Floral Fantasies (Repost)

Designed as a hot weather cologne, Floral Fantasies (Dorothy Gray 1940) but the rich, warm spiciness seems very suitable for fall as well.  Yes Floral Fantasies is indeed a floral fragrance but it’s also very sweet and again, spicy.  While I can’t find any list of notes online anywhere, I’m absolutely positive there are notesContinue reading “Floral Fantasies (Repost)”

April Violets (Repost)

April Violets (Yardley 1913) is a bit like Choward’s Violet Mints or Devon Violets in its clear violet note but with a certain green woody tinge it could almost be described as a chypre.  There’s an elegant complexity at first to this slightly sweet retro violet.  It’s very pretty. But then, with notes of pelargonium,Continue reading “April Violets (Repost)”

Arpège (Repost)

Tired! After a long week, I brought out the epsom salts and Bayer and then doused myself in vintage Arpège by Lanvin (Lanvin 1927). It might seem odd to use perfume when you already have a headache, and perhaps it was foolish, but I figured if I could just find the right scent it mightContinue reading “Arpège (Repost)”

Devon Violets (Repost)

Devon Violets by Lowndes Pateman, made in Devon, England likely debuted in the early 1920’s (I can’t find an exact date) but the aldehydic violets are crisp, authentic and beautiful. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting Choward’s Violet Mint Candies (also from the 1920’s) Devon Violets is very similar, only obviously not asContinue reading “Devon Violets (Repost)”

Crêpe de Chine (Repost)

Crêpe de Chine (F. Millot 1925) was made with rare Grasse jasmine and would be much too expensive to make today.   It’s comprised of vintage florals that are delicate and lovely set in a warm, raucous background.  Dominant notes in the drydown are perhaps patchouli and leather.   Crêpe de Chine is a balance between wildContinue reading “Crêpe de Chine (Repost)”