Too Far

Lacey literally has been being spiritually almost suffocated.

Road To Perdition, Film Score by Thomas Newman plays.

…The thing is…the dead Kennedys in Purgatory have been terrorizing her her whole life. Lem let things go way too far. Or at least that’s the idea she has at this point…

And Joe Kennedy Jr….was vile. He gave Lacey an enormous amount of false hope.

Chopin plays. Prelude For Piano No. 4 In E Minor.

When women bully or bullied Lacey…he always took their side. He always…expected Lacey…to be…a man.

“Lacey’s better at cooking, interior decorating and design and being a woman because she is one.” says Lem. “Lacey is a woman.”

“But she’s not a woman!” says Joe Jr.. “Lacey wasn’t a woman.” he said her whole youth. “I’m not going to let you be so stupid.”

“Are these ghosts your spirit guides or people harassing you from Purgatory?” asks a Catholic.

“People in Purgatory. Not spirit guides.” says Lacey. “They are not my spirit guides.”

“Yes, they are!” says a New Age woman to Lacey. “You just don’t understand.”

“You can’t possibly believe in Purgatory! You’re not Catholic.” says a hateful Catholic.

…Anyway…the point is…

“She needs to fight you all off!” says Joe.

“Why?!” asks Louis.

“Because to the Kennedy family ‘Lem sucks Jack’s cock!’ and he’ll cry and have a tantrum they can’t handle if they have to face reality.” says Lacey.

“Why do we care?!?” asks haters.

“Exactly! Push your mom to ground and kick her face in! That worthless bitch!” says Joe Jr. to most living women.

“Go punch her in the gut!” shouts JFK at gay men.

“Her feelings don’t matter! She’s a lying, conniving, whorish dog!” yells Joe Jr..

“Yeah! Kick her ass!” shout the Kennedy women.

“What happens when Lacey dies?” asks an English Lord.

The Kennedys look confused. Dumbfounded.

“That’s not right now!” says Jack insistently.

“Does God care about her?” asks Lem.

“Who cares!?” they say.

“Why has God let you guys sink deeper into Hell?” Lacey asks them.

“Because! He’s like our dad.” says JFK.

“You know that’s insane!” says Lacey.

They temporarily relent. She can feel it in her spirit.

“What happens when she dies?” asks Lacey.

“You’ll have to overpower us.” says Eunice.

“I’ll slaughter you all and then let you stay dead for as long as it takes.” says Lacey.

“I can’t let you do that!” says Joe Kennedy Sr..

“Unless God sees differently I’m going to lock you all away and let you rot in a Medieval dungeon.” says Lacey. “I almost promise.”

“All of us?!” asks Eunice.

“Yes! And I’ll start the bloodiest war in Purgatory you’ve ever seen. Trillions of heads will roll. And then I’ll blow up the living Earth, literally…if God sees fit.” says Lacey. “I’m genuinely that genuinely offended.

“What about Gideon?” asks Joe Jr..

“I’ll de-Kennedy him. I’m slaughtering your family. And there’s NOTHING you can do about it.” says Lacey. “Only God can save you from my astounding wrath.”

“Umm…yeah…she’s really serious!” says Joe sarcastically to try to lie and make it look like he is in charge.

“I’ll spend eternity ripping your vile bodies apart into silence.” says Lacey. “It would delight me to squish your gross, puss-filled souls into the flames of Hell.” She thinks. “It’s not a joke. But it’s a joke to you? …Then I’ll just dump all of you in one piece into Hell. No fuss.”

The Boomers and all living people go into massive denial. They invent millions of ways to avoid the possibility. It’s a reflex.

“Where would you like them to be now?” asks some entity.

“If they’re as vile as they seem…I’d like them all to be put in to comas.” she says like a just queen. A literal queen. “Or they can become someone else as God allows, possibly permanently or possibly for eternity.”

“So they’ll cease to exist or be put into a coma?” asks a living Kennedy.

“You got it, hot stuff!” says Lacey mockingly.

Get Into It plays so the can sex up the works.

“Fling those tits and cocks! Shake ‘em!!” commands Lacey. “Advertise!” She watches. “Harder! Faster! Until they practically fly off your bodies! Hurry-up! …People need to understand what y’all are about!”

“What does shaking them do?” asks Kick.

“It’s just to draw attention to the problem y’all have that you need permanently addressed.” says Lacey. “Are there demons that can service y’all in Hell for eternity to get you all out of my hair or does God have a better solution?”

“So to you the Kennedys are sadistic, nymphomaniacial, mindless sociopaths?” asks a Boomer.

“Their only two focuses are sex and cruelty. They possibly shouldn’t exist. …And who are you?!” asks Lacey.

“If not for Lem would you have cared about them?” asks Lem.

“No! They’re a mistake as they exist right now. I can’t stand life. There are so many mistakes.” says Lacey who’s literally being tormented for being right and righteous at this point.

Joe Jr. gets lost in profound denial. He sings, Uprising by Muse.

“I wasn’t as bad as my living nephews.” he says.

“That’s what I always thought. But as a VIRGO, LIBRA, SCORPIO…I’m going to have to disagree.” says Lacey.

Where I End and You Begin by Radiohead plays.

“You can’t be three months.” says a Catholic to Lacey.

“I know. That’s the point.” says Lacey.

“So you’re mocking astrology?” asks an Illuminati member.

“I am all three of those as my birth month. Personality and traits wise. How is that possible?” asks Lacey.

“So how do we all cease to exist?!” asks a living Kennedy.

“You hopefully don’t as a soul, so to speak. You just become a different person genetically with a different name and different parents.” says Lacey. “So you might have the same husband and kids if it’s just…but not as a Kennedy.”

“Would our parents be loving?!” asks Gideon.

“Far more loving and normal than not.” says Lacey.

“What if that causes our souls to cease to exist!?” asks a living Kennedy.

“Then it doesn’t work. But these are difficult circumstances. I’m troubleshooting.” says Lacey.

“So you don’t want us to cease to exist in any way?” asks a living Kennedy.

“No! I’m defending myself. I didn’t want any of this for you!” says Lacey.

“I’m ready to let go of her!” says Bobby Jr..

“Yup! And I’m sure you speak on behalf of your whole family?!?” asks Louis Hill Jr. to Bobby.

“What the hell does he even mean? …You’re letting go of her?!?” asks a perfume collector.

“We say stupid shit like that to convince her she’s a schizophrenic. Or to try to practice witchcraft.” says Mr. Blue.

“So y’all think you’re God?” asks a perfume hater.

“These are idiots who torture children to feel more powerful.” says Lacey.

“Is that really real power?” asks a witch in the Illuminati of Lacey.

“No!! …But it’s how stupid cowards run things.” says Lacey. “Or their brains are too morally repugnant to function properly.”

“What is real power?” asks the witch.

Real…fear.” says Lacey. “It’s what’s been going on on Earth for hundreds of years.”

“What’s real fear?” asks Joe Jr. mockingly.

“You have to be capable of real love first to understand it.” says Lacey.

“Lem…are you capable of real love?” asks a perfume hater.

“The Russians are not all Kennedys or honorary Kennedys.” says Vladimir Putin.

“Yes! I am.” says Lem.

“Then why don’t we bully Lacey the way we bully you?” asks Chris Hayes wannabe.

“Because you are clueless!” says Lem to Chris Hayes wannabe. “You’re a fool!”

“Chris, why did you decide to attack Lacey? I’ll tell you why…” starts F. Scott Fitzgerald. “For reasons of social class. That’s really all you and your family and friends care about. And it’s the main reason the Illuminati is still attacking Lacey, despite what they say otherwise, including the possible Kennedys in the Illuminati.”

“And what’s possibly most aggravating is that you all keep expecting Lacey to know so much more than God has allowed a living human to know.” says Lem. “She’s a genius. But she’s not dead fully and she’s not God.”

“Let’s talk about 9/11!” says Peter.

The Illuminati freaks out.

Joe Kennedy Sr. shakes his stuff on stripper poles zto Transgender by Crystal Castles. It’s unclear who his audience is other than God and no God isn’t aroused.

“9/11 is important.” says a female 9/11 victim rolling her eyes.

“This is such a het. blog!” says a queer woman derisively.

“Then what am I? A mere het. according to you? And you’re what?! A hom.? A cis, hom.?” says Lacey. “Do you have an identity eventually or do you lose track of your identity?”

“Let’s talk about why you thought it made sense to let queer women think you were possibly interested.” says Woody Allen to Lacey.

“Yes. Please!” says Lacey. “We just jumped over that.”

“Why?” asks George Bush.

“See…it’s going to sound so stupid.” says Lacey. “But I am 40. …I think I might have sadly thought they weren’t genuinely attracted to me. So I could somehow dissuade them. …See…my father who raised me went through conversion therapy. I even attended a conversion therapy session with him with my mom. …It was wildly inappropriate. …And I got the idea in my head that I would be able to heal them from their homosexuality if I healed their mother wounds or something like that. So…I suppose I was attempting to help them.”

“Wait so…that’s not code. Or euphemism?” asks a diehard hater of Lacey’s.

“Nah! She’s gotta be lying!” says a female hater who’s determined to prove Lacey is evil.

“Wow! That’s gross! Just read what I wrote literally.” says Lacey.

“How can you heal their mother wounds?!” scoffs a hater at Lacey.

“That’s par for the course in counseling. Haven’t you ever been told that?!” asks Lacey.

Woody Allen cracks-up laughing.

“Umm…are you trying to mother me right now?” asks a hater of Lacey.

“I’ve been abused into feeling obligated to parent almost everybody my whole life. …I had hope of being loved by my husband but…when he fell too far apart he…slipped into that role and then the marriage died because I’m thankfully normal.” says Lacey.

“So you lost interest in your husband because you’re not a pedophile and it seemed like he naturally wanted you to genuinely mother him?” asks a Millennial of Lacey.

“Yes! Although at times he was still like a peer and husband and…he still can be like that on rare occasions. But…no…if I’m illegitimate my mother abandoned me and I was never socialized mentally into being fully Millennial if I was at all.” says Lacey. “So now…I get lost when I’m not talking to ghosts.”

Casi cracks-up laughing.

“So your ex is like what now?” asks a scientist of Lacey.

“He’s different. …He’s a far more tough Millennial than most. He’s actually literally older than me. …And sometimes I think he’s slipping back into his former self if reincarnation is true.” says Lacey.

“Are you with him if he’s that man?” asks an Englishman.

“No! Legally yes. For our protection in a violent world. But he’s…stoic, kind and brilliant.” says Lacey. “And we protect each other.”

He looked like this man:

“AI knew.” says Elon seriously.

“Oh goodness yes! …If reincarnation was taken out of Christianity for the purposes of power in Illuminati and it’s just a scientific phenomena…AI knew in my best bet too.” says Lacey. “Doesn’t mean that the Bible isn’t correct but more that…God is creative. And it’s not a shift or an excuse for evil but more another reason not to doubt Christianity. …Like…we need to not count on it for our salvation but as it’s possible in my mind until I can reason it away…I’ll have to accept that I’m confused and submit it to Christ. It’s something to be extremely careful about though. It’s not salvation!!!”

“So you thought you could convert us!?!” says a lesbian to Lacey.

“Not convert. That’s a gross word. You can’t convert a homosexual. …More…help heal.” says Lacey. “I would never encourage my kids to contemplate reincarnation, by the way. They shouldn’t for their own protection.”

“How were you going to heal me?” asks a lesbian.

“So their premise, in the conversion therapy I was exposed to, was that the homosexual was damaged in childhood by their dysfunctional parents. And my goal was to bring the homosexual out of their dark delusion of homosexuality into a mental place of feeling loved as their gender and safe to be themselves.” says Lacey. “So…I literally tried to encourage their gender identity to affirm their natural heterosexual orientation that God gave them at birth.”

“So…I’m lost. But wait…let me get this straight…you were allowing them to get a crush on you to redirect them?” asks Casi.

“I thought it was possibly nonsense. And if it wasn’t I was going to be fascinated to get a lesbian to finally spill the beans and explain a lot.” says Lacey.

“Spill the beans?!” asks a lesbian.

“You genuinely thought my orientation was total nonsense?!” asks Casi.

“Possibly entirely.” says Lacey.

“Spill the beans?” asks the lesbian.

“Yes! You all are so mean! …And I’ve never been loved. So…if a lesbian fell in love with me I was going to get them to fess-up and finally confess portions of reality that have been cruelly obscured from me. And still are being obscured.” says Lacey.

“Like why people do things emotionally you can’t figure out?” asks a Boomer.

“Exactly? Possibly exactly.” says Lacey.

“How was this lesbian army of platonic friends who you were potentially healing…going to explain things to you?” asks Casi.

“Certainly not through rape, I hope. But…more…by answering my questions honestly.” say Lacey.

“Because they thought they were in love?” asks a lesbian.

“Yes! So no matter how heartless people were they used to let down their guard and explain things when they felt they had something to gain from it. So if they felt they needed to be vulnerable to be in love then they might explain things. …And then of course I’d have disavowed them of their insanity or talked them out of being interested in me.” She thinks. “Or worse case scenario I’d have brutally rejected them to pull off the bandaid so they could get over me.”

“So…what if they’re just deranged?” asks a gay man. “Because if your ex husband was the guy in the painting…he’s probably gay!”

“My ex husband was drugged and RAPED by a man once. He’s almost certainly not even bisexual…much less gay. But I’m not surprised to hear a trash, narcissistically enslaved peasant say that! Right?! Isn’t that what you are?!? …No! I loved people too much to think that it was derangement.” says Lacey. “To Is it just derangement? What a horrible reality that would be for you.”

“Do you know the Kinsey Scale?” asks Casi.

“Yes!! I briefly was involved with a gay man who came out to me as bisexual.” says Lacey. “He told me about the Kinsey Scale.” She thinks. “Kinsey was a nutcase though. …His scale is potentially useful but he was deranged himself.”

And at that Kinsey himself nods and agrees with Lacey that he was deranged.

“I was deranged too!” says Sigmund Freud.

“Would you have thought of yourself as a trophy wife or not?” asks a gay man of Lacey. “If you’d married Joe Jr..”

“No!! Not at all.” says Lacey.

“How in the world were you going to convert us?” asks a group of queer women of Lacey.

“Just like I said.” says Lacey.

“You probably tried to heal me! …And still are.” says Casi to Lacey.

“Yes!” says Lacey.

“You did marry a man…during her therapy of you? Right? Or get engaged?!” asks a woman.

“So what if it worked?!” asks George Bush of Casi.

“So what were you trying to figure out?” asks the gay man.

“What makes people turn against me before they even know me!” Lacey says brightly but sadly. “How about that?”

The gay man cruelly and heartlessly laughs.

“Oh wow! What’s so funny?” asks Lacey trying to help him not destroy his soul.

“Umm…I’m better than you!” he says confidently with real pride for himself.

“Why?!?” asks Lacey.

“Because I’m a man!” he says in an accidentally gay way.

“How do you see that working out?” asks Lacey.

“He’s trying to be you!” says his friend patronizingly to Lacey with violent hatred.

“Oh! You mean he’s mimicking my supposed worldview?” asks Lacey.

They become enraged. Floored. …Godsmacked.

“Yes! That’s what he’s doing!” says Casi.

“Are you sure? You could be doing something far more complex.” says Lacey.

“No! I was making fun of you!” he says like she’s an idiot.

“No! You weren’t.” says Lacey.

He snarls. “You fucking bitch!” he says to her.

“My goodness! What are you angry about? I’m genuinely lost.” says Lacey.

“No!! You know!!” yells toxic psychology at Lacey.

“No! I’m confused.” say Lacey.

“You’ve got no soul!” says a Gen. X guy to Lacey.

“That’s a deranged thing to say!” says Lem.

“I mean I know you’re gay!” says the gay man to Lem.

“I’m not!” says Lem. “Yet, on a human level why are you so weirdly angry? Do you even know?”

“Yeah! Her!” the gasays, pointing at Lacey like she’s an accused witch like an idiot dork freak.

“You’re a monster!” says Louis Hill Jr. to the gay man.


“So you wanted to have sex with your dad!” Lem says to JFK. “And that’s why you tried to be with me in particular.”

“I did! Yes! Because I was perverted and…pedophilic myself. But…I suppose in the weak part of myself that I hate I didn’t.” says JFK seriously.

“So why does everyone hate Lacey before they know her?” asks Louis of the gay man.

“Because I don’t have to care about her.” says the gay man.

“Why?” asks Lem.

“Because I don’t have to.” says the gay man.

“Why?” asks Lem.

“I don’t…like her!” says the gay man.

“Why?” asks Lem.

“Because I…can.” says the gay man like he’s fighting a war.

“Why?” asks Lem.

“Yeah! People like you always fall completely apart when you’re asked why. I based my company on that question for a reason.” says Ken Lay.

“So that’s how Lacey falls apart like she did today. Because we asked her why and she fell apart.” says Casi.

“How did I fall apart? Ken Lay was just talking to the gay man.” says Lacey.

“No! I want him to be talking to you…so in my witchcraft I lie.” says Casi. “It’s my form of manifesting.”

“That’s not necessarily safe or real witchcraft.” says Lacey. “But the Illuminati does practice that.”

“I’m your false flame! You think I’m in lobe with you. You think you’re a woman or a Greatest Generation member?! You aren’t. You aren’t. You aren’t. You’re a nobody. You’re a table. …And your children are my chairs! And I’ll tell you something else…I’m actually slightly aroused by you as another adult and it scared the shit out of me.” says the gay man.

“See! You gotta look not at what she’s saying but what she actually means!” says Casi’s mom to Casi.

“That’s bullshit. You’re giving insight. But you’re also over simplifying communication.” says Lacey to Casi’s mom.

“That really pisses you off!” says Casi’s mom.

“You have no idea how obnoxious it is to talk to people like you!” says Lacey to Casi’s mom.

Casi laughs. “It’s not likely you do well at the hair salon.”

“True! Not many of the women in the family I was raised in go to hair salons.” says Lacey. “We tend to get attacked by hair stylists. Or at least…the most elite among us who are sexually active with wealthy men from actual High Society do.”

“What happens?!” asks Casi’s mom.

“They try to get us to kill ourselves or close to it.” says Kathleen Nesheim on their behalf. “It’s sadistic feminine violence when a woman is at her most vulnerable other than at the doctor. And doctors like you all do that to us now too. Lacey was raped by two female OBGYNs. …People like you can’t handle ANY power.”

“But you all have millions in land too right?” asks Lacey.

“No! They’re like my family! Very top shelf!” says Lem’s father mockingly of Casi’s entire family.

“Umm…getting into the old money club is not easy. Perhaps try again in another life.” says the gay man to Lacey.

“Why?” asks Ken Lay.

“She’s not really old money?! Right?!? Why would she be so adamant about it if she was real?! …Isn’t she just joking about her lack of self-awareness?!” says the gay man.

“Well she’s not like us.” says Caroline Kennedy.

“Are you sure you’re old money?!” someone asks Caroline.

“No! But then why does she care?? If my family isn’t old money by this point then old money isn’t real.” Caroline Kennedy says.

“Yup!” says a Scandinavian hick. They aren’t in Lacey’s family.

“So you don’t talk that way?” asks Casi’s mom of Lacey.

“Not in the way you do.” says Lacey exactly and kindly.

Casi’s mom thinks. “You talk like the British!”

“Yes!” says Lacey. “My whole family does.”

“But I keep hearing you say you’re not rich!” says Casi’s mom.

“I’m not a billionaire. But also….that’s an absurd discussion!” says Lacey. “What does it even mean to be rich?! It’s a lie. You’re never rich!! Not even as a king.”

“That’s not true!” says Casi’s mom. “For someone as sophisticated as you I can’t understand why the equation is so complicated. I mean…are you obtuse?! I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds in saying that. But you just seem like a huge bitch!”

“BRAVO!” says Lacey after rolling her eyes. “How do you mean you overstepped your bounds?” asks Lacey.

“Caroline you sound white trash. For real. Not old money.” says a woman in the Illuminati to Caroline Kennedy.

“I just mean I’ve said too much to be considered nice.” says Casi’s mom to Lacey.

“Because you think I’m automatically going to lose my temper and blow-up and you’ll get to feel superior?” asks Lacey calmly.

“Yes!” says Casi’s mom.

“You’re not that poor. And if you are why is that automatically my fault?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“Because that’s how it’s set up!” says Casi’s mom.

“How?” asks Lacey.

“What the fuck?!” says Casi’s mom like Lacey is a part of a video game. “Okay what don’t I get?”

“About what?” asks Lacey.

“I wonder if I could have fallen in love with you too!” she says dreamily to Lacey.

“I’m not aroused by women. And I’m not a man just because I’m smarter and more eloquent than you. I’m saying it as a very feminine woman who’s straight. You’re vile. …Can’t you have an intellectual conversation?” asks Lacey kindly and calmly.

“You’re poor! And you’ve fallen madly in love with me!” says Casi’s mom to Lacey.

“Nope! Guess again!” says Lacey.

“You’re exasperated with me!” says Casi’s mom to Lacey.

A moment later.

“No! I’m not this dumb!” says Casi’s mom.

“What is your point?” asks Lacey.

“You’re not evil.” says Casi’s mom passive aggressively.

“I’m also not a horse?” asks Lacey.

“Okay fine I’m a bitch!” says Casi’s mom.

“Are you!? Tell me all about your day precious! Then I’ll rip your head off and spit you into Hell you useless piece of blubber. No! I’m kidding. …You do realize that you probably gave yourself your kidney problems in your elite business? Right? You’re like a female coal miner who thinks he’s the owner of a successful mill.” says Lacey to Casi’s mom.

“Yeah! That sounds about right.” says a white poor man from West Virginia about Casi’s family and Lacey’s observation. “You all are crazy. …Why do you think she’s us?!”

“Who’s us?!” asks Casi’s mom of the West Virginia man.

“We’re poor. She’s poor but she doesn’t know it. Right? …Now ask yourself how she’s actually poor.” he says.

“Hey! You’re cute!” says Casi’s mom.

“God help me. Why are you resisting Christ so much? Are you and your daughter both witches? he asks.

“I’m not a freak!” yells Casi’s mom.

“Who in the world called you a freak?” asks Lacey.

“I’m trying to seduce people!” says Casi’s mom like an actual weird person who doesn’t have a clue what she’s actually doing at all but refuses to admit it.

“How is she poor?” ask the West Virginia man of Casi’s mom.

“In the back of my mind I keep wondering why she doesn’t own a huge house.” says Casi’s mom. “But then she has cousins who do.”

“And what’s their monthly income right? What do they own? We’ve stolen hundreds of thousands of Dollars from them and more in their time and souls…” says the Illuminati about Lacey’s immediate family that she created with her ex husband.

“Ewww! An adult woman and man the same age sex?!?” says a gay man seriously. He seems to think it’s evil. He hears the scoffs, “But she’s older than him evolutionary-wise.”

“Her mother was young though.” says a Boomer. “That’s she’s young. She’s 39.”

“And I suppose her ex husband would have to have been viable evolution-wise or something would have gone amiss? …He’s Jewish? And old money?” asks a gay man.

“They’re new money. But…they’re Jewish. And…they’re wealthy.” says Lacey. “They were middle class to upper middle class before my ex-father-in-law made his money.”

“Are you anti-Semitic?!” scoffs Casi’s mom.

“Old money often is. But no, I’m not.” says Lacey.

“Are they?!” ask a group of bourgeois Americans.

“Yes!” says Queen Elizabeth II.

“Why don’t you own a house?” asks Casi’s mom of Lacey.

“I do own a house.” says Lacey.

“No! You don’t!” says Casi’s mom.

“Do you have a brain or just useless bullshit to waste my time with?” asks Lacey of Casi’s mom.

“We’re poor!” they say.

“And what exactly is the point of this then?” ask Lacey.

“Do you have any idea what’s being said with that?!” asks the man from West Virginia.

“Mmm…not necessarily.” says Lacey.

Summertime Sadness laughs.

“Do you care to explain or no?” asks Lacey.

“Do you try to help the poor?!” asks a poor woman.

“As much as I can.” says Lacey.

“Did you help the perfume community because you thought he we were poor?” asks a perfume community member.

“Yes! And no!” says Lacey.

“Why did we assume you were someone any of us could relate to?!” asks Mr. Cologne 76 of Lacey.

“Most people make that mistake because I’m so genuinely nice and kind.” says Lacey.

“What does poor mean to you?!” asks a poor woman in the perfume community of Lacey.

“It means this!” says Casi’s mom thinking she’s become Lacey. “See I have a thrifty tip! …I have a theory she’s not a real human.”

“Being poor to me? It means that someone is genuinely struggling to pay for essentials or worse.” says Lacey.

“Umm…okay.” says Casi’s mom.

“What is it you want me to say?!” asks Lacey.

“I’m poor!” says Casi’s mom.

“By that definition or another one?” asks Lacey.

“By my definition!” says Casi’s mom.

“Right. Exactly. So you’re just a smarmy time waster?” asks Lacey of Casi’s mom.

“To me being poor is having a house but not being able to afford it.” says Casi’s mom.

Lacey shrugs and shakes her head in confusion.

“You’re OBSESSED with your PSYCHOTIC delusions about Lacey.” says Lem to Casi’s mom.

“My mom really does struggle to pay for things.” says Casi.

“That’s not what you said!” says Lacey.

“MY GOD!!” says Casi in disdain.

Lacey shrugs and shakes her head in confusion.

“I lied!” says Casi.

“Okay! What do you want us to do about it?!” asks Michael.

Casi laughs and scoffs.

“You know I really do lie!” says Casi.

“Okay, but what’s the point if no one believes you? Right? And then…even if I didn’t fully believe you…which I didn’t…what are you then? It’s unclear.” says Lacey.

Casi flips out. Of course.

“She’s an idiot!” Casi’s mom says to her daughter about Lacey.

“Mom!! You’re such a fascist to these people!” jokes Casi.

“Did you teach your daughter to try to impersonate the actual elite?” asks the West Virginia man of Casi’s mom.

“No!” she says.

“Oh see… I know that’s a lie. But they don’t necessarily. It’s creepy how your daughter does that. Creepy!” says the man to Casi’s mom.

“Yeah! So…you’re poor?” asks Lacey of Casi.

“You’re obnoxious!” says Casi.

“Why do you buy so much perfume?!” asks Lacey.

“Maybe I am addicted.” says Casi to herself.

“It’s a beautiful thing to buy. But…anyway…I’m not trying to be a jerk…but you should probably have spent that money on better investments than perfume. Not cease buying perfume all together but just buy less or be more mindful of your purchases.” says Lacey.

“That’s so lordly!” says Casi.

“I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s your way of enjoying life. But…it’s sad. And it’s rude of me to suggest it but I don’t care and it’s for your own good.” says Lacey.

“That’s not true!” says Casi.

“What’s not true?” asks Lacey.

“I’m not addicted!” says Casi.

“Well…I doubt it’s addiction in the same way some things are…but…it’s just so much money. You attacked me when we first started talking on Instagram in my comment section and I believe your exact words were, ‘I’d buy that much perfume too if I had a credit card!.’ I’m not sure how you think attacking someone kind so viciously with your lies…and hate…makes sense. Or what? You’re forcing an intimacy between us? Why?! To steal my money? To kill me? To rape me? …I feel bad for you but…it was weird and random to attack me.” She thinks. “Anyway, it’s dangerous to charge perfume that way. And why? To seem rich? To seduce a rich husband? To do what? …Was I your target gone amiss and you can’t get over?!”

“Casi it is odd…” says Michael.

“You don’t feel that bad!” says Casi.

“No! I do!” says Lacey.

“Okay!” says Casi.

“I just refuse to degrade you by offering cheap, insulting pity.” says Lacey.

“I like pity!” says Casi.

“Because it gives you power? Or what?” asks Lacey.

“Yeah!” says Casi.

“Right! And I know you’re not that stupid and possibly not that good. And I don’t trust you. You do deserve empathy for your actual plight that’s real and not evil and self created. But I’m not a prey. And you know that? And it just pisses you off more because I’m untouchable? Or what?” asks Lacey. “Mr. Blue hates me for the same reason? I’m not vulnerable enough and defiling people is what he lives for?”

“Chris Hayes?” asks Casi’s mom.

More later.

“Apparently the illuminati doesn’t think that nuclear war is evil.” says Michael Rockefeller.

“They can’t be that stupid!” says Lacey.

“They’re they’re hoping you die.” says Lem to Lacey.

“How does that help them?” asks Lacey.

“Lacey, they’re idiots!” says Lem.


“I don’t understand what’s going on, obviously.” says Lacey.

“Are you terrified?” asks Michael.

“Well, obviously, shouldn’t that be obvious to every human that ever reads my blog, good grief!” says Lacey.

A moment later.

“Actually if they are determined to torture us I really hope they blow us up in four months!” says Lacey. She thinks. “But I suppose that’s too expensive in their economizing of their billions. They’d have to thoroughly blow up my entire car to smithereens and that’s just too expensive.”

“No, they’d rather have nuclear war because that’s so much smarter these days.” says Michael.

“They can’t really be that stupid. Are they?“ says Lacey.

“They’re freaking out right now. They’re listening to this conversation on your phone freaking out because they know I’m really Michael Rockefeller’s ghost.” says Michael.

“Why haven’t they just actually killed me and my family in a real way? I don’t mean to be mean or ungrateful but I don’t get it it’s not really humane or reasonable.” says Lacey.

“Oh no, and they’ve killed people many times before it’s not like you’d be unusual in that way.” says Michael.

“No, these are the sort of people who would rather end the entire Western Civilization as we know it rather than capitulate that really, they’ve been fools in attacking me in the first place.” says Lacey.

“They don’t understand that we’re real. They think we’re just ghosties from Mars.” says Lem.

“The illuminati is now messing with Lacey’s phone.” says Michael.

“They’ve been doing that for a while.” says Lacey.

“Why don’t they like you?“ asks Michael.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I really don’t know.” says Lacey.

“You’re not a conspiracy theorist. I’m Michael Rockefeller and you’re in love with me.” says Michael to Lacey.

“I can’t tell whether or not I found them or they found me or if they manifested me through the oil?“ says Lacey.

Lem laughs.

“I think they manifested you through the oil and I’ll leave it at that.” says Lem. “In all seriousness, though Lacey, I think it was a sadistic attack on your soul. Really. They won’t leave you alone and we won’t either, but that’s different.” says Lem.

“It’s just such a stupid thing to find Tommy Bank’s love child.” says Lacey. “No I’m a historical asterisk or something I’m not it’s that’s like meaningless and in terms of the world you know world stage. I was meant to be left alone clearly if I’m illegitimate or a love child or whatever you wanna call me, I was meant to be left alone.”

“Attacking Lacey was asking for some insane thing to happen. In the most colloquial artistic sense you could say that she is Pandora’s box. I hope you people still understand what that means.“ says Lem.

“Even if I’m not Tommy’s illegitimate daughter which at this point I wonder if I’m actually just his adopted daughter supernaturally it still makes no sense to attack someone whose family has as much oil as mine does. It makes absolutely no sense.“ says Lacey.

“I’m not scared. I’m not scared at all.“ says Micheal.

“Yes, but we are dead…well alive in Christ and I hope they understand what that means at this point, but we do have the added bonus of knowing what’s going on in the…as they say other side equation.” says Lem.

“It’s just such a funny way for them to out themselves. It really is…if they exist. It’s kind of an odd way for them to go you know and accidentally explain themselves to a person don’t you think?” says J. D. Rockefeller.

“Well, I’ve tried to make it funny, but in truth, the whole thing is just been completely psychotic. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone most days to be honest.“ says Lacey.

“Yeah, I’d feel the same way.” says Lem.

“No, it’s not a time for any good hearted person to die. We need more good hearted people in this world.“ says Michael.

“If Lacey should die, she’s dying on God’s terms.” says Lem. “I am Lem Billings, Bobby, if you’re reading this blog or reading her mind through psychic translators.” He pauses and something moves on its own in the kitchen. “I am not going to apologize for putting you in your place.”

“Now he’s probably going to think you are trying to have sex with him! ‘Put me in my place! Bend me over! What place do you want me to-‘“ she cuts off laughing. “I am truly shocked to think that he might not be straight because he does seem straight and I take people seriously. I am honestly almost offended that he’s lied about it if he has. And these are supposed to be liberals living in in Massachusetts.” She thinks. “I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not convinced that it’s a sane thing to be but he is supposed to think that it’s sane and then what? To be proud of it somehow? Couldn’t he use that?”

“No, you’re right it’s crazy whether he is or not. It would be crazy for him to do what he seems to be doing.” says Lem.

“I mean people might say, ‘Good grief it’s still wrong to be gay, especially if you’re a Kennedy and you’re married!’ but I think to give himself a voice of authenticity he probably needed to try to come out in some way if he is actually bisexual.“ says Lacey

“No, it’s an interesting point even if it’s evil and insane. In today’s society he almost needs to be honest about it and in that way you’re right Lacey.” says Lem’s dad.


Lacey worries about Gideon.

“I feel terrible for that little boy. But I have to trust he’s with safe angels, at least. He seems to get around.” says Lacey. “Thankfully I’m not God.”

“You’re right! But I understood what you meant earlier and so did God.” says Lem.

“I can’t figure so much of this out.” says Lacey.

“You fight brilliantly.” says Lem.

“I just don’t want to offend God.” says Lacey.

“Let’s go to bed!” says Lem to Lacey.

“If I’m with you for eternity, I hope Louis Harold and Michael are happier without me.” says Lacey.