VHS Dream

VHS Dream by Deerhunter plays.

The Airbnb in Wisconsin where Lacey is staying…is haunting.

The couple who actually own the cabin look like Lacey and Lem. Except they’re in their 60’s or 70’s and have about four kids and maybe eight grandchildren.

The man is tall and smiles like Lem. The woman has a face like Lacey’s. She looks…like Lacey. They truly bear an eerie resemblance.

Their kids even vaguely resemble Lacey’s kids. Of course.

VHS Dream plays again.

(Adult content below)

Lacey talks to Lem. She talks to his ghost. And when she does…every time…they eventually make love. And it always…always…shocks her. And she’s rarely ever even surprised. Ever.

Lacey…talks to him with the intent to love him and be…open to his possible rejection of her. Every time. And every time he…doesn’t reject her and she’s…overwrought to the point of stillness and awe.

I Will Run From You by Cemeteries plays.

There are spiders in the basement. Lacey’s ex-husband stands-up and announces that he will bring the spiders outside. …But he looks like Michael. Literally. He’s even speaking strangely…

It isn’t him.

“God can we as Christians be possessed by the ghosts?” asks Lacey. “Or how does Michael do that trick over and over again?”

Lacey almost left the cabin. She couldn’t sleep. It scared her. Last night she was awake until 3 am. …But today…is different. She prayed a lot last night into the morning hours.

And today Lacey talked to Lem’s ghost. She told him…she loved him and they made love. And…it’s changing. Is she slowly becoming overtaken? Or did that start years ago with Lem? …Poor dear…it must be in his nature to control his other half? But not…in a controlling way…more like…actual control. And if he was straight…Jack, who was raised by a darkly controlling father, controlled Lem in both a subversive and toxic way…and Lem was never able to fully be himself. Surely he may have tried to be a gay mate…and work his ways on Jack…but…if Lem was straight and Jack was at least bisexual…he ripped at Lem’s soul. And did he also rip into time and space?

Jack certainly did…if Lem was straight…and Lem is actually with Lacey.

Backspace Century by Deerhunter plays.

Because….in a morally ordered universe where Christ reigns supreme…when you do what Jack possibly did…and sodomize a man to gain the power of his head…and spirit and soul….and posses his heart too…you…lose.

Yachts (A Man Named Adam Mix) by Coco, Steel & Lovebomb plays.

“Why did…Lem…not…warn Jack?” asks a Native American woman.

“About what?!?” asks Louis.

She swallows. Grows slightly anxious. Shrugs. “I mean…that it wouldn’t work.”

“Jack was a sexual and romantic con artist…and certainly was one, if Lem was straight, to him maybe the most of all.” says Louis. “Let’s focus on that idea for a moment.”

“Yeah!” says the Native American woman.

“Lacey and Lem are actually very sweet…gentle and romantic people. Private. And…if they love each other they…find safety with each other that they don’t find elsewhere anywhere. Except with people like me, possibly. …And I’m dead…”. Louis thinks. “They aren’t actually…the sort of people who you’d expect to see pulled into a historical place of any animosity or scrutiny or…controversy necessarily at all.” He laughs. “So how did they get there?! …If Jack is the true…villain…let’s unpack that.” He laughs.

I’m yours sped up by Isabel LaRosa plays.

“Except Lacey doesn’t know…that Lem loves her.” says Louis. “And if reincarnation exists…she died for that very reason. Not because she didn’t love him but…because…the moment Lem died…she felt he was being stolen from her. So she let herself die…to find him. …And it doesn’t matter if it was Michael. She truly was the saddest widow. Metaphorically or literally. Because that’s a part of her nature whether reincarnation is real and therefore in the Bible or not. …It’s why Joe Kennedy Junior fell in love with her. He related to her heartbreak. It’s how for decades…they became entangled.”

everything i wanted by Billie Eilish plays.

“Everybody’s so creative!” says a ghost to be funny.

“Let’s talk about righteousness.” says Louis.

Lighthouse by Patrick Watson plays.

“So…Lem…has to guide Lacey. Because…she gets lost otherwise.” says Louis. “She doesn’t doubt God’s light…but she has been let down by so many false people. And she’s not one to think highly of herself…at all.” He thinks. “It’s just…depressing. But…anyway…back to Jack.”

“So she doesn’t believe men love her now or ever?” asks Zelda. “Reincarnation is fascinating. Even if it’s false. Purely as a literary device.”

“Why the Hell didn’t we take Woody Allen’s nod to Lem Billings…as accidental if it was as it may have been…as more of a poetic warning? Lacey…you fit creepily like Bible Prophecy into that trajectory.” says a man in the Illuminati. He laughs. “And none of it is manufactured. It just all became what it is.”

A group of Native American women and Louis look over and into a deep well. They peer down the well with a mixture of curiosity, insight, disdain and…sadness.

Greta Garbo smirks. “Maybe you should just leave him be?”

“Jack?!?” yells one Native woman down the well.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Paul Anka plays.

“Hello?!?” Louis yells down the well.

Jack refuses to answer. As always?

“Jack why?!” Lacey asks and then asks for God’s protection as she asks that.

“What did JFK do?” asks Louis. He scoffs.

I’ll explain. But I had to step outside to say it.

He…is one of the most mysterious characters in all of American history. He was first painted at a hero. Then a slain hero. …Until in recent decades when he’s been depicted as a hedonistic predator.

…Among his victims is supposedly Marilyn Monroe. However, unlike Lacey…Marilyn was loved. Badly, rarely…and she was also abused…but…she was actually loved on occasion. She was also able to create her art with some recognition and sense of accomplishment and acknowledged value to society. …Lacey is far more like Zelda…in that way. Obviously. But Zelda as an impeccably good mother with no Scott…fraudulently loving parents and hateful, thoughtless people everywhere who want to kill her for being too good. …Yes. It is that bad.

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush plays.

These people, Lem and Lacey, are the hardworking neighbors you had in the past who…you knew could handle absolute madness. In America. When America was still what it could have been…and what it should still be!

Yes…they’re good-looking and unusually intelligent and…kind…and well-bred. But…they’re…quiet, private people. They’re deep.

And…they knew it was weird from the beginning but…they were being…American.

And Jack…pulled Lem into his cloistered, closeted, dark life.

And if Lem was straight he was…lobotomized slowly…through his core. To be useful to the Kennedys and Jack in particular. Useful in every way he could be convinced to be useful. Thankfully, he never was seemingly convinced to molest anyone or engage in pedophilia.

American Daughter by Beach House plays.

But his life was ruined. He became a used man.

And…so we have three victims…Marilyn, Lacey, Lem…and yet what about Jackie? Did we kill JFK on behalf of Jackie? …There may have been many reasons…but perhaps seeing her suffering and anguish and suspiciously lost pregnancies was…increasingly intolerable. Jack…was…a terrible man. There were possibly dozens of other women who were severely psychologically damaged by him. And we possibly knew about quite a few of them. Maybe one or two of them were even teenagers…who killed themselves after he viciously had his way with them.

“I didn’t bring him teenagers.” says Lem appalled by himself for all of it anyway. “Maybe a 17 or 18 year old lied about their age. But…I never intentionally in any way…brought him teenagers.” He thinks. “Or children. Obviously not children.”

“Jack was…a dangerous…conniving…glib…smooth…extremely wealthy…villain.” says Louis laughing. “He was a real evil villain…it seems. Right? Fascinating stuff.”

“Umm…so…if that’s actually true…why do we care so dang much that he was shot?!?” asks a Mexican immigrant.

“Because…we had to maintain America.” says Louis. “And…yet…that was when America ceased to be itself. …Keep America clean? …It ceased to be…easily cleanable.” says Louis. “It was like whack-a-mole after him. …And we thought he was a root. He wasn’t…”

“What was the root?!” asks a white supremacist.

“I’ll explain after dinner.” says Louis. “Excuse me.”

After dinner.

“I love Lacey.” says Louis wistfully.

A Native American woman cries out of empathy for Louis.

“You’re going to be happier without her…or you know…it’s not over.” says the Native American woman to Louis. “Maybe not right now. But eventually. Truly! You were a good man!”

Should’ve Been Me by Mitski plays.

“So…why?” asks a Millennial woman of Louis.

“You know…you, Harold, and Lem-“ a Native American cracks-up laughing. “Y’all look a lot alike.”

“That’s not a coincidence.” says Michael.

“Because…we are a democracy without a king.” says Louis.

“I wanted to be a king.” says Joe Kennedy Junior.

“And without a permanent church.” says Lacey.

A Millennial woman laughs. “Why does…that…fix stuff?”

“Because…it’s a way of setting a course. Safely. If the monarchy is any good at its job.” says Louis. “Otherwise the power structure becomes too…dispersed. Or too reliant on the courts. But a Supreme Court isn’t a good queen. …Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher without Queen Elizabeth II?”

Almost hyperventilating. “Okay, so…Lacey is like…kind of a terrible person to attack then…if she’s Lacey Banks.” says a Millennial.

And at that Lacey struggles to get her breath.

“I’ve been helping her breath lately when she gets too spiritually attacked.” says Lem.

“So you both…struggled to breath?” asks a Millennial man.

I Bet on Losing Dogs by Mitski plays.

“Yes! Both of us!” says Lem.

“And her lungs have either been under attack since she was in the womb?” asks a Gen. Z woman wistfully. “Or maybe she lost her sister that way…”. She thinks. “I bet her parents who raised her have perfect lungs.”

“Yes! Covid. No problems. In their 70’s.” says a Native American woman.

“You might not have inherited their resistance to Covid.” says a perfume hater to Lacey.

No Time To Die by Billie Eilish plays.

“We could be royalty too.” says Michael Rockefeller. “I’m tired of hearing that the Kennedys are the royalty. We could have been too. And I have Lacey. The Kennedys don’t. …Only the Loebs, the Guggenheims, the Hills and Lem…can object. Possibly a few others…but not many.”

“Who does Lem represent?” asks a king.

Ron Craft laughs.

“Not Norway.” says his mother, jokingly.

“Umm…so did we just…why? Jack. Why?!?” asks a Billie.

A Muslim man quickly covers his mouth. Laughs sadly. “So…Jack was an Anglophile. Huh. And they were…Irish. And he was…an incestuous…predator.” he drops the mic.

“And…Trump…and Biden…are probably impossible to kill.” says a Millennial who’s exhausted. …Totally exhausted.

“Joe…you…ruined your entire country…by falling in love with Pat Wilson.” says the Muslim man. “And she was married too.”

“Lacey’s happier with Lem.” says Joe Jr. smiling thoughtfully.

“You really…loved Lacey.” says the Muslim man.

“I did. …But…love is…a simple equation.” says Joe. “And yet…it also…isn’t.”

“You love Pat more?” asks Lacey.

“Yes. Possibly?” says Joe.

“And yet you loved me more?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” says Joe.

“But ultimately you love Pat more?” asks Lacey.

“Pat understands me.” says Joe.

“So that’s a yes?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!” says Joe.

“Oh dear. That’s a mess. I’m sorry.” says Lacey.

Joe laughs.

“So…Lem represents Great Britain?” asks a Gen. Z woman.

“Yes!” says Queen Elizabeth II.

“Okay…so…Pat took on Joe and Lem…destroyed them all.” says the Muslim man. “Albeit with Satan and their willingness to go along with him, but still.”

“Umm…so Michael is our…actual royalty?” asks a Millennial. “Or are we missing royalty right now?”

“Yeah! …And honestly…I’m not sure it’s fair to blame Lem. Like…he used his cock and his soulmate…to destroy the US for the British Crown?!? …I can see it.” a Millennial guy jokes. “But ahh…let’s be fair to Lem.”

“Sean? Is that you?!” ask Lacey.

“Yes!” says Sean. “I’m not dead…in 2023…but I had to chime in.”

“I’m amazed you all can do that.” says Lacey.

“Sean. G. How are you talking to us?!?” asks a Bill Gates.

“Through God.” says Sean.

“Sean…am I supposed to ask you about Lem?” asks Lacey.

“Yup!” he says smiling.

Sean is a former friend of Lacey’s. Maybe he actually cared about her slightly? In 2023 they had ceased their friendship seemingly…

“Is he in love with me?” asks Lacey.

“Yes!!” says Sean.

“Like really in love?” asks Lacey.

“Yes! Although…I like Michael.” says Sean. “Lem…is actually really cool. I just…Michael is…amazing. Lem is too! But Michael is…well…you get it.” 

“Sean…are you Irish?” asks a Catholic.

“Yup!” says Sean.

“That’s comforting.” says the Catholic.

“But Lem is the one for me…isn’t he?” asks Lacey.

“Yes.” he says grimly, but blissfully…

Grimly but blissfully.

“And everyone benefits.” says Lacey.

“Yes!” says Sean.

More later.

“Was he gay, Sean?” asks Lacey.


Lacey almost calls her ex-husband Mike. And it’s funny because…he really looked like him while she said it.

“Okay…let’s be honest…your life is terrifying right now.” laughs Sean. “I’m glad you believe so assuredly in God.” He thinks. “You’re not going to like my answer either way. …That being said…he wasn’t.”

“Was he bisexual?” asks Lacey.

“Let’s see… No.” he says.

“No…as in….no.” says Lacey.

“Yes.” he says. “Or I could say affirmative. As in, your no was correct.”

“So he was straight?” asks Lacey.

“Yes.” says Sean.

More later.