Oud Sadness

I truly smell awful in oud. I’ve tried my other options and none of them were even as good as Dior’s Oud Ispahan. Some actually reminded me of Lysol. Sincerely. Particularly Mutheer.

I have absolutely no doubt that they smell luxurious, elegant, rich and decadent on someone with a different skin chemistry than my own. And it is what it is…

Actually though, I sampled Gentle Fluidity Silver by MFK recently too and loved it. Many people hate that one due to skin chemistry (apparently it smells like cheese on some people in the drydown) but on me it’s gorgeous and feminine from start to finish. Cool yes. Cool like an IKEA showroom or a glass of sparkling water with lime served next to the sea. And it’s also feminine and appealing the entire time. My ex-husband even complimented me on it and, as you may recall, he never does that.

…And actually, I think I’ll add one more, possibly En Passant or Gentle Fluidity, vintage Aprés L’Ondée and (another sealed) vintage L’Heure Bleue and then be done for a while. For the year at least. Collecting perfume. I might run into a great vintage here or there but those will be unplanned treats and rare ones. Rare finds.

…Maybe unless Chanel releases a new Les Exclusifs (I still need to add Boy) or I find a perfect vintage Guerlain or Chanel I’ll not buy much perfume after this year. Oh sure, I might add Baccarat Rouge too. We’ll see. But I feel like I’m really winding down with my intense collecting phase. Or perhaps truly intense collecting has only begun.

Just a fragrance update.