Women are often such fools. So are men.

“Men don’t love oral sex.” says Biggie. “Nah.”

“Why do they say that they do? Why do their Uncle Tom whores lie for them?” asks Lacey.

“To cover-up for egotistical lesbians who like to pretend that they’re innately better at sex with women compared to men.” says Michael Rockefeller, postulating.

“Teeth and tongues aren’t really that pleasurable. Stop lying.” says Lacey.


“Why don’t you get it? Modern heterosexual sex is often just sodomy.“ says Lacey.


“How is it sodomy?” asks Lem of Lacey.

“Because there’s no love. It’s humiliation of women.” says Lacey. “And they pretend it’s so-called hot to keep up the lie.”

“That’s true. How did you notice that?” Michael asks Lacey.

“No, she’s right. Oral isn’t that great.” says a Bill Cosby.

“Is that why you drugged women in part?” Lacey asks a Bill Cosby.

“Possibly.” he says.

“No, that’s interesting. I mean, don’t buy that too quick and sell yourself out. Obviously.” says Lacey to a Bill Cosby.


“How did I figure out this seemingly objective and accurate information?” asks Lacey of Michael. “See that’s the problem.” She thinks. “Y’all niggers be bullshitting me.” She tries to let them go, but they demand she humiliate herself. “Y’all know I’m after love. True romantic love. But y’all have ruined it with your class-war mentality.” She thinks. “Americans ruined sex.”


“There are many criminals, Eminem.” says Lacey.

Criminal by Eminem plays.

“What’s the war?” asks Eminem.

“That’s stupid. Don’t play dumb with me.” says Lacey to Eminem.

He laughs.

“It’s money.” says Eminem.

“Yes. Of course it is. That’s already been indicated.” says Lacey to Eminem. “It’s about money.”

“No. American values are centered around violent sex wars between adults.” says Michael Rockefeller. “America has ruined romantic love.”

Honey Bun by Larry Donn plays.

“So where’s romantic love in 2023 in America?” asks Lacey of Michael.

“Pedophilia is derangement.” says a Nicole Kidman. “That’s all it is. It’s evil, gross and stupid. It’s deranged.”

“True.” says Lacey.

“It’s a way to be a psychopath, and for some of us it’s easier to fool ourselves than others that it’s real romantic love or sex.” says a billionaire pedophile in the Illuminati.

“I do love Lacey.” says Michael.

“I did too.” says Elliott Roosevelt.

“And I’ve loved them too.” says Lacey. “But it’s hellish being with more than one man when you really are healthy and moral and in love.”

“Why?” asks a child sex slave in the Illuminati of Lacey.

Speaking as a sexual anthropologist, “It’s just the way God made it.” The They in the Illuminati freak out and decide to attack her yet again by suggesting she’s a pedophile for saying what she just did somehow to the child the They hold hostage. She says yet again that she’s not a pedophile because she’s not.

A Mercy of Peace a Russian Orthodox Chant plays.

When that song ends Miserere Mei Deus (Psalm 51) by Gregorio Allegri.

“The thing is…pedophilia is one of the most evil forms of derangement possible.” says Lacey. “But whether they could have prevent its spread or not the heterosexuals did nothing much. In the Boomer’s generation at least.” Lacey thinks. “Actually it might be the most evil form of derangement possible.”

Miserere Mei Deus (Psalm 51) plays on.

“You are all violent whores today thanks to the heterogeneous spread of American culture when we either accidentally or perversely took over the world in the 20th Century.” says Lacey. She thinks. “And of course you all have that perverse view of romantic love depending on how much you assimilated to American culture.”

Miserere Mei Deus (Psalm 51) plays on.

“So essentially if you’re in Malaysia but you assimilated to American Culture you might be very bourgeois-American or just bourgeois in your sexual values.” says Michael Rockefeller.

“Just as American in your sexual values as any native citizen to the US.” says Lacey.


“The thing is…it’s vile.” says Lacey.

“You’re vile!!!” yells Jevin Spacey at that dang American-Sex crowd. “You think I’m vile. I am. But…so are you guys.” He thinks. “What do you think American Beauty is about?”

“True. But pedophilia is still worse.” says Lacey to Jevin Spacey.

“How do you know that?!” asks desperate whores in the American-Sex crowd. “You must have tried it!”

“Oh wow. You are pathetic. Get an intellectual grip.” responds Lacey. “First, I’m a healthy non-pedophilic, cis, heterosexual woman. Secondly, I am a romantic. Thirdly, I’m not fully assimilated into American culture at all. Fourthly, I was molested.” She thinks they might still be confused. “I’ve never tried pedophilia. That’s a deranged accusation. Think about it.” She thinks. “I’m not a pedophile.”

“You are one!!! You have to be!!!” says a Chris to Lacey. He’s a Chris in the Illuminati, falling apart. The man who said this is named Chris and he’s in the Illuminati.

“But you’re so childish in your view of everything.” says a American-Sex member accusingly at Lacey.

“No. I’m brilliant.” she says. “And you’re a literal fucking idiot compared to me. I’m not childish. I just am humanly capable and elite enough to enjoy actual real romantic love in the US. And as a functional adult who isn’t pedophilic I don’t make the same mistakes you make. I’m a better human than you.”

They vomit.

Say It Right by Nelly Furtado plays. A witch in the Illuminati sings it jokingly to the Kennedy men.

“They gonna liberate you, byotch!” says Lacey to the witch jokingly.

“See…as an actual individual. I rule over you.” says Mr. Blue to Lacey in 2016.

“Oh…you’re an intellectual?” she asks.

“No!! I’m human and you’re a sheeple.” he says coldly but in a self-perceived attempted kindness in response to Lacey in 2016.

And in 2023 come to find out that it’s…ahh…well…he’s a fake intellectual? He’s a fake overlord. He’s propped up by the massive corruption at the core of America. His entire being is owned. Other than his will to choose between Heaven and Hell hopefully. …But he’s far too vain, ignorant, objectively poor, and genuinely stupid to grasp that concept. He’s a slave who’s been fooled into believing he’s free. And the people who prop him up are either corrupt too or intellectually worth shit.

“You’re saying sci-fi bullshit lines to me in 2016 and expecting me to buy them.” says Lacey to Mr. Blue. “And my family is elite. They’re dying off, and oil is quite scarce but questionable…but…in the real world we owned you. We still do, you craphole.”


“Quit shitting me. Where are the aliens you con artist assholes!?” says Lacey. A ghost and a invisible alien flirt with her in her own house in a damn forest to stay out of the way of fools who’ve been trippin for decades.

“We hooked you up, Michael.” the Illuminati says to Lacey and Michael Rockefeller.

“Mike…we taking away property rights, ruining your reputation, ruining your career, ruining your ass, ruining your land, destroying property rights, destroying the electoral college, destroying Congress, destroying gun rights, and destroying the economy in the US!” say the They in the Illuminati. But these They are Republicans. They wear cowboy boots and shake their asses in tight cowboy clothes. They go to strip clubs to get “sexy time” and be zippy-dippers. They shake their asses to get money, bitch. And when it comes to their brains..they gotta rely on God. …So in 2023 they offer Jesus their genitalia.

“You’re too elite to offer Jesus your penis?” Jack asks Mr. Blue.

You Can Do It by Ice Cube sing Negro slaves to the They.

“It’s too simple. You just don’t. You were wrong about the attack. You either should have dropped me quick or if this was a secret attempt at a sacrifice on the part of the Illuminati then it was dumb to begin with. Bushes aren’t Nesheims. Billions on ground owned privately isn’t a joke you fool.” says Lacey. “Being Tommy Banks isn’t a joke either.” She thinks. “Would you rather I be Tommy Bank’s daughter or not? I’m honestly not sure if I am or not. But I’ll know someday. And so that’s good… What would you prefer?” Lacey asks Mr. Blue.

“Why didn’t you just play Hello by Ice Cube and act like a rebellious Irishman?” asks a rapper of Mr. Blue about what happened in 2016. “See…you ain’t her. Fine. But you are Irish? You are what? What are you?”

“You all played it like I was nothing.” says Lacey to the Illuminati. “And you’ve played it that way my whole life.” She thinks. “And bitches I’ve listened to your story about me…and it’s…not holding water.”

“We can’t be obsessed with making you a nobody?” asks Mr. Blue trying to patronize her?

“So…the thing is…if Mr. Blue believes it…then the whole Illuminati has to agree with him for it to manifest. So since he’s in…they all have to back him up. Or what? Shit happens. Theoretically. Like…pandemics.” says Lacey. “They use their faith in the supernatural to make a difference in the world. For good or evil.” She gets angry. “But the reason we’ve had pandemics is because they didn’t back up us.” says Louis. “I’m me. You aren’t me. None of you are. You can’t be another human being.”

Le Sacre du Printemps plays and the narcissistic American-Sex crowd, the They and others wait to find out what will happen next.

“You can’t make me feel sorry for you.” Lacey says to the Illuminati. “I have empathy for a lot of people and but I can’t save you from you wholeheartedly choosing to reject God.”


As the violent peasants attack the honorable dead and imprisoned aristocrats, Igor Stravinsky’s Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) plays.

The Illuminati has psychically contacted a little girl being molested by an ugly pedophilic woman who’s one of those “boss babe” types. The vile piece-of-shit so-called feminist is a billionaire or a millionaire or something. And the little girl is either adopted or “found,” so to speak. As the Illuminati-hostage Lacey guards the little girl’s soul…the They go about their day doing things they want. Because two innocent women separated by evil, one a genuine mother type and the other a little girl…are not in the wrong. Not in a moral universe.

Lacey shouldn’t be violently harassed by these peasants who are holding her daughter hostage and molesting her.

“You’re all spiritually, morally, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, physically bankrupt.” says Lacey to the Illuminati. “You want to be hotshot aristocrat?” *she cackles*

“The Kardashians need to get wise.“ says Tommy Banks. “I can move around freely.”

Le sacre du printemps is a fascinating song.

And still, given their rotting souls headed possibly to Hell along with their potentially fake Pope…they strive to destroy Lacey. Because Mr. Blue is Irish. Because the Kennedy’s are Irish.

“I don’t hate the Irish.” says Lacey.

“I knew making her talk to that little girl would finally break her!!!” says a woman in the Illuminati named Erin. “Yes, I was so upset that she found the actual Illuminati by accident that I decided to inculcate her into it to drive her insane and torture and kill her. Me and my friends know that. We’re-“ She shrugs.

“What? You’re elite or you’re held hostage by George Soros who is hateful to Lacey’s family because they make him feel insecure and he’s a very dangerously petty man?” asks Lem.

“Are the Rothschilds threatened by you as well?” asks Harold Loeb of Lacey.

Literal guns with literal bullets go off.

“Where are they?” asks a reader.

“You’re not that well off?” says a whining The Loudest Perfume Hater.

“Lem, if you can see your daughter just go kill her in her sleep if you can.” suggests a George Soros.

“You know, he may be able to.” says Lacey.

“I might too.” says Louis.

“If that’s what’s best for her. I don’t want to steal her life from her.” says Lacey with concern. “But no, what a mess.”

“We’re provoking that little girl’s mother to molest her.” says a group of violent psychopaths in the Illuminati.

“I’m Erin!!” says an Erin.

“Am I broken yet?” asks Lacey of Erin, sarcastically, mockingly in fact.

“We control soo much more than you comprehend.” Louis explains to the vicious billionaire peasants.


“I can’t think that smart.” says Erin, whining.

“Do you want me to use the Illuminati to blow my family up literally?” Lacey asks Erin.

“Are my teeth and other features that ugly compared to Lacey’s? Seriously.” says Erin, faking something.

“You look like a peasant Irish whore. Not a cute French ingenue.” says Louis to Erin.

“He’s coming on to you.” says Wobbly seriously trying to advise Erin about Louis’ so-called true intentions.

“What’s it mean to break Lacey!?!” yells Michael Kennedy at the Illuminati.

“That’s not my brother!” says Wobbly with authority.

“To get her to do whatever we want.” says the CIA.

“Bullshit!!!” yells Michael L. Kennedy at Erin.

“Is this the year I finally overdose on heroin?” an Erin in the Illuminati asks Lacey.

“Possibly?” says Lacey, wondering. “The years of the threes are deadly apparently?”

“You’re ugly as heck!” the child sex slave prostitutes yell at Lacey on Erin’s behalf.

“I put them in charge. I needed help. I didn’t want to kill myself. And so I decided to fight back.” Erin sounds like she’d like to bring a lawsuit against the Illuminati and the Rockefeller’s.

“Erin’s contacts encourage the child sex slaves to kill Lacey?” asks a dead author. “They get rewards for trying to kill Lacey.”

“Except I don’t think Lacey was ever threatening your life.” says Michael L. Kennedy to Erin.

“How did I piss off Michael Kennedy?” Erin asks, stupidly.

“Erin. It’s clear.” says a hateful actor in the They.

“Answer his first question, Erin.” the CIA instructs her.

“Erin, what is breaking Lacey?” asks an English witch.

“I copy her. But I can’t uncopy her.” she says.

The witches try to literally move Lacey out of her body in a desperate attempt to help Erin rid Lacey of the fake-righteous-elite-persona she believes Lacey has.

“I wasn’t coming on to you!” Louis says to Erin.

“Erin, what happens if Lacey isn’t faking her aristocratic demeanor and it’s just her actual soul?” asks a Guerlain.

“Which Guerlain? Mitsouko?” Lacey asks a Guerlain. “Which insecure kike in your bullshit family was interested in sacrificing me to feel less insecure? I’m sorry I challenged your intellectual idiocy with Instagram and made you realize that I own your sorry asses?” says Lacey, curiously to Guerlain. “Is that what happened. You dared to be brazen heathens and sacrifice me instead of small profit margin?”

“Answer her you fools!!!” Michael Rockefeller rips into Guerlain, yelling.

“No!!!!” yells a Guerlain at Michael to deny his accusations.

“Erin, you always refuse to explain.” says Michael Kennedy like it’s an annoyance.

“I attacked Lacey with the Illuminati because I felt like I’d joined the most elite secret sorority imaginable…for petty reasons. I was jealous of her innate superiority. And I thought Mr. Blue might love her in a way I couldn’t access in him. But as a genetic Irishwoman you’re reading this blog. So you’re welcome.” says Erin. “We do tend to violently liberate things.”

“Your words? It sounds like Lacey’s words?” asks Harold Loeb.

“It is her words. But I’m not that smart or I refuse to be!!” says Erin.

“She still has to help you speak, Erin.” says Louis.

“Yeah.” Erin says.b

“You’re not Lacey Banks.” Harold Loeb says to Erin, Mr. Blue, and Mrs. Blue.


Just A Lil Bit II

Joe Jr. makes Lacey explain to Saoirse the work of Tommy Banks. The most violent parts. And Lacey uses it to help her develop self-defense skills, hopefully that she can use in Purgatory.

It’s funny how it’s not just our perspective that matters. And it’s true that it’s God’s perspective that matters most and ultimately.

“I know Tommy and Tony personally.” says Mr. Blue.

“I bet when Saoirse manifested in your house to explain her rape story to you while you were listening to BaDinga that you got something sexual out of it. Because no normal humans who aren’t pedophilic and narcissistic exist. And if they do I can’t stand it!” says an Illuminati They to Lacey.

“Someone suggested that BaDinga was almost literally what she was being forced to listen to when she was raped by that woman.” says Lacey. “Saoirse manifested while I was trying to write this post. And because I’m not a pedophile and it’s her story I went with it. I was trying to help her use the money in the music to kill her rapist if necessary with sharp objects in the room.”

“It wasn’t sexual to Lacey at all.” says Lacey. “Quit suggesting that there’s something in Lacey’s missing thoughts or words that’s pedophilic in a sexual way.” says Louis. “Lacey was also trying to make sure, since Saoirse imposed herself on Lacey, that she wasn’t being sexually assaulted by Saoirse.”

“Are you a nigga from the ol’ school?” a rapper asks J. P. Kennedy sarcastically. As in, did he hire his great granddaughter to try rape Lacey. “That’s the thing. You don’t hire your politicized-sexual-assault great granddaughter to rape someone.” *people snicker* “That’s perverse, on your part Joe. …Joe…it’s not suddenly normal or okay to molest people if you keep it in the family.” The rapper thinks. “Not even if you keep it in the family.” The rapper thinks. “Not even if the family is really rich.”

It’s a shocking concept apparently?

“So Lem resisted and refused to do anything but get raped because he was normal person who just thought he was gay.” says a hater. I

“Seemingly.” says Lacey.

“She’s still weak, lowly and ugly!!!” says Joe Jr. seriously about Lacey. “I just love feeling superior to her. Sorry.” he shrugs.

“Really?! Really?! Really??” Lacey asks him sarcastically, in annoyance.

“I’m like the American version of Prince Philip.” Joe Jr. says.

Joe Jr. gets narcissistically enraged and orders for Lacey to be shot up with heroin in the afterlife using the power allowed him by the They in the Illuminati. She can feel the needle in her side.

She spiritually resists using the power of Christ.

“It’s just a medical tranquilizer.” says Joe Jr. to Lacey. He tries to make it seem believable. He insists she won’t resist him.

“No. No.” she says, shaking her head back and forth in calm Christian defiance.

Red Fay tries to seem impressed. “He did!! He really did!” he says.

“Right Thurr” by Chingy plays for the Kennedy kids. Joe Sr. and Rose are weirdly still there.

“Why are you hurrr?!” Lacey asks Joe Sr..


“How did the Illuminati convince the Millennial They to become pedophiles?!” asks Lacey.

“The thing is Lem, unless you were trying to murder those kids with heroin in self-defense or for the greater good…it does look suspicious that you got involved with the Kennedy’s and never left.” Scott says to him.

“They’re trying to kill you!!! Be dead! Now! In the name of Jesus!!” says a billionaire pedophile who can’t figure out why Lacey isn’t dead or genuinely scared of them yet. “I used the authority of God. Doesn’t he allow for that possibility in the Bible?”

“I know!! I know you’re trying to kill her!” says Putin.

“She’s his prodigy.” says a Millennial whore who works for the They.

“He’s kind!” says another Millennial whore who works for the They.

“He’s kind! says yet another Millennial whore who works for the They.

“He’s mine!” says still another Millennial whore who works for the They.

“He’s gullible!” says another Millennial whore who works for the They.

“He’s ugly!!” says another Millennial whore who works for the They.

“I just can’t be bothered to give up pedophilia!” says a billionaire. “I’d rather God come down and throw me into Hell.”

“Who in Hell taught you to be so psychotically defiant?!?!” a man in the Illuminati yells at him.

“He’s probably a psychopath.” another Illuminati member says about him.

“But is he a part of the They or is he our weak link?” asks Lacey.

“Please just give in!” he begs with Lacey.

“I can’t. But why would I?!??” asks Lacey rationally aghast.

The Illuminati considers.

“Let’s just blow-up the whole state of Minnesota or throw Lacey in prison. Why can’t we find some way to make her a pedophile or kill her in a hospital?!” asks a bourgeois hater. He sounds delusional. Totally sure he’s a true Christian and that according to the US Episcopalian Church Lacey is a homophobic bigot who needs to be killed. “She’s destroy gay marriage!! Think of all those homosexual marriages and the kids those marriages produced.” He’s a wealthy man, by golly. He’s worth around $10 million these days. “Net!! Okay!!” he says in a voice that sounds pedophilic.

“So we’ve been soo mean that we have to give up Kem? I mean…doesn’t that sound pretty?” he smiles. He draws a heart in the air with his hands. “Kem.”

“Why haven’t you guys let her date Louis?” asks a witch of the They.

“She’s a bitch!” the gay man in the Episcopalian Church says.

“Mmhmm!” a woman in his church backs him up sounding frighteningly sincere in her self/righteousness.

“Why can’t you compromise and let her have anyone in her life who loves her romantically?!” asks Elliott Roosevelt.

“Don’t you guys realize that Lem was molested by an Episcopalian priest?!??” Lacey asks of them calmly but emphatically.

“No! She can’t be that calm but empathetic!” lies the first Episcopalian who sounds pedophilic and is worth $10 million. “Why aren’t you intimidated by my money?!” he pretends topatronizingly shriek at Lacey.

“Because she’s a maverick!” says a political figure in the They.

“Putin isn’t her first boyfriend.” says the pedophile in the Illuminati supposedly worth $10 in the Episcopalian Church.

“You’re a pedophile!!! You’re a pedophile!!!” the They say shaking in horror.

“We should tell you to shake your asses harder!!!” yells the $20 million Episcopalian in the Illuminati. He’s yelling at the so-called sheeple.

“I cannot believe how stupid you all are!!” Lacey says, speechless to the They in the Illuminati.

“Hey!! Hey!!” say the child sex slaves who do the psychic work for the They. “They’re trying to figure out what to do.”

“Why are you insulting Putin accidentally by calling him anyone’s boyfriend?” Lacey asks the They.

“He doesn’t care. He’s on our side!! He’s one of us!! Not you! And let me tell you…he’s got lots of women. And…and…it doesn’t even matter if I insult him.” the pedophilic Episcopalian $10 millionaire in the Illuminati says shrugging.

“Why doesn’t it matter?” the man asks as if he’s in an action movie. He has to resort to that to to speak in sentences. Otherwise he feels entitled with his $20 million ($10 million) to just shrug.


“Should I just go shoot myself?!” asks the $20 millionaire (?) in a self-righteous fit.

“No! Yes! Do you have a functioning brain?!” she asks him.

“Putin isn’t powerful enough! Russia is bankrupt! They’re all retarted too!! And if anyone believes her instead of me…I’m just going to blame her. Right? Right?” He sighs. “I love her typos!! They make me laugh. Lacey is such a child! Not like you, Mr. Blue. She just needs to write. I guess? Right? How stupid!!”

“I’m not a child?” Mr. Blue asks him.

“No. She’s in love with me!” says Joe Jr..

Mr. Blue wonders how Joe being in love with Lacey is connected to him being childish. At least in such a direct way.

They try choking her again with her tea. As per usual.

“I have oil!! And I’m not white! So that’s my win!!!” yells an Arab man en league with the They.

“You people killed me!!” Joe shrieks at the They.

“While you were alive how did the They kill you?” Lacey asks Joe Jr..

“She probably loves Joe. If she doesn’t the new money, evil, middle-class, lower class and noir are going to feel hurt.” the They all fervently worry.

“Noir? You mean bourgeois.” says Lacey.

“Fine! Bourgeois.” admits a black woman in the They.

“We’re getting tired!!” shriek the overtaxed demons of lies that the They use.

“The banking system is a fascinating thing.” starts Michael.

“We fill in for the demons of lying.” say the demons of stupidity to the They. Sometimes the demons of greed fill in but then the demons of fear get overtaxed nowadays.

“Hey. Life is precious. God gave it to us. But you guys are making it more fun to be in Purgatory.” Betty White says. “Or Hell? It isn’t Heaven according to the impression they’ve given her of us dead people.”

“Joe I think it’s over!” the Episcopalian worth $20 million says to Joe Kennedy Jr..

“Why can’t Kem be? Why can’t Lem be gay?!!” yell a group of gay men shaking their asses.

Bittersweet Symphony plays. Joe sings it well.

“I own you!!” he says to the They. He scoffs.

“I lie to the witches and tell them they control themselves.” says a huge, powerful and well-connected demon.

“Then we’ll kill her so you can have your way with her.” says the They to Joe.

“How does Joe own us?” an Erin asks Lacey.

“Oh! That is intriguing.” says Lacey.

The They almost manage to give a child sex slave psychic a chance to eat. But they likely shouldn’t have been born.

“Should I just ask Putin to start an atomic war or can some of you go commit suicide so that kid can eat?!” Lacey asks the They.

“Come on guys, this is sad. Can’t you find it in your minds to just go hit your heads against walls?” or something Putin asks the They calmly.

A probable American whore in the Illuminati tries to seduce Putin.

“You’re not powerful! You’re schizophrenic!” the They in Illuminati yell at Lacey.

Lacey worries she’s getting arrogant or vain in the eyes of God.

“Erin why can’t she couldn’t you allow for the possibility that I’m capable of talking to dead Kennedy’s? And that Joe Jr. might be in love with me or at least in lust?” asks Lacey.

“Because you’re from Minnesota.” says Erin.

“I’m from Minnesconsin?” asks Lacey.

“Yes! You eat Wisconsin cheese! I eat cheese from some elite deli in Manhattan!” Erin finally explains.

“Actually the places I go to have French cheese. They have some of the best cheeses.” says Lacey. “But yes, I also eat Wisconsin cheese.”


“Why don’t you know the deli selection of the places I go to?” Lacey asks her.

“I’ve never been to those places.” says Erin.

“Why not?!” asks Lacey angrily.

“Because! I’m not as snobby as you!” Erin says.

“I’m not actually snobby. I was just raised in a higher class than you.” says Lacey to Erin.

“Okay!!” she says.

“I think you’re making all of New York a gated community, Erin. And that’s vile.” says Lacey. “As in, the whole city is rich.”

“You think I’m making everyone who lives their rich. But not like…culturally rich. Socio-economically rich.” says Lacey.

“If Lacey gets killed by us, I’ll start a war.” says Putin.

“You can’t demand that all of New York City become old-money Upper-Class.” says Lacey.

“Why not?!” asks a Woody Allen seriously of Lacey.

“Because the poor live there and have for many years. But that’s just to start with.” says Lacey.

Erin looks offended.

“You don’t seem to understand New York?” Lacey responds.

“Oh info!” Erin says.

“About what?” asks Lacey.

They think.

“Erin are you still in love with Mr. Blue? And you think Lacey ruined it? Your big chance in every way.” says the They.

Someone Like You by Adele plays.

“I bet.” says Lacey. “Why can’t she still work that out with him?”

“Because I’m too elite!” she says in a green ugly Asos coat, heavy make-up, ugly black choker around her neck.


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas as performed by Bing Crosby plays. Why? Because Erin didn’t want to talk about New York.

“Let’s talk about Manhattan, Woody Allen.” Michael demands.

But instead of talking about “Manhattan” Woody Allen let’s perverts hijack the conversation. He lets perverts…hijack the conversation. Because Erin is “hurt” that she isn’t elite? Or what?

“Marion Barfs” from Requiem For A Dream plays.

“Why don’t you go to the wealthy grocery stores in the Twin Cities?” Lacey asks Erin.


“Erin, you want to die? Where will you go? Will you be in New York post atomic fallout alone for eternity?” asks Lacey. “Or Hell?”

“She’s Erin Sh-“ starts a Liberal intelligence trying to trip Lacey up.

“Violent by Carolesdaughter plays because Erin Shat-Hughes demands it. Erin Shit-Hughes demands we all find her fascinating. She’s a diva. She’s a star. She’s a comedy genius. She’s the one writing this blog. She’s our hero. She the hottest woman alive. She’s God. She’s Satan. She’s a heroin addict. She’s an obnoxious poser.” says Erin Shat-Hughes. “That’s not what I said!!” She gets angry.

“Okay. Then let’s start again.” says Lacey.

“I’m Erin.” she says with supreme social class authority.

“You don’t shop at the nicer grocery stores in the Twin Cities? Why?” asks Lacey.

“Because she feels uncomfortable in them.” says Mr. Blue. “For reasons of social class.”

“Because you’re famous?” asks Lacey and Minnesotans are always asking for your autograph. “You thought I was stalker didn’t you? You’re that illogical?” Lacey thinks. “You originally thought I was an insane fan who invented a whole identity that’s real to stalk you?”

Erin stares.

“Why don’t you shop at the nicer grocery stores?” Lacey asks Erin.

“I just don’t like the people.” she says trying to impersonate Lacey

“They make you feel insecure and like a failure?” asks Lacey. “I feel uncomfortable in the cheaper grocery stores in Minnesota for the same reason.” says Lacey.

“Why?” she asks.

“Because people they tend to stare. And it just makes me feel creepy.” says Lacey.

“Young” by Vacations plays.

“Of course you’ll probably try to kill me in a grocery store now. Right?” asks Lacey sarcastically.

“There’s got to be a better way to kill the true plebs.” says a perfume hater to Putin. “Nuclear fallout is so ugly.”

“It is. He’s on it.” says Lacey to the perfume hater.

“I’m hilarious!” says Michael, jokingly.

Rises The Moon by Liana Flores plays.

“Erin, what is your problem? Let’s hear your life story.” says Lacey.

“I hate your bullying of me.” she says to Lacey.

Warrior by AURORA plays.

“You were the one who inculcated me into the Illuminati against my will. If it was a plot to sacrifice my family or if it was what? Petty jealousy. Then what?” asks Lacey.

“What was I jealous about?” asks Erin.

“Shouldn’t it be obvious?” Lacey asks her. “This is boring. You’re not boring, but I worry that that’s because you’re not mentally well, you’re deranged or what? There’s a lie.”

“I’m poor.” she says.

“That’s not likely. You’re in the Illuminati.” says Lacey.

“I have millions.” she says.

“How are you poor?” Lacey asks her.

“Fine!!! I’m just using bullshit to try to manipulate the conversation?” Erin says.

“So yeah. You were jealous because Mr. Blue seemed like he loved me? Or what? He found me really attractive? And you couldn’t stan it!!! You’re soo cliché. …Lina Lamont.” explains Lacey.

“Fine. Okay.” she says to Lacey.

“And yeah, you could be like that character from Singing In The Rain without him having feelings for me. And I don’t think he did have real feelings for me in any meaningful way beyond his low level clinical narcissistic feelings.” says Lacey.


“Woody Allen really does get into Liberal politics doesn’t he?” says Lacey to Michael.


“So what made you all get into the Illuminati?” asks a perfume hater.

Erin thinks. “I grew-up in Minn-“ she thinks.

“You grew-up in Wisconsin, dear.” says Betty White to Erin.

“I don’t want to be real.” says Erin.

“Why didn’t you just tell Lacey in a normal, calm and clear way that Mr. Blue is nuts? Or that he’s yours?” asks a perfume hater.

“I loved the drama. But I also lived for him.” says Erin.

“Yeah. I know.” says Lacey who’s being viciously attacked by the They.

“You’re so smug! Aren’t you Michael!? You too Lem! You too Lou! And so are you you superior Jew.” says a Woody Allen interviewer.

“The Liberals in the US in the late 20th Century, early 21st Century are incapable of holding a rational train of thoughts or a cogent thought process that can lead them to the conclusion.” says Michael. “Thus we have this current situation.”

“What is the conclusion?” asks a man named Dick Van Dyke.

“There are many conclusions.” says Michael.

“Then what do we do with the US?” asks a women suddenly flirting with him.

“Why do I have to talk to you? Who the fuck are you?!” Michael responds.

Her demon manifests and Lacey casts it into Hell.


Don’t Move by Phantogram plays.

“Seven years ago…” says Lacey, exasperated.

“I’m a goddess of darkness! My code name is Amen Sheila. I am the evil doctor who did television and movies for the government in America. I do love the people. I’m just a jerk.” says Erin.

“Huh.” says Lacey.

Joe Jr. sings Cradles by Sub Urban as if he’s being serious.

“Did they do this to my great grandmother?” asks a woman.

“I suspect that that’s highly likely.” says Lacey.

“You know what I think…I think she terrified Mr. Blue when you first started talking to her years ago. I think she scared you all in regard to issues of social class. And I think she scared you all into thinking you were on your way to Hell. And you’d rather pervert her every atom and beyond than admit you’re going to Hell.” says the Christian Church worldwide to Mr. Blue, Mrs. Blue, Erin all their accomplices and the Illuminati at large.

“I wear Scandinavian handbags because I look ugly.” says a perfume hater sarcastically.

“I make them from shit because my house is only worth $800,000.00 and I’m Asian Norwegian. I look like Maeve Nesheim but I went to Yale. Look at me. Aren’t I a kind elite?” asks Lacey.

“Did this Maeve drown?” asks a perfume hater.

“She did. She walked out onto the prairie in June and stood in her cowgirl clothes made from the finest Walmart polyester. Plaid because the Nesheim are fake elite idiots.” says Lacey. “And the earth was…so earthy… she drowned in the earth.”

“I look like a crocodile and Lacey looks like a squished together baby!” says Michael to the narcissistically blind but ugly women of her Millennial generation.

“You’re hot, Michael!” they say reassuringly to him as they smile because they’re genuinely convinced they’re going to win against Lacey in a beauty contest. Also they think they’ll win against her in an intelligent contest. And a fashion contest. And a social class contest. A manners contest. A morality contest. Any contest that matters to men or God other than sports. …And they think that if she could see how beautiful she really is she’d feel sorry for them in some bizarre way. Because…”She simply can’t be superior to them! Oh no.” She has to be uglier than the ugliest Kennedy sister. And…if she’s beautiful she must be up to something evil. “She’s incapable of both being beautiful and good!! And moral, and wise, and smart and etc.” says Scott Fitzgerald’s writing. “That’s sooo rare.”

“The thing is…it’s not impossible. And it’s also terrifying how dead most of you are.” says Scott. “Also…you’re lying. You know what it is. Right?” He thinks. “What is it?”

“Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey plays and its clear it’s about Queen Elizabeth II.

“That’s not Zelda.” says Scott. “Stop lying.”

“That’s a very innocent song. Stop perverting it.” says Lacey. “It’s beautiful.” She thinks. “They did read The Great Gatsby in World War II.”

The song plays.

“That’s not right. She’s so not any of those characters.” says Lacey.

“That’s not true. She’s a maid. And the Illuminati stole her diary.” says Zelda.

“No.” says Lacey. “You’re right.” She thinks. “No, because they can’t stand us.”

“Why do you hate Lacey?” Lem asks.

The They says:

“Because she’s supposed to-“

“She’s evil!!”

“Because she doesn’t-“



“I don’t. Nope.”

“How stupid.”

Lacey looks at Michael, exasperated.

“Lem, you were in Biafra earlier today. How did it go?” Lacey says. She sighs. “And…”

“I’m in love with you.” Lem says to Lacey, seriously.

“May I introduce to you the crowd who got the camel through the head of the needle!” Scott says to the Illuminati about his friends.

“Joe would you like me to smash your skull in?” Lacey asks him seriously.

“I think you two are like the couple on Everyone Loves Raymond.” says a woman to Lacey about her and Joe in the They of the Illuminati.

“You’re going to start conjuring horrible hurricanes worldwide if you don’t stop.” she says.

“What’s wrong. I can’t be wrong. …Seriously. I’m never wrong. You’re always going to be wrong with us.” says the They to Lacey.

“That’s insane.” says Lacey. She smiles. “When do you think you became so successful?” They’ve been torturing children the last two days to deal with the current failure of the Biden Administration.

“I never had anything to do with these fools!” says James J. Jill of the They. He imagines people saying he imported child slaves on his trains, as if to make the whole sex trafficking thing Old Money somehow. “You people are lunatics!”


“The Democrats enjoy feeling like victims.” says Lacey.

“Joe, what did we do?” asks a group of Liberals in the Illuminati.

“A man jumps into the desert.” says Lacey.

“No!! You need help.” Michael Rockefeller says to Lacey.

“I do.” she says.

“Are you trying to wear me down or something?” Lacey asks Joe Jr.

“I’m trying to save Mr. Blue.” says Joe Jr..

“And Lem is determined to be a Democrat.” says Lacey. She thinks. “You’re trying to save Chris?”

“Chris, kids are being abused tonight because Joe is obsessed with saving you from Hell.” says a hater.

“He’s gonna make it!” Joe says about Mr. Blue.

“Joe, these people were your slaves earlier today.” says Michael.

“But they’re going to hurt him in Hell.” Joe says about Mr. Blue.

“What about everyone else?” asks Lacey.

Love Is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia

“You wanna rape me?? Hmm. I’ll humor you.” Lacey says to Wobbly. “Go get in a plane. Right now!!! Right now!!!” She thinks. “But first call Stephen King. Get him on the phone and ask him to go with you.”

Space Song by Beach House plays.

“Are you buying plane tickets? Buy them.” she says. “Now go get on the plane with Stephen King.” She thinks. “Then get on a mountain and go kill yourselves in the name of Jesus if Jesus so desires. And by kill yourselves I mean go jump to your mutual deaths.”

She thinks.

“May the evil in the Illuminati all come to swift deaths in the next few days or sooner if Jesus so desires.” says Lacey as a prayer to God.

“Hey, Lacey. I love you.” Joe Jr. says.

“I’m going to let God sort that one out with you.” Lacey says to Joe Jr..

“That’s a come on!” he says to her.

“You’re not understanding, Joe. You’re not-“ Lem