Roja Dove Diaghilev reminds me of a vintage D’Orsay chypre I own. I never thought I’d smell anything like it in current perfumery so this is certainly impressive in that way. And yet, ironically, I think if I didn’t already have vintage chypre bottles that are well preserved I’d appreciate this fragrance more. As it is, I appreciate it but would find it difficult to see the point in buying it given that I have a few bottles of vintage chypre perfumes that smell quite similar.

Yes, I bought one more round from Luckyscent.

Baccarat Rouge needs to be purchased. Enough said.

Strangers, A Sorta Fairytale in Hyde Park is…awful at first. Cloying, fake, saccharine. Yuck. The drydown is pleasing. Not pleasing enough to buy but nice… It starts to smell like burnt brown sugar.

I also tried BOHOBOCO Coffee White Flowers and Victoria Minya Hedonist Iris. They were nice. Not nice enough in my estimation to buy but that’s a matter of personal taste.


No sense saying more. I used to discuss perfume notes in detail but…no. Not today.

…I can’t believe I’m buying Baccarat Rouge. I fought it. But…it’s either a classic in its own time or worth enjoying while it’s still wearable.