d destroy the banking system but since you’re schizophrenic to them they didn’t believe you.” says Lem.

“Can we make requests?“ asks readers of this blog.

“If I thought that you were serious people who gave a shit about humanity, then maybe.” says J. D. Rockefeller. “The thing is you could make those requests of God and He’d hear them better than I can. Truly.”

“Getting back to what we were originally talking about.” says Lem.

(Adult content below)

It’s 1960 and Lacey and Lem have been left alone to their own devices. They just spent the majority of the day shopping and now they’re exhausted and since everyone thinks Lem is a homosexual, Lacey treats him as one. And they lay on the bed together in the afternoon, fully clothed of course…and then Lem starts getting ideas. And he rolls over and starts making loved her, kissing her, caressing her and she doesn’t resist. Instead, she begs for it with her body, and he tells her with his it isn’t begging but exactly what he wants and has wanted since he first laid eyes on her. And so as they quickly undress and return to each other‘s bodies they lose themselves to each other or at least that’s how Lacey would describe it when in reality it’s just Lem claiming what’s his and loving it passionately irretrievably. Maybe to her it feels like losing herself to him as she doesn’t have quite enough faith to believe that a man would want her without being lost her.

If you’re looking for a visual you can watch Eyes Wide Shut as that is what Lacey and I would’ve looked like if we’d made love in the 1940s or early 1950s except she’s better looking than Nicole Kidman and I am far more aroused than that man. …Are we being punished for having affair that we never had asked God.

Actually, I slept with her this morning and last night I do it often because she’s mine but the illuminati doesn’t allow for her to experience my love for her or stupidly for them they’ve made it so that she doesn’t have an ability anymore, to feel my lips. Yes specifically my lips and I don’t think Jack should have a right to have cursed her that way or they don’t understand what they’re doing. Or both because these people are acting like morons. They don’t seem to understand that by attacking Lacey and me and her family they’re bringing death and destruction and possibly eternal Hell to themselves. Even as I say that they get it for a second and then they go right back to where they were because they just can’t fathom it.

Lem ends for a moment.

They don’t interrupt me because I’m Michael Rockefeller. Because they’re intimidated by my family, but they really should be more intimidated by them and his family as well. Them being the Nesheims…and F Scott, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway and God.

Or no right right I think what I failed to recognize in my last paragraph is that they know Lem and Lacey are madly in love. I didn’t predict the banking crisis by the way I warned them that I was going to do it. Or rather that I’d stop protecting them from their own bullshit. But getting back to other things that I can and cannot stop I can’t stop loving Lacey and she can’t stop loving me. Oh, and maybe if they understood how much I really love her and how little Lem can do about it they’d use that to their advantage, but they don’t seem to realize that Lacey is lovable.

So since Lem says it’s OK I’m gonna tell you about what we did in bed one time too because this is war and I’m sick of watching Bobby Kennedy Junior interrupt them every single time they try to make love. He’s irresponsible and childish at best a sadistic, evil madman, enabled by Bill Gates to feel important as he is dying of old age and irrelevance. Those two fight with other, but they secretly are en league with one another as well of course, because that’s the Kennedy way they fashion themselves to be-imagine themselves to be, in their vanity, Machiavellian geniuses. Bobby is a short, butt ugly man in some regards…he’s not homely, but he’s slightly scrawny and butt ugly and that also has been managed his whole life. Ethel never had any ugly children and she was a rockstar genius beauty queen herself, born into an old money, banks family. And I quickly hasten to add that that last sentence was sarcasm in case if there’s a Kennedy reading who thinks that Michael Rockefeller would mean that seriously. None of his wives have ever been all that good looking. The last wife that he had was mildly pretty and the one he has now is a horse face who imagines herself to be sexy. For all I know she’s the one trying to kill Lacey because Lacey doesn’t relent in regard to telling the truth unlike most people today.

I could go on and on about the vile nature of these people and the things that they’re doing, but I don’t have to because I’m Michael Rockefeller. And if they don’t understand that because they’re too genuinely stupid, that’s some thing God will have to sort out. As I say that in Lacey‘s mind, an image of Bobby’s wife pouting, trying to sexually arouse me harasses her. Because in the mind of mainstream media and Bobby’s wife, they think that it’s possible that I could find that ugly fucking bitch mildly arousing. She’s been pampered and brainwashed into thinking that she’s far more attractive than she is like most celebrities and then, if you pop that little bit of their ego their entire psyche falls apart. They really are demonically incapable of being humble. Which is why they rape each other because they don’t comprehend that someone wouldn’t want them in that way.

They find the one person or the few people who think that they’re good looking to them and then they take that compliment and apply it to everyone. Lacey does the exact opposite, but these people are destroyed in their brains because they worship Baal. They worship Satan. They genuinely cannot easily enjoy ordinary life.

You might wonder was I that messed up? No I wasn’t and I wouldn’t be now either, but we were a very different generation and we still called a spade a spade. When someone did something wrong, we didn’t forget that. We may have lied about it, but we didn’t forget that I was up and down was down. When someone made a mistake they made a mistake for real no backsies. So if Kate Spade got narcissistically, or just humanly, offended by Lacey, and then decided to inculcate her into the illuminati for reasons of social class to some extent, because Kate grew-up, poor in the lower class in the Midwest, that we hate…. and then decided to kill herself to be honorable out of empathy for Lacey who was suffering at that point and still is…we wouldn’t double down on Kate’s mistake and then lie about it and make it seem like it’d never been made. Or how does that work? Why did she die? Why did Lisa die? Do you guys keep trying to manage the situation but you can’t quite manage to fathom what you really need to do? And now Bobby Kennedy, Junior, who harasses Lacey and Lem while they’re having marital intercourse potentially in the eyes of God is running for US President.

It’s absurd. You’re clearly trying to shun Lacey for reasons of social class from understanding what’s happening to her and have been since the beginning. You can’t kill the perpetrators you can’t kill the real perpetrators you can’t understand what’s even really going on to you because in your minds you’re the billionaire trillionaire, wealthy elite. And you’re demonically possessed and deranged. In reality you are cheap shit wealth there’s very little real wealth left today on the Earth. And your street trash ethics are exactly what’s wrong with the world today. And there is no better example of what’s wrong with the world today than Bobby Kennedy, Junior. I can’t stand that man I can’t stand his personality. I can’t stand his family. I hate Jack Kennedy. I hate him. I think Jack Kennedy is the stupidest most fucking self-important piece of shit from the gutter that I’ve ever met. He was hated and bullied by his peers at school Lem Billings may have been his victim, and now the U.S. has exonerated him because he became president for three years before he was shot in the head.

Am I mad at my father lost the bid for the 1960 election? Yeah, I am very much so. I am incredibly bitter about it. I’m also very bitter that I died a year later…you fucking idiots. But oh no, Lem was gay and I wasn’t killed in 1961 or drowned, trying to save someone’s life …So go ahead and give me your little sob story when you die someday Bobby. I’d love to hear how everything is someone else’s fault that’s ever happened to you or everything is someone else’s fault that’s ever happened to your family. Go on and on and on and tell me all of your evil sob stories, your evil machinations your evil conspiracies your grand circus ring master view of the world. But forgive me if I refuse to be a part of your circus, that’s a little beneath me.

Why isn’t it beneath you to be a circus ringmaster Bobby Kennedy? Were are you and Kate Spade Irish Street trash still in your minds and that’s what this whole entire shit show is about? You couldn’t stand to see Norwegians become wealthier and more powerful than you and your family because it reminded you that that’s never what you were. You were always just the Irish on Cape Cod. And now that you’ve run amok for the last 50 to 60 years that’s all you’ll ever be because no one‘s taking you seriously anymore Bobby or anyone in your family they haven’t for a while. Latching yourself onto the environment or vaccines is very clever because there’s real problems or there’s an incredible amount of confusion around them but that doesn’t make you what you’re not. Why am I addressing this to Bobby because he’s probably listening through the illuminati. He has become obsessed with Lacey and this blog…or the illuminati wants Lacey to think that.

And honestly, if he’s a sex addict, I can see why he’s obsessed. We’re good at sex because we’re in love and we’re human and we’re not deranged. What the illuminati doesn’t seem to realize is that derangement isn’t actually sexually gratifying. It’s the opposite. …Or id that exactly why they keep harassing us because we’re actually enjoying ourselves and they can’t especially not with me or Lem or F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harold Loeb, or Ernest Hemingway or Lacey.

Lacey stopped breathing yesterday for a bizarre amount of time and she does that sometimes…she has for a while and she doesn’t notice that’s weird isn’t it? Maybe she’s slightly dead? And that makes being dead seem kind of nice. Huh? But if you die, where will you end up that’s the sticky wicket isn’t it? You know maybe if you worship Jesus Christ and gave yourself over to Him to accept His salvation you could be happy someday too when you die and have lots of great sex.

I’m just saying this to warn you and then I’m going to stop because warning you too much will probably make you not want to worship Christ, right?

The thing is it was 1958 and we were at a party and I pushed her into another room and we almost made love. I’ve written about it before.

Michael ends.

And now it’s my turn.

I am Louis Hill, Junior and I ran this entire state. My grandfather was James J Hill, the railroad magnet, baron, tycoon whatever you wanna call him. We were one of the wealthiest families to ever exist in all of human history. And our main house was in Minnesota not Washington state. That has been an issue of contention and Lacey‘s family.

Louis laughs.

But anyway, we really were extraordinarily wealthy and now we live in $300,000 houses. But that’s by choice. I donated an amount of money I am no longer comfortable talking about because it makes me furious to think what’s happened. First they bullied us into feeling ashamed through Edith Wharton. Then they bullied us through the Kennedys. And I’m skipping a bit of history there, but you get the point hopefully. I am angry, because you all stole my money by shaming me for being extraordinarily upper class, old money, and kind. Oh Louis we’re suffering help us please help us. And I did unfailingly. I always did it. I was extraordinarily humble and meek and kind and forgiving and loving to everyone that I ever met my entire life potentially. I was probably one of the kindest man that you’d ever have met.

And F Scott Fitzgerald was impressed by wealth because of my family, not upstate New York, or whatever the Hell it is that people even think nowadays. Great Neck? Great Neckers? …What the fuck do people even think?! He grew up in St. Paul Minnesota not Boston not New York not Chicago, Minnesota. We aren’t Chicago. We aren’t anything other than what we are. We’re Minnesota. And that’s some thing that mainstream media has never been able to grasp or respect.

And people hear a gentleness in my voice and gentleness in Lacey‘s voice that’s real but that has its limits. For all you know I was the one that actually shot JFK and you’d never think that of me because I’m an extraordinarily genuinely kind loving nice man. Yes, extraordinary. It shouldn’t be extraordinary but it is.

Here’s the problem: You don’t respect Lacey. And then you try to guilt her into feeling sorry for you just like you try to guilt me into giving you all of my money. My family is still rich and upper class and old money but you don’t recognize them as that because they don’t have these show pieces anymore. Lacey‘s family is different but we’re not talking to them right now you’re talking to me Louis.

And if you’re wondering if I was racist while I was alive, no I wasn’t. Why do I need to say that? Why do you assume that every white person is racist now? I was white and old money and upper class what do you want from me? That’s not what you are. I’m sorry! I spent my entire life trying to make it up to you and that isn’t even good enough. When is it gonna be good enough? I personally cannot dismantle all of history for the last 400 years. If I could I would but I can’t. I have been tempted to be racist, watching how Black people in illuminati have treated Lacey. Much like she’s currently tempted to hate the Irish. Thankfully for her I’m somewhat Irish, thankfully for the Irish, I am Irish if I wasn’t, we would be in trouble. And that sounds so stupid but when you consider what she’s living through and has lived through, and then you realize what she’s probably logically been discerning and figuring out over the years it’s not. Sadly it’s not.

Anyway, I was the first ghost ever sleep with her. Really. And she thought I was probably a dream come true. But then the illuminati or God told her that I had slept with Grace Kelly, the actual movie star, and my ex-wife. And she has no more patience for such things anymore understandably and rightfully so. But it’s most likely that they conjured those actual ghosts up to harass and attack me. Because it’s funny to them, they don’t understand that there’s a limit to evil. And they believe in New Age thinking, but they don’t believe in Purgatory anymore. The idea of people’s pain meaning something to Christ in that way is seemingly just lost on them.

And then they conjured up poor Jonah Wiley on Instagram because he’s very useful because he doesn’t believe in Purgatory either and he probably is very anti-catholic and anti-Baptist if they get too complicated. He’s a very smart young man in his own way, but he’s not capable, seemingly, of thinking outside of the traditions of his specific sect. And he has a right to do that. He has every right to be that way, but one has to be careful and humble. You cat you can’t disseminate falsities as absolute truth without taking a risk with God.

Louis ends.

And now it’s my turn. I’m Harold Loeb. You met me in Ernest Hemingway’s great novel. The Sun Also Rises.

You may be wondering: Who was the inspiration for the Great Gatsby? It may have actually been Lacey‘s birth father, as far as she knows, Thomas Banks. He, however, was named Tom. Not James Gatz and his family was wealthy and from Iowa. He was old money. He was Tom. And he never became the Great Gatsby. Both for better and for worse. They were stuffy. Lacey is stuffy. That’s just who they are.

When you think about a man who could’ve gone hunting and shooting with Humphrey Bogart, who is also old money, and then be his friend platonically, his confidant…he would probably be a cigar smoking, stuffy British origin man like Tommy Banks. And the thing is she’s not making that up. Elizabeth II was the Queen of England and Lacey could very easily be if not actually is Tommy Banks, his biological daughter. It’s been violent towards her to keep doubting everything that she says. And don’t think that people don’t know that there are constant insinuations made in the perfume community that she’s a liar. It’s pathologically deranged to assume that someone who has physical evidence of everything that they say that’s backed up by history is lying.

I could sit here and explain to you for hours how off and bizarre you all seem to me and Lacey and many other people who you admire and respect as you should because they’re better than you but I don’t really want to anymore because I’m sick and tired of talking to people who are cognitively incapable of handling a fucking brilliant English fucking sentence. It’s nice to think that people would have a realization that she meant well in some way or that she had a right to be ticked off but she doesn’t have a lot of hope. And see that that’s where you guys get lost because you can’t imagine that you’re wrong and that you actually should, by all rights, apologize to Lacey for doubting anything she’s ever said about perfume about the arts about me about anything ever. And why do you doubt all that? Why? For all you know it’s literally just Jack Kennedy’s jealousy. And I’m sure you all thought of that haven’t you? Y’all have it all figured out which is why you had the moral authority to go around pointing fingers at her claiming she was making shit up. She was never the friend that you thought she was. James Gatz isn’t a likely character to have ever existed. There weren’t that many Jews much less dirt poor Jewish farmers in North Dakota. Ever. And North Dakota is it primarily German Scandinavian state with some Swiss, some Irish, and there has been an influx of Hispanics and blacks in the last 20 years but up until recently it was primarily all white. There were very few Jews in North Dakota.

There are Jews in Minnesota. There have been for a long time. And you may wonder why does that irritate me so much? Why does that irritate Lacey so much. Because those are facts. Those are the building blocks of reality that we base everything off of.

I wrote a terrible memoir. I before you keep trying to suffocate Lacey ask yourself why just once. The answer might not be flattering to yourself, or it might be I don’t even know, but do you have to be careful because she really is turning into a Christian martyr increasingly day after day after day. And if there is a real Illuminati, as far as she can, tell Bobby Kennedy Junior really is psychotically obsessed with her and there is a Chris Hayes. If she’s not schizophrenic or there are real demons impersonating real people then they’re real living people and demons. And the irony is that at this point on this Jo Jo I blog they’ve lost everything there is no there is no anonymity for the illuminati anymore but they don’t realize that. And all they can focus on is trying to prove to Lacey that reincarnation exists that she’s a pedophile that pedophilia is fine and that Lem Billings really is gay and was probably astronomically obsessed with Bobby Kennedy Junior. That last one is very very important illuminati today that is one of the biggest goals of their entire organization to prove that Lem Billings was madly in love with Bobby Kennedy Junior. Much like how Casi loved to harp on whom versus who and using semicolons appropriately to Lacey to feel superior to her Bobby Kennedy, Junior is obsessed with keeping Lem gay. Here’s the problem: Lacey purposefully ignores certain grammatical rules, because she cannot be bothered enough to give a shit anymore. And her punctuation is intentional. Her ignoring of certain rules is intentional Casi and that’s why it irritated you because it made you feel poor by comparison in your bourgeois uppity manner. But instead of accepting the reality of her superiority, and the fact that she didn’t love you automatically, as you assumed that she would, you harassed and tried to humiliate her and aggravate her and provoke her almost daily for years. You probably still read this blog and still make fun of her on Instagram thinking that she’s watching you the same way that you’re obsessively watching her thinking that she’s obsessed with things. She doesn’t get obsessed with things the way that you do Casi. She’s intellectual and highfalutin not bourgeois, petty and stupid as shit like you, Casi. Not everyone Feistunes, every fucking feature of their ugly as fuck face and they’re huge ass body. Some people really are pretty Casi. I’m sorry it throws you into Hell having to realize that about humanity compared to you and your ugly shit body.

And at this point Casi is probably thinking, “He’s just an angry fucking Jew that doesn’t get laid enough!” No I’m just not as nice as the other assholes. OK, you dumb bitch. And that last sentence was addressed to Casi. That last sentence was addressed to Casi.

No, I’m not as afraid of offending people. I’m not like that. I neither is Lacey, but she’s defending herself and she’s trying to be honorable and she’s trying to be humble and she’s trying to be meek and you ruined that Casi you’ve ruined her ability to just be herself. Because you couldn’t stand that she was kinder sweeter, nicer, and more more loving that you’ve ever been a fucking day of your whole fucking life you dumb shit.

Lacey Banks and I had sex together. We slept together, we’ve had sex and that’s all I’m going to say.

More later.

Since the last time he talked, Lacey has come very close to death and was rescued by the Holy Spirit. Potentially. She had to start touching things to make sure that she was still alive.

It seems as though the illuminati really is obsessed with insulting Lacey‘s family, the Nasheims and the Crafts, because they have oil and their aristocratic. But what they seem to miss along with a great many other things bless their hearts, is that Lacey if she is Tommy Banks‘s daughter isn’t a Nasheim or Craft genetically. So she doesn’t by nature actually think like them or act like them, or talk like them. She is not one of them in that sense. So when they attack and attacked Lacey thinking that they were going to get at the Nesheims and the Crafts they run, they amok.

They’re cutting off huge paragraphs of important information that you need to hear to understand what’s going on. …They are a petty, incompetent fools running the illuminati, should the Illuminati even exist, and so they are messing with things possibly editing this blog, possibly ruining the Internet to try to get at the Nesheims and the Crafts for being more superior than the Kennedys. That’s how petty and incompetent these fools actually are.

A moment later.

The thing is they went about attack in the Nesheims in the Craft all wrong. The way to attack those people was to force them to do things that they don’t really want to do and unlike most people but perhaps not unlike some aristocrats they don’t really want to be public. They don’t mind attention, but they don’t want a glamour past a certain point. So the people who were jealous of them, ironically ended up, making them more ferocious, more terrifying and more powerful when what they really should have done, was, gone about it in the other direction and force them to join country clubs force them to run for office, force them to buy huge, expensive glamorous, houses that they didn’t want. I’m not talking fashion shows that are local and sweet and quaint and old money in a very secretive way. I’m not talking beauty pageants where it doesn’t mean anything and it’s just old fashion silliness like Miss America on a state level. I’m not talking about being the top skier in the world, or going to the Olympics or inventing the atom bomb, running in the faculty of MIT. No! I’m talking about the things that bourgeois people do that are exhausting…to prove that they’re like the Nesheims when they’re really not. Buying Mercedes and Audis and expensive cars when they could really just buy a Ford, and be perfectly content with it, putting them in the position of having to be noblesse oblige in public in a real way instead of in a fake ‘I am a Norwegian from North Dakota and I don’t know what I’m doing, right?!’ way.

And if Lacey is illegitimate, her mother was an incredibly gorgeous stewardess and not an idiot, but no, they were probably very different people than the Nesheims. And they were probably very Norwegian as well, but they’re not the Nesheims or the Crafts.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, if Lacey’s illegitimate, her mother was not a pedophile and neither was Tommy Banks. It’s just very awkward to talk about in a real way. Her mother, should she be illegitimate. was extraordinarily beautiful. Her father may have even insulted her with that the one that raised her. He said, “She had such high cheekbones. She looked like a model! She was just astoundingly gorgeous! Maybe you’ll look like that too someday!” he said, “But we’ll see. We’ll see! Gee it would be nice for you to look that way.” But the implication was that Lacey wasn’t quite that beautiful, and maybe never would be even when she grew up.

Lacey actually is that beautiful and he resents it. The father that raised her resents it. And Lacey has no idea why, if she’s illegitimate, he resents the fact that she looks like her mother. Nor does she understand why her father that raised her is terrified of her to this very day because she’s ferocious, but it’s always been confusing to her, because he seems to always think that she is far more terrifying than she has conceived of herself to be based on the experiences she’s had in life up until recently. You would think the Nesheims and the Crafts wouldn’t be afraid of Tommy Banks apparently that’s not the case.

“Be afraid, be very afraid!” says Casi of the perfume community.

The problem is Casi, a banking crisis would affect you eventually so when Michael Rockefeller makes threats against the illuminati, and then it becomes real at what point do you realize that maybe you should stop pretending to be a Nesheim? “What threat has ever been empty that Lacey has made?” says Tommy Banks about his daughter. “I have never threaten to kill anyone ever as far as I can recall.” says Lacey. Really, though at the end of the day Lacey really just wanted to discuss perfume, drink tea and have a lovely flight.

“No, I am not attracted to Lacey‘s mother.” says Lem. “I am not attracted to anyone other than Lacey at this point I’m sorry if that’s not something you can comprehend whoever I am sensing is thinking that.” He thinks. “No, Lacey is Lacey. She is not not the person who you are intimidated by who’s extraordinarily beautiful who is Tommy Banks’s daughter. No, try to keep things straight in your head try.”

“He may have just adopted her, but that’s some thing that will have to be straightened out and hereafter.” says Tommy Banks’s sister. “And when I say straightened out, I do not mean to disown Lacey. I mean the opposite.”

“What you can possibly never understand, is that a woman can be incredibly sexy and sweet and innocent, and Norwegian, and posh and upper class, and yet not be evil or stupid.” says Lem. “People who are like Casi know that a woman can be feminine and still smart and possibly even still good at heart, but what she couldn’t handle was that Lacey was also upper class and stuffy and aristocratic, in a real old money, possibly even old genetic way.”

“Once Lacey presses update or publish, for now, the Internet is only safe if you don’t mess with her words.” says Zelda Fitzgerald. “You will destroy not just the banking system, but everything that the Internet is connected to if you start messing with his blog, and if you don’t think we know how to do it, I think again.” She thinks. “Was I insane or was I talking to the dead and Scott was right or was I a mystic or was I actually just insane?”


“Apparently my mother, if I’m a legitimate married a Swedish man for a while, and they may have tried to come pick me up when I was three and then she fell apart in tears.” says Lacey. “Because I do have a memory of a woman, painting my nails, and then seemingly falling apart in tears and my mom may not have been there and my dad who raised me may have been there alone with two or three other people who I don’t think I’d ever met before. And then I never saw that woman or those other people ever again, and my father who raised me took off with me in quite a half if I’m not mistaken.”

“Why does it always seem artificial?” asks Susan.

“Because it seems crazy.” says Lacey. “And on a certain level I am in extreme shock and have been for a while in my life. And things have never entirely made sense. You know they never entirely stuck so to speak but then, at a certain point the plot-line began to unravel, and I’ve been in shock ever since. The thing is, I also think what I share tends to be astounding to not just me and I’m trying to protect people. It’s not like super astounding but I think people get used to normal people and then when you tell them something like, ‘My father could’ve been Tommy Banks.’ Or, ‘My family has trillions of oil.’ it’s creepy at least that’s the that’s the reaction I’ve always gotten from people in person.”

“I would have raised her far better than you could even imagine if she’s Tommy Banks’s daughter! I should have raised her end of story. Thank you very much.“ says Thelma (Thomas Banks’s official girlfriend).

And at that Jack is shocked to discover that Lem apparently has fantasies of Lacey, being his personal flight attendant on his own private plane not because Lem is attracted to Lacey‘s mother, but because it would be a family business… and Lacey would have gone into it like her mom and then you know when a flight from New York. He would’ve seen Lacey and their eyes would have met. It’s very romantic to him. But Jack doesn’t understand that Lem had such feelings about anything apparently.

“No Jonah, the 1980s stewardesses are not the same as flight attendants of today. Her mother was like a model a 1980s model.” says Louis.

One of the most famous 1980’s models.

“That was the look that her mother had. It was something like that or that’s just what that woman Margy looks like whether it’s her mother or not.” says Louis. “This model is not literally her mother just to clarify.”

“I hope you all recall what her father looks like because I don’t wanna have to put a picture up of her father again.” says Michael.

“Okay, those of you that I don’t understand who Tommy Banks is I’ll another picture up of him.” says Michael.

“She has private pictures of him, but he already had a stroke at that point and it’s depressing and people will see it and think it’s proof that it’s not her father even if she looks a lot like him.” says Michael.

“Her mother was not the model again just to clarify.” says Louis. “And I am going to suggest that she does share a private picture of him just to prove that she’s not making stuff up for the bloody last time.”

(After his stroke)
(Also after the stroke)

“That’s a very posh looking house.” says Casi.

“That’s probably my father in his house that should’ve been my house growing up.” says Lacey. “It’s only worth around $1 million which really isn’t that much but he did that intentionally to hide how much money he had in my estimation. He also had a farm and a cabin up north.”

“But that’s not your father he didn’t raise you.”says Casi.

“I knew you were going to say that and you also know that it’s total bullshit which is why I you say it! You say it because it makes you feel powerful to say stupid fucking shit like it’s smart.” says Harold Loeb to Casi Brooke Pemberley.

“It it really wasn’t possible for him to have raised me even if he was my birth father and frankly, why did my mother abort me if I was unwanted and that way?” says Lacey. “Clearly she was against it and he probably was too or he was against it and she wasn’t. He may have demanded she not have an abortion because he refused to have any of his children aborted. Thelma asked for my photograph, or some update on me, or to meet me every Christmas of my childhood. According to the father that raised me. He was annoyed by how she kept pestering him to see me. It might not have been every single Christmas, but that’s what I distinctly remember him telling me at least once, if not twice that she wouldn’t leave him alone, and that she kept bothering him to meet me or see me in person and it never made sense, and he never let me. I’ve had a computer analyze it for me and according to the computer, I look just as much like Tommy Banks, as I do to the father, who raised me. I personally think I look more like Tommy Banks than father that raised me. I look almost nothing like the mother that raised me at all and I do look as beautiful as a model so get whatever stupid, self gratifying, bullshit, conspiracy theory you have out of your head.” She listens in her spirit. “I’m not contradicting myself just because I say that I’m beautiful doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly thinking of it in this way that contradicts everything else you’ve read on this blog actually, I’m astounded whoever I’m talking to spiritually that you’re able to read. These phony attacks on me that I sense spiritually that are not schizophrenic paranoia because I see them manifested on Instagram whenever I really take a look or try to interact with someone are obnoxious and idiotic and deplorable. When I say phony attacks, I don’t mean that they’re fake and that you’re suddenly vindicated in the eyes of God if you’re evil, I’m saying they’re phony because they’re based on bullshit.”

“So that house that you keep showing that so glamorous looking isn’t glamorous to you it’s just a nice house that you actually could probably even live in if illuminati left you alone and then keep stealing time and money from you.” says Michael to Lacey.

“That’s my private photo from the 1980s of the house below.” Says Lacey.

“Yeah! See, that’s abusive as fuck to the people that actually live in that $1 million house like the one that you’re showing it’s abusive to the people that live in that house.” says Casi.

“The first photo is my photo that was taken in the 1980s when my father owned that property.” says Lacey to Casi.

“He didn’t live in that house you’re imagining things it’s not who house.” says the spiritual voice of Casi that the Illuminati or demons tormenting Lacey often harass her with.

“No, he was one of the first people to ever live in the house. It was his house for decades.” says Lacey.

“So that’s the house that you were supposed to have grown up in?” asks Casi.

“Actually no, that’s the house that he used to hide how wealthy he was and if he had had her earlier he would’ve had to be more obvious about his wealth to hide it like my father did. Or would have if my father was involved in criminal activity.” says Joe Kennedy, Junior.

“But your father owned a lot of very lucrative business is much like Lacey’s father, correct?” asks Casi’s mom.

“Yes, very lucrative.” says Lem Billings on their behalf.

“No, he was actual old money, and this is the house that she would’ve grown up and had she been born to him earlier as God may have designed for her to be. And frankly, if it’s not possible for her to have been born earlier then what a terrible terrible lot in life to have because this is the house that she should’ve grown up in along with having a father, that would’ve actually loved her if that’s her birth father.”

“And a snobby as Tommy Banks is towards me possibly rightfully so when I look at what he cheated himself out of, provided Lacey he could’ve been born his daughter earlier, I can’t help but be tempted to fill a bit smug and self-righteous for real reasons.“ says Joe Kennedy Senior. “And I don’t mean that in a pedophilic way. I mean that he could’ve had a really great life.”

“Do you feel like you had a really great life?” Caroline Kennedy asks Joe Kennedy Sr..

“Why would you even ask that? I’m not your father and if you’re angry at him when you’re old go to and chew him out in your own little passive aggressive stinky way. I am not proud of the life that I led. I worry about you sweetie. I worry about you daily.” says Joe Kennedy Sr..

“You’re cosplaying yourself.” the perfume community says to Lacey.

“True. Very intentionally so.” says Lacey.

“So you’re the fake version of the real thing and the real thing at the same time?” says a perfume community member to Lacey.

“Yes. Very possibly. Although I’m not positive. I’m a very complicated person in that way.” says Lacey.

“So you never made up anything you said and you’re really beautiful and cameras don’t do you any justice even in video form.” says a perfume hater.

“Yes and what is the point of this? Why can’t you just let it be what it is or do you somehow feel aggravated?” asks Lem.

“Her photos were never loving.” says Dmitry.

“It depends on what you mean by loving. If you mean, loving in a harsh parental, ‘what is wrong with you?!’ type away, they were loving if you mean, somehow understanding you if you’re innocent and not just a total asshole then no, they were not loving.” says Lem.

“That wouldn’t have been your only house either would it?” a perfume hater asks Lacey.

“There would’ve been a cabin up north as there was and the house in the country on the farm basically just a farm I guess sometimes wealthy people back then had farms you know. I don’t think that there would’ve ever been house in Florida or California. My…I had an aunt who had a haute couture clothing store outside of Hollywood or in Hollywood or in Beverly Hills or something. It was probably a place that my father frequented, and I have a feeling he spent a lot of time in California in general so along with Elliott Roosevelt and the Kennedys and F. Scott Fitzgerald he was part of the group of people who were in Old Hollywood controlling things. Which is probably then how I’ve, if I am illegitimate and actually am Tommy Banks’s daughter, that’s probably how I or I just am his daughter somehow that’s probably part of how I got connected to these people spiritually.” says Lacey.

“You talk very slowly, right?” asks the perfume hater.

“Ah, it depends on what you mean by slowly.” says Lacey.

“We know what you’re trying to say cause we’re dead, and we were loved by our family but she has no idea what you’re driving at necessarily at all. If you are trying to communicate with her, spiritually and be careful.” says Lem.

“I’m just not impressed. I went to Emerson College in Boston.“ says the perfume hater.

“That’s a stupid as fuck thing to think about yourself that you’re superior for going to some stupid ass college in Boston.” says JFK.

“Why couldn’t you’ve gone to Juilliard or Boston College or Harvard or Yale?“ asks Lacey.

“Cause I was raised in the middle class.” says the perfume hater.

“Then how are you impressive for going to Emerson lots of middle-class people go to Harvard. Are you an idiot?“ asks Joe Kennedy Sr..

“I climbed up the social ladder in life.” says the perfume hater.

“Barely, if it all.” says Lem. “And you’re saying that Lacey didn’t enough or what is your point?”

“That house isn’t that nice.” says the perfume hater.

“Actually it’s very nice. And I bet you live in a crap hole somewhere don’t you cause that’s all you can afford.” says an English Aristocrat.

“Where did you go to school again?“ asks the perfume hater of Lacey.

“Are you trying to fit in with a British aristocracy from watching Downton Abbey? That house is actually a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood and sweetie I am part of the old money elite of this country and you’re trying to do what? Shove ice cream up your nose to prove that you’re a goddess of the universe? …You’re not scaring in the right way necessarily or impressing me you’re confusing me you’re making me question myself and then double check my facts but you’re not challenging me in this authoritative way and I have known so many people like you my entire life you’ve driven me crazy with your bullshit. I don’t speak slowly I speak, haughtily and snobbishly. Get a grip on your ego before you take a nosedive all right sweetie.” says Lacey.

“Eww!” say enraged black women in the middle class.

“Are you the voice of Heaven reaching down to correct me of my sin? Oh puritanical mistress do speak to me with your wisdom?”Lacey. “I am curious what eww-sin have I committed? Not just ‘thou shalt not’ but ‘eww.’”

“We hear you say ‘Ewww!’ a lot too Casi.” says Louis.

“I have to assume that the father that raised you and Tommy Banks were never romantically involved?” asks a man.

“I think that’s extraordinarily impossible. I was never involved with any man. I’m sorry if that’s disappointing to Little Miss. Emerson College.” says Thomas Banks. “I may have been involved with a 17 or 18 year old female dancer once who purported to be a grown woman and who looked like one. She was a dancer in one of my clubs. I owned night clubs.”

“You did not own clubs!” says Miss Emerson College.

“I owned three. Actually three or four, but I definitely owned two. …You know, claiming that I didn’t exist or that I’m not a real human or that what? I came from Mars which is basically what you’re doing by saying that doesn’t make you look smart, it makes you seem evil and insane.” says Thomas Banks to Miss Emerson College.

“Why are you talking like that? Because this is how we talked on the farm and this is how people sometimes talk.” says Mark Nesheim.

“Where did you go to college is what you asked her? She went to university of North Dakota, and did very well in the Honors Program. And then she went to Messiah College in Pennsylvania, where she learned very little in many ways, but she was a lot of extracurricular activities. I was the President of the Messiah College Democrats.” says Lem about Lacey.

“I bet you were the Vice President first.” she says to Lacey.

“Yes! Why is that an insult?” asks Lem.

“Do you want to see that house again?“ asks Louis.

“So! Are you impressed?! …They’re not new money. Or even dirty money. He was a bootlegger. And an Elliott Roosevelt criminal.” says Louis.

“Actually, FDR criminal.” laughs FDR.

“Did he have dealings with the IRA?” asks Dmitry.

“Yes!” says a Guinness. “But he wasn’t the enemy of Queen Elizabeth II.”

“Isn’t that a pretty house?!?” says Lacey. “It’s actually less in market value than the estate owned by my first cousin and it’s about equal in market value to my in-laws main house.”

“It’s worth eight or nine?” asks a perfume hater.

“No! More like…four. Five?” says Lacey. “But it’s such a gorgeous house!”

“Yeah! Like…four million.” says the perfume hater.

“What’s the inside of the house your father owned look like?” asks Miss Emerson College.

“I’m not a fan of how they remodeled the house. I’ve had mental images of what it looks like before and I liked it before.” says Lacey.

“I mean it’s a nice house but it’s a little blah.” says Miss. Emerson College.

“No, it’s not. It’s gorgeous. It’s just decorated incredibly poorly and remodeled incredibly badly. It’s not blah it’s a beautiful house it’s 3000 ft.² actually it’s more than that and it’s in an incredibly lovely old neighborhood that’s very historic it’s not the blah. What isn’t blah? Was the other house blah? It there anything that’s not blah and boring to you?” asks Lacey.

“You.” she says.

“That sounds like a very stupid insult. I’m not flattered or complimented even if I should be. I’m sorry what isn’t blah to you as far as a house goes?” asks Lacey.

“You could’ve lived in a mansion. The first house was a mansion. The second house is just a big house. I’m sure the first house was like 5,000 square feet?” says Miss Emerson College.

“8,000 I think but that’s not what I asked you what what is not blah to you about a house what kind of house isn’t blah to you?” asks Lacey.

Michael laughs.

“Would my childhood home seem blah to you?” asks Michael.

“You’re a Rockefeller. I’m sure your house was my caliber of human.” says Miss Emerson College.

“What’s your IQ?” asks Lacey.

“108? 113?” Miss Emerson College says.

“So you’re very average in that way? Why…do you see yourself as elite?” asks Lacey.

“What’s your IQ?!” Miss Emerson College asks Lacey.

“140.” says Lacey.

“So you’re a genius.” says Miss Emerson College.

“Yeah, probably.” says Lacey.

“Yeah…umm. See…in my mind…you should have done so much more with your life.” says Miss Emerson College to Lacey.

“I wanted to be US President.” says Lacey. “But I’m too…good, possibly.”

“What about Queen?!” asks Dmitry.

“Yes!!! Absolutely! Always. But…being a U. S. President is…probably awful.” says Lacey.

“I see what you mean!” says a Silent Gen. man to Lacey.

More later.

“Lacey your father was was rich. Maybe not a billionaire…but if he had the equivalent of a hundred million net in 2020 he was rich.” says a man worth around $300 million net in today’s money.

“I agree.” says Lacey. “I would even go so far as to call him very wealthy.”

“Yeah, it’s rude to be so sensitive to people who impress you.” he says.

“It’s degrading to both you and them.” says Lacey.

“I don’t understand why these people are so angry at you if they are.” he says.

“If you truly mean that in a genuinely kind way, thank you for saying that. It is disturbing.” says Lacey.

“Well where did he go to school?!” asks Miss Emerson College.

“My goodness. …Are you real or not? …It’s so odd. I can’t tell if you’re dead in the future talking to me in the present or what… Anyway, Yale.” says Lacey.

“Where did you go?!” she asks Lacey again.

“Messiah College and University of North Dakota.” says Lacey.

“Why didn’t you graduate?” she asks.

“I had health problems.” says Lacey.

“How many credits short are you?” she asks.

“Maybe 30.” says Lacey. “Maybe 15?”

“You could finish in a semester or two!” she says.

“Yes. I could.” says Lacey.

“Why don’t you?!?” asks Casi.

“I don’t know right off hand. Maybe…I just don’t care.” says Lacey. “It’s a nice thought but…what would the point be?” She thinks. “Maybe if I’m in better health in ten years I will but right now it seems pointless.”

“You were hurt!” says Michael to Lacey.

“Well…it’s a nice house.” says Lacey.

“I know, I agree.” says Lem.

“It’s just somewhere.” says Lacey to Lem.

“No, it’s home. And that’s why I’m sad.” says Lem. “I was angry.”

“I’m angry.” says Lacey.

Michael laughs.

“I’d have lived under a bridge to be with you.” says Lem.

“What about a blah house?” asks Lacey.

Michael laughs.

Lacey looks at him with worry. Then Lacey looks at Lem with worry.

“I’m not a liar.” says Lem.

“Lem, what do you honestly think of that house?” asks Lacey.

“It’s your house? …They might both literally be. And I was that rich too once. Richer maybe, even. Or not. …But…then I wasn’t. And…you still were. You were different. Your father was…far from normal. …He understood so much with such depth. …I’m struggling with an answer. …In my mind…if Tommy Banks is your father…that’s your house. And then…I think of falling in love with you and going to your home to meet your father. And…I wish you’d been there and I’d have met you and we’d have been happy. I wish I’d had a happy birthday in that house. I wish you’d been my wife. Somewhere, however humble, is better than nowhere.” says Lem to Lacey.

“What do you think of the house?” asks Lacey.

“It’s actually very cozy. It’s sweet. I’m not crazy about the stairs. And I loathe many of the chosen updates. But…I’m dead.” he says with a wink. “I might be able to undo them.” He thinks. “It’s a charming and elegant house.” He thinks some more. “I think it’s a rich person’s house. But…it’s your house. And you aren’t easy. You’re incredibly sad. And you’re mine.”